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Melent'eva Elena

( Business lady)

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Biography Melent'eva Elena
How did you came to life takoyN
- There was a period - the first half of the 90's, I was at a standstill, looked around: no money, nothing to wear, the salary was given a microwave oven, which I still remain and must ... Reached the point. At such moments, the brain starts to work differently. I went to the firm "Solveig" and asked to work. Beginning with small groups, students drove to Yelabuga, Moscow. So prosaically started my travel career.
You were at an impasse. And what muzhN It was impossible to lean on the shoulder, poplakatsyaN
- Remember the 94-th year. Began some strange tendencies. My husband has always earned good money, but then, who worked, stopped receiving salaries flourished shuttles, twirling on 200 percent of the goods, and those who received a 600 percent annual interest to banks. Everything was turned upside down. What can be done in such situatsiiN had to somehow get out. And I can say, fell into a stream. New work gave me the opportunity to somehow grow, move. For me it is very important. We are all children of that time.
Children also vremeniN You have a child's face YCL. I do not know what was going on, but the former Komsomol workers can be seen immediately.
. - Indeed, in school I was the secretary of the Komsomol committee, always engaged in public work, and was chairman of the board of Friends, October, and the chairman of the board of the detachment, reader
. If was going to summer camp, you could drop in on all three shifts, with their own - without a dad and mom. And there I was - or the detachment commander or board member retainers - the stock nature of the. I enjoyed being with people in the thick of things. Perhaps I would have made a career of public lines, but ... 9-th grade, married and gave birth to a son.
. In the ninth klasseN The same PE was not even a district, like Yuri Polyakov, and citywide!
. - Yes, the school conducted class hours and said: you, say, Mary, you want to repeat the feat FedorovoyN (this is my maiden name.) Walk with a boy under ruchkuN Dogulyaeshsya
. This was discussed at all levels, in all committees of the Komsomol. I went to night school, then enrolled in college. But ill son. In two years he was diagnosed with a tumor in the larynx, began the endless trips to hospitals, clinics, and so it continued for ten years. He made some fifty operations. Another attack: after the birth of their son told me that I have health problems, if I wanted another child, it must immediately give birth. So a year later had a daughter. I sat in the four walls and thought: "Lord, it will end someday, or netN" And my husband - he is six years older than me, among other things: that you have a wife found the old - so I looked on all of these ordeals. However, we have obtained some "women's history."
Indeed, let's talk about work.
- At work I got a job at the age of eighteen nanny, because it was necessary to register a child in kindergarten. Worked for two months and realized: no longer able. Thank-law. She is still in school said: 'You little, at a construction site will not be able to work, learn typing, - it will help. Oh, how handy. I went to the management of pre-school for Lydia Skoblikova and said: "Take me!" Then the team accidentally fell into a foreign trade company, then became a secretary in the SWC, it got stuck for five years. They promised big salary - cheated. She held flat. More to take it was nowhere. When finally received, I thought: it is better I'm not going to work and will not receive than to work and still not receive. This was the time.
You know, next to a woman, successful in his career, has always viewed a Mr. ...
- I always count only on themselves. After leaving the SWC, about a year was a home agent. In the hallway closet space separated, put a chair, hung posters and took clients. We had to somehow earn money, not sit around the neck of her husband. And not in my nature that. I realized that it was time to evolve, settled in the well-known travel agency in the city. Successfully worked. But four years later changed the head, and I went. PrichinaN I can not, when I was harassed on the little things, restrict freedom, pulled. I am for his job always answer. Wrong - fixed. The situation is so I got that six months ago, I decided to open his own firm.
Women in Business. Externally it looks very nice. How vnutriN
- In the first place - I'm talking about your business - it is hard work. Psychologically, it is difficult: the whole day should be smiling, be on the rise. And yet imposed liability for their work. At the same time you are alone with their problems.
And what semyaN
