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Anatoly Byschovets

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Anatoly Byschovets
photo Anatoly Byschovets
My task - to create a team by 2002. I think, with France, we looked worthy. Brazilians when the score 0: 2 lay down their arms, and we seized the initiative and equaled the score. Hence, the character of a team there! The backbone will be those who played with the French. There will be changes in the line of defense. In the composition will remain people who in their professional and personal qualities can be an example for the young. I remember in the 63-th year, I began to speak, and Igor Netto and Yuri Voinov left and played for double. They were not needed for the result - around them, forming teams, the attitude to the game. One of the generation which, as they say, himself not implemented, will necessarily. I need time, the regime favored the highest and, necessarily, an understanding. We must unite the efforts of RFU, PFL, clubs, coaches, players, journalists need unity. If this will achieve, Russia's national team has a show! Sumela as France, without getting to America, after 4 years to become world champion!
- I was in Khimki satisfied with almost everything: the atmosphere in the team and around her relationship with President. It is a pity, of course, Alexei Petrushina (ex-coach "Khimki" which two rounds ago, tendered his resignation. - Notes. ed.). But everything depended above all on himself, and not from the leadership team.
- Why do you "Khimki" N to ask about this because many people were surprised to see such authoritative specialist suddenly began to work in a team first division. And without a contract, on a voluntary basis.
- Actually, I characteristic altruism. I know: many people consider me the most expensive coach in Russia. But it is not. In Khimki, for example, and most recently in "Anzhi" my payment was symbolic. The situation was such that I did not sign a contract with one of the foreign clubs, and there was a pause. A pause, to me, frankly, are contraindicated. Here and emerged with a variant near Moscow club. So, I filled in the gap in career. I have had experience in children's coach, director of football school, the head coach of elite and national teams. But with the first division not experienced. We had to look at the level of players, to see firsthand what manners prevail on the floor below.
- And how you nravyN
- It seems the rumors about what is happening in the first division, justified. Here is an example. Here - and this has been surprising - there are teams who would not have been worse, and perhaps better than some middle peasants elite. Impressed "Amkar", like "Volgar-Gazprom ... But, strangely enough, they were satisfied with their situation. Nothing is needed and average performance, whose purpose is not to fly to the lower division. Therefore, in my opinion, the tournament will end in itself as long as long as clubs are not motivated to win.
- What are you fascinated by the work of "Khimki" N
- One of my main tasks - to serve football. Not so important, in any division to work, most importantly, that it was good game. There is after all the young players who can help. There are children that no one involved. There are veterans - many of them are in a position rejected. But you can still build a football stadium or arena, than, by the way, I now do. I am glad that I found in the understanding of many, and especially the president, Khimki, head Yuri Korablina area, which not only improves the infrastructure of the club, but dreams do Khimki city health. With him in my somewhat fortunate, as Khimki lucky with fans. Let them have not so much: just what I see in the eyes of sincere interest, participation and understanding.
- Many people believe that you are in Khimki play the role of wedding general.
- And it too is. But it is important because what you're doing and not what others think about you. Moreover, working in Khimki, I retain independence, which I value above all else. So I have no contract, nor was it either in "Anzhi, nor in the national team.
. - Is it good
. - I do not know, but for me is more important than freedom.
. - I do not think that, once in the first division, but still not the most winning team, inadvertently strike a blow at his image.
. - Strangely, daN refuse to work in Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, in "Anzhi" and suddenly accept the invitation "Khimki"! But I can pozvolt afford to do what I want
. At least the desire to feel happy man.
- How long are you going to remain in "Khimki" N
- Now I have an obligation only to himself and to the case. I think they will be completed by year's end. During this time, probably, will appear again serious proposals.
- In suburban estate team is perspektivyN
- Yes, although the district has to consider the status of Khimki. It's still not "Saturn", which deals with the entire Moscow region.
- Believe that Khimki will remain in the first divizioneN
- Tough question. You can already enjoy the fact that the team is full work. And even if you do not get to stay, remain the basis by which Khimki will not simply exist - happily grow.
