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Zavarov Alexander

( Athlete, football player.)

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Biography Zavarov Alexander
photo Zavarov Alexander
(April 26, 1961 - ...)
Time - piece inexorable. This year, the famous footballer Dynamo and the USSR national team turned 40. The last ten years he and his family lived in France and continues doing things you love. He says he is happy and ready to wish the same fate, which fell to him, any young man who dreams of a professional football career.
. Midfielder.
. He played for the clubs: "Zarya" (Lugansk) - 1978-1979, 1982, SKA (Rostov-na-Donu) - 1980-1981, "Dinamo" (Kiev) - 1983-1988, Juventus (Turin) - 1988 -- 1990, "Nancy" - 1990-1996
. USSR Champion - 1985, 1986. USSR Cup - 1981, 1985, 1987.
. In the championships of the USSR - 223 matches, 56 goals
. The best footballer of the USSR - 1986.
. Per team of the country - 41 game, 6 goals.
. Member of the World Cup 1986 (4 games - 1 goal) and 1990 (3 matches - 1 goal).
. Silver medal winner in Europe-88 (5 matches)
. In European competition in the Dynamo - 21 games, 7 goals.
. Cup kubkov-1985/86.
. Cup Italii-1989/90.
. In European competition as part of Juventus - 4 games, 1 goal
. Cup UEFA-1989/90
Star Lugansk double
The phenomenon of Lugansk, in the recent past Voroshilovgrad where Zavarov come from and where every summer comes to leave, is unlikely to "scientifically" explain. It is hard to find on a huge map of the former USSR, other provincial (and the capital, perhaps) the city that gave so much football talent. Sergey Andreev, Viktor Onopko, Sergei Juran - at any time of day and night memory helpfully tells these and many other names.
. But even with them welded, a pupil of the school's football coach "Dawn" by Boris Fomichev (unfortunately, long gone from life), as it stands alone.
. It so happened that Luhansk sverhtalantlivom fans talking about the young man before he got to the team masters
. In the late 70's in Voroshilovgrad have played many players from the champion of the "Dawn" -72: Tkachenko, Zhuravlev, Pinchuk, Malygin, Kuksov. And those football giants with the first appearance of a newcomer to the training received it seriously.
- External - nothing special, but rather the opposite: legs - matches, a small, puny, what is only the soul is kept. But try Take away the ball, if it at his feet! - Says Anatoly Kuksov. - Sanya used to us, the elderly, because in training their improbable Finta get the ball rolling, it's embarrassing that it became. Do not believe me, take, it is still in play, when the crowds began to walk on Zavarova ". There techies, as Sasha, nature rarely gives football.
- And his debut in the national championship pomniteN
- You bet! It was in 1978, played in Tbilisi against Dynamo. In the second half Zavarov came to replace. Agree, this happens infrequently: 17-year-old, first appeared in the first team, had the 45 minutes to get the best player of the match award. And where - in Tbilisi! Although, on the other hand, maybe it is because in Tbilisi, where virtuosos always been in the price. And another thing, sadly nostalgic argument that come to mind whenever I think about Zavarove. If the "Zarya" was able to hold at least a short time such as Sasha, is not wallowing she is now in Ukrainian football. However, such a flight birds spread their wings only after the fly from the nest ..
The release
The first exit Zavarova in a big football world was held in Japan, the World Cup Championships in 1979. The very appearance of 18-year-old player in a team where players were mostly two years older, made a strong impression on the people who understand the sense in football.
. At that time the Soviet coach, youth team players have a set of cool front line: Stukashov, Taran, Gurinovich, Radenko ..
. And Zavarovu was very difficult to drive a wedge in the well-established, well-played composition. Nevertheless, it is enough of time to a silver medal, which became the first major award in his life.
- What he bribed as igrokN - asks the speaker at the championship midfielder Shakhtar Anatoly Radenko. - First, the unusual plasticity of the football, the original, I would say, the mechanics of movement. Nature worked over Zavarovym very carefully. He has, as we say, iksoobraznye feet, the knees are turned inward, as it were. Hence the non-standard equipment. Many feints, which others were given a tremendous difficulty, and sometimes not given at all, Sasha performed amazingly easy and natural. To tell the truth: there, in Japan, where I first saw Zavarova, he made a big impression on me than speaking for the young Argentine Diego Maradona, against which the final I had to act personally. Then another thought: it would be a team to play - a fantastic svyazochka you would get! In the same 79-m, I had the opportunity to see and ruthless fighting qualities Zavarova. Shakhtar then in the USSR Championship silver medals won, and "Dawn" flew out of major league. In Lugansk, we won with a score of 5:3, and the goal Zavarova in our gates are still before my eyes. First, hit the ball into his head - with Zavarovsky something rostochkom! - And secondly, because Sasha ran unsuccessfully at this moment with our goalkeeper Yuri Degtyarev, that was a knockout. His coaches wanted to replace, but welded, oklemavshis, shook his head and finish the match until the end.
