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Vyacheslav Voronin

( World Champion in high jump.)

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Biography Vyacheslav Voronin
Athlete. Born in 1974. Vladikavkaz.
1987 - a heart surgery clinic H. Amosova.
. 1988 - Study in parachute school section DOSAAF.
. 1990 - beginning of classes jumping height.
. 1993 - Master of Sport.
. 1993 - second place at the European championship among juniors.
. 1997 - graduated from the Faculty of Physical Training Vladikavkaz University.
. 1997 - second place at the winter World Cup in Japan.
. 1998 - second place in the championship of Russia.
. 1999 - world champion in high jump.
. 2000 - Champion of Europe.
. Flying has always dreamed of glory
. Only first dreamed of flying is not up from the ground, and down - from an aircraft under the parachute. He even wanted to dedicate this life - engaged in school DOSAAF and prepared to enter the Lipetsk aviation club, where professional trainers are preparing for parachute jumping.
. - It did not happen - he'll say in passing with our conversation - the military-medical commission rejected.
. Immediately change the subject
. And yes, I take the pier - how so, what are the medical problems may be a future champion miraN Glory pomnetsya, sighed, and then unexpectedly easily recognized:
. - I'm a couple of years before surgery on the heart.
. Not bad story ..
. Slowly, word for word, revealed: heart disease was he not innate, just moved the baby pneumonia - and complication. So it grew from a heart ailment, has not pinned. Treatment went to Novosibirsk, to the very professor Meshalkin - known to the world Coryphaeus cardiac surgery. And - failure in the operation. Meshalkin found - the case of running the risk during surgery is too great, so is disabled live, most importantly - no excessive force, no worries ...
. Imagine a teenager who dreams of heroic deeds and glory, jump and fly strains, at night, sees himself as a hero, and here - the sentence for life
. And that he could patsanN Well, the parents were unwilling to accept - though seemingly far shove, if he did not dare Meshalkin operirovatN - was taken to Kiev, the clinic Amosova. There, too - the verdict. However, another - the operation can be done, but the results do not guarantee. Choose ...
Choose an operation. She was successful, and discharged him with words of advice: do not be afraid, live like a normal person, move as much as possible, exercise - you useful. About professional sports, of course, and thought there was no. Life the common man still does not imply sverhnagruzok and super ...
In the Gym and he got a chance - has invited a guy friend, engaged barrier running. Well, gone - to see. I watched, watched, and he decided to try, especially since the article was approaching - a tall, flexible, easy. Overcome the embarrassment, went up to the coach, he looked compassionately, and then explained: our athletes train there, but not therapeutic exercise. And generally in sixteen years, the guy sports in our time no longer start and finish ...
In general, they sent the glory of the arena. And he went. So it would have left, but suddenly stopped they have a jumper Vladimir Kabanyaev. Why, what he liked overgrown - it is not clear. But liked something he saw in it. Slava agreed not to run and jump at once - a lesson he, too, has long enjoyed. And so it began ...
- The first workout terrible to remember - sheer hard labor, - he laughs today. - All pain - joints, muscles, at night, fall asleep only if fatigue pains. Body as much abuzz with loads, and more to heart, especially when it is difficult to suddenly listen with fear - how it tamN But it did not let. Difficulty, of course, was ...
- Why suffer byloN
- And the results went. Because what I saw - it turns out, my business.
He really gets - for three years he worked his way from beginner to master of sports. He noticed, recorded in promising, budding. Then there was the first international tournament - the European Juniors Championship in the beautiful Spanish city of San Sebastian. And once - "silver". It was a real victory, giddy with excitement and anticipation - the whole world under their feet, even just to press, work out ...
He did not go, and flew. He did not know that this "silver", he was always second. At long six years. "The eternal silver" - sounded so new sentence in his life ...
Today is a great sport - the eternal doping scandal. Doping catch the most famous, most well-known. But not all. And athletes are aware of this. And how great temptation himself a try, even once, even once the first, because those who are ahead of you, most likely "is" done ... Voronin resist. He had another calculation and alignment. He understood that the Sector for jumping - it is the place where he will make in the lives of most. Earn more total. And even forever be second here is better than on the streets, an outcast, if you get. Was meaning to endure, do not despair. And then he always believed that one day when he will be the first, you only need to wait, will not break the ...
. - Just beginning to work with him, I immediately realized that Voronin is capable of more than my other students - says his current coach Alexander Burt
