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James Peter Greaves (James Peter Greaves)

( Athlete, football)

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Biography James Peter Greaves (James Peter Greaves)
photo James Peter Greaves (James Peter Greaves)
(February 20, 1940)
Born February 20, 1940. Played on the spot Frontline. One of the most popular British soccer players of the postwar period. A born scorer, could act on the point of attack, had a terrific sense of goal, find themselves on the shock position at the right time. Lacking a powerful physique, make progress at the expense of high speed and unpredictability of action. He played for Chelsea (1957-61, 169 games, 132 goals), "Milan" (1961, 14 games, 9 goals), "Tottenham Hotspur" (1962 - 1970, 316 games, 218 goals), West Ham (1970 - 1971). Thereafter, until 1977 was playing for amateur teams at the amateur level. Cup England 1962, 1967, holder of the HEC-63 (by two goals in the final match against Tottenham Hotspur FC - Atletico Madrid (Madrid) - 5:1). Top scorer of England championships 1959, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1969. In the championships of England has played 516 matches and scored 357 goals. Third scorer in the history of football in England (after Bobby Charlton and Gary Lineker).

He played 57 matches for the national team, scored 44 goals. Debut May 17, 1959 in a match Peru - England (4:1, with the only return the ball had just Greaves), the last game May 27, 1967 in the match Austria - England (0:1). Twice in the matches for the national team he managed to poker and four times a hat-trick. Participant FM-62, was part of the England team that won the World Cup-66. He played in the FIFA team against the England team and the Cup, against the team of Scandinavia (1964). Included in the top one hundred legends of English football.

Junior Jimmy forced to talk about himself in August 1957, when, in his first match ez Chelsea scored a goal which guaranteed a draw in the match against Tottenham Hotspur FC. Now a goal in his debut match was a good tradition in football career Greaves. Celebrate its first match he could bare to each new team, which he defended the colors! This included teams. First, youth, and then - national ..

. His first club Chelsea at the time was a fairly good team of professionals, . that in the decisive moments of the game lacked the interaction and coordination between, . and, . perhaps, . elementary seriousness and experience (a mentor of the Royal Club's legendary "Cannoneer" Ted Drake wanted to create a team of "Busby Babes-2", . but lacked the talent to coach MJ "...): they could easily chop your opponent a lot of goals and miss one more - to fly, . say with a score of 5:6,
. Sam Greaves in the early years of professional football career often became the hero of the day, personally pocketing all the balls into the goal rivals that happened, yet did not save his team from defeat. In the four years of speeches in the Chelsea Greaves scored more than a hundred goals (and reach the rate of one hundred heads, he was able at 21!) And twice was the leading scorer in the championship of England. But the weak protection for many years has become a headache the club management, first and foremost because of this, Greaves of the Chelsea owner does not become any more or less serious football merit. Press quickly spotted the young yurkogo forward, and behind her laid eyes on him other richer clubs. Tempting offers were received from Newcastle United and AC Milan. In the latter he soon proved.

Important role in this played material considerations. He married at 18 years, Greaves had to take care of family. In the late 50's - early 60-ies. earnings of British football was more than modest - up to 20 pounds a week (and it is - the ceiling!). Conditions proposed by AC Milan, against this backdrop that looked like Klondike: 5 thousand dollars a year, taking into account bonus. Greaves, who survived long before this terrible tragedy (the death of the firstborn of four), did not want anything other than change of circumstances. The decision was taken. In 1961, Chelsea was paid a record sum for those times $ 80 thousand. By law, meanness, immediately after the conclusion of the contract in English football a breath of change for the better: a number of English players, supported by trade unions, spoke with the requirements for review of salaries of players. In the air, even the smell of strike. Guidelines for the league felt good to make concessions. Now you can earn good money, even when playing at home. But the contract has been signed. With some difficulty producing increases of wages (after signing a new contract he was to receive 15 000 pounds, but received only 4 thousand) and bought a used, but terribly steep "jaguar," Greaves went to Italy. To his regret, with Chelsea to say goodbye to a human being could not: the future direction of the club disqualified legionnaire two weeks due to his refusal to play an insignificant friendly match with the Israeli team. But they were more flowers than those that were waiting for him at Milan!

