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Seguela, Jacques (Jacques Seguela)

( Specialist in political advertising)

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Biography Seguela, Jacques (Jacques Seguela)
(p. February 23, 1934)
Seguela was not the first specialist in political advertising - America there is much ahead of the Old World. It is possible even that he is not the best in this area, there are manipulators and stronger than him. But it happened so that it became a symbol of the profession Seguela - directors of political performances. Professions, which abolished democracy, making it just an expensive show
He is the aphorism: "The talent - a gift of success - the craft.
Craft it was to be a pharmacy. He shone mix the medicine in the pharmacy hometown, in the best case - to work at the department of the provincial university ...
. However, because of their profession Seguela make the most: working on his thesis, he decided to undertake a study of world markets medicinal plants
. And two years at public expense rolling on the world.
This is hardly a study in the pharmaceutical industry has left at least some trace. But Jacques Seguela realized that I should not die in the provincial pharmacy.
The man who does not want to work on the specialty and not eager to work with his hands, is, of course, in journalism. Seguela began writing for "Paris Match" and "France Soir". In the second edition even made a career - became the editor.
But grow up to become master himself. In company with three friends Seguela founded an advertising agency "Euro-RSCG". It was in 1969. Business was new, but promising. Start-up capital the company was only 50 000 old francs. Today the 63-year-old Seguela - co-owner and vice president of the eighth (in its category) of the company in the world.
One of the first books Seguela, written before he entered the market politreklamy, called "Do not tell my mother that I work in advertising. She thinks that I am - a pianist in a bordello.
Seguela provernul in 1981. ingenious campaign. He offered his services once the three presidential candidates - ValцLry Giscard d'Estaing, Jacques Chirac and Francois Mitterrand: "I am sure the campaign in any case will be managed by the media. Therefore, I am ready to give you the services of my agency and its own free ".
For sure, accept the proposal, all three candidates, he would have all three and pulled. Agreeing to answer only "pragmatic romantic" Mitterrand. However, unique: "I do not believe in politreklamu ... But we could meet from time to time. "
Jacques first of the colleagues realized that a politician - is the same product. Quality is not important - it is only important to pack it nicely.
He put his hand in Mitterrand fresh red rose. When a candidate has appeared with her in public, for his silhouette loomed Socialism, and with it, and Poetry; it began to feel Romanticism and love.
Against the background of this portrait - the slogan: "The quiet strength". The poster has made major drawback - mature age candidate - in dignity.
Mitterrand was elected president. Seguela earned more than money: the glory. And not only ...
Seguela assured that the election race - his hobby, that higher pleasure he receives, the first turning to the customer "Mr. President". Because, they say, and willing to sometimes work for free.
But he is not an altruist, he is a businessman. He is ready to work for no pay - but then he works for influence.
Working time Seguela - as any specialist high-end - extremely expensive. According to some reports, during the work on our image-maker asks the candidate $ 1000 per hour. During the campaign is incident a handsome sum ...
Seguela from time to time offer their services without asking a fee. With his first "mitteranovskoy" campaign is clear - it was necessary to break into the market, make a name. But when he was already a living legend, at times working in the elections, putting their money into it (rather, it is true, brains, rather than finance).
However, this is Seguela profit. He - a gift that in the advertising business for three decades - always knows when to get all the Regulations, an amount at once, and when the preferred interest in profits. In the case of elections, this percentage - the impact on winning customer. However, it was then Seguela Temporary defeated ...
Citing Mitterrand in 1981. power for nothing, Seguela already in the same year began to skim the cream: the French president was about to become an advertising model for longtime client Seguela - the company "Citroen". Spas Mitterrand from such a change careers just in case.
Advertising brand Citroen Seguela deals with the 70's and up to date. In 1981. he conceived a great campaign under the slogan "The car for president. It was just to get re-elected President of France to use as a performance car "Citroen".
. The piquancy of the situation that the Socialist Mitterrand saw as his car only "Reno", which are produced on state-owned enterprises
. "Citroen" as though the French car, but made by a private firm.
However, free services, as we know, there is no. Seguela subtly hinted to the President about the payback. Head of State reluctantly went over to his consultant, although he feared that the comrades in the party did not approve.
But Seguela - master of manipulation of human beings and not with the technique and the more weather. For his trouble chosen for the inaugural President's departure was a rainy day, while Citroen back in the Elysee Palace courtyard broken wipers (!). And Mitterrand, with a sigh of relief to resettle in "Reno" ...
Even years later, Seguela became a consultant at the time of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs "on top" was down directive, made not without the participation of our image maker: one of the main activities of the embassies of France should be advertising products of French firms, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Diplomats should push French goods in foreign markets.
. Seguela spoke to the heads of French diplomatic missions abroad, and expressed their urgent requests: to dress in the famous French couturier, to be in good physical shape, look tanned optimistic ...
. But the career diplomat is little dependent on the popular will of the
. No sense of gratitude to the envoys Seguela not experienced, but because "sag" is not going to be.
. One of the ambassadors asked the image maker address "officially recommended" couturier and wondered how much his monthly salary can go on clothes
. Another simply stated nouveau counselor that he had the load is such that the time out to sunbathe, it does not.
Well, Seguela is king only in the field of advertising. And even this is not all the sovereigns and not all are subject to ...
Again quoting Mitterrand to power in 1988. and reaffirming its standing as the producer of Presidents ", Seguela staked on the export. At the same time he was ready to fight for anyone.
Perhaps it is unprincipled. But for DIY PR - is professionalism.
. "Madness entrust a foreigner campaign - he declared.
. - However, I am speaking as a consultant, a campaign strategy, and the remaining employees are doing in our local branch.
. His firm has offices in 63 countries worldwide.
. Seguela argues that the principles of organization of the election campaign are the same everywhere
. Vary only theses, slogans and vehicle.
In the early 90's Eastern Europe winners are those who call themselves democrats. Later, when the euphoria of "velvet revolutions" began to subside, she went backward wave. Seguela always time to notice trends.
. So he sat in a high chair Jozsef Antall, Hungary Zhelyu Zhelev, Bulgaria, Aleksander Kwasniewski in Poland ...

