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Leonid Buriak

( Athlete, man-legend of Ukrainian football,)

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Biography Leonid Buriak
photo Leonid Buriak
(July 10, 1953)
"Everything in life is based on the fact that someone of something very much wants to. In other words - on the afflicted people "- in his own style argues Buriak, a man-a legend not only to Ukrainian football, but football the whole Union.
. Sooner or later he was back in Odessa - a city most famous soccer comes from which (along with Igor Belanovym) it is
. He could do it in the early 87 th, when "Chernomorets" flew out of major league union championship and 33-year-old beet called to rescue drowning Club. But the career of player's "Torpedo" was dearer to him - and there is nothing in this surprising when we remember the refrain of all the football veterans: "Play until the knees are not erased."
Return Buryak happened seven years later. How could it be otherwise when we remember that the young Leonid Buriak, awarded the honor to be invited into the very Dynamo Kiev, three times (!) Secretly ran off to his native Odessa. His best friend, Oleg Blokhin, then insisted that the fault that had a special affection (peculiar, however, each Odessan) to their city. Then fate still made it Kyivlyanyn. But - not forever. And if not player, coach Buryak transiting through Moscow, Kharkov, Finland, USA and Ternopil returned home yet. And in the second round Ukrainian championship of his "Chernomorets" won in 14 matches 12 wins
- In the Ukrainian football always tseniis physique player. As you something with your data got into football pekloN
- Silenko at first I was really little. When the city went a rumor that in one factory team, but at the same time in the junior team of Odessa is capable of a little boy named Buriak, I was invited to the double "Chernomorets". And when, after the first dvustoronki coach Sergei I. Shaposhnikov asked me to weigh, do not dial and 50 kg. Then on charges he gave me close to never let the ball - I worked for days on simulators, gaining weight. This Shaposhnikov said: going to work, grow up in a good football player.
- But could not say - why do we need this, as they say in Odessa, "Shkil-Pasta.
- Shaposhnikov - a great coach, I am grateful to him for everything he has done for me. We still often call up, I appreciate his advice. By the way, he was in the 72 th kept me from going to Dynamo Kiev: You're shown great promise, to hold you by force is absurd, but look who is playing in midfield Kiev - Muntean, manhandled, Veremeyev, Troshkin. All aces, and all the young. Wait sensitive. A year later it was he admonished me to Kiev.
- In addition to Dynamo, nobody priglashalN
- Almost all the major league! Just four teams from Moscow - Spartak, CSKA, Dynamo and "Torpedo". Had to choose. I would prefer that the closer to home. And besides there was playing my best friend - Oleg Blokhin, and other Kyivers we played in the youth team. Everyone saw me notentsialnogo partner. Why run away three times in OdessuN because Kiev was still a stranger to my city. I'm used to the house to my mother, who was brought up by one (my father passed away early), three children. And here - a hostel, a very different life. But accustomed to, but here and in the fall became.
- How was your dvoyut in KieveN
- Fate delighted in me. Released in the second half the match with a future champion - "Ararat". Losing - 0:1. And at one point, seeing that the keeper inadvertently left out of the gate, I issued a steep trajectory launched the ball into the goal. I first heard the podium chanting: "Boo-ryak! Bu ryak!". Nothing like this in Odessa, I had not experienced. And we won - 3:1.
- It is said that the transition from Odessa to Kiev, you have a special zeal, even a sort of frenzy, playing against his former team.
- And many do I put it in the blame. And how could I play differently, . I come once a year in his native Odessa gorodN friends have seen me only on TV, . knew, . about me all Union says, . - And I come and play later rukavaN You know Odessa - they are to their fellow countrymen without any deference and are soon to talk: "And this is for sho football - BuryakN But he also can not play!",
. In Odessa, I laid out more than one hundred percent. They were my best games.
- Well, do you have enough. Awkward to compare the games against "Chernomorets" matches, had brought "Dinamo" world famous - from "Eindhoven", "Ferencvaros, Bayern.