Italian football was at that time if not the most backward in Europe, then, in any case, the most boring. Professed by most clubs strictly practical defensive scheme for the protection and dull with only two forwards, . series of grueling workouts, . during which the players could not see each other for weeks with the family, . strict system of various fines, . often consumed a significant honor to pay ..,
. Lotta and freedom-loving nature Greaves could not accept this. Conflicts began immediately: the penalty for being late with the arrival in Italy (the wife Irene expecting second child, . Greaves and did not want to leave her alone), . frequent violations of the regime during training, . altercation with the coach Nera Rocco, . relationship which went wrong from the beginning (Greaves signed a contract with the previous coach, red-black "- Jill Viani),
. It got to the point that without his permission, it was impossible to leave the hotel, which housed the players, not to mention the fact to skip a couple of glasses of wine at dinner or a cigarette!

. But in the face Rocco Greaves also met stubborn sheep who decided to subject it to whatever was
. Resourcefulness "creator kattenachio" knew no bounds. He ordered a meal to their players and made sure everything was eaten. (By comparison, the well-known habit of DAL in the early years of his coaching work: walk in to the player home late at night, . to check, . if he does not dwell in the embrace of the green dragon, . looks like an innocent children's fad.) Once Greaves, . learning, . that Rocco again took a secret place in the lobby, . a couple with his brother-he decided to play,
. They ordered a number of incredible amount of booze and while rassvirepevshy coach canceled the order, escaped through the back door. Another fine - one more, one less ... After his return to England, Greaves estimated that in monetary terms absolutely nothing won - all gone to penalties!

. On the field the same Greaves showed everything he could, but did not bother, but once summed up the great team when it provoked a fight, after which he was appointed as a penalty, and AC Milan missed the ball
. Press too disliked scandalous Englishman, . detail raspisyvaya numerous feasts, . which he had a weakness at that time already, . and soon became active to spread rumors, . that the leadership of the club is seriously considering the possibility of resale,

The main contenders on the leg by James Greaves made his hometown of Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, who was then on the rise (double - championship and the Cup - in the season 1960/61) and an interest in colorful player of the attacking plan. AC Milan wanted to play in a small auction and said it would sell it to the club, which pays more. But since both clubs have unraveled idea of the Italians, the London clubs had agreed and suggested that the Italians the same amount - 90 000 pounds! then it became a critical view of the "object of contention. Greaves chose Spurs, which in the end and laid out for him ... 99 999 pounds (previously none of the players are not bought for a sum exceeding one hundred thousand, and the manager of Tottenham Hotspur FC Bill Nicholson considered it unreasonable that, as such, it is famous Greaves). Composition of Tottenham Hotspur FC at the time could be called one of the strongest in Britain (and the world): a brilliant goalkeeper, Bill Brown, a central defender Maurice, . offers an impressive physique and incredible stamina, . often get in the way rushing to the gate forward, . a tank was renowned for his tenacity and accurately calculated interception "on the verge of foul 'Rights is Peter Beiker; irreplaceable captain Danny Blanchflower (who is considered the best player in club history), . excellent game manager and the soul of the team, . borrowers often act as a coach and psychologist, . Wizard exact pasa Dave McKay and Terry Dyson, . their intricate Finta on the approaches to the penalty exhausting the enemy, . and, . course, . "forward ramming like" Bobby Smith, . terrifying in their Goalkeeper hard (if not to say - brutal) game,
. At a time when contact with the goalkeeper was not considered a violation, he began to have this curse, and they often missed simple goals only because of the fact that more attention be paid not the ball, and he ... Next to them a full member of football fights and became James Greaves, as a player has survived almost all of them. Follow for almost nine years of performances for Tottenham Hotspur were his finest hour football biography.

Digression Glavred. Never seen a live Greaves, . but, . Judging by the numbers, . he was unique! Jimmy admitted, . that took him to the team very cautious, . but soon all the suspicions and fears were dispelled - beginner playing, . but still managed to make friends almost all, . swallowing liters of beer! But, . then alkovopros not on the agenda stood - already in his debut season Greaves chop rivals daredevils 21 goals in 22 games! In the same season, missed Daredevil, . probably, . his best chance in the Cup of Champions, . yielding in the semifinals of the Portuguese Benfica, . which then led the great Hungarian Gutman, . 1:3 / away win 2:1 at White Hart Lane ..,
. Fans Tottenham Hotspur FC at the memory of these games still roll their eyes (or rounding them with the word "Gutman"), and then they start foaming at the mouth to prove how scary and was unjustly hurt their team. Corresponding chapter in the official history of the Spurs is simple: "Dreams die". Greaves of the Lisbon metche: "I am convinced that the Swiss judge Myullet along with his aides had done everything to the finals were not we, and our rivals. At 1:3 I beat defender and scored, but the referee whistled offside! How could bytN During the first 9 minutes to the end, I shot at Smith, he scored, and Myullet went to the center of the field ... Tyr laynsmen lit the flag, and Myullet, not even speaking to him, canceled a goal! But I was ahead of Smith, which gave the transfer ... "That's. And in response metche now Danish referee Poulsen again overturned a goal, who scored Greaves, who beat two defenders. Just rock a ... With a 2:1 in their favor Spurs stormed the gates Benfica at once fell into each of the bars and the bar ... No, not destiny!