In Kiev twice do not call
Early recognition of any soccer prodigy in those years often becomes a very double-edged sword. On the one hand, . popularity teshila vanity player and attracted the attention of the famous clubs, . but on the other - on every young soccer player, . but still bearing the mark of great talent, . sword of Damocles hung army, . who also played soccer,
. Zavarov about two years spent in the SKA Rostov, told me as a very black period in his life, largely lost to football:
- It was monstrous! Football team led by a martinet with big stars on the epaulets. If I was by nature a good little boy, maybe it would be easier to survive the "service". But my freedom-loving nature strongly protested against any violence against the person, and this exacerbated the situation. It all ended so that I received 10 days' imprisonment, which I promised to "let rot" if not "subscribe" in the Ensign, and will not stay in the army for a few more years. Honestly, I probably would have hanged himself on a soldier's belt, rather than have accepted such a proposal.
. Move the "hardships of army life, in the representation of civil rights sometimes bordered with idiocy, Zavarovu, I think, to some extent helped the presence of SKA Rostov Viktor Kuznetsov - Player" gold "of the" Dawn-72.
. - We have Sasha solid difference in age - ten years - says Kuznetsov
. - When I had finished speak for "Dawn", he just started. But Sanya became my best friend. We in the SCA with a 79-m left, when the "Dawn" in the first league flew: I - come to grief, he - "serve". The guys in "Dawn" called him my "little boy", and, honestly, I'm flattered. In the style of game Zavarovu most of the Soviet clubs approached the Moscow "Spartak". But from the perspective, the growth of football, of course, nothing better Dynamo think it was impossible. For the first time an offer Kyivers he refused, but then I saw was the elbow biting: name - do not go, but ask for yourself as a bit awkward. Then I called Misha Fomenko, he was one of the assistants Lobanovskiy, and said: "Take a guy, nothing to it in" Dawn "to. Only time will lose nothing ". A day or two to come and pick.
Of course, in the field of view Dynamo Zavarov hit, barely lit up in the "Dawn". However, his refusal - rather boyish, rather than dictated by the deliberate decision - alerted the leaders of the club, which was not customary to call twice
. The benefits of early marriage
. - Game dignity Zavarova were obvious to everyone - recalls Michael Koman
. Elder coaching workshops Dynamo, but in the 80-ies - the right hand Lobanovskiy. - The guy is very interesting: technically, with good Paz, the original stroke, the ability to play team. In short, bright football head. The only thing that bothered when it comes to inviting in Kiev, it is discipline problems. Very much it was willful, not completely controlled. I could easily ruin his talent, as, alas, it happened before my eyes, not with a young player. Fortunately, nothing like this has happened with Zavarovym. Two reasons. First, the beneficial role played by early marriage. The family demanded the same attention to itself, as well as football. Waste your time on trifles was once. Secondly, Zavarovu lucky to get a good coach hands - to Valeri Lobanovsky. This is very much turned in his mind, allowed to look at football as the main business of life. We have a "Dynamo" he realized: if you really want, you can achieve much. He wanted and got
Well, with Lobanovsky, who did not zabaluesh "under any circumstances, everything seems to be clear. Since players do not adequately estimate the prospects open to them in the Dynamo, Maitre always parted without regret. Therefore, more interesting in adulthood appears Zavarova family factors mentioned by Coman. Once I had the opportunity to ask the wife of footballer Olga Zavarovoy with which they have been together for twenty years.
- The character I really quite hard to keep her husband in his hands, - said Olga. - Only need to understand this not as a petty tutelage with constant family squabbles, but quite differently: all the years that we are together, I try to create an environment for her husband in the house, which allows him without looking at the rear of the given football. Probably, it is very important is the fact that fate brought us together with Sasha when he was not yet famous, and the entire Star Trek, we walked together.
. At the level of world football
. Many experts, watch the game in Zavarova Dynamo, still consider him the most talented player in the history of the Ukrainian club
. And in any case, the 80-ies brighter Zavarova on our football stars of the sky, I think, was not sure.
This indirectly confirms the rather paradoxical situation in 1986. Then teammate Zavarova Igor Belanov, flashing in several important matches in front of the football in Europe, was awarded the Golden Ball. However, the house is to achieve forward no one deceive: in the Soviet Union was recognized as the best yet welded.
. Over the years do not disappear with mischief, for some special gaiety in the game, and even at quite match his football image looks - a sort of madcap, backslapper - Zavarova called Tom Sawyer of our football.
. After the famous victory of the USSR national team in the qualification round UEFA-88 over the current champions of Europe by the French in their field - 2:0, . when Zavarov gave two fantastic chances to score pasa Ratsu and Belanovu, . one of the leaders of our team, Nikita Simonyan admitted:,
. - Zavarov I just conquered
. Have not seen the games of this class. We are accustomed to with admiration to utter the names of Maradona and Platini, but his players appreciate the generally modest. We are afraid the evil eye, guard against zaznaystvaN vain. After all, when a footballer retributive, he grows wings. Zavarov played in Paris at the level of the brightest stars of world football.
In the same 1986-m in the French Lyons Zavarov played its most probably the brightest match in the Kiev club. This was the Cup Winners' Cup final against Atletico Madrid from Madrid, which Dinamo won confidently with a score 3:0. Largely due to the fact that stunned opponent first goal Zavarova already at 6-minutes!
