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Astapovsky Vladimir

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Astapovsky Vladimir
photo Astapovsky Vladimir
From the present surviving players of different years of army Vladimir Astapovsky - the most titled: In 1976, he became at once the best player and best goalkeeper of the Soviet Union. But this is not really helped him in life poslefutbolnoy.
C 13th floor of the Olympic Village-98, built to the World Youth Games, as the palm. C-art buildings, gyms, tennis courts, perfectly trimmed lawns and artificial water bodies. One of the most prestigious residential complexes in Moscow today. "Here, - he nodded at the window - I think to go to them, ask the guards. Maybe it will take, aN must also do something, and from home in two steps ...>
We met when most titled army could be called the most unsettled: Astapovsky sitting without work. The hardest hit was the day. My wife went to work, a daughter in college, and he was left alone, not counting the luxurious black cat named Marquis. And phone. <Excuse me, but how much you letN 52N Very sorry, but drivers over 45, we do not accept>. <No, with the goalies we have people working. And take, too. And boys. And in the nursery school. So glad to, but ...> <Volodya! Well, as tyN Oh, there it that ... But what there old man, you know, what is the time. That would call three months ago, the problems would not have. Do not be offended>. What now is the time, he certainly knows. Would have been different - would not cause him a few days before the director of the firm, where he headed the garage with a <a Mercedes>, BMW and <Jeep> and would not have said, averting his eyes: <Excuse me, Volodya, but you have nothing else to pay. Seasons ...>
At the third position
A man steeped in today's difficult problems, it is difficult to distract them talk about the glorious past. But the light is extracted two tattered album, swollen from photographs and newspaper clippings in various languages, and the owner of the eyes is transformed, all the more willingly commenting on each new relic. Here's an old, very low-quality image - young boys in tracksuits and with people in Asian costumes. Burma, 1969. Preseason trip CSKA, in which head coach Vsevolod Bobrov first tested a group of newcomers, including not standing for <base> Vladimir Astapovsky. 22-year-old goalkeeper could only rely on a third role: a place in the gate firmly held Yuri Pshenichnikov, the second was Leonid Shmuts. In this order they will mean in applications CSKA three seasons until the eve of the championship-72 name Astapovsky not take the first line.
- Lenya Shmuts - that was the goalkeeper from God! If anyone could be <second Yashin>, so is he. I would be, if after Pshenichnikova first made it, not me
. - But for many he is remembered above all stupid mistakes - like the one where he himself threw the ball into the goal, pomniteN
. - All this nonsense! OshibkiN But who did not commit them! By the way, after that, which you may remember, I'm big row with our then-coach Valentin Nikolayev
. He was angry at Lenya and the next match would put me. I refused. Long persuaded Shmutsu give a chance, saying that so people can break, but he was adamant. And I, too: both on the field and did not come out, Nikolayev had put the third goalie Kogut.
- And often you imagine such pozvolyaliN
- Actually I'm a disciplined, but sometimes happened. With the same Nikolayev, for example, during the second <gold> match with <Dynamo> in Tashkent in 1970. After Pshenichnikov missed three consecutive goals, Valentin said to me: <Get undressed, go to the gate>. And I said to him: <I will not go>. He said: <You're in my umeN As it is not poydeshN> - <I will not go and all, though expel>.
- But after pochemuN This Chance!
- But who I was such that most Pshenichnikova menyatN kid understudy - but he is one of the best goalkeepers of the Union, people in power, the authority. Here nuances to me because with him and other children still live but to live was to.
- IspugalisN
- No, not scared. I just do not then or later truly great goalkeeper himself did not consider. So in the 76-m was before Olympics. He called me Lobanovsky: <In Montreal go like this: you're the first, second Prokhorov>. I said to him: <Valeriy and Zhenya how zheN (Rudakov. - Notes. BB) No, I do not agree>. Rudakov Rudakov was. I could not imagine: like this - and I instead negoN Lobanovsky: <I repeat: you're the first, second Prokhorov>. - <Yes, but Zhenya ...> - <Do not you even ponyalN povtoritN> one can only shrug and go to the Olympics
. <Do not goalkeeper>
. - But after 1976 no doubt that you have a great goaltender, probably otpaliN first line of the goalie position in the list of Top 33, the prize of best goalkeeper of the season, the title of best player in the USSR championship, an Olympic bronze - collected everything we could
. Perhaps remembering the season as the most luchshiyN
- Not at all - suddenly sounded response. - The best season in memory has remained-75. Because I had worked with Anatoly V. Tarasov - the man who owes all.