But how then was as good Tottenham Hotspur! The following year, in 63-m, was literally destroyed in the final of the Cup Winners' Cup in Madrid "Agletiko" - 5:1. But to return until the 62 th.

In 1962, the debut of Greaves and the World Cup. English team, destroyed all the competitors a year ago, passed the peak shape and barely wring out of the group, ahead of Argentina's national team only by the best goals scored and goals conceded. Greaves was malozameten, and as a scorer was marked only once. In the quarterfinal match with the Brazilian national team, led by the great Garrincha, Greaves amused the audience, being able to catch the beginning of the game knows where that appears on the football field dog. But it was one of the few happy moments for the British. Over in Chile, our hero does not have to distinguish. But, . and no luck it fantastic - so many blunders would not be enough for one season! And Brazil was in shock, . and even the absence of the injured Pele did not prevent the team deal with all the enemies and move to the next, . second "gold",

Nevertheless, James Greaves at home is becoming so, by whom we know: the hero and darling of the public. Ask if any Soviet fans: "Who is Bobby CharltonN" Perhaps, and responded to, but with an effort ... And the name of Greaves rumbling! In the same year, Tottenham Hotspur won the FA Cup a year later - Cup Winners' Cup. Greaves not only a lot of scoring on the field he shows, as they say now, "compositional thinking," he has no doubt helps intuition and can make accurate transmission. The only thing that he is not very good at it - volley.
In 1963, at 23 years of age, he was selected among those 11-ty, who was to represent England in the match against the world dedicated to the centennial of English football. Against the founders of the most popular games out such living legends as Lev Yashin, Djalma Santos, Schnellinger, Puskц║s, Eusebio, Denis Law. With Scot Jimmy almost the same age, . Both were outstanding strikers and many years playing exclusively in the competing teams: Chelsea - Manchester City, . AC Milan - Torino, . Tottenham Hotspur - West Ham - Manchester United, . England squad - Scotland (in 1961, England team, . directed by Walter Winterbottom, . defeated the Scots not Wembley with a score of 9:3, . where our hero, as usual, made a hat-trick,
. That game is considered one of the best in the history of English football).
Lowe and Yashin played superbly. And in the heroes of the day, without a doubt, the best was Greaves. One of the authors of this article argues that, based on personal impressions of watching this match on TV. Jimmy surpassed himself, but he managed to distinguish himself only after the national team at the gates of the world inimitable Lev Yashin replaced Yugoslav Shoshkich. Jimmy was the author of the victorious goal scored in four minutes before the end of the fight, another his goal was not counted (Scottish referee mistakenly recorded offside). Greaves continued to shine in the championship of England: for three years he has invariably record the number of goals scored. Here it is, the pace of a true scorer:
. Season Friendlies Goals
. 1962-63 41 37
. 1963-64 41 35
. 1964-65 41 29
. 1965-66 29 15
. 1966-67 33 23
. 1967-68 39 23
. 1968-69 42 27
. 1969-70 28 8
. Unfortunately, to sporting achievements he was unable to add the gold medal champion at the triumphant England team for World Cup 1966
. Greaves, playing two matches in the group stage - with national teams of Uruguay and France, was not a risk of injury, but coach Alf Ramsey decided not to risk it, especially since his successor, Jeffrey Hurst played brilliantly. For all the subsequent upheavals championship Greaves watched from the bench. After the World Cup he played in the national team of only three fights, and even then only because of Sir Alfa pressed. But this was not the same team and not the Greaves ...
Digression Glavred. As you can see, last season Greaves in Tottenham look to the failed against the background of his previous achievements bombardirskih. While hanging on a nail boots were too early - 30 years of all time peak behind, but not really ... Dissatisfied and was coach Spurs Nicholson, Jimmy did not trust the place of. Greaves could not resist and immediately rebelled. He called to himself, Brian Clough, who led the then Derby County (the same coach, who had become famous as a player, and later - and as a coach with Nottingham Forest). However, Greaves chose miserable while West Ham (instead of Spurs got the world champion-66 Martin Peters, who was then 26 years, however, extra pay another 200 thousand pounds. Then all thought it was damn good deal, but Peters does not pick up and close to that of Greaves, scoring in 189 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur only 46 balls). Chose geographically - so as not to move to another city, so it was not far to go for training ... And, as he later admitted, roughly a mistake. Swamp teams from year to year only fought for survival in the first division (the predecessor of the current Premier League), sucked Greaves, who also was quite prone to this. Soon all he was tired and he finished with great football, has dedicated his life to another hobby, gradually completely replaced sports ..