. - Provided it, although among children there are very strong jumpers, very capable. And it is not only a talented. He is still clever. Appliances his brilliant, yes, but he still knows for sure what she wants in life. He did not overrate themselves, know their capabilities better than other. He is self-critical, that rarity among the champions, they are more like the other, the circumstances of all blame. He knows how to analyze what is happening. And - a pragmatist. This modern young pragmatist.
Voronin himself agrees: Yes, pragmatist. But it is keen on books about the cosmos, astrology and horoscopes. Here is a combination. And loves to speculate on this topic.
- From the sign of the Zodiac I - Aries. And they are not ruled by the heart and head. So I was born to be a pragmatist. Emotional tranquility - what matters to me. And I was lucky that for the jumper is money - just. I whenever contemplating defeat and failure, see: all because he did not control himself, he was not sure what to do so and be so. Some discord in the soul, discord. It's not for me. I obtained when I sat down, focused, relaxed. When considered: like this would be advantageous. We've also constant mathematics - from what height to start, what to miss, as the opponent psychologically press. And yet to be precisely defined - what a start this season, most important, and what interim. Here it is difficult to be romantic ...
In general, and in their astrological hobbies Voronin is quite pragmatic and prudent - what is the benefit that strengthens their conclusions and observations, taking, as if propping himself more and "higher forces". What does not fit down.
. Well-known sports psychologist Rudolf Zagainov taught their charges to go to start with "empty head": "To achieve concentration, . necessary before performance, . is called, . entering into the role, . throw out all, . any thoughts about the people close, . not to mention the troubles ",
. And Voronin - the opposite. It is recognized that in the same Seville in his finest hour visualize a number of daughter, saw her eyes seemed to feel her hand. It is recognized that it is very helpful if the number on the podium, his wife.
- Will Voronin, becoming a champion miraN - I asked Alexander Burti.
- In my opinion, there. To proceed further, we must, after taking off immediately dropped to the ground. He jumped high - and forget. Otherwise, more highly do not jump. The strength of Earth's gravity is the same for the champions, and for all other. To overcome it - work it is necessary. And Voronin in training "plow" the way to the championship and not "plow". So, to understand what's what. To jump higher than others, need to land more than others trample.
- Our long-jumper was no longer a recognized leader as he was Valery Brumel, such. There will be talented guys jump well - and disappear somewhere. Voronin - nadolgoN
- I want to believe.
- To believe everyone wants ...
- But my faith is well founded. Now he jumps stable, there is no failure, there was the level of class. Once siganut above other possible. Jumping high at world level, a few years - is given little. Now Voronin holds level, and for the bend, did not need. He jumps in his pleasure ...
- And what will happen at the Olympics-2000 in SidneeN
- The fight will. For gold. At the very high altitudes. That there must be squeezed out of everything.
Professional athletics in recent years rapidly "commercialization". So-called "commercial" starts when the struggle is for the huge cash prizes, among athletes are becoming more popular than the official competition. On the other hand, to get them an invitation, he must win the name, you must become a figure attractive to sponsors.
. Top athletes face a choice: when to force the form before the championship or commercial startomN to win and there, and there are few who have obtained - the load is too large
. So choose, expect. There'll be a pragmatist.
Today rigidly. The top talents are needed, compliance rules of the game. Voronin, perhaps, stubborn, and impetuous. But the measure knows. Stubbornness and temper do not get drunk, doing everything to stop in time. Coach, with whom he had parted, once remarked that he was a great athlete, but here is a man unsure. Complains of pain. And now they need to jump through the pain, if the start of an important. Voronin, by the way, jumped an entire season. When able to do X-rays revealed that jumped from a crack in the bone. With this coach, he soon parted - a healthy leg is more important to him. What sport should suffer - he knows. But deliberately injure themselves do not want people with disabilities are not wanted. So decide when to stand, and when not necessary, he prefers a cool head, no loud words. If we are to perform feats, if otherwise can not be ...
Alexander Green once said that he felt that people in ancient times knew how to fly, but for some reason, then this ability has faded. But that's why we are able to fly in a dream. Beautiful idea.

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Vyacheslav Voronin, photo, biography
Vyacheslav Voronin, photo, biography Vyacheslav Voronin  World Champion in high jump., photo, biography
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