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Lovchev Eugene Serafimovich.

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Lovchev Eugene Serafimovich.
(January 29, 1949 - ...) He played for Moscow <Spartacus> (69-78) and <Dynamo> (79-80), Samara <Wings> (80). Champion of the USSR-69. Cup-71. The best footballer of the country-72. In 52 national team matches, 1 goal. Coached Chelyabinsk <Locomotive, Maikop <Friendship> and <Metallurg> from Chrysostom. She currently works with a mini-football club <Minkas> team of the State Duma and a team of artists <Fortuna> - simultaneously.
The case went to the evening, when I descended to his office, having pockets recorder and notebook with sketches of his rebellious portrait:
<Ideal rezhimschik. Never smoked. To alcoholic stone indifferent. At the table at his own wedding sipped champagne polfuzhera>. <. P>
<Married twice. Children two>. <. P>
<Owns his own firm>. <. P>
Turns pages:
<You will not believe it, damn it! - Plays Musketeer mustache Mikhail Boyarsky. - In training he atrocity like we are real football players! Such perturbed cry I have not heard>.
Word coach Herman Zonin: <Once our team arrived in Brazil. In the morning the entire team gathered on the beach. <Jen, and you're not with namiN>. <Yes, I would gladly, Herman Semyonych passion as pulling iskupnutsya, the sand tumble. But to me <Spartacus> need to prepare - a season in full swing>. And instead of the beach ran cross. I should add that the opinion Lovcheva, I have long noticed, are all and everything, it's one person's opinion remarkable>.
. "Before he bucks helluva lot of greedy - that's what!> - From a conversation in the corridors of football ...
. Another Page Down:
. <I'm too fond of football to work in it ...>.
. <When they say that in football we have the house clean was just paradise, there's even cry, even laugh>.
. - You are now on <smarmy memoirs> favor ..
- My words, yes, but I want to add. Then you take me down to the point, I hope, will understand. All these tales are good only for those who do not know the game inside out. I did not know it until looking at football from the window Spartak bus. I loved the game - to stupor. The game also paid me in return. It seemed that blessed this union will not end ever. But the idyll cracked as soon as the play, I returned there is a coach. Soccer revealed to me then as though the back door, where the order of things has been binge with the judges. Or, scraping his feet to meet them at the airport, where instead of <hello> with you in cleartext demand baksheesh. In the load to the application - to pull the Federation of money from products, to fawn before someone ...
- Otherwise, can not byloN
- Without mud, want skazatN That's how I lived - on his paw nobody gave. And he did not take. And I for these principles dug ... But everything has a limit. Once I came to the big sports boss's office with a turntable. I said: <For rotten morality exist not want. I will not. And to be honest do not give>. He listened to my confession, and said: "If so dopeklo, go, Jen, do not suffer. I still do not prizhiveshsya>.
- And you ushliN
- And I left.
- With a clear conscience, or some spot still byloN
- A little one not slipped. In Kuibyshev. Points desperately needed, that's nature, and tied in a knot - and for opponents to bow. But all this, I must say, broken, and time. And before the football I stayed clean.
- But let us return to <Spartacus>. At the very time when you were in it for the captain. Now imagine: a messenger comes to you and hands folded in prayer, offering generous global. PRO you in excess, can and ...
- No-e-e. Talk with me on these subjects was a matter of empty. Year, God bless the memory of 74-m, it seems, <Pakhtakor> desperately scrambling to eight - abroad, at the time, just <master>. We arrived in Tashkent. In the evening, Sasha Minaev leads to my room Volodya Fedorova. <Volodya, - I say - and not even ask. We are your <Masters> was taken by storm, and not buy. So, sorry>. On another occasion, Nicholas nikov, from Baku, appeared: <Kolya, and why you draw, not poymuN <Neftchi> and already left ...>. <Not in the matter radius. Jen, we understand, zagranka not take place, if you lose>. <Well, you know me: I'm on the left for not an expert>. But to say that we all without sin, then lie. Year somewhere in the 70's, I think, at the finish of the season on fire <Chernomorets>, a third consisted of former Spartacists. And the whole team sold odessite game. In three - Papaeva, Abramova and Lovcheva. We gave the ball forward, and we back him behind his back, threw down their same guys. During the break I went to Simonyan: <Nikita Palych, the game is sold ...>. Then I called Starostin: <Are you sure that the game prodavalasN>. But this spot was the only. In my memory - the only one.
- It is said that Nikolai Petrovich Starostin, unforgettable Spartak patriarch, called you nothing less than - idealistomN
- This is so. He treated me well, although, of course, could not forgive me for leaving in <Dynamo> ... I was two years already as there was in the team when his office came one quirky journalist <Soviet Russia>. It is an article against me just cooked, thought and Starostin attach. After listening to him, Nikolai Petrovich said the laconic phrase, which I will not hide, I'm very proud. Here it is: <Lovchev - a great enthusiast of football, that's all>.