Parish creator of the great hockey in CSKA CSKA football was then perceived as a sensation. She went to the army leadership was most likely out of desperation: soccer-74 team finished 13th, and pull it out of the hole had to be at any price. Tarasov, however, is not stretched out and a year later left, leaving CSKA at the same 13-m site. But to convince Astapovsky had one: make it a goalkeeper and man.
- Do you know where to begin our work with TarasovymN From what he told me: <You - not the goalkeeper!> And I've already 28, it was - not a boy. Do not know how to react and. I thought deduct. He, incidentally, in my second coach, Bubukin one day and said: "Here is this that I never saw!> Do you know what happened at the end sezonaN he arrives at a base in Arkhangelsk - and me: <I'm sorry, Volodya>. - <But what for, Anatoly VladimirovichN> - <not give you a better goalie, I'm sorry, I have not defended you>. - <Lord be with you, why did you apologize, toN> And then he exploded: <Yes, you yourself, then you understand that you luchshiyN best, yasnoN>
- And they say, Tarasov been cruel, broke people, suppressed ...
- And I was broke, but not broken. And besides use anything from this was not. When he told me that I was not the goalkeeper, I asked him: And who vratarN Vladik, said Tretiak - this is a keeper. He was in my training to three goals at once caught. I try to din into him: they say, then the washer, and then the balls, then hockey wicket, and then the football vorotischa. And he know your: you will be catching three balls or goodbye! And you dumaeteN He caught. And three, and four. I slept with balls - he also told. And running up a wall with acceleration, so much so that he was amazed: <I Valerka Kharlamov five steps to making the wall, and you're six!> And it made me fall - in the mud, on concrete, on the sand with pebbles - to fear recapture. A real in Syria, in terrible field - no grass, nothing but stones. I, of course, reluctant to break in vain, but it fits: <Are you VolodyaN Look, the field-what was it like to <Wembley> - the grass is soft, fall is a pleasure. Understand menyaN> - <I understand, Anatoly Vladimirovich, as you say>. His general principle was: we must - then we must, no excuses are not accepted. Even those that seemed indisputable. Tells me, for example: you do not know how to take penalty. I begin to explain to him: they say, so and so, scientifically proved that the ball at impact flies faster than can react to such a distance the human brain ... And he does not want to listen. Must take - hence, you will!
- And braliN
- Is considered by this indicator, one of the best.
- Due to what, if, as you say, react nevozmozhnoN
- Well, there are tricks. Studied rivals, remembering the way they beat. By the way the man puts the pivot foot in front of the ball, you can guess the direction of. Lev Ivanovich Yashin something whispered - that is, will not speak, the secret.
Lessons Yashin
- By the way, someone from senior colleagues uchilisN Who was kumiromN
- Nothing of the original does not say: Khomich, Yashin. Alexei Ivanovich learned a lot: he's a photojournalist, was standing outside the gate, often prompting. And home invite. Lev Ivanovich - that no distance kept. But sometimes gave advice. He lived near the stadium CSKA on sandy and often drop in to our training. After class you draw near to him: <Lev Ivanovich, how I segodnyaN> It is kind of boring to do so: <Bad>. And then explains: here you had to leave early, but in this episode took the wrong position and so. The next day, try not to repeat mistakes. So he studied: in our time because there are no special coaches for goalkeepers were.
- You from the very beginning stood in vorotaN
- Yes, even in Bryansk, a boy in the local <Dynamo>.
- PochemuN
- I do not know - like, and all. Goalkeeper - the figure of a particular. In CSKA initially seemed wildly: I have to protect something Shesternev, Istomin, Afonin, Bagrich, and I, boy, they command! But as you go into a rage, forget about everything. Once gears on me, even Popper: <Why are you here screaming!> - <I'm sorry - I say - Albert A., the game>. Here it is: in life - only Albert A., and on the field - <Alex, right!> They had to put up with it: a goalkeeper goalkeeper. He <gold> match when Astapovsky refused to replace Pshenichnikova, CSKA won 4:3, became the champion of the Union, and stubborn forgiven. By the way, a victory for the army season-70 of their goalkeepers upheld almost evenly: Pshenichnikov - 15 games, Shmuts - 14, Astapovsky - 9. Nine matches were too few to obtain not only a gold medal, but also the master of sports. So the champion of the country Astapovsky not considered. A further chance to become he almost was not: for take-off 1970 followed by a fall, from which CSKA did not recover until the late 80's. But his guilt is, perhaps, no: he fought, even when the others dejectedly drove the ball across the field, as though to do heavy work and hateful. Remember, . in 1979, watching this from the podium: the CSKA painful to watch, . no thought, . no mood, . desire to have all explicitly one - would rather have it all ended, . only Astapovsky pulls one ball after another, . yelling at partners, . requires, . so they went ahead, . tries to start, . and they did not seem to understand,
- Yes, have heard: why are you the one who ruined because 0:2 is not all there ravnoN - he nods.