- Of course, this is another level. And I often think of as directly in the airport we were greeted by thousands of fans and their arms. This is not forgotten. And do not forget the fantastic strain in the first match with the standing time in the first place in the European club classification "Eindhoven" (3:0) - is the voltage, . that after the game Victor Kolotov in the locker room quite seriously asked: "What's all the same schetN" - which led to a general explosion of laughter and response Troshkina: "You would have asked, . who won! ",
- In the second leg, I remember, you managed to score a goal.
- Beautifully turned out - in the fall of the head. This is one of the most expensive for my head. So we went to the final of the Cup Winners' Cup, the Hungarian "Ferencvaros". On the eve of his statistics, has calculated that Onishchenko in drawing five goals scored in the first half, but Blokhin - in the second. And the pattern was confirmed! Onishchenko twice (once after the combination, which I began) distinguished himself in the first half, Blokhin also scored the third goal after the break. Handing us the Cup, UEFA President Artemio Franchi said: "It has long been in the finals was no such superiority of one team".
- European success Dynamo were associated with the name of Valery Lobanovsky. How was your with him otnosheniyaN
- Preseason 1974, when Sevidov changed Lobanovsky and Bazylevych was incredibly hard - not when we have not experienced such loads. Everyone at the moment to decide for themselves the question: Are you ready to sverhusilieN We were able to sacrifice everything, except the game. The result you know. And personally I have relationships with Lobanovsky were very simple. We were both professionals - he coached, I played. I kept myself consistently, calmly, and, I think, honestly. So many years was a trainer's advice team, was at one time her captain.
- Usually with the stars trainers is the mass of trickery. You were isklyucheniemN
- I just worked hard and did not ask too many questions. Therefore, and was easy to coach man.
- But at Lobanovskiy was not only the 75 th, and 76-th year, when the Dynamo lost everything, and the players rebelled, which, however, ended with the resignation only Bazilevitch.
- Now, after many years I understand the greatness Lobanovskiy. But then we looked at things differently, to understand that he is also a real person and has the right to make mistakes. Also found okolofutbolnye people who have been advantageous to heat the situation around the team, and - its collapse. Explosion. Lobanovsky with Bazylevych after the Olympics in Montreal wanted to expel Muntean, Troshkina and Matvienko, and we came to the Sport Committee of Ukraine and the whole team, and demanded the dismissal Bazilevitch Lobanovskiy. CJES trenerovalis, prepared and came to the match against Dnipro. Lost - 1:3. And Schkirbitsky Lobanovskiy ordered to leave - but I could not allow the team to dictate its terms. Been dismissed Bazilevich and Petrashevsky.
- But Bazylevych and Lobanovsky - and this was probably the only case in history - both officially considered the main trainers.
- Confirmed - perhaps, but we are mostly considered Lobanovskiy. They were friends, but we felt that Lobanovsky more authoritative, and major decisions are still behind him.
- Sorry about vzryveN
- To him everything was going, but I think that it was possible to discuss everything within the team, without making the audience.
- Lobanovsky changed after buntaN
- Maybe it was a little softer to the players, but by and large he could not change. Who knows Lobanovskiy, he informed that this man never changes his principles. And so valuable.
- Season-77 was marked by a huge number of draws - for the next year even had to limit input. Then Kyivers many are accused of excessive love for predetermined outcomes ...
- The contractual games I am very negative and I can swear that as a coach "Chernomorets" not played a single. But the spread, I played them in the Dynamo or not, will not. I would have a moral right to talk on this subject, if not played with this team.
- When subjected to harsh criticism and "destination model".