- By the way, did you once in the locker room shoes thrown at the wall, shouting, too, that the field is no longer vyydeteN A Starostin with Simonyan stood beside. It was such Yevgeny SerafimovichN
- It was, I did refuse, in 1971. In the season befell me one attack, leg cramp. By the end of the match so used to grab, even though their teeth to bite off. And now you, please, the situation: we play in the Cup with <Kairat>. Two half-time I have stayed. And on the scoreboard - the zeros. It turns out, is yet to come for half an hour more that I'm aware, not withstanding.
I asked if Kolya Kiselev cover my seat on the left side of defense. Himself in the middle went. Kolya, midfielder, and as usual its all ran forward, and thrown them in the zone right there appears Oleg Dolmatov and soul bombards our gates. After the game in the locker room I was approached by Nikita Palych and issued by the first number. Well I'm sitting listening. I am silent until. And inside is all boils: it is what is happening, . aN with legs, . understand, . poluskryuchennymi I struggled, . how could, . and now for me is vyslushivatN! Jumped, . cleats - a wall hryast! Everything! More football do not play! The next day the entire team gathered in Tarasovka ..,
. - A vyN
. - I stayed at home
. In the game, though, came. I bought a ticket in hand and spent the entire match from the dressing rooms on the opposite platform.
- So not zashliN
- No. After the whistle - once home. At night, not sleeping, all tossed. Thought. Suddenly Wake. Rent pipe - Starostin: <Zhenya. Sorry, that troubling so late. Not spishN me here, too, the dream does not take. Zhenya, tell me, you know what <Spartacus> N. <Known, of course, once I play it>. <Hurry, Zhenya, hurry, not so simple. Here listen to what I think about it ...>. Quietly, and slowly he talked to me about the essence of <Spartacus>, about how much the team means to the lives of ordinary people. And he said the following: <You can take offense at Simonyan at me. But understand: Simonyan and Starostin - this is not the whole <Spartacus>. <Spartacus> - is much bigger and deeper>. No, you just think: it is said the man who created the team, not to mention its other merits!
- And what konchilosN
- And the fact that since early in the morning I went to Tarasovka.
- Two seasons have passed and you're back in the center of a scandal. Penalties ... Lovchev running away, beats, and - the ball, like a satellite in orbit, turns to the angular checkbox ...
- You that, more interesuyutN tell ... The fact is that smart head, sitting in the Federation, undertook to find the antidote for match-fixing. Thought and thought finally dawned on me: if most of the time ended in a draw, then, need to be beaten on penalties. Who will score more - to a point. The following year, a verdict was upgraded to the full the absurd: if the tie, then beat five penalties, if the draw again - to each according to point each. The first game we had in Donetsk. I - Captain. Finished the zeros. Anatoly Kon'kov suits: <Well, how to beat budemN>. <Drive in three>. Here I dogovornik, yes. I approach, I mean to the guys: <So, you - slaughter, you - no ...>. Gena Logofet beat last - past, as one. Well, the point each received. In May we leave to the citizens of Tbilisi. Again - 0:0. Again penalty. Kakha Asatiani fit: <How bemN>. <Three per goal>. <Okay>. Go back to the guys: <So, you - slaughter, you - no. Gena, you're passing>. <Jen, the last time I had not scored - that enough is enough>. Enough, enough so, himself Break of the latter. I go out to the point: here the ball there - the gate, and we must make sure that he did not get them. Unpleasant, I tell you, the feeling. Not by itself somehow. In the end, spat, took a run and pulnul ball to the angular. I stood, smiling, and everything is cool on TV - close-up of the entire country ... Nightmare! Ecumenical Scandal! A matter of urgency gathered sport technical commission of the Federation. Sat in deciding what punishment to give Lovchevu. Most inclined to disqualify. Starostin in Tarasovka arrived: <Things are bad, very!>. <Okay, - I say - I'll make them too life. In court'd be: a nervous breakdown on the basis of penalty. Let clear up the mess>. But the cost ... And these stupid penalties were abolished.
- Well. It's football. And in personal life kakN Hopefully, if the wife has made comfort in your dushuN
- I am ashamed to say, but even pokolachival.
- Maybe it was the first nachinalaN
- No, not that you. Well, women - at all ... His second wife also sold. Yes, love was, of course. She, I think, no. From the beginning I felt: that something is wrong with us
-Why then zhenilisN
- Were married.
- Moreover.
- Doubts have been, but has already announced, my friends