- Then, as now, much talked about match fixing. You did not offer <float> game - a goalie because for this opportunity bolsheN
- Sometimes, of course. But honestly say: never agreed. Usually replied: I do not know anything, guys, is the captain - to him and contact. One day, however, was a sin, I confess: missed. But unselfishly! Played does not matter with whom, and so protect my one attack misses, the other. Opponents are doing what they want, but I plastayus at the gate and dragged everything in me flying. And so almost the entire match, until it finally runs up to me, one of our: <Volodya, you're Che, do not miss mozheshN Well must understand, all the same sum!> They are there, it turns out, agreed, but did not tell me! Spat - and missed. Competently, of course, that the mosquito nose are not undermined. Money did not require. However, come to the hotel after the game - in the room the table was laid. But why do I - that I, for Money for treating soil oneself buduN
Triumph with the score 0:3
- And what a game is luchshimN
Instead of answering, by editing the album, Astapovsky jabbed his finger at a clipping from the Kiev <sports newspaper> for 1975. Match report <Dynamo> (Kiev) - CSKA started, as usual, with the final accounts: 3:0 in favor of Kiev.
- Yes, imagine. Three goals I have, of course, missed (two of them Kolotov I scored from the penalty spot), but if I did not, there would have been about five. I then Kievites themselves from the field on his hands bore, and one newspaper came out with the headline: <Astapovsky against Kiev <Dynamo>. Incidentally, the man who two weeks later won the Cup Winners' Cup.
- And with the majority of players that you played a year later at the Olympics. Olympic medal, albeit a bronze - a great value for any athlete. But the speech team in Montreal, was hardly regarded as udachnoeN
- Course. And I personally - too. I'm riding for gold. But in the semi-final we lost to the Germans from the GDR - 1:2. But even after the match Lobanovsky said to me: <This is you lose>. But why am I, if the ball missed the decisive with penaltiN That's what the goalie: missed - to blame, and no one will remember how you pulled at the same.
From Kamchatka to Mozambique
After Montreal Astapovsky played for the national team has three games, then was replaced by Yuri Degtyarev of <Shakhtar>. CSKA continued to serve in the championships is shaky the motions every year the team changed coaches - Mamykin, Bobrov, Shaposhnikov, Bazylevych ... With the latter's relations Astapovsky went wrong - in his words, since the days of work in Olympic team. And somehow, imperceptibly, without wires, without a farewell match Astapovsky from CSKA disappeared. Played a little more in the SKA (Khabarovsk), and then completely disappeared from the football horizon.
- What were in those godyN
- Served. Simply served in the Armed Forces, in Kamchatka. But I was an officer in the game is over with the rank of captain, offered me a good position in the headquarters of the. But I thought, and refused: Which of my staff officer - neither the knowledge nor the experience. I went to the platoon commander - a captain of something! But what he likes: equipment repaired - because I love messing with cars, the car to know screw. Played for a team of local taxis. Generally the years that have held in the Far East, I recall with pleasure - perhaps because people at my great luck, they're wonderful.
The troops Astapovsky still did not remain. After Kamchatka served some time in the Moscow suburb Kubinka, and then decided to try their hand at coaching career. It was late 80's, and in many developing countries were still working the Soviet sports professionals, including football. They were paid by today's standards a bit, then on - pretty well, and even in foreign currency, so exotic points on the football map of the world had to learn many well-known in the past, the Soviet players. Astapovsky went to Mozambique.
About what happened in Africa, he does not want to remember. What happened is that. It was sent there as part of the Soviet-Mozambican military cooperation to replace Viktor Bondarenko, known as a player of his generation in favor of SKA Rostov. Of Rostov two years earlier, took a position п©п╬п╩я┐я─п╟п╥п╬п╠я─п╟п╫п╫п╬п╪ army command <Machedzhe> and pulled it into the champions of the country. When he has successfully addressed the African Cup of Champions, where the first representatives of Mozambique, usually flying in the first round, about the Russian coach, even lay down a song.
