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Borodyuk Alexander

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Biography Borodyuk Alexander
photo Borodyuk Alexander
If Alexander Borodyuk played in Moscow <Spartacus>, his popularity would have been no less. than Ilya Tsymbalar or Andrei Tikhonov. But when he returned two years ago from Germany, he was in <Locomotive>, who are not too many fans. And because the broad masses bolelschitskie, . especially young, . hardly familiar with the biography and achievements of this remarkable striker, . who began his career in the big leagues in 1982, . which is composed of the Moscow <Dynamo> twice - in 1986 and 1988 - became the leading scorer in the championship and the union won the Cup of the USSR,
. Then there was the best sniper <Schalke> and the third winner of the Bundesliga with <Freiburg>. Even with <locomotive> won the Cup of Russia, . played in the UEFA Cup semifinal, . in the final round of the last championship of the country, . in which his team took third place, . Honored Master of Sports Alexander Borodyuk scored his hundredth goal in official matches for our clubs and national teams,
Conversation with Borodyuk began, under any circumstances, held his return to Russia.
- Once I was in Hanover called Yuri Semin. Moreover, from Munich, where <Locomotive played in the UEFA Cup with <Bavaria>. I asked how things. I said that my contract ends, and that'll probably come back to Russia. Semin asked how much I stand. Not at all, "I answered, because soon I'll be a free agent. Then Semin said: if you have nothing against that, to pursue a career in his club, then we should see during the preseason fees - their "Locomotive held in Germany. And so we met in Kaiserslautern, where <Locomotive played a controlling game. Negotiations, and I gave a good.
- Semin is not offered you to practice with the team to get an idea of the 34-year forvardeN
- No. He immediately announced that knows me as a player and there is no need to arrange viewing. Offered a contract, which is good enough.
- A desire to return to Moscow <Dynamo> not voznikaloN
- Occurred. Even without knowing the intentions Semina, called Adamas Solomonovich Golodtsu. He said that in principle, <a>, but first wanted to see me on the field. I am by nature a calm, balanced, and then could not resist: <Do for over seven years, you have me in <Dynamo> not nasmotrelisN!> Said goodbye and hung up.
- Apparently, Golodtsa still confused about your age.
- Probably. But you do not think that the Dynamo 34 years to go on show in <Dynamo> simply smeshnoN Yes, I would feel after it has ceased to respect!
. - It turns out, Semin knew you better than GolodetsN
. - At least do not dare to question my ability
. And passport information, as it turned out, for it do not matter. Semin - coach of the Western model. In Germany, does anyone care how many years MatteusuN Playing a man and plays. But they can in 20 years, if not pull, say you <bye>.
- So, you have returned from Germany in the prosperous Rosiyu with its challenges and adversities.
- And did before I left everything was prekrasnoN
- And on the charges of two and a half days not too otvykliN
- There is no other way.
- But, perhaps, for such professionals as Borodyuk with his German mentality, you can do isklyuchenieN
- Do not. Discussions will seek to: why, he says, he can be home to live, and we were to base zabirayutN - Yes, and charges for me, not a burden, although I am a home person.
- How did the family to your decision to leave Germany, where if you wish you could still poigratN
- The wife did not object. But with children was more difficult. When we went to Germany, Anton was the fourth year. Nastia was born there in general. Now, and a daughter and a son studying in Moscow in the German school. Anton ponemetski, I think, speaks better than in Russian. Clearly, to leave Germany, he did not want. But I explained to him that the family must live where her father's normal work. He cited examples where for this reason that the Germans themselves, and not just football players, move to another country. <In Germany to live well. - I said to Anton. - But only if there is a well-paid job or a real prospect to get it>.
- And if you get a degree in coach and lead a highly qualified professional klubN
- Theoretically it is possible. But in Germany willing to work with professional clubs abound. And all things being equal preference would give German. Not so much because it is his homeland, but because almost every second, which claims to be the coach, won the World Cup or European Champions League, UEFA Cup or UEFA Cup. Oh anyone, and enough celebrities in the Bundesliga.
- How quickly did you get used to Russia's futboluN
- The adaptation I have never had any problems either in Russia or in Germany. Head coach <Schalke> Klaus Fischer said that I did not even know German, almost from the first day played in German football. But not to ask too many questions, did not make comments on the field, comes to practice and in games lay oneself out to two hundred percent. I forced myself to respect the affair, scoring in the first two seasons, 29 goals. In Germany, if you prove that you're standing football player, not a tourist from Russia, will be on hand even when the game is over.
- You had a chance in this ubeditsyaN
- In Gelsenkirchen, where I went to visit his former partner <Schalke> I pass on the street did not give. But when Anton one arrived, his players <Schalke> in the club museum have, and he even UEFA Cup in his hands held the.
- It turns out you made a furore in the country Bekekenbauea and Klinsmann.
- Furor - too loudly. But I'm the only Russian legionnaire, who managed to enter the three best players in Germany up to the season. The first time was Andreas Herzog, the second - Matthias Sammer, the third - I Owe Baynts fourth, fifth - Lothar Matthaus, the sixth - Mehmet Scholl. And, besides, my name is written in the history of German football - as the author of 30 thousandth goal Bundesliga.
- Fans have lyubiliN
- When in <Schalke> I got the ball, the platform began to chant: <Gor-bi! Gor-bi!> At that time in Germany was extremely popular with Gorbachev - that's me and gave a nickname.
- And how to treat you pressaN
- Friendly. Weekly Kicker even awarded the status of a player of international class. By the way, newspaper articles, my first three years the wife translated. Painfully heavy German was given - only the fourth year that seemed to burst. But the language of football for me is the easiest. Learn it instantly - and in <Dynamo> and <Schalke> and in <Freiburg> and <Locomotive>.
- In <Locomotive> your case not immediately went smoothly. PochemuN
- At the beginning of the season seriously damaged muscle and long out of action. <You broke the desire to start playing soon, - soothed Semin. - Do not hurry: recover, rack up the form and then - next>.
- And when you say <forward> N
- Before the Cup semi-final. We won then y <Torpedo>. And then there was the victorious finale with <Dynamo>, in which I proved that Golodets nothing in me doubts.
- After the finale, you probably realized we made the right vyborN
- I have doubts on this score was never a. Judge for yourself: in the past two seasons <Locomotive performed twice in the final of the Cup of Russia, once won it, reached the Cup Winners' Cup semi-finals, and this year won a bronze medal in the championship. And the fans at our games became more. In the spring of last year there were about two thousand, and last autumn had ten or twelve thousand sometimes crossed. We have an additional incentive - to play for the public.
- For you personally support the viewing also extremely vazhnaN
- When you violently ill for 60 thousand fans, as it was in Gelsenkirchen (so ill still only in Munich and Dortmund), ur raesh with a particular mood. However, I myself and upload and without spectators. First, because the game enough, and secondly, because football - my job. Bundesliga any teach not spare ourselves. In this regard, an outsider in Germany is different from its leader.
- In <Locomotive> except you, no one school of the Bundesliga does not pass, but the team in each game fight to the end.
- Mindset always asks coach. Semin - uncompromising man, knows how to keep the team in tone, well-selects the artists for each position. Moreover, the choice often falls on the young players whose talent is evident in the <Locomotive>. And it is no accident. The leaders of the club - president Valery Filatov, our chefs from the Ministry of Communications did not promise the golden mountain, but do not throw words to the wind. Everyone knows what is. And because of the <Lokomotiv> on their own almost nobody goes.
- What is missing <Lokomotiv> to argue with <Spartacus> for gold medaliN
- Ability to conduct every match as the last in the life. But it appears, because the nature of a command has. Otherwise we would not have succeeded in cup games.
- The role of insiders, you play as a team, you on dusheN
- This is my favorite Police.
- But it requires an exceptional physical training!
- And I'm not complaining to health. Do you think space overload that I experienced in the Bundesliga, it podorvaliN contrast, only tempered.
- You are in <Dynamo> early debut - in 19 years.
- I remember well, who then acted for it: Hontar, Pilguj. Novikov, Bubnov, flywheels, Nikulin, Minaev, Maksimenko, Leagues, Gaza ... Can you imagine how I had to work hard so that the company you recognized!
- Just because a <Dynamo> also not invited!
- But the special achievements I have had. Is that the tournament <Crossing> in Sochi, where he played for the junior national team of Russia, received the prize of the best midfielders.
- You come from Voronezh. How did you overlooked <Flame> N
- In Voronezh, and I graduated from a specialized school football and dreamed, of course, for <Flame> play. I was even invited to the double. But <Torch> could get into the army, and then about football would have to forget at least two years. And then a call from the Vologda <Dynamo>: <Come to Vologda - you will be for us to play - as a member>. And so it was. I even rate of the young soldier did not pass. A year later, was sent <to preserve order in the capital of the Soviet Union>, and in fact transferred to the Moscow <Dynamo>, where I spent the rest emergency service.
- And why the enlisted ostalisN
- In <Dynamo> I have all turned out. Even given the rank of second lieutenant. As the officer began to receive more, though, and my fate was already completely in the hands of the authorities: if it wished, could send in Makhachkala, or Samarkand <Dynamo>, and would have to go there.
- You successfully avoided such a fate.
- I try to play, so that under no circumstances become a burden for the team. And I think that in the eight years she did a lot to like, however, and it is for me.
- During these eight years at the helm <Dynamo> stood Vyacheslav Solovyov, Alexander Sevidov, Vadim Ivanov, Eduard Malofeev, Byshovets. Which of them understand you better vsegoN
- Sevidov. Stunning man was San Sanych! He loved music - symphonic and pop in the great chess understood, and how many anecdotes knew! And football finely felt, and the psychology of the players have always sought to understand. Shoulder never chopped. I once two days before the final match in the Cup against the USSR <Zenith> went and flew to Vologda: by Tanya - his future wife - missed. Calculated: in the morning will be there, and in the evening back waving. And then bad luck: in Moscow on a plane ticket there. I called the base of San Sanych, explain the situation. He, of course, many other interesting things about me told. <Do not worry - Soothing Sevidov - I'll get the train. In the morning he will be with the team>. From the station in the dash Novogorsk and - run to the coach: they say, sorry, that did so. I stood waiting for spacing. A San Sanych suddenly said: <There is no need to apologize. K <Zenit> prepare: tomorrow, as always, <through> get out>.
- And you're in the game the whole game did: in the extra time at first pass Gazzaeva the help given, and then beat themselves. TakN
- This is how it was. A San Sanych in the locker room and then hugged and smiled slyly and said: "I have you now even at the North Pole will be let go before matches. Only a game, like today>. What is there to say, he knew when to joke with the footballer when he was pushed, as silent as if nothing had noticed. Sevidov at the first meeting was able to locate themselves. He believed once. Not for nothing, no matter where he worked: in Kiev or Moscow <Dynamo> - to him with pleasure were good players. And he fought for. Well, like I could serve on the field number, if the next day, after we Tanya undersigned. San Sanych handed me a warrant for the apartment, which he is to me and probilN
- With German coach you, too, was problemN
- With Fisher, with Schulte, Ristic - no. But because Berger left <Schalke>. He included me in the one match, on the other, and when I asked him bluntly whether he hopes to do for me. Berger replied that my case - to fulfill the contract. A few days later I received an invitation from <Freiburg> and decided to accept it. President <Schalke> and general manager, initially refused to let me go, and Berger went back down, insisting that I had not realized. But I honestly coach that with more work I can not.
- P <Freiburg> clear. And as you <Schalke> okazalisN
- Random. Manager <Schalke> Kremer (world champion, among others) returned to Germany via Moscow to Yerevan, where he participated in a charity match to help victims of the earthquake, and decided to go to <Dynamo>, where we met with <Torpedo>. I am in the game scored. A few days later, the representative <Schalke> already had talks with the Dynamo leadership of my move to Gelsenkirchen. The Germans were more intense than the Italians of <Genoa> and <Bologna>, which saw me in the match for the team.
- You yourself wanted to leave the <Dynamo> N
- Yes. Had the feeling that it was time to switch teams. But Byshovets, who I played in the Olympic team, was ready to let me only abroad. So that option with <Schalke> turned up at an opportune. I was quickly demoted from senior lieutenants, which means that the obstacles to leaving for Germany was no longer.
- In Germany you have spoiled many nerves goalkeeper. Remember my golyN
- All 49. Most important, perhaps, <Cologne> because they were two and they were the first. The most beautiful - <Kaiserslautern> when receiving the ball near his own penalty, went through the whole field, won five and put the ball in the net. Effective Goal <Hensen's> - four feet flying in the air to head the ball to get. And finally, two of my ball in the <Schalke> decided the fate of the primacy of Germany.
- But <Schalke> never been a champion!
- The outcome of our match with <Bavaria> depended on who would get gold medals - Munich or Bremen. <Bavaria> needed a victory, but she settled for a draw - 3:3, with two goals of the three were on my account. After the match the guys joked that <Werder> simply must send me a gold medal.
- In Germany you were Russia's first legionnaire. Largely thanks to you, German clubs began to invite our players. However, not all managed to show themselves. What is the deloN
- Overseas training necessary to prepare just as seriously and carefully, how to games. In Germany, no one explained at the meeting that we should both should work as before an important match. And we've learned that with nyankayutsya, and wonder why the coach or the president does not have in him sympathies.
- You were able to quickly perestroitsyaN
- At least tried to do. Only from a habit he could not get rid of - after the match was putting the form in the bag and took away her home.
- A ostalnyeN
- More left form the administrator, who brought her already clean the next game. I'm afraid that he would suddenly forget my shoes or shields. And although no puncture at our reception was not. although the partners made fun of me, the bag was always with me - in a bus, airport, hotel.
- This was the only reason the Germans for irony
- Yes as you say ... I arrived in Germany, a lean young man growing 183 centimeters and weighing 75 kilograms. <Thee that, Russia did not kormiliN - with a smile, asked the leaders of the club, who are accustomed to see in their team stalwart. - Strain at the food, gaining weight>. I seem to be not particularly zealous, but three kilos added.
- Perhaps due pivuN
- To beer, the Germans drink even in the day game, and not used. To alcohol, as, incidentally, to cigarettes, generally indifferent. I can drink on vacation 50 grams of cognac - and the point.
- Want to extend his football vekN
-I. I yield my place only when the feet do not suffer. Meanwhile the run and beat better competition, until I'm sick of this life - with infinite charges, traveling, training sessions and games without taking off his boots. It seems to be 18 years in football, but it seems that flew just over a year.

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Borodyuk Alexander, photo, biography
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