- This is our Soviet mentality - any phenomenon that evolved out of a total number, mercilessly raskritikovyvalos. Dynamo was then cataract: all the clubs were more or less the same, and we - better. I have worked as everything - use scientific developments, such. I had to find a reason to us gradually break up. Imagine what we would have played nicely, but all lost. What about a team the fans could skazatN That's it. Here we were looking for ways, . it to be aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to the eye - but you and this very field model, we did not kill anyone and legs, . sorry, . not gnawing! Otherwise, . that the team has in the arsenal of different tactical options - home and away, . - I think, . only speaks in its favor,
- When in the early 80's went Veremeev, skates and other and from the "old men" were just you and Blokhin - felt by Lobanovskiy solicitous to his otnoshenieN
- No, and on the basis of this conflict began to arise. On the contrary, that we demanded that we both pulled out all the games, but for that we did not support. In place of my partners in the Super Bowl-75 it is less reliable generation, and victory began to alternate with failures. By tradition, each tie was seen as a tragedy, and why they started to look at me and Blokhin.
- What and ended as a result of your departure from the "Dinamo" N
- Only the wife and children know what agony it cost me to this decision - to put his resignation on the table Dynamo Guide. But the choice I have, alas, there was. Two seasons in a row Dynamo was in deep crisis - took the first 7-e, and then even the 10-th. And before the 85 season someone from my enemies whispered Lobanovskiy, that Blokhin with Buryakov going to throw. "Yet to be born man who removes Lobanovskiy" - he blew up and let me address abusive.
- And this was nepravdoyN
- Absolute. I know that for okolofutbolnaya fry inspired this Lobanovskyy. I know - but do not see the point in calling. A pity that Valeriy did not want to understand. I have too much respect for this man, and very clearly understand, but in football I owe to him to go to the betrayal. But he did not understand, and when I cornered, wrote a letter of resignation, my last words were: "Time will judge us with you".
- And rassudiloN
- We have not talked with him two years. But somehow, when I was playing overseas and arrived in Kiev, met by chance at the stadium "Dinamo". And - shook hands and talked heart to heart. Everything fell into place.
- At one time a great coach Maslov put the team does not fit in its football Lobanovskiy. And he became the coach, admitted that he understands and even supports the decision Maslov. And you are now, becoming a mentor, do not change their attitude to their istoriiN
- No. We have not been to Lobanovsky soccer disagreement. Only that intrigue. Only.
- As far as we know, at the time of your departure you quarrel with his best friend - Blokhin. This pravdaN
- With Oleg we became friends before I came to the Dynamo - in the junior team. And in Kiev, we quickly have common interests and acquaintances. I became a regular guest in his house, I was hospitably received by his parents. And I, and his wife - known in the past, artistic gymnasts, Jeanne Vasyura and Irina Deriugina. On departure, we always stayed in one hotel room, a lot of arguing and speculating about the future. It was he who taught me to treat their goals and break through the "Fedotov Club" (which I eventually did), but I tried to convince him to quit smoking when he was in the early 80's suddenly took up the case - the truth could not be. But ... But he said nothing when I corrodes from the team. Initially, such as were at the same time, and when all the charges fell on me, Oleg took bystander. I have been terribly hurt.
- When in this case, the time has come primireniyaN
- Last year, playing a match on the opening of the Fund Blokhina. He invited me, and together we have played in the Rest of the World. Since then, hello, and at meetings discussing the different issues. But he has his own interests, I have - their.
- Then, in 85-m, Beskov persistently called you in "Spartacus" N
- He called me a few years in a row. And at that moment at first, in spite of "Dinamo", I would like to decide on this unprecedented transition. Came even "Spartak" and played a few matches of control. But then calmed down, the first attack on Kiev resentment had subsided and I realized that the "Dynamo" and "Spartacus" - it's still two different poles, so that's easy to go from one to another. I chose the "Torpedo" no regrets - decent enough Kozmich Valentin Ivanov. And director ZIL Saykina recall with respect. The only thing that allowed me as satisfaction - to go to the game "Torpedo" in Kiev. I scored and we won! Why have not I heard plenty from the stands, but I was not frightened by this - you do remember how I played for Kiev to Odessa.
- Do not be tempted to accept the offer of Odessa "Chernomorets" in the 87-Mn
- I thought it was not yet ready. Such a transition from igrotskogo state in coaching would be too harsh. And so Metalist, Finland, United States - all smoothly and gradually.
