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George Best

( Athlete, football)

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Biography George Best
photo George Best
(22 May 1946)
In 1999, the Royal Mail of Great Britain organized a survey to determine the best player in the history of British football, so that later portray him on a postage stamp. To the surprise of many citizens not only of Britain, . but the whole world, . on thousands of stamps came out printed image is not Bobby Charlton and Jimmy Greaves, . and the image severoirlandtsa Jorda Besta - a talented striker, . and in combination with renowned brawler, . ladies' man and drinkers,
Best was born on May 22, 1946 in Belfast in a sports family (his mother played in the Northern Ireland national field hockey). At the age of seven he began to play for the children's football team "Cregagh Boys Club", and two years later moved to the "Lisnasharragh Intermediate School".
At the age of 15 years, Best has concluded an amateur contract with Manchester United, after a scout saw him the best "MJ" Bob Bishop, and two years later, the day of his seventeenth birthday - a professional.
September 14, 1963 George Best made his debut for Man United, "and already in his second game he scored his first goal for Manchester". In 1965 he became the champion of England (41 match, 10 goals). In the same year in the 1 / 4 Cup of Champions in an away match against Benfica in the first minutes of the Best scored two goals, and ultimately "DOJ" has won 5:1 - this was the first home defeat on evroarene in the history of the Lisbon club. After this match, journalists called it the "fifth bittlom" (was in full swing era craze Liverpool rock band).
In 1967 - again national champion. At the 1968th re-crossed the way Manchester United and Benfica. At this time in the Champions Cup final. Crossroads Second Best goals scored in extra time, sweeping almost all the Portuguese. In the end, as "Manchester" won a convincing victory with the score 4:1. In the same season, George Best was the best scorer of the team and the championship of England (28 goals in 41 match). This was his peak ... Best was named the best "European Footballer of the Year" and also received his 22 Year "Golden Ball".
So, being prizannym best of the best, began its fall. Together with the player in Manchester City Mike Sammerbi Best offers fashion house in Manchester, offers a restaurant, travel agency, night clubs. Every week, Best received thousands of letters from lovers krastok (Prefer Blondes), drinking beer in nemerennyh quantities (prefer dark beers). Sometimes playing with a hangover, but nevertheless continues to regularly score. The Soviet press of the time vehemently denounces Besta - here it is an example of the decadent, capitalist sport. By the way, the Soviet people once saw firsthand Besta. In Moscow's European Championship match of the USSR team to beat Northern Ireland 1:0. George at that time was already not in the best shape, but it was evident that this is a player of the highest class. Generally speaking, with the team that Best was not lucky - Northern Ireland team was clearly not his level.
At George Best was a very atypical for a British football at that time technology. England continued to play in the pre-war ", a primitive football: pass-canopy. Best, being the player short, stable and maneuverable, performed miracles at the bottom: distributing passes, scoring goals and in general was omnipresent. Start jerk gave him a handicap of a few meters in front of any defender. Not accidentally, many experts compare it with the Brazilian Garrincha - geek, no search, preference Irishman. Perhaps if it were not for his stubborn Irish temperament, career Besta could emerge more successfully, but alas, because of such lousy haratera, later in his career has largely followed some scandals ...
. January 1970-th: disqualification for a month for having snatched the ball from the hands of judge
. April: The Irishman threw mud at referee in a match team Northern Ireland with Scotland and was removed from the field. 1971st year: three hours late to a meeting of the Disciplinary Commission - Disqualification for six months!
. In the 72nd year, missed a training session (in Best's next romance with Miss Great Britain): A guide of the club sent him into exile - to train with the juniors - and twice slashed his salary
May 20, 1972, George did not attend the training team and told the press that the football to him to light bulbs and he was "tying". After another spree in 1974, the year after learning that he was not placed at the heart of the match chempionta, Best left Manchester United, and slammed the door. They say that coaches the top division of Great Britain entered into a gentlemen's agreement that in case of dismissal from Besta "MJ" no one would take him in my team.
It happened. Best continued to advocate for vtorostepnnye clubs of England and the U.S. - changed them as gloves, having played in 14 clubs.
In 1984, Best went to prison for three months for driving while drunk, and went out to freedom, to a great football never returned.
Currently, 54-year-old George Best, who played for Manchester "474 matches and scored 180 goals, comments on matches with" MJ "and continues to live in his pleasure.

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George Best, photo, biography
George Best, photo, biography George Best  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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