. ... I do not know how many times I put a video with pretty wiped over 15 years, a record of the famous match and I feel the same excitement as if I see it all first.
. Rats played up on the flank his interlocutor, Thomas, is the penalty of Spaniards, making backache at the center of Belanova
. Defenders of Madrid Ruiz Arteche supposedly located near Kiev forward, but to prevent its impact can not. The ball flies directly in the center of the gate, and the goalie Fillol it reflects in the district 11-meter mark. It is there on all cylinders, if sensed booty hunter rushes Zavarov. His appearance and hit his head so unexpected, that freeze defenders in a daze, and Fillol really do not even have time to react to the ball, which in a moment dybit grid in the right corner of the gate keeper ...
. - A successful early goal we had a tremendous significance, - indicates member of that historic final Pavel Yakovenko
. - Success Zavarova clearly be invited arrogance, which was read to the pre-match warm-up in front of the leading Spanish football club. After passing his way to the finals without defeat, far more experienced than we are, of Madrid, apparently, believe in their invulnerability. Zavarovsky goal destroyed this belief, beginning the rout Atletico Madrid
Baptist Shevchenko
Today, nobody will be surprised multimillion dollar transfers of players, the word "Legionnaire" deeply embedded in our footballing vocabulary and long written without quotes. But thirteen years ago, the news that Zavarov leaving for Juventus, there was probably akin to thunder suddenly woken up to the Sicilian volcano Etna.
"Iron Curtain" by that time pretty worn out, but has not yet fallen. And midfielder Dynamo had to travel in a totally unknown world. If we make the necessary correction for the time, the $ 5 million, then paid for turintsami Zavarova, seem to me to be equivalent to 25 million, which nine years later, AC Milan will lay out for Andriy Shevchenko.
. Although this parallels end, I still dare to assume that goleadorskie Shevchenko's exploits in Serie A would have been unlikely without the pioneering mission, which fell to Zavarova.
. Had a very difficult
. It's no joke - a Soviet football player with his particular mindset to be in the focus of daily, . intrusive press attention, . if under a microscope! The most interesting thing was that, . that Italian soccer commentators in general have written a balanced and objective: sometimes harshly criticized Zavarova, . but compliments to him, . if deserved, . not spared,
. But when he came to leave home and discovered in Soviet newspapers reprinting of the "yellow" press, sent from Rome through our news agencies, became uncomfortable. Deliberately pulling only negative, but all good things, good sinking. And in the eyes of the average man Tom Sawyer is reincarnated in a football Plohisha.
. - I am now, if you want a "victim" of transparency, as it is at that time we interpreted: pour per person tub with slops is not burdened with certainty, moaning everyone and everything, including our achievements in football - told me years later welded.
. Of course, all this weighed on the psyche, to add unnecessary nervousness
. But the main reason for early separation Zavarova with Juventus was in another: it seems they just do not understand each other, when agreed.
. It is important to note that the appearance Zavarova in Turin club coincided with a period of painful change of generations
. Completing a career Platini Bonek, wider, Tardelli - a constellation of names! In essence, created a new team. It always takes time, which bosses of any club, as a rule, do not give any coaches or players. And since the game at the "Bianconeri" does not always go well, extreme proved Legionnaires. By and large claim to the leadership Zavarovu was the same: not enough slaughter. What football player, trying to restrain emotions, replied: "Gentlemen, you've stared me long before the Navistar. Did not notice that I did not scorer, but first and foremost organizer of the game, porters snaryadovN "
In short, this novel from the "Old Signora, he failed - so easy flirt. But - not developed.
Nevertheless, you can safely say that their spaghetti in Turin, he ate not in vain. I managed to Juventus win the Italian Cup and become the first and last Soviet soccer player, sip champagne from the UEFA Cup.
. France - the second home
. The last ten years Zavarov with the family (she and Olga, two sons - 18-year-old Alexander, who makes the first steps in the football club Metz, and 13-year-old Valery, named Lobanovskiy) lives in France, Nancy
. Incidentally, his betrothed here the most famous native of this city, who began a brilliant career at the club "Nancy Michel Platini, with whom they have befriended at Juventus.
. But Tom Sawyer our football, by contrast, fell to complete performance on the green field in the t-shirt "Nancy" - he was a team captain and playing coach
. After several years working with polulyubitelskimi clubs Saint-Dizier "and" Tumble. "
This summer, as usual, brew came to Lugansk. Worshiped the graves of parents. Having seen relatives and friends. Recalled the past with the partners in the "Dawn" ...
. Back, . France, . long ago became his second home, . flew a little earlier than usual, . since August 1, was appointed head coach of the club's youth team "Nancy", . which appears in the second division and aims to return to the top football society,
. The new contract trainer Zavarova is two years.
Life goes on.

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  • Larissa for Zavarov Alexander
  • Zavarov-best football player of our team at all times!
  • james for Zavarov Alexander
  • He was a very vicious and dirty player. I remember seeing him (for Dynamo Kiev in 1986/7 ) make a deliberately violent tackle on Glasgow Celtic player Tommy Burns which tore his ankle ligaments and destroyed his career.
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