- What are the winds booked HarkovN
- I left the "Torpedo", because I had to operate Achilles. Treated in Kiev. I thought that career finish. But six months I poked all sorts of drugs, not operated, and health suddenly went on the mend. I started training, and one day I received a call from Kharkov and asked if I can not help. And to me the only thing that had. In the 88 th we won the Cup of the Union. This was my last Soviet football award. Soon I went to Finland, where even and played, but kept almost the entire training process. And then by the Ukrainian diaspora invited to the United States, where university coached team.
- You were hard to part with football polemN
- In one sense: would love to play a farewell match, as Blokhin. I think I deserved it. But I have not offered to arrange it, and I'm not one of those people who have something to suggest themselves. So, not the fate.
- Have you ever dreamed, as you have on hand and you run round pochetaN
- I dreamed a lot of things. And as our hands at the airport was taken, and as a Cup Winners Cup awarded. And the balls missed too dreamed. My wife told me that happened, kicked her legs in sleep. Now scream for errors in the arbitrators or gaping own defense. Other dreams are now gone. More prosaic.
- Do you regret that played at that time, but not today, when the football Buriak could earn quite different dengiN
- Never would not then traded on this. The current guys do not know what to play at 100 thousand people, but they learned last year with "Spartacus" - and wound up as never before. They do not hide, as we go home after the draws - we were ashamed to go to the street. Yes, they have other incentives - a lot of money to go abroad. But I take this philosophically. Life - she does not like perfection. One gave, other selected. But I have no regrets - I lived in a happy football time.
- Playing with Lobanovskiy, you expected that it will be treneromN his classes are not konspektirovaliN
- Do not take notes, but the memory kept thoroughly. In the team when playing at Beskova, to my mind, too, listened. I'm on to something was always confident. I could become a coach. 20 years in football nothing not pass. The work not only with Lobanovsky, but with Shaposhnikov, Sevidov, Beskova, Simonyan, Ivanov, Lemeshko forced to analyze and draw conclusions.
- That is, studies in VSHT were you simply do not nuzhnaN
- I am for such classes, but this should be approached individually. Beckenbauer led West Germany to the world title, having no coaching license, and many good trainers beautifully prepared theoretically, though they never played serious football. I have enough of my skills.
- How do you come back from SSHAN
- For many of my friends is the return looked very illogical. In the States, I felt quite comfortable, I had a house, had money, I was independent. But psychologically hard to live abroad - without friends, without communication. We are family back in Moscow when tanks were shooting. Everybody said: crazy, what you do, where edeteN And we have children and returned.
- What to do now your detiN
- Oksana daughter goes to ballet school, son Andrew joined the University of Kiev in the Faculty of International Relations. He graduated from soccer boarding school in Kiev and could well play - even a very good.
- But ...
- But faced with the choice. He is a bright guy, he can easily be given computers and foreign languages. But on the field of flexible technical, head light. And he decided - if not received, will be seriously playing football. Entered. Let student. It is quite an adult, to determine their own destiny.
- Return to proper football. Everyone with whom we talked about coach Buriak, said: he knows what he wants. So what are you hotiteN
- Procedure. Basis throughout. When I came to "Chernomorets" and saw that on the basis of players roasting kebabs, got down to business. The procedure, of course, refers to sport mode. There are things that are prohibited - for which the player is fined from 50 to 150 dollars, depending on the severity of the misconduct. Now on chastirezhima my team no problem.
- Do you think you were the ideal Soviet sportsmenomN
- Do not smoke and do not smoke. As for alcohol, the first wine glass of champagne tasted in 24 years, already a two-time champion of the USSR and a member of the national team. I can not say that later drops in the mouth for quite awhile, but he knew when and how. Anyway, I was drunk nobody has ever seen.
- A modification to the order "a la Passarella" as otnositesN I am referring to a poll a short cut.
