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Lobanovsky Valeriy

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Lobanovsky Valeriy
photo Lobanovsky Valeriy
Nobody, of course, never imagined that from inquisitive little boy, fascinated by the postwar childhood game, much more like fun than a serious exercise, get the cool football player and an outstanding coach today. Valery very good student in school, I read a lot, but all the free time spent on the football pitch. It burned shoes, balls, he broke into pieces, boards on the fence, turns into a makeshift "gate", after it flew strikes.
. Nobody, of course, never imagined that from inquisitive little boy, fascinated by the postwar childhood game, much more like fun than a serious exercise, get the cool football player and an outstanding coach today
. Valery very good student in school, I read a lot, but all the free time spent on the football pitch. It burned shoes, balls, he broke into pieces, boards on the fence, turns into a makeshift "gate", after it flew strikes. The elder brother of Valery Lobanovsky, Eugene, torn planks nailed, her mother, Alexandra Maximovna dealing with the family housekeeper, threatened that cuts his soccer ball into small pieces, and turned into football boots shoes will burn in the stove. It is clear that the threat of both threats and left: in the family Lobanovsky seen that football has become an integral part of life, Valeria and contributed to his harmonious development. His father, Vasily Mikhailovich, who worked at the mills, and Eugene, then passed from an engineer-combined heat and power to the director of the Institute, classes Valeria football matches and encouraged his participation took place.
. School Valery Lobanovsky finished with a silver medal, and then just as successfully - Polytechnic Institute
. Higher education profile for such players were a rarity at all times. Once in the Soviet Union during the regular okolofutbolnoy "reform", . bordering, . unsurprisingly, . with stupidity, . sports authorities have decided, . prohibited from working with teams of higher and the first league championship of the USSR coaches, . who had no physical training education,
. The only expert who did not have such an education, was turned by the time coach "number one" in the Soviet football Valery Lobanovsky. The decision immediately "forgotten."
In 1952, Valery Lobanovsky became engaged in a football school б? 1, where he led a children's coach Nikolai Chaika, is allocated a capable player in the boys' battle. Three years later, Valeri was in Kiev football school youth, and two years later he was invited to watch the Dynamo Kiev. To begin with, of course, duplicates of the best Ukrainian club.
Lobanovsky attracted visitors to the stands dribbling, ability to confuse the opponent, passes along the left flank and angled. Ecken performed Kyivlyanyn enthralled the audience in Moscow, Tbilisi, Leningrad, Donetsk and Yerevan. And of course in Kiev. Tribune initially died away, . then roared, . Lobanovsky when approached with the ball to the corner checkbox, . established a ball at the point, . deserted with mathematical precision calibrated the distance and so he sent the ball from the corner of the field, . that he or suddenly "dive" into the near corner of the gate, . or flying to the far,
. Most of the cluster of players in the penalty area flew jumpy Oleg Bazylevych and scored with transmission Lobanovskiy beautiful goals.
. "Corporate" angle Valery Lobanovskiy, played a role in the way of Dynamo in the first nemoskovskogo club champion's title in 1961, were not immediately
. First there were performed 22-year-old student at the Polytechnical paper calculations. Then - before the day, hundreds of angles: in the heat, dirt, at the Kiev-based training, in other cities. TO Korner, like, absolutely everything that he did in life and does, apply exclusively Lobanovsky thoroughly, carefully counting each step.
. Lobanovskyy lucky to coaches who worked with him as a player - it was Vyacheslav Solovyov and Viktor Maslov at Dynamo Kiev, Oleg Oshenkov at Shakhtar Donetsk
. In the mid-60's championship success Soloviev, Valery Lobanovsky has included in the basic composition, developed an outstanding Soviet coach Viktor Maslov, coach, says Lobanovsky of God. "His flair for football innovations - finds Lobanovsky - it was amazing. He anticipated many of the tactical findings, as well as new items in the training process, which we then enthusiastically took over from abroad, forgetting that they appeared in our country, but were not understood and properly evaluated. As it happened, for example, with the tactical construction of four midfielders. Maslov at Dynamo Kiev to try the system before she "made" at the World Championships in 1966 in the performance of the British.
. Lobanovsky debated with Maslov, trying to determine footballer other than those which he performed the functions of the field
. Kiev striker, without which seemed to play Dynamo to present it was impossible, was convinced he was right, but over the years realized that the coach rightness Maslow was much higher than it igrotskoy right.