Yes, home support me, but family to me harder than I do with it. I want peace and quiet. Long ago, guests are not invited, and she did not go to the guests - no time. But my husband was in a good way, I'm afraid. I like that I can not show off in front of him, to be weak, feminine. But with the children rather strict. Constantly tell them: "I'm not much older than you, and your mom was not born. You grow, and I'm studying to be a mom, if I do something wrong - it does not mean that I'm so wrong mama ". Children listen to me.
Now, after seventeen years of marriage, you say: it justifies itself early brakiN
- Well, the obvious question. Of course, I must say - do not justify. But there is fate. Should it happen - it happened.
Do you believe in sudbuN
- I believe. We can leave aside, and still go back to where should be. Even what is happening with me - it is fate.
And I think it's just your character. What is the test in business very bolshoeN
- Power over money. That money show who you are. Not everyone can stand. As for me, I appreciate good quality things, but do not make them cult. In the apartment I have all the easy and convenient. Money great pleasure to invest in the development of their enterprises, their loved ones.
Do we need women in business, men kachestvaN
I think not. I can answer tough and cold, but it's not a male trait. We have to sometimes go over the heads. Only - men's warehouse in handy to me when making decisions. I do not have enough clarity. Recently read the phrase: "Better not doge than perezhat. And better not to wait, than to wait ". This is my principle. I enjoy their work, and when this is over and pay - in general, a fairy tale. This spurs, stimulates. No matter who you are - male or female
It is strange that you, as usual, did not criticize the officials, taxes.
- I do not want to talk about. Yes, we pay high taxes, but what good grind this topic. Only spend energy. And, in vain.
You can easily deduce from ravnovesiyaN
- Not easy, but you can. A sharp word can bring me out of myself. Sometimes a pity: here I am so small, the growth of fifty meters, the weight of forty-nine pounds, and no I will not help, not support. But ten minutes, no more. And then forward again, and for the cause. I do not know how I've had enough. I think a long time.
What are traveling, in your opinion, not a professional, but chelovekaN
- First of all - is education. Even went to Naberezhnye Chelny, you can see a lot, and abroad - especially. This extension of horizons, meeting people. Who has ever traveled abroad, begins to save money on the next trip, to once again experience the state of mind in which he stayed. Even the most modest hotel so take care of you, that you feel a real man. No coincidence that many people experience culture shock abroad. For example, when you come into a public toilet, and then hang chock circles to make their case. I recall Arab Emirates, an excursion into the desert. In the middle of the desert - a toilet, and in it, and cold and hot water.
Rarely see a person so self-sufficient and happy ...
- I am self-sufficient only for a certain time. Reaching for something, always striving to move forward. But you're right, I'm glad the city, which was born and live, his family, by the way, this year we rested for the first time together - this is so cool. I love his work, I remember when he came to my first client, the whole day mentally shouting: "Hurray!" This year was admitted to the Academy of Tourism. And all this I did myself. SamodovolstvoN Well, a little bit, I think you can. I love life and be open to her. I think I'm not loans tourism, still would have found their job and doing it would be wonderful. To be honest, the only thing I'm afraid - old. But read somewhere: in the eighteen years looks good - it is God's gift, a twenty-five - good care, in the thirty - the work of forty - a serious work, in fifty - a lot of work. And the work I do something I love.

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  • Serkova Elena for Melent'eva Elena
  • Hello, Elena! You concerned about a young individual entrepreneur Elena. After reading a brief about your life in many ways you support and understand you as a working life, but very interesting. Although I was young for you but I want you to share this feeling, I think you understand me correctly. There is a desire to correspond with you by e-mail. Sincerely, Elena.
  • Elena for Melent'eva Elena
  • Hello Helen! "The fact that I'm too Melent'eva Elena and your life seemed to me very interesting and rich!
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    Melent'eva Elena, photo, biography
    Melent'eva Elena, photo, biography Melent'eva Elena  Business lady, photo, biography
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