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Gabriel Batistuta

( Athlete, one of the best strikers in the world.)

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Biography Gabriel Batistuta
photo Gabriel Batistuta

(February 1, 1969 - ...)
Gabriel Omar Batistuta, was and will forever remain in history as one of the best strikers of the world. He is rich, handsome, famous, he was envious of men and women desire. But as any of the other, he was young, unknown and penniless. In his life, like most of us cases were difficult moments, times of suffering and uncertainty, which he survived with dignity. Gabriel never refused, he always wanted to live a full life. He sees the unknown as a challenge to win. All that Gabrielle is now, and has deservedly his work, thanks to the perseverance and patience.
Bata was a beautiful, happy, full child. He came into this world, having published his first cry of the winner, first day of February l969, Mr.. City Avelaneda not know that the biggest football star nineties, was born. From this small town, not from Rekonkvisty, even though the city is closely connected with the life of Gabriel, appeared legend.
His childhood was spent under the watchful gaze of "Nonno" Melchior and his father, Osmar. "Nonno" Melchior important and loving figure in the life of Batie. "Nonno" Melchior was the head of the family Batistuta. Life Bata always maintained with love and care given to him by his mother, Gloria, with whom relations have always been extremely close and special. Carefree, happy childhood "el gringo", the nickname given to him because of skin color, was not damaged in bad times, in whom his family was in this period of his life because of the economic crisis. Joy and love for life has always been a part of life Batie. Even though things were not going well, Bata was happy just catching fish, playing ball or seeing dreams. But his imagination was close to his ambitions. "Il gordo", thick, yet another nickname given Bati because of his two or three extra pounds of weight, and his life was like a unwritten books, wait for the day when the bright future will be inscribed in it.
. First steps footballer
. From the first games that were played on the field, which they called "il lombrico" (earthworm), known as the Bombonera, the stadium of Boca Juniors, Batistuta path was full of challenges, hard work and, of course, good luck
. Without the goddess of fortune will hardly go far, but we all know, to achieve the goals need to have something more than the fate of assistance. In the end, only those who really deserve it, get to the summit of success.
Batistuta is not always considered himself a football player, let alone a football star. His favorite sport was basketball. Who would have thought at the time that it reaches the Olympus of fame, pocketing goals on the soccer field. He never thought about how to tie my life to football, never dreamed of becoming rich and famous. His story was full of difficult moments, missed opportunities, joys and tears, good and bad decisions, and of course, many, many wonderful moments.
It was mere coincidence that Bata debuted in the big football, 25 September, l988. In January l987, the representative of Newell's Old Boys of Rosario on the black car "stolen" from his native town of Bata and took him along the path of glory. It was not an easy period for Gabriel, but my father Osmar consented man in a black car. "Time to try, try out the wings," - he said to Gabriel. When he arrived in Rosario, he was faced with obstacles, which seemed to him insurmountable, but at the same time, he found good friends. Gabriel was lucky in the sense that the coach persuaded his new team unconditionally believe in him. The name of the coach - Marcelo Antonio Bielsa, who later became the coach of Argentina.
In the Argentine championship, our "Re-Leone" (The Lion King) made his debut in a game against the San Martin Tucuman, he played for half an hour. They lost 1-0. But what everyone calls him this debut happened three days later, when striker Newell's, Gabrich, injured. So, put on a T-shirt with Bata number nine in the semifinals in the "Copa Libertadores" against San Lorenzo. He did not score, but "left his heart on the field. Waking up the next day, the first thing he saw - the headlines, who declared in one voice "Batistuta - the new star was born!"
However, Gabriel was not able to bring all of its side. Some champions of the past, great players, such as, Passarella, Sivori felt that he did not deserve such attention. Time has shown that they play better football than the judge of people. And the time when they realized that they were wrong. Batistuta was indifferent Passarella, ignored them, while he played in the River, while Passarella was the head coach of Aregentiny, Bata ignored for too long. Sivori inexplicable curse Bata figure in all media until recently, when he seems to have been struck by some kind of amnesia about everything he ever said against Batistuta. But Bata never felt the need to take revenge on anyone or to demand an apology. He never compared himself with other. He - Batistuta, and that says it all. Footballer, who knows when to be modest, a man whose fate envy of all who once spoke of it unflattering.