. - In the middle of the season were talking about how you can lead the Dynamo
. Were these rumors some osnovanieN
- Not so long ago in the editorial "SE" visited Anatoly Baidachny, who, in my opinion, it is generally true appraisal of the situation in "Dinamo". I say this so you understand why today I do not work in this team. I really had a meeting at the highest level with people who are interested in reviving the great tradition of the club. I know that this is a real possibility. Heard, perhaps, about the recent changes in the Dynamo: now 50 per cent stake of the club owned by the fund supporting the team with the government of Russia. This fund includes people such as Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov, Deputy Prime Minister Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin, head of the FSB and other state structures. 25 per cent stake - at the Central Council of Dynamo, another 25 percent - in the club. This is - positive changes, which personally I pin my hopes. Do not forget about football fans and the Dynamo are ready to invest serious money in football. Restore the material base, arena, stadium, team, in the end. The only stumbling block - the current leadership of the club. I, for example, there is no relationship with Nikolai Tolstoy. We, shall we say, are mutually exclusive.
- What, in your opinion, happened with the Dynamo in the last 10 letN How one of the leaders of Russia's soccer championship turned into an outsider-2001N
- Make a small retrospective. Current Dynamo largely created two men - Byshovets and Pilguj, which was the first president of the club. When I was leaving the Dynamo in the team, it went in the first place. But even before it began the systematic destruction of the team, which was involved in his current leadership. There was, for example, for some reason sold Dobrovolsky, other players. In general, after the Dynamo led Gazzaev, from the team is nothing left. More - more. Over the years the club changed eight coaches, which could not affect the main thing - forgotten tradition. Outdated and has been squandered material resources. Here's a logical outcome of. You probably know that somewhere deep in the heart Byshovets was and remains a man Dynamo. I have experience and understanding of how to make the club successful. But, unfortunately, in this situation, the situation does little to revolutionize. This applies to the Dynamo, and Russia's football in principle. Note: if in real life the positive developments taking place, the football stands on the spot. We are constantly talking about the same problems - the loss of continuity in the team, the death of football schools, judging. The fact that football did not become a serious business. We continue to not only develop the game, how many use it for selfish interests.
- We can not completely agree with you. Recently, a guest of the "SE" presidents have visited many Russian clubs. Most of them have left the impression of dedicated people willing to work for the good of football and put money into it. This Samarets Tkachenko, and alanets tacos, and armeets Giner.
- In general, I agree with you. I met with Tkachenko and Giner, worked with Rinat Akhmetov and in Donetsk, now working with Korablin. For these people the interests of football is really the first place. I say the general trend. We have good initiatives, but, as said on another occasion Chekhov probably hunt down, trample, strangle. This is evidenced by my experience. However, do not talk about sad things.
. - You tie their future with "Dinamo" N
. - Formulate different: their future, including with Dynamo.
. - You have discovered something new in "Anzhi, where he worked in the first half of the season as a coach konsultantaN
. - Speaking objectively, I served in Makhachkala team head coach duties in the absence of ill Hajiyev
. I recall with pleasure is a very difficult in general for me during. In Makhachkala, the team and remember the wonderful, loyal football fans. Pleased and attitude the club management. For example, we could afford to pursue charges in Novogorsk, and this is not a cheap pleasure.
- Many people believe that "Anzhi" you have left because of hurt: in one of the matches you have been made to start the protocol as a trainer-breeder. This takN
- No, of course. I'm not so resentful person to take to heart such trifles. I am in fact at one time had to go through the harassment and even persecution of. I lived through it, because I have its own evaluation criteria and rules of life. I have long been impossible to humiliate the words: I know, sooner or later, Time will put everything in its place.
- So why did not remain in "Anzhi" N
- I had a preliminary agreement with one of the foreign clubs, which I could not ignore. In addition, Saudi Arabia Football Federation offered to lead the national team. Even met with its representative at the headquarters of FIFA, but ultimately did not agree ...
. - In tseneN
. - Yes.
. - Is it in Saudi Arabia pay maloN
. - Formulate this: found that the Arabians will be too easy to leave someone with such a contract.
. - You are often invited to granitsuN
. - Recently, less than desirable.