. As for the team, . here Greaves found the courage to find the root of all their troubles and ruined careers - he, . with his oddball and prone to booze, . has no place in the team a new model, . team, . is preparing to conquer the highest peaks of the,
. Greaves and severe Ramsey (even Sir Alf and was not averse to a drink or two, but ten liters of beer a day, he certainly did not ate!) Were inconsistent. Moreover, the devil stepped in bad luck - in early 1966, Greaves somewhere caught jaundice (Jimmy himself said that his penchant for booze and adventure has nothing to do with it. Who znaetN!), And therefore raised himself out of shape, this season was clearly one of the worst in the career of a football player ... But the main thing - relationship coach and football player, whose pores peak almost coincided. Poor relationships - Ramsay believed that Greaves undermines order in the team, Jimmy did not understand what was wanted of him ... Little did such examples in the history futbolaN Yes, in this case the victim is usually the player. So who does he doktorN Actually, in my opinion, Greaves could be called a relic. Or the outgoing representative of the era - the era of "Who does not drink, he does not play, when a stern adherence to the regime, let's say, did not have decisive importance. When the Soviet (and not only he - Polish, . for example) Football, . the expression Merzhanova, . brel "knee-deep in vodka", . when booze Fedotov and Bobrov, . Ivanov and Streltsov - and then betrayed the brilliant game! Not symbolic, . Greaves that his career is finished at the turn, . revolutionary time in football - in the early 70 я┘N!,
. Record of the outstanding British footballer could look more impressive (although much more), . if not addicted to drinking, . eventually made him prematurely withdraw from the big sports (West Ham, not without pleasure, and parted with Greaves, . and his comrade-in-vesper-night adventures - Bobby Moore,
. Has failed to trust, so to speak ...). The first attempts to relax with alcohol Jimmy made when the infant died, his son (Greaves was then 19 years old). Seriously, he became addicted to alcohol in Milan, thus expressing their rebelliousness coach. It was not a fool to drink and during performances for Tottenham Hotspur, but then increasingly became the bottle, which led to early retirement, and almost gave up his life. Finished career as a professional football player in 1971 and then there was drinking really. The first serious treatment took place in a psychiatric hospital in the winter of 1977-the first, then more than once appealed to the doctors. Consisted of the Association of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the end, thanks to his famous stubbornness and support from relatives and friends were able to return to normal life. He worked on television, football commentator, columnist in the newspaper "Sun". How was playing amateur football. With the help of a professional journalist Norman Giller wrote the book "This one's on me" ( "It's - me"), which presented the true story of his rise and fall. In England, she appeared in the early 70's, . and in the Soviet Union was translated in 1987 - the height of the anti-alcohol campaign named Michal Sergeyitch and called for some reason, "Return to the people" (in the annotations to the Russian edition said, . that the book has a strong positive charge, . because this man found the strength to stop drinking and then got to his feet),
. The beginning of the book sounds ominously: "My name is Jimmy Greaves. I - a professional footballer. And I - an alcoholic ". However, the book primarily has value in terms of memoirs and is actually being read in one sitting, but the line, claiming to be the confession of an alcoholic, perceived difficulty. At the end of the story its destructive passion Greaves tries to connect with their Irish roots, but finds that alcoholism can not be inherited. Currently Greaves is quite a healthy lifestyle. With his wife divorced, but kept a good relationship both with her and with her four children - two daughters and two sons.

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James Peter Greaves (James Peter Greaves), photo, biography
James Peter Greaves (James Peter Greaves), photo, biography James Peter Greaves (James Peter Greaves)  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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