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Vladimir Beschastnykh

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Vladimir Beschastnykh
(April 1, 1974 - ...)
Before leaving the children's coaches, Alexander MINAEV was cool player. At the Olympic Games 76 - and then at the Games were the first teams, rather than youth, as now, - bronze medal in the Soviet team won largely thanks to his best scorer of the Olympic cycle, play in all matches. In that year, the triumph Ukrainian Dynamo, which won the Cup Winners' Cup and the Super Bowl, nekievlyaninu to get into the team Lobanovskiy was extraordinarily difficult. In Montreal, in the starting lineup with Kyivers leaving only the army goalkeeper Vladimir Astapovsky and Moscow Dynamo Minaev.
. The apartment Minaeva in a conspicuous place hangs a gift from the teacher the best student - Russia's national team jersey with the name "Beschastnyh" on the back.
. - The first coach Beschastnykh I assume something is wrong at all, - said mine when, sitting with him on a bench near one of the Dynamo fields, I set out the essence of the future material
. - Play I finished in 84 th and immediately went to work in the Dynamo school, where Vitali Trunin gave me a team born in 1974. It has already been Volodya. All references write that it is prepared Minaev, simply because I worked with him for the longest time. Volodya and his twin brother Michael was seven years old when his father brought them to school "Dinamo". First they came for Vladimir Kozlov, later proved to have Trunina, well then I have.
. - The game Beschastnykh it was immediately clear that he would become a great football player, or he did not stand out among partnerovN
. - More Trunin, remember, told me: "For this guy you'll be honored trainer"
. Volodya stood out from early childhood through the character. Always stubbornly bent his line, do not recognize the authority, he knew his own worth. Even then developed the instinct of a winner. So I, for one, does not at all surprised that he was distinguished for the national team without playing practice. Basically takes physics. Remember how he recently scored CSKA, literally drove to his clinging to his counsel. He was all aimed at the gates, in a good position rarely gave the ball - trying to distinguish himself. Losing never liked. I cried and fought with his brother, who under him for 14 minutes. Volodya was stronger, so that if anything could, and take revenge for the defeat on the field.
In the 85-m, I with my band went to a sports camp. We, the counselors, playing with each other, and often took 11-year Beschastnykh. He and we hammered and generally behaved like an adult. In the 86-m, we have won "Spartacus" in the Cup final Morgunova who bear the name Yashin. Team Moscow, where the boys were a year younger than all competitors, took the prize Bobrov, won the tournament in Tiraspol. A year later began before the age of champions in Moscow. All of these advances relate to the goals Volodya.
- Why Dynamo missed such a talented forvardaN
- Beschastnykh expelled from school. We have at this point should have been opened biased classes, where he was supposed to continue training. But at the last moment biased classes never opened, and Vladimir and Michael had to go in the FSM, where he was boarding. The brothers were at Kovylina to them and released.
- But the chance to get a promising player for Dynamo still was.
- "Spartacus" was deft. However, in the 92-m Romantsev for some time Beschastnykh sat on the bench, and we went together to the Tolstoy. Then the chance to go to "Dynamo" was real. But Tolstoy did not want to spoil relations with Spartacists, said that, if we can break up with "Spartacus" amicably, we are always happy to see Beschastnykh in white and blue uniforms. Meanwhile, the conflict is settled, the situation was down on the brakes. Actually, I think the root of the current troubles as the Dynamo in the fact that the team of his little pupils.
. - Who else from that group of boys born in 1974, you are trained, played professionally urovneN
. - Ishkinin won with Dynamo Cup of Russia in the 95-m, now stands for "Kolomna" Chernov played for FC Torpedo-ZIL ", п¬пTяTп¦пTп+ for" Spartak-Chukotka, Michael Beschastnykh many teams has changed, now playing in Lipetsk.
. Saying goodbye to Minaev, I went to Bor, where she spent the collection team of Russia, and asked to share their memories of the striker already.
. - About Minayev remember very warm, - said Beschastnykh
. - He is kind, intelligent man, who lived a team instead of working with her. If we were going to camp, there is always something organized, discos, we arranged. He tried to penetrate into our problems, not just us, as they say, "build". I am always happy to flying training and was disappointed when Alexander gave a whistle: "finished". And Mina treated me well, paid much attention. Unfortunately, I do not know what he was doing.
- He is CEO of the club KFK "Mostransgaz, who in 26 games this season, scored 25 wins and one draw has reduced the difference in balls 117-10. So what are waiting for him in the second division. By the way, Minaev told me that you are in the 92-m could be in "Dinamo". PomniteN
- From the FSM, I was still, in which team masters go. "Spartacus" as "Spartacus". Even then, after working in this team, on the other and not thinking. Although in the early 90's really was a time when twitched in his youth and could leave the team Romantseva. Fortunately, Oleg talked with me and promised that I played in "Spartacus". Happened.

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Vladimir Beschastnykh, photo, biography
Vladimir Beschastnykh, photo, biography Vladimir Beschastnykh  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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