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Svetlana Masterkova

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Biography Svetlana Masterkova
photo Svetlana Masterkova
- What's in a profession athlete, what makes you so passionate it lyubitN
- I am often asked: is not bothered whether begatN But the race - it was not just like this: start - and rushing in a circle. Sometimes a week goes the same training - for example, five races for a hundred meters every day. Amateur think: you can go mad from the monotony - but I will have a huge field for experiments. I can run a hundred meters quickly, one hundred and - slowly, I can overcome stometrovku every two seconds faster than the previous, start slowly and finish fast, and vice versa. So you can play, manage time is infinite, so the race - the Queen of Sports. And in every form, is something of their own that captures the athlete and does not release all his life.
- Your marriage of two athletes - is a hit in yablochkoN
- In my opinion, for people of all professions in marriage importantly - understanding. For athletes mandatory ritual - a rest, . and if the husband or wife does not understand, . that the other just needs a nap, . recuperate for the next workout, . and begin to drag him to some party, . where smoking and drinking, . such people are not compatible,
. In my case that my husband is an athlete - cyclist Asyat Saitov - is positive, despite the fact that for many years lived together, we very rarely for several days both were at home. But it's a lifestyle that suits some people, but some - not suitable, and we knew from the beginning, what were
. - You remember something very special day of your svadbyN
. - Of course, the triumph of the moment - it seems a lifetime! And I was on a gorgeous dress! Six years ago, it cost 900 dollars, I bought in Spain, in their style - is magnificent, with a neckline, embroidered with pearls
. I felt like a princess! As a woman it is a very strong memory!
- The birth of his daughter at the peak of a career and a rapid return to competitive sport - it's just a marathon. You were intended to impress anyone toN
- With a heavy heart I went on maternity leave, because it was preceded by professional failure. While Asyat worked in Spain, . therefore, . to be closer to him, . I gave birth there, . then long lived alone (her husband was a solid race between, . home, he appeared on short visits), and so nervous, . that every moment with your child might have something happen, . I will not know, . as a novel, . that was constantly on the platoon,
. Daughter pisknet - and I was going crazy because of this very quickly took the milk. If this did not happen, then I would have continued to feed, and then went to training two months after childbirth. I did not have a specific goal, just wanted to realize a. I could not leave the sport, so that later, sitting at a TV show where athletic competitions, cry and reproach themselves for having something unfinished. I wanted to once and for all to dot the "and" do everything in my power, and if you do not get - go. Every day, able to run better and better, the results pleased, I was not bothered injury, and we ventured to wipe with a coach to participate in the forthcoming shortly Olympics. For a normal person it was unreal: time after the birth too small. But after a year and a month after the birth of a daughter, I became a twice Olympic champion in 1996
. - When your daughter is beginning to realize that her mother - not an ordinary chelovekN
. - After the Olympics Nastya all shouted: "Mom Champion! Mom Champion!" At six in the morning Moscow time, accidentally awakened, she watched as I ran - was just the final
. Then came home the holidays, when everyone was congratulating me, they drank to the victory, and for a long time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, she clinked glasses for my mother's health. Now my daughter is five and a half years, and she is very proud of me. We must even sometimes make it remark: "You can not so often when you do not ask, tell people that my mother - champion.
. - Have you ever felt the object of male attention solely because you are known lichnostN
. - I have never suffered from neglect men, . but after the Olympic victory was a bit lost - why look at me: it only as a woman or primarily as a chempionkuN Gradually I learned to sort of fans and, . once a person starts talking to me, . understand, . to what address it came,
. It is clear that after running the stadium, when fatigue in athletes is incredible facial expressions, men come up to me not because I'm beautiful. But at a banquet in the evening gown and beautiful hair, when my aura is full of energy, I take a man's attention quite differently.
. - A target for male ridicule you ever stanovilisN
. - Once I went to the train and ran into a man - Workers Stadium
. He pushed me, but also slyly joked, referring to the fact that I look bad, that I no. I really had no: very tired, in a shapeless jacket, some boots, a backpack, a hat over his eyes so as not blown. And I felt so sorry for yourself woman! The next day I wore the same warm clothing, but the feminine: high heeled boots, stylish trousers, a fur jacket with the smell. Fate again just for a moment brought me to this man, and his admiring gaze, I realized that won. That was my lesson for life. Now I'm going to the gym, and nobody would guess that this is an athlete, which is now several hours later to dabble in different directions. And after training I rest, makeup and become an ordinary person.
- Girl you imagine nravilisN
- Never! I suffered because too thin, was dissatisfied with the way trimmed and dressed in what. Moreover, I have many years shy of its profile and to those people that I liked, tried to turn her whole face, even if they are not going to look at me. That was such a small children's complex. We understand that most of the exterior of a person depends on my mood. There comes a rise in domestic - and I feel like a bright, attractive, and as soon as the pressure on yourself, think about this or that deficiency, all is lost. But I concluded: it is possible to model itself! When a woman burning her eyes and smile, she is transformed, and all her love!
- Often their appearance for women - the object to the permanent change ...
- Insane easily go to experiments on a. I like that I - a woman, because a woman can be different: today - such as tomorrow - the other. This leads me into raptures! And I do not envy the men: they are always the same. I do not know how they do not get tired of walking from one pricheskoyN I had long hair, then medium, then I did chemistry, but soon it straightened and: suddenly hair cut by hedgehog. In this ever-changing color - from ryzhayshego to peach and white. And now, when I was sown his re-grow their hair!