Learning that Bondarenko leaves, fans <Machedzhe> upset, but when it became clear that instead of him coming, former goalkeeper of the USSR and the best football player of the Union, cheered. <Your predecessor brought to our club on the African arena. What dalsheN> - asked Astapovsky at its first press conference in Maputo. <In Europe, go!> - Without hesitation, he replied. These words of the day made the header central Mozambican newspaper Noticias, finally bringing the local fans in high spirits.
But then it was very different. There was a week, two, three - new coach does not even represent the players. It was time to prepare for the season, and familiarity with the team was reduced to communicating with playing second coach Toto, who spoke in Russian. Astapovsky mayalsya in a second-rate hotel, went to meetings in the apparatus of chief military adviser, and listened to representatives of the Mozambican Ministry of Defense endless promises to give a job. In the end, the work was given: seconded to the army club of the city of Nampula. Capital team went to a fellow Portuguese.
NeobyasnimoN From the standpoint of ordinary logic - yes: they wanted to coach, and Soviet, were, and even for free, and sent to a remote spot where he was completely unnecessary, preferring another stoivshemu a lot of money. But this is Africa, where logic does not always. What we did vbuhivali money in Mozambique, no matter how often listened to the assurances of friendship, all the same and there were strangers. But the Portuguese, the former oppressors - their. Coaching Corps in Mozambique has always been their patrimony, and let go outside, they were not going. Short mezhvlastie the club was an opportune moment to get rid of unwanted competition. Incidentally, several years later a similar story happened to have returned to Mozambique Bondarenko: withdrawing the country's team into the final of the Cup of African-96, he had shortly before the tournament was fired and replaced by the Portuguese Rui Kasadora.
In Nampula Astapovsky lasted long: from the Mozambican cities, this one of the first could claim the title <graves of the white man> - the unbearable heat, poor sanitation, malaria, light and water is intermittent, the products also. Seven of the Union will not challenge: unlike in Maputo, Nampula in the Soviet school, of course, was. A team ... What can we say about one of the weakest teams of one of the weakest in football against the African stranN
- In general, I stayed in Mozambique for six months and left. loho me was when he returned to Moscow, very bad. But then assembled: in football, not soccer, it was necessary to live on. Left the army, worked as a driver, bodyguard. Every was ... Now I sit here doing nothing, but I believe that long. Everything will be fine - how inacheN
Armeets forever
- And how about to share experiences with young
- Thought about it. It's not to departing goalkeeper, as we have taken, the young prinarodno handed his gloves. Well, I'll give you gloves - do that any better so I staneshN Khomich with Yashin gave her, and I am your someone would be happy to pay - that's just nobody. Even at home: I have a grandson, Sasha, four years old, man of the world, love him without memory. I suggested my daughter: let me out of it will make the goalkeeper - it is not in what.
- Who among the current Russian goalkeeper you nravitsyaN
- Filimonov. Most capable guy, work with him as follows - the prices will not.
- How do you present TSSKAN
- I am happy for them, for Oleg Dolmatova. That's what a coach who understands football. That's why, and he and his namesake Romantseva people play. But CSKA game I will not be able to comment: do not look. <Spartacus> look <Dynamo> and CSKA - no. It went out with a heavy residue, so it still remained. Other times I have had, there were heavy - and no help from the mother club, I have not seen. Never. While playing, all friends and I went, and then cut off as.
- But two years ago, before the match CSKA - <Locomotive, your 50 years of noted bad.
- Yes, only the club has nothing to do with it: it's all your colleagues, journalists have tried to. Ipamyatny prize awarded, and congratulated. It was nice, of course, but also sad at the same time.
- And for the veterans not igraeteN
- Why, I play regularly. But not for the army, and for the Dynamo. Its somehow did not name, but those on the contrary, constantly inviting.
- So, army itself is no longer oschuschaeteN
- Who you are skazalN! People come in all sorts, and life differently composed, but the best a few years - there, and it is from me will not go anywhere. Army was the army team and I remain. And a bad word about CSKA will not let anyone tell

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Astapovsky Vladimir, photo, biography
Astapovsky Vladimir, photo, biography Astapovsky Vladimir  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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