. As a football player Lobanovsky played in the championships of the Soviet Union 253 matches, scoring a goal with 71
. From 1957 to 1964 he played for the team Dynamo (144 matches, 42 goals), from 1965 to March 1967 the Odessa for "Chernomorets" (59 and 15), from March 1967 to July 1968 -- First of Donetsk "Shakhtar" (50 and 14). Champion of the USSR in 1961 - Dynamo Kiev interrupted when a multi-year monopoly of the Moscow clubs. Silver medalist championship in 1960. Double Lobanovskiy included in the list of "33 best players" of the country (1960, 1962). In two games he played in the first team of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Olympic team, took part in the qualifying meetings for the Olympics-64
. In the 29-year old coach Valery Lobanovsky became the first league team "Dnepr" (Dnepropetrovsk), led her to the big leagues, and immediately took her sixth place
. Incredible qualitative leap of the young coach is not passed the attention of decision makers in Kiev, in charge of the best Ukrainian club - Dynamo. In October 1973, Lobanovskiy raised in Kiev. He believed that at some regular meeting, and rejoiced in the possibility of an autumn stroll in the native city, which visited occasionally, on short visits, and are bored, wherever they are. "We have been following your work in Dnepropetrovsk and invite you to lead Dynamo Kiev", - said Lobanovskyy. He called then at Shakhtar Donetsk former partner at Dynamo supporters in coaching to Oleg Bazylevych and invited him to work together.
From Dynamo always expected and demanded only victories. Tandem Lobanovsky - Bazylevych ", which existed for two and a half years, began issuing them immediately. Coaches strictly follow a specially developed technique training process, dramatically changed the nature of gaming action, spearheaded the new trend in football.
. In 1975, Dynamo Kiev became the first Soviet team to win the prestigious European prize - the Cup Winners' Cup, and then - and the Super Bowl, winning both meetings in his Bayern Munich
. International Sports Press Association named the Dynamo club best sports teams in the world. Kiev players along with their coaches and were the basis of the USSR national team. Not accustomed to defeat the team has not forgiven the relative failure of 1976: exit "only" in the European Cup quarter-finals, . loss at this stage in the European Championships for national teams to future winners of the tournament - the Czechoslovak players and "only" third place at the Olympic Games-76 in Montreal.,
. "Principles do not change, the principles of Excellence" - said Valery Lobanovsky, who for several decades, is one of the best trainers in the world
. Football Italy calling him "Colonel", Germany - "General". Military terminology is only emphasizes respect for the teams, who under the guidance Lobanovskiy participate in major continental tournaments. For his work carefully monitored colleagues. Many Italian coach could easily say that they have grown from "coat Lobanovskiy". They talked about it. Late autumn of 1997 a large group of Russian coaches visited for informational purposes in a number of clubs in Italy. In Milan, Rome and Turin, they observed the work of Milan, Roma, Juventus, asked questions. And who led Juventus Marcello Lippi said then: "Your interest in the direction of our training work is understandable, . but in due time we learned a lot there, . whence you came, . pay serious attention to the fact, . was doing in the Dynamo and the USSR national team Valery Lobanovsky.,
. A revolution in the minds of Italian experts have made the two teams - "Dinamo" (Kiev) sample in 1986, . winning a second Cup Winners' Cup, . and the Soviet national team, . Introduce the football world two years later at the European Championship in a whole new round of high-quality total football,
. After the semifinal match of the USSR - Italy, . convincingly won by the Soviet players, . applied the pressure throughout the field and very high speed, . Enzo Bearzot, . which caused the Italian team for the world title in 1982, . said in the locker room USSR team: "Once again, I was convinced, . that you are a great team,
. You play in modern football at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Pressing, which I saw today - a manifestation of higher skill. Physical form of the Soviet players - is the fruit of an exceptional, excellent work ". One of the most successful coaches of European football today, . Fabio Capello, . not hide, . that in due time, . when he worked with the youth teams of the club, . spent a lot of time for note-taking training process had come to a match in Italy, the USSR team, headed by Valery Lobanovsky.,
. "Seven times measure, one - cut it" - this proverb from the teenage years transformed from a Lobanovskiy simple formula that he follows to this day: "We have to think"
. His decisions are always looking remarkably accurate. They are imbued with the logic, and who knows what for them: many hours of deliberation or instant insight. One thing, however, are often closely linked to other. Anything that is connected with "maybe" thinking Lobanovskiy daily rethinking "Information Mont Blanc" - the press, interviews, television, visual observation - do not allow categorically.
. "Coach rightness Lobanovskiy was much higher than the rightness of our players," - say now players Dynamo, who in 1975 were moaning at training camp, conducted in a completely new method.
. Time puts everything on its places
. None of the nearly thirty Kiev players, . play in the team Lobanovskiy and who later became coach, . does not say a single unkind word to the teacher, . which then seemed the monster, . who dreamed of them to squeeze all the juices and extract all the veins,
Dynamo defender Michael Fomenko became one of the first players who had conducted training sessions summaries, came to the coaching room and asked questions Lobanovskyy. Among the players like first was not accepted. Someone was afraid of ridicule, someone just shy, someone did not want to be zpodozrennym in an attempt to pass for toady to the coach.
