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Primo Nebiolo

( President of the International Athletic Federation (IAAF))

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Biography Primo Nebiolo
photo Primo Nebiolo
Now it is hard to believe, . but before 1981, . when the president was elected IAAF Nebiolo - a lawyer by education, . already self-made millionaire in construction contracts, . - Annual budget IAAF, . most mass sports organization, . calculated only a few tens of pounds,
. In London, two-room headquarters of the federation worked six and a half people: the president, three officials, two secretaries and a clerk at half time.
But in those years, athletics is perhaps the last bastion of the ideas of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the hallmarks of the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Juan Antonio Samaranch. The most massive sport has remained fairly amateurish. Athletes competed exclusively for medals and honor the homeland, not paid for the victory virtually nothing. Not earned them and the IAAF, whose leaders can proudly say: we are altruists, the money we are not interested.
During the ten-odd years everything has changed. In 1994, the headquarters of the IAAF moved to Monte Carlo and is now located in two luxury mansions, referred to it in use for 99 years, Prince Albert of Monaco for a nominal fee of $ 1, and its annual budget is $ 50 million. In fact, in athletics swirling hundreds of millions of. Some of them are athletes, the best of which are not inferior in terms of earnings basketball players and professionals. At the same time athletics has long ceased to be <crystal clear> sport: every year it happens on several major scandals.
These changes are associated with the 18-year rule Nebiolo. Donate the Olympic principles for the sake of commerce, he turned the Athletics in a very lucrative sport.
. On the eve of the August 99 World Championships in Seville, as once again re-elected (the other candidates in the elections, in fact, was not) the President of IAAF, Nebiolo admitted: <Without athletics, I can not imagine life
. In fact, it is my life>.
Member of the partisan movement during the Second World War (Nebiolo even been in a Nazi prisoner of war), he really gave athletics most of my life. First, he ran a fairly decent level, and then became funktsionerom.Ego career took shape is not smooth and easy. Having already enormous reputation in sports, Nebiolo became an IOC member until 1992. And for three years before he was forced to resign as president of the Italian Athletics Federation. Caused a scandal in the Italian World Cup-87 with a jumper Giovanni Evangelista. Said that Nebiolo, so went to compatriot <bronze> gave <Welcome> to the judges at falsifying the result Athlete. Then the experts gave the IOC medal American Larry Miriksu. And the reputation of Nebiolo, although his guilt was not proven, left the spot.
Accusations of bad faith and corruption are often heaped on him and then. However, Nebiolo was spit on them. By the early 90's he made a most important step to implement the idea of his life - the transformation of athletics in the financial empire. Stop it was impossible.
But in 1981, when Nebiolo came to power, many doubted that athletics could be earning big money. <Queen of sports> and money - these two concepts seemed absolutely incompatible. Nebiolo, who had experience in the major Italian companies, undertook to prove that it is not so. And succeeded. He understood the main thing - that athletes bring financial benefits, they must be interested in the fees themselves.
Even in the 80 years Nebiolo organized a series of <Grand Prix IAAF> - a number of commercial launches. Prior to that track and field athletes competed solely on the Olympics, continental and national championships and appeared in the 1983 world championships. Calendar of the season, thus leaving a very limited. Nebiolo correctly figured that the tournament could be much more benefit to them is the interest of the public, and in television, and, consequently, from sponsors. For participation in competitions <Grand Prix> star athletes began to receive royalties. Plus an amount paid for the victory and prize places in individual tournaments and the results of the entire series. By the mid-90's total prize fund <Grand Prix> was $ 2.24 million
However, despite the fact that athletes, unlike the World and European championships, had to pay for the competition organizers and IAAP they were also very profitable. Using a tried and tested over the years regard, Nebiolo actively searching for sponsors for his project. And as it turned out, many companies were interested in athletics. Nebiolo and dialed his team of professionals - lawyers and businessmen, who were replaced in the IAAF romantic sport, and finally introduced in athletics practice of selling rights to telecast events. Along with advertising and they have to bear the lion's share of federal revenues. Realizing how attractive athletics for big business and television, Nebiolo increases the number of competitions.