. After the Bata passed away and Newell's and River Plate, Settimo Aloisio, his manager, one of those who know enough about soccer's growth strategy, has made it possible to move it to Boca Juniors
. Boca - a team that will live forever in the heart of Gabriel. And he promised to end his brilliant career as a football player in the Boke. Also, thanks to Aloisio Batistuta first tried his hand in Italy. He flew to Italy to play for "Il Deportivo", to take part in the Junior Tournament "Viareggio". And after the first match Batistuta was beaming with joy, . still be, . since he made his first European hat-trick in the gate SKA Sofia "The Adventures of Deportivo La Coruna in Turin ended in penalty shoot -, . where Batistuta missed, . mark his birthday, . he was 20.,
. Once in one of the weekend coaches have young players in this match "Kalchiev - Fiorentina v. Milan
. And Gabriel was struck by the number of spectators in the stands, their love and devotion tifozi "squadra Viola", their support. On that day, Batistuta could only dream that after two years of love and devotion tifozi will only belong to him forever ..
. National Team
. The debut of Gabriel Batistuta in the National Team fell on 27 March l991, in a friendly match on "Curitiba" against Brazil
. It was a team that we will remember forever: Ruggeri, Goicoechea, Caniggia .... and on the bench Alfio Basile. Batistuta was lodged in the first team, but did not score in this match excelled Caniggia.
Argentina early 90's looked simply stunning. It included Kempes Passarella, who won the World Cup '77 and Maradona, who won the Cup in 1986, this team has not lost 33 international match in a row. It was a very talented team, most players who played in Italy or were going to play there.
Gabriel's first victory ever they are not forgotten. He won the America's Cup in 1991, also winning the dispute scorers with six balls. So Bata began his career in the national team. Many European clubs immediately wanted to see him in their ranks it in the end it was Fiorentina, which allowed Gabriel to return to the "white-blue" T-shirts.
Argentina arrived at the World Cup 94. Balbo, one of the best friends Bata, was also announced for the national team, but it is determined to live in one room with Caniggia. Claims of Argentines at the championship was well-founded. Batistuta was an opportunity to once again prove themselves now, when Fiorentina slipped in Italy's Serie "B". He returned to the team full of vital energy and strength. In the team also returned Maradona. Argentina started in the U.S. 94 is very fortunate 4-0 victory against Greece. Bati scored three goals and one of Maradona. In the second match was defeated Nigeria 2-0, double made Caniggia. But it so happened that Maradona left the World Championship ahead of. "Il pibe oro" was a charismatic leader of the team. A positive test for doping test was a tub of cold water for the whole team. The atmosphere in the team has changed. There were rumors that Diego took ephedrine, but the team refused to believe it. We will never know what have happened in reality. But without Maradona team lost the game and lost the picture Romanians 2-3, left the competition.
Everything changed, and the team came a new coach - Daniel Passarella. Thus the path "el caudillo" and Batistuta again crossed. The era Passarella, the era of "iron hand". It seemed that he was able to break the world. But this did not happen and the success of the team were very modest advances issued to it. They dropped out of the America's Cup, losing to the Brazilians in the quarterfinals on penalties, the decisive blow struck Edmundo. Qualifying tournament for the World Cup in France has turned to the Bati in agony. Its almost a year was not invited to the team. Seemed Passarella just did not want to see him in the team, at the same time, as soon as he was invited, Bata spravno pounded and pounded. It was at that time Batistuta and Maradona walked on the balls pocketed for the national team and became the top scorer in its composition.
At Chempinate Worldwide France Argentina again no luck. The team performed poorly, while Batistuta was not stopped, he scored 5 goals. They lost to the Netherlands, in a match where Passarella replaced Batistuta Hernan Crespo on. Replacement, which is not improved attacking power of the team. All efforts were in vain Crespo. After losing the World Championship, Passarella resigned, so it ended the era. But Batistuta, continuing to be one of the best strikers' blue and white ", continued his run for the World Cup ...


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Gabriel Batistuta, photo, biography
Gabriel Batistuta, photo, biography Gabriel Batistuta  Athlete, one of the best strikers in the world., photo, biography
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