- On the course, you think only about work, or having a purely women's thoughts: Do I look good segodnyaN
- I have a principle: do not go to start with a naked face. Make-up and sports - things are quite compatible. And I always prefer to embellish eyes and lips, put rouge, a manicure and hairstyle - all this must in my ritual of preparing the race. We all know the athletes, television zooms in person, that sees millions of visitors, friends, lovers, children, and they can not be disappointed in myself. There is some point in this show, and this show should be in those few minutes when you have not yet died away before the start. And further - the distance at which no longer think about how to look, focusing on the run. This is only the beginning fans pay attention to appearance, but then - what you will have the final result.
- What, in your opinion, female zaskokN
- This is a stupid purchase. Here you come into the store and see a thing that you absolutely do not need, do not go, but the forbidden fruit is sweet, and it is why you buy something. Not only that, then you put it on and appears where no worth in this thing to show. Later, at home, after all is the insight, and begins the next stage - you grab his head and exclaims: "Lord, what have I done!" I like the swirl of many women know.
- If you have a bad mood, someone throws a negative emotsiiN
- I choose someone who will understand me, and, as a rule, unfortunately, a person close. For example, if the same be said to his friend - he can turn his life if a bad mood to come to the leadership - it can affect your career. Even a loyal friend can not accept. Therefore, the calculation of the subconscious works, and we usually breaks down to those who pre forgive. Sometimes the family and resentful. I see it, but I can not do anything, I need to boil. But then, this is my ego, this negative momentum, I try to compensate a man with a vengeance, making a lot of nice that he knew when a difficult moment of my emotions again squall came down on him: picking up the ruble, I give three!
. - You do not hurt that stereotype, like athletes for the most part people are not smart, not intellektualnyeN
. - This is baseless! In many respects this view we create journalists: ask strange questions, and the athlete is confused, clamped, does not know what to say ..
. Often during the interview you feel just a target for journalistic exercises: do not give a chance to open up, and the conclusions about a man doing literally a few sentences. It is a pity that reporters come to us do not do algebra or a race to read poetry - and then let them try, and nobody knows who will be educated. One correspondent asked me: "When you were last in teatreN" And I say: "Let's ask the theatrical figure, when he last was at the stadium. And if long, then he - glupyyN "Now almost all athletes have a higher education, but who do not - LEARNING. I am a student at Moscow State University of Foreign Languages, has come in already knowing English and Spanish. By the way, she learned Spanish, dreaming of the Barcelona Olympics to communicate in the local dialect. But without English language abroad now, in my opinion, simply a disgrace!
- It's humiliating to feel it in advance under suspicion for doping kontroleN
- I was niskolechko does not degrade, because I'm never afraid to be caught. Moreover, this is done including the health of the athlete. After leaving to start a serious, we can deal with shenanigans, a kind of terrorist attack: the world practice there are cases where stimulants spiked with rivals in the food. Therefore, we have great competition, athletes on the lookout all the time: If the restaurant you have left unfinished juice on the table and went for another meal, then it can not drink a glass already. Distracted, move away from the table, make phone calls during the meal - not acceptable. Doping - a very dirty business, and there were situations where so deposed great athletes.
- Does the sport - a healthy lifestyle is always or sometimes be a pozvolitN
- Great sport - it is very hard, hard work, with superhuman fatigue. Sometimes, after the start I did not remember how running for distance, and then, Teleposta to the place where lay my things, confused compartments, until I just could not take the hand. Naturally, after such loads need to rest. This usually occurs in autumn, in September - October, when we can afford to reincarnate in normal man: do not run, sleep, your heart's desire, to smoke, drink: little or much - who knows how. I am confident that all athletes are trying for a holiday away from the sport and to pretend that they are normal people, because this is necessary, it is unloaded.
- You do not pursue the idea that the age athlete nedologN
- Yes, unfortunately, the human body wears out quickly. So painful to think about it, because it's so tiring to train, to do everything, you have to do in terms of physical work, and suddenly on the eve of the launch you sick leg. And how would you he tried to flee quickly, nice and technical mastery that is interfering, and you - ugly duckling. On Bid-uh! But morale was finishing, I would not run, because it gives me great pleasure to overcome the time barrier.
- If you were directed and filmed a movie called "Target", what would stsenariyN
- About the envy. There are many targets who suffer from this. Envious consuming huge amounts of energy, especially insulting to the man who himself did, he just got. My mother did not drove to school in a Mercedes, I went through a lack of money, clothing, life in a hostel. Now everything is different, but I spent a lot of time and effort. And people forget that, and here is born of envy. I have been faced with questions like: "And how shtanishkiN And what do you kvartirkaN" Often, . leaving the parking lot, . hear the following: "Well, . Masterkova could be better and buy a car! "And I do not have a car only then, . that I looked good in it,
. His "green girl" - "The King" - I bought recently, just drive a half a year, I need it in the winter months and summer months. All. Although once I even had a blast: "Lord, I'll buy another car, just Get off!" Can I really buy - I also will be easier to live, I just set free. While there, become even more jealous, I think.
- The athlete is allowed to plakatN
- Just need to, because the negative accumulated in itself, will not be realized in training. Need to work with a light heart, and when I feel the need to cry, then go to his coach - Svetlana Pavlovna Styrkinoy, and she understands me. And there are tears of victory. But at the Olympics, I kept a terrible effort - worked common sense: do not cry, or you just do not see. I opened my eyes so wide, so as not to bray and enjoy the fact that usually happens once in a lifetime, and many - never. Champion - one. One! But at the world championships that year, I gave way to tears, because it is the only title that I had at that time was. Now I do not need anything, I want to just enjoy running, just enjoy it ...

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Svetlana Masterkova, photo, biography
Svetlana Masterkova, photo, biography Svetlana Masterkova  Athlete, photo, biography
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