- The order does not mean a concentration camp. On individuality no right to encroach.
- The relationship with the players, they say, you observe a certain distance.
- I just want to be respected as I respect their coaches. I am not a dictator, I have no pets, I am quite open to boys. And always, before making an important decision, 20 times conferred with his assistants - Valery Porkuyanom and Vladimir Kozerenko. With the second I worked more in Ternopil, but with Porkuyanom still playing and I know him as a good specialist and a decent man.
- Sometimes you are called "young Lobanovsky".
- I do not like such comparisons. I - Buriak and won a coaching name. Another thing is that too good thing began Lobanovsky it to be forgotten. Do not say what I - successor of his case, but it is nice to me. Trouble Dynamo in the fact that when I left Lobanovsky, they rejected it, and nothing is better not come up.
- Do you think its real return to Dynamo "N
- Given his age, I see more Lobanovskiy president of the Football Federation of Ukraine or the head coach of national team. But whatever he chose, I will respect this choice. Because he is - coaching personality, but I just have to it become.
- Last summer Buriak moved from Ternopol in Odessa. This maximalism not let you stay in the provincial gorodkeN
- In this team was the ceiling, her fate - to prepare players for the top clubs. When I arrived for half season saved "Niva" from the departure of Major League. The following year made her seventh. But above it to rise simply would not have been able to. And I do not understand the position of people who considered me a serf, and after care "Chernomorets" are accused of all mortal sins. I'm not saying that in Odessa problems less. They are even more, but this is another level. The level of claims and the level of relations. Team unselfishly helping well-known in the past Odessa players, and now successful businessmen and Peter Gregory Bibergan Naida. In fact, that the formal owner of the team - the Black Sea Shipping Company - the recent serious problems, help businessmen simply priceless.
- None of the existing coaches are not so actively involved in training, you. Why do you nuzhnoN
- I'm an addict. I laid in the heart of the movement, and if I do not mileages with the boys cross-country will take part in not dvustoronke not beat goalkeeper - feel the full discomfort. In addition, participating in training, I understand better guys, I see more clearly who are what is breathing.
-Do you have a contract with "Chernomorets" N
- No, and Ternopil was.
- Because Buriak - secured enough people, not places, as we know, no conditions to the club, but is asserting itself as spetsialistN
- I really do not need to "Chernomorets" no flat, no car. But he did not want to give any commitments because I do not want to depend on people, many of which are unpredictable, as it happened in Ternopil. Trust - I work there - bye.
- As far as today's "Chernomorets" far from the team of your mechtyN
- Much has been done. A few months have put the game, which in other circumstances would require a year or two. After I changed more than half of the - those who could not play at the appropriate level I. Everyone was waiting for failure, and the first few months were really hard. But by the end of the first lap I realized - the breakthrough. And the second round this time and again confirms.
- The wife does not grumble, they can not see you in the family constantly, and forced from time to time to come visit you in OdessuN
- Jeanne understands no other way. Of course, I could sit idle in Kiev - but would at the same time in the same condition as a drug addict without needle. I just got on the train in 68 th year, and I can not get off. Odessa - Kiev - Moscow - Kharkov - Finland - States-Ternopil - Odessa. And then - life will.
- What you see in yourself nedostatkiN
- Maybe I'm too demanding people, to me people have easy. But because the procedure is better than chaos, pravdaN So, maybe it's dignity, and not nedostatokN
"Everything in life is based on the fact that someone of something very much wants to. In other words - on the afflicted people "- in his own style speaks Buriak. A Porkuyan adds: "Believe it or not, but I am sure - be Buryak great coach". It would like to forecast the famous once his luck Valeria Porkuyan and this was accurate.
PS. Currently, Leonid I. Buryak coach of the Ukraine.
Lobanovsky Valeriy - head coach of the national team of Ukraine and Dynamo

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Leonid Buriak, photo, biography
Leonid Buriak, photo, biography Leonid Buriak  Athlete, man-legend of Ukrainian football,, photo, biography
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