In Kiev at Lobanovskyy "dam collapsed". For Fomenko, followed by other. It is not only and not so much in the summaries, but in the genuine interest in what makes Valery Lobanovsky and his associates.
. The desire to deal with Lobanovskiy and its working methods in the intricacies of the coaching things do not become a one-time action, undertaken, it would seem, suddenly, under the influence of progress of the players mid 70-ies
. Of those who are gradually replaced, and also won the 11 years the European prize, turned out another coaching generation.
. Lobanovskyy own example, the results, the ability to work professionally managed to infect players profession
. "Coach does not exist without the players" - the slogan Lobanovskiy, which has long accompanied the image of extremely hard man, nor a penny of their players do not bet. He, however, for all his coaching life is not dismissed any player.
C "roads", if we recall the definition of Gogol's Russian troubles, Valery Lobanovsky not fight, but with the "fools" posrazhatsya happened to a lot. Coach-academic, the dean of today's European club coaching workshop, it does not change the selected principles, improving their conditions in the acquired invaluable experience. In the Soviet Union Lobanovskiy actually declared "heretic" by attempting to coach his team well, "all", and demanded from him to play, "all". The chosen direction, . based on very sound scientific basis, . Valery Lobanovsky, . despite often degenerating into a real witch-hunt persecution in the Soviet press and from some now totally obscure Soviet sports and party leaders, . not retreat one iota,
. He fired from the team of the USSR with the phrase "never again engage Lobanovskiy VV. to work with national teams, including youth, but then again turned to his candidacy, because they understood that only Lobanovsky can achieve good results.
. Pomudrev with age, Lobanovsky doubt and today is among the small group of those coaches in Europe and the world, who determines the development of modern football, if we talk about methods of training work and play
. His contribution to the development of world football is priceless. "The coach has to learn all my life, - says Lobanovsky. Time does not deceive. Highlights added it. And teach - too. "
. After he had in late 1996 he returned to Dynamo Kiev in the Middle East, . where very successfully coached teams of the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait (the Kuwaiti team under his leadership became the third at the Asian Games - hitherto unheard of achievement), . to Lobanovskyy in Kyiv have come to expect a miracle,
. He, . always maintained, . that there are no miracles, . a short time made of Dynamo's absolutely competitive in Europe team, . "Move it from the second hundred of the European rankings to fifth place, . she took up the 1999/2000 season after Lazio (Italy), . Bayern (Germany), . Manchester United (England) and Barcelona (Spain).,
. Valery Lobanovsky until recently returning to Dynamo Kiev has never worked in conditions of market relations, the contract system, it is unthinkable for the previous years level of material incentives, collateral careers of players
. But new to him, they did not, . because even in Soviet times, . taking valuable time from a purely coaching activities, . he was seriously engaged with the organization of football life in the country and constantly proposing new ideas, . that existing socio-political system rejected, . as "malicious.",
. Under the guidance of trainer Lobanovskiy Dynamo Kiev eight times won the championships of the USSR (unsurpassed results), . four times getting the silver medal, . twice - bronze, . six-time wins in the Cup of the USSR, . twice won the Cup Winners' Cup European countries, . once - Super, . four consecutive years, winning club championships of Ukraine,
. Lobanovsky team led the USSR to "silver" at the European Championships in 1988 and a bronze at the Olympics-76. Under his leadership the Soviet team competed at the world championships in 1986 and 1990.
. Among students Valery Lobanovskiy includes such well-known players, . as Rudakov, . Troshkin, . Fomenko, . Reshko, . Matvienko, . Veremeyev, . Kolotov, . Muntean, . Buriak, . Kon'kov, . Onishchenko, . Blokhin, . Chany, . Luzhnyy, . Baltacha, . Bal, . Demyanenko, . Bessonov, . Zavarov, . Yakovenko, . Yevtushenko, . Mikhailichenko, . Belanov, . Juran, . Kanchelskis, . Shovkovsky, . Golovko, . Vashchuk, . Husin, . Kaladze, . Belkevich, . Khatskevich, . Rebrov, . Shevchenko.,
. Valeria Lobanovskiy exceptionally strong rear
. All my life goes hand in hand with his faithful assistant - his wife Adelaide Pankratievna. A lawyer by training, she has been nearly four decades, day after day tirelessly working on the "home front", with her husband, going through all the difficulties are not conducive to the robust health coaching profession. Their daughter, Svetlana - a graduate of the Philological Faculty of Kiev University as a "teacher of Russian language for foreigners". We Lobanovsky two grandchildren preschool: Bogdan and Xenia.
Lives and works in Kiev.

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Lobanovsky Valeriy, photo, biography
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