. - There is a team, an invitation which would have taken no zadumyvayasN
. - Yes
. The only question is, how it would be interesting to me to work. You might ask: what was the interest in 1998 to lead the team of Russia, which was in a deplorable sostoyaniiN Believe, was. Few dare to take the time to half-dead team and try for two weeks to prepare her for the hard match. Played a role and a sense of debt to Russia. And if time could be reversed, it is quite possible, once again agreed to work in a team. A similar situation was with me in the "Zenith".
WELL THAT PRESIDENT Zenith does not love me
- Always thought that you were not for Peter's his own man.
- It is not so. When the president of "Zenith" was asked of me, he said: "Byshovets - the best coach in Russia. But as a man - the impossible ". This note, saying the president, who wanted to sign me a contract. However, I did not take offense. The first part of the formula for me flattering. As for the second ... Had me responded so club driver, cleaner, players, fans, it would be unpleasant. The words of the same employer to me quite indifferent.
- At one time in an interview with "SE" you are complaining that being forced to work in "Zenith" on the level of the players take.
- It was a real catastrophe - "Zenit" left eight people. We Mutko acted as Sisyphus with the difference that we have managed to drag the stone on the mountain - to create in the shortest possible time efficient fighting team. Fans often ask: Who can win the championship of the country, the world largest sorevnovanieN answer: the individual. What matters is not so much skill and knowledge of the coach, how much understanding of how to implement the tournament the best qualities of those with whom you work. Nurturing personalities - is the main task of any coach. Even the good players, falling to mediocrity, become mediocre.
. - Do not you have committed a tactical error when, having team August 98 th, have announced that they intend to cook it to the FM-2002N
. - It was the best decision at that time
. Note: We have a result today, but that dalsheN We have a huge number of young, talented players who do not fall into the team, because we still prefer to work on the old stock.
. South Korea,
. - What memories we have from Korea, where you have worked for two and a half years, including as head coach of the national komandyN
. - It was an interesting job
. I remember, for example, match-94 World Cup Korea - Germany. The first half ends with a score of 0:3 is not in our favor, and the second was 2:3, and the Germans just took away his legs. We are going in the direction podtribunnyh premises next to an old friend of mine, the head coach of the German Berti Vogts. "This - Stalingrad" - grimly states he. "I agree" - replied.
- You feel free chelovekomN Korea
- Work abroad implies that the arriving player or coach must be allocated on a background of local. When I arrived in Korea, were preparing for the World Cup. He was appointed technical director of national teams - conducted seminars, looking through the players involved and the practical work. And in the end it was decided volitional decision, that in Los Angeles I will be training. It is understandable how difficult it had, given that the team has been head coach ... It must be said that in Korea there is a technical advice - sort of our trainers' council, which includes well-known experts. They practically define the composition of the team.
- In Russia coach council has always been a deliberative body.
- In Korea, unlike us, the technical council has a lot of weight. But when the cook team, you primarily have her image, which arises from the requirements of modern football. Under him and try to pick up players. Because of this, in Korea, had experienced great difficulty. Even going to resign.
- You dictate someone else's will, makes ultimatumyN
- Sometimes it happens. But, fortunately, managed to assert that the proposed. Perhaps, therefore, was the result. I have never taken someone imposed solutions.
. - In Korea, where some psychology and philosophy, you will probably have to be a great diplomatomN
. - Luckily, the matches between Korea and Japan, but they are the most important for both countries, is in our favor
. Thus, at the Asia Cup we beat the Japanese in Hiroshima - 3:2. Then their coach Falcao. He had the opportunity to avoid a meeting with Korea at this early stage - in the quarterfinals. It should play the last match in the subgroup. But Japan came to us that the cost of Brazilian experts place. Helped and good relations with the President of the Korean Football Federation and FIFA vice-president Chung Mon-jung. To a certain extent he is a man with a European mentality. But in general, Korea - a country of traditions, country of morning freshness.
- You were there any prozvischeN
- Kamdonim - Head Coach. But then came to kapudzhanima, that is, was the leader of the whole delegation. In any country, wherever we came, there is a large Korean diaspora, and we were always warmly greeted. It is interesting that the Koreans absolute dependence on food - they do not perceive the European. So diaspora met me as a Korean. Nobody looked into the passport, did not ask the nationality, it was more important for them, as I have been working with the Korean national team. If the quality - hence the Korean.