. According to one version Seguela invited Yeltsin to campaign for their own money
. That is why some declined.
During a recent visit to our country Seguela in an interview gave a different version:
- A few months before the election in my office there were emissaries from Russia's parliament. They wanted to use my experience. Yeltsin has never been in my perception "mediaticheski powers" politician, but he differed amazing faith in victory, a powerful energy field ... In short, I agreed. He put everything and rushed to Moscow. And then strange things began: that we were forced to kill time in anticipation of receiving a large official, the powers-one office to another, asked to stay at the hotel to get directions ... The end anecdote: for the right to withdraw a television commercial support of Yeltsin but I had to pay a lot of money ... I was outraged and went back to Paris.
. Best of its advertising campaign - it is self-promotion, the construction of a monument in vivo.
. One after another, Seguela publishes books (I think it went through on the third dozen), in various ways, repeating his "golden rule politreklamy" actually invented was not them.
. He carefully did not notice their failures
. Or write them on the circumstances. He was unable to circumvent Shimon Peres, Netanyahu, but a loss to explain his dislike of Israelis to foreign experts. But in Israel have long branch of his company ...
. Seguela said: "I want at the time of my retirement - and it was some sort will happen in 2002 - the French, and with it the global advertising has become a little different and that it was my credit!"
. Advertising does not change
. Would a more cynical.
Seguela was not the first specialist in political advertising - America there is much ahead of the Old World. It is possible even that he is not the best in this area, there are manipulators and stronger than him. But it happened so that it became a symbol of the profession Seguela - directors of political performances. Professions, which abolished democracy, making it just an expensive show.
Mastery Seguela - this is not the knowledge of some mysterious mechanisms to bring people to victory. The main principle and indeed there is one in any part of the world. Seguela still in the early 90's formulated as follows: "Put on the winner."
He puts on himself.

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Seguela, Jacques (Jacques Seguela), photo, biography
Seguela, Jacques (Jacques Seguela), photo, biography Seguela, Jacques (Jacques Seguela)  Specialist in political advertising, photo, biography
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