1991 world championships have been held more than once in four, and once in two years. And five years ago, has organized a series of commercial tournaments Golden Four, all four winners of the competition which was shared between 20 kg of gold. In the past year, the series, including the past seven tournaments, was renamed the Golden League. At stake - $ 1 million. Participation of stars of world athletics at the same time in all these tournaments, naturally causes audience buzz. It is not surprising that the sum of the current contract only with the IAAF <Eurovision> is $ 100 million, but with the television network NHK - $ 50 million
. The official IAAF Partners are such companies as Adidas, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Mita, TDK, the amount of contracts with the federation of which were not disclosed
. Alone Mars Inc. for the right to use on clothing athletes inscription Snickers paid IAAF $ 15 million.
They say that the desire Nebiolo to rampant commercialization of athletics annoyance Samaranch and the relationship between sports bosses soured. President of the IOC did not like that responsible for most popular sport in the world makes him a great business. But in the end, Samaranch accepted the fact that it is inevitable. Moreover, according to people close to the IOC, just Nebiolo and persuaded the chef we put all that in the commercialization of the Olympics themselves need. Meanwhile, all proceeds from their conduct had come to the IOC (he sells the rights to broadcast games and advertising), and then be distributed among the federations. For his organization, believing that athletics - the most tempting part of the Olympic program, Nebiolo demanded more solid share of the financial pie
Because of this share recently scandal. Samaranch suddenly announced that athletics will not be in a privileged position and after the Sydney Olympics will get roughly the same portion of the proceeds, as well as other types. In response Nebiolo threatened to limit the age of the athletes participating games 23 years. Samaranch understood that the threat is serious, Sydney could lose a couple of dozen superstars, and the scandal was hushed up.
But in general, we repeat, the relationship between Samaranch and Nebiolo normalized. President of IAAP, perhaps, for the sake of this went to an important concession, supporting the strengthening of the fight against doping. For athletics it was nearly disastrous consequences: every year - starting with the sensational <case by Ben Johnson 10 years ago - one of the celebrities caught on the use of prohibited drugs. However, ruthlessly punishing violators, Nebiolo demonstrated: commerce business, but athletics should remain <pure>.
Using obtained from Samaranch, a blank check, the Italian continued to bend his line. The climax of her were two decisions taken two years ago. First introduced formal prize at the world championships (in the first place - $ 50 thousand for the second - $ 30 thousand for the third - $ 20 thousand). Secondly, IAAF has established a new series of Golden League. The amount of funds, revolving in athletics, achieved fantastic $ 2 billion!
Nebiolo again criticized. He himself liked to say: <All my actions are intended to improve the lives of athletes>. And these were not empty words. <Nebiolo active and not idly interested in my business, . and it was enough to hint to him, . I had there was any money problems, . he perceived it as a call to action and not just helped me find a lucrative contract, . - Says two-time Olympic champion and 96-time world champion Svetlana Masterkova-99 .- He gave the leading athletes a real opportunity to earn a>.,
. <After the Olympics-92 on the initiative Nebiolo was established Eastern European project, . that the Athletics Federation of post-Soviet space provided moral, . technical and material assistance, . - Says the president of the All-Russia Athletic Federation, Valentin Balakhnichev .- IAAF materially supported such international tournaments Russia, . as <Russian winter> and <Znamensky Memorial>.,
. Athletic Federation of different countries could count on the help IAAP
. Not surprisingly, therefore, that in August this year, members of Congress IAAF (it includes 210 countries) considered the elections head of the organization only to the bottom of the election - Nebiolo.

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Primo Nebiolo, photo, biography
Primo Nebiolo, photo, biography Primo Nebiolo  President of the International Athletic Federation (IAAF), photo, biography
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