Actually I think the most important - attitude. Even my enemies say that with me to work comfortably. Because of problems associated with the management team, with discipline does not happen. I always had enough of one of my words - no papers and signatures - to resolve financial issues
In the rainy season in the football game IMPOSSIBLE
- Korean vyuchiliN
- No, it is too complicated. Communicate in English and in translation.
- What are the distinctive features of Korean futbolaN
- First of all, an excellent physical training. It is laid in childhood. Average heart rate of the Korean football player - from 32 to 48 beats per minute.
- Any doctor will say that bradycardia - is not too good.
- But not for football. Muscle infarction is so strong that it pushes enough blood, with 32 strikes, while the ordinary man must be twice as many cardiac. Korean surprisingly workable. But they have problems with the tactics. Beautiful dedication, strong-willed attitude, but with the mental stability of the trouble, many matches in Korea loses ending. Had to be extremely sensitive. If the morning the player will say: "You look great, you have a wonderful complexion," - for the whole day you have excellent employee. And if you look at askance in the morning it all - lost a player. I remember one day in Los Angeles during the World Cup criticized the team for morning classes. Then I had to apologize.
- Criticism is not vosprinimaetsyaN
- She accepted, but must be comfortable. In Korea, the priorities strictly apart, absolute respect for the elder.
- You said that Japan - the most principled opponent of Korea. A year later, they gather together to hold the World Cup.
- Rather, they separately will hold a championship. I'm aware of that, as Korea and Japan to have a world championship. First there was Japan, Korea - joined. A championship will be held in terribly inconvenient time - during the rainy season.
- When you can not play in futbolN
- Unable. Showers - Tropical. Organizers tried to move the time - did not work. The rivalry between Japan and Korea will sverhostrym, and the Koreans will do their best to outdo the neighbors.
- The fact that in recent years Japan has pulled ahead in football terms, zakonomernoN
- Certainly. It fundamentally different approach to the development of football. Organized by J-League, which invited only national team players. Names Zico, Schillaci, Littbarski, Stoichkova and others speak for themselves. These masters have laid a good school, but the Japanese were gifted students. In addition, Japan's more high-class coaches, than in Korea.
- In 1998, Asia had failed at the World Cup. What do you think, in 2002, this is not povtoritsyaN
- Japan makes a good impression. But Guus Hiddink, I think, the preparation of the Korean national team failed, despite the fact that he played 7 players from the Olympic team of students that I made the champion of Asia.
- For the Europeans, all Koreans to one person. And you easily razlichaliN
- And now all the players can remember - and externally, and in relation to the case.
- Korean football bogatyyN
- Money There are good, but ... small (laughter).
. - What do you expect from the world championship, will there be any tactical novinkiN Who favorityN
. - Recent major tournaments have shown that football has become more dynamic, especially in the performance of world champions the French
. Everything should be done at top speed, at a furious pace. It is not even total football. France showed a higher performing skills, and the interests of stars subordinated to the interests of team. Conservative, it would seem, to build with a protruding at the tip of Henri offset mobility of its partners. Is no accident the French players are valued today in the world worth its weight in gold.
. - And another 7 years ago, when the team missed the World Cup in the United States, in all corners of the trumpets of the crisis of French football.
. - I remember the goal Bulgarian Kostadinova, who left France behind the final tournament
. But talking about something else: with the advent of Platini, the French, the European Brazilians, already in the 92-m showed that we see today. Techniques of power of team play, that is pressure, collective selection, elaborate interactions, mobility - I think it was all. Another thing is that in the 92 meters was not enough performers. Platini, left, and few people understand how great his merit in the current French victory. France survived the disease and recovered. We have a "Spartacus" in due time passed through the purification in the top league. But he, as once said Nikolai Starostin, lost everything but honor.
- CSKA also rose and fell.
- CSKA Moscow - to some extent ... I would even call it self-cleaning. Know the truth must. Without this, nothing will. Recently, the presidents of our football clubs have agreed that they will not work with the judges. Alas, it turned out not so simple in fact, as in words, and the judges' issue is still sick.
- "Dinamo" purification of the first League did not help byN
- I think everything here is somewhat more complicated. As Tolstoy said in the pages of "SE", that the Dynamo need a new Beskov, he wanted to argue: Dynamo need a new president. I think what is happening in the team, does not suit anyone.
- Someone, apparently satisfied.
- Those who identify themselves with Dynamo. But who, except Yashin, could say: "I -" Dinamo "N
- Yes, and Yashin, probably, so never say.
- Yashin was a model of how to behave. Do not remember the case that he was giving autographs, did not satisfy everyone. And his attitude toward us, molodymN When I came to the national team, I was 20 years old. So, for example, must decide whom to carry balls. And while we decide Banishevski, Yashin takes and bears (laughter)
. Might be set quotas ALIENS
. - Do not you think that today in clubs erase national differences, and, say, of Liverpool on the field comes more Germans than in the "Bavarian" N
. - This is an objective trend
. Although personally I feel about it rather negative. Previously, we had Spartacus school, school Dynamo ... And today, where they vospitannikiN can understand "Real", which buys Zidane and Figo and Arsenal, the acquiring Vieira and Pires. However, when our clubs take players who are at best marginally stronger homegrown ... Yes, pinpoint strikes are good: Obiorah, Lekgetho, Obradovic, Muratovic, same Rangelovic with Rahimic. But this is the exception rather. Pleases, however, that in the first league grows interesting young people, and it should only get in good hands.
- If you were president RFU, would set a quota on inostrantsevN
- I think so. Not sure, though, that I would support.
- What is your attitude to the debate on the transition to the European calendar, which recently held a "SE" N This is something that can give our futboluN
- I do not think. Today in the autumn phase of our teams have an advantage over European clubs. We crossed the equator, but they are just beginning championships. Yes, in the spring we're having difficulty, but we see that Ukraine, passed on to the western calendar, too, has no accomplishments. So it is not the. As long as our championship will not be unpredictable, with the matches close to the tension in the European, success will not be. We need to get rid of known defects, which, however, is everywhere - see what a struggle with pharmacology is in the same Spain or Italy
Do not exclude that RETURN TO UKRAINE
- You were born in Ukraine. And now something connects you with rodinoyN
- Good relations with the players that came out on the field, and, of course, with relatives living there. At work I remember Akhmetov. Shakhtar, alas, at the preliminary stage of the Champions League has got a team that is very difficult to pass. Do not exclude the possibility of his return to Ukraine. Now create a new team in Kiev - CSKA becomes Arsenal. Among the candidates for the coach called me. And remember there have been ...
- What to do in your spare time, if it estN
- When working, I usually do not happen weekend. Although the life of many interests - listening to music, reading, go to the theater, talk at last.
- In football igraeteN
- Fridays. The morning run, swim.
- What kompaniyaN
- Previously played with the Moscow government is now moving to Novogorsk play in Khimki. With difficulty already - rest old injuries do not give, especially Achilles. Any activity helps to cope with troubles. However, what is considered nepriyatnostyamiN For example, if 10 years ago, the loss of a car or the money would have plunged me into a trance, today there. And I am glad that my wife and I came to this worldview.
- If you had three wishes, what would poprosiliN
- Solomon asked for wisdom. Follow suit. Previously, it seemed that much I know better than anyone else, especially in the football environment. Today I understand that knowledge is no limit. In addition mudrostiN problem coaches, and all men - in unclaimed. And I am glad that I can be useful. Humble with what is happening, because I can not change anything. However, I think that is worthy of experiencing difficulties in the end still Overcome. I would only stop time. Suvorov said: the money of the road, life is more expensive, and time is even more expensive.
- So, by nature, you optimistN
- Probably. Still, I construct the aircraft, rather than parachutes.
- N
- Coach, creating a team, create, strive for victory. And even when he came in Khimki, where the seemingly limited capacity, nevertheless pleased that the team is not defeatism and mistrust each other and will be very happy if we solve the problem.
. - Well, Anatoly, still wish to make your planes flying.

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