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Bubukin Valentin

( Athlete, midfielder USSR national football team.)

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Biography Bubukin Valentin
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For <Locomotive - thanks to Stalin
In 1952, the USSR team, which comprised the backbone of players from CDSA, unsuccessfully speak at the Olympic Games in Helsinki. Stalin did not like it, and he gave the order to disband the CDSA. Officers sent dosluzhivat in the army command, privates discharged. So Anatoly Isayev was in <Spartacus> Yuri Volodin - in Moscow <Dynamo> and I <Locomotive. What grateful. She brought me a long time with an outstanding coach and just a good man - Boris A. Arkadieva.
While Arkad'ev was in disgrace: it was he who led the team in the Olympics. After the failure of the head coach was fired, took away the title of Honored Master of Sports and banned his books. The then patron <Lokomotiv>, Minister of Communications Beschevu, it was worth the tremendous efforts made to him in the government permission to lead the club.
Mineral for Arkadieva
On the intelligence Arkadieva are legends. He studied at the Academy of Arts, so he loved to drive us to museums, art galleries. Sometimes he could wake the whole team in an airplane with the words: <Guys, look what the sunset!> Always call players <you>. For eight years of our work Arkad'ev never something that is not cursed obscenities, but even at no one raised his voice! The most harsh words from his mouth may sound like this: <Vanya, I am displeased with you. You were a weakling!>
I remember once after the game we drank in the restaurant. And for the conspiracy poured vodka into the bottle from under <Borjomi>. Arkady suddenly, sitting at a table in front, asked the waitress to bring <Borjomi> and was very surprised to hear that this water in a restaurant there. He came to us: <Let vodichki popitN> In the grave silence poured half a glass of mineral water and drained. From fear, we were ready to get under the table. A Arkad'ev just looked at us with reproach and said: have a snack, young people>.
Shampoo <Bubukin>
Arkad'ev took <Locomotive in 1953, and four years later we won the Cup. It was a sensation, because in the league cause we were not the best way. Moreover, in the final he was defeated <Spartacus>! In the first half, I scored a goal, which proved decisive. However, at the end of Spartacus pinned us to the gate, and, frankly, at some point, even crept into the treacherous thought: <Do drognemN> However, with God's help, still managed to beat off. And at 23, I became the youngest winner in the Union Honorary railroader>, which Beschev for joy to the whole team awarded.
Winning the Cup opened <Lokomotiv> way overseas. Most of all I remember the trip to play friendly matches in Indonesia, where I once the ball nearly killed a man. It was like. Before the game with the local club was a tropical downpour. On the muddy field the ball, which was then made of pigskin, great weight by. As if anticipating evil, several times asked to replace him, but the referee did not pay any attention. And in one scene, I struck a powerful blow at the gate - and the ball landed just in my head fragile Indonesian footballer. He immediately collapsed on the lawn. Mouth started frothing at the hospital even the doctors noted clinical death.
Fortunately, the guy managed to save. But across the country immediately burst into the news Bubukin, whose iron leg. And left to return to Moscow, the days turned into a continuous agony. On the street every Indonesian strove to pinch my leg to be sure of what she made. And later I learned that some smart operators have established in Indonesia, the release of goods under the name <Bubukin> - toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream. They say they were in great demand.
Prize - 47 cents
Fans never spoiled <Locomotive attention. But before the size of bonuses depended on attendance: the team was supposed to thirty percent of the total collection. Once at our game with <Wings> it's only a half thousand spectators, and for the victory we got ... from 47 cents!
Conditions in <Locomotive> were an order of magnitude worse than in other metropolitan clubs. Car - new <Moskvich> - able to buy only in 1960 after winning the European Cup with the national team and was a prize two hundred dollars. But in those years, the concept of <patriotism> <honor of the club> were not empty words, so a <Lokomotiv> no one left, although the proposal was the sea. Even when <Locomotive departed in the first league, the players have promised not to flee and return to the elite club. And kept our word!
We were close-knit team. Thanks to Viktor Voroshilov, for example, I was able to gain a foothold in the national team. He led me to it again to the side and said: <You're playing right. But at this place in the team already Isaev with Fedosov has. But the left, on the contrary, and Dementiev, and the appendage at the gathering. So it's too late, I advise you to move to the opposite flank>. I listened to Voroshilov, and then do a lot of matches in the team held a position on the left insiders.
Radio instead of TV
In 1959, <Locomotive won the silver - is the supreme success of the club championships in the history of the USSR. But could and take the gold if in the final round defeated countrymen a spell, which suit and tie. At first, we won - defender <Dynamo> Boris Kuznetsov scored an own goal - but after the break mistake that our goalkeeper Vladimir Maslchenko. and expense equaled. So, alas, and finished.
By the way, we are bound by Dinamo with a special relationship. In 1956 they were a few rounds before the end of the championship secured the silver medal. Management of the club has promised each player TV - a luxurious gift for those times. However, at the end of the season we suddenly smashed <Dynamo> -7:1! And in a fit of anger, instead of TV bosses handed guys radios. Oh, and they got angry at us! Revenge Dinamo had to wait almost three years. In the championship-59 they played with exactly the same score - 7:1!
Peremptory Beskov
But in 1961 I still left <Lokomotiv>. The reason was more than good - Vsevolod Bobrov CSKA invited. I just could not refuse this man once who took me to double the Air Force is literally on the street. Management <Lokomotiv>, of course, did not want to let go and even threatened to disqualification and deprivation at the same time the title of Honored Master of Sports. No one knows what could have happened, if the case did not intervene Marshal Grechko. But moving to CSKA did not bring me good luck. Bobrov soon removed, and with his successor Beskova we did not agree Characters. Promuchavshis season, I returned to <Locomotive. A few years later his rudder suddenly appeared ... Beskov. I soon realized that nothing good I can not wait. And indeed, he soon invited me to finish career. <You have already 32. It's time to become a coach> - said Beskov with his usual categorically. Many partners to that moment arrived in VSHT, and I decided to follow their example. Having a trainer's diploma, all scattered towns and villages. New life begins.

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Bubukin Valentin, photo, biography
Bubukin Valentin, photo, biography Bubukin Valentin  Athlete, midfielder USSR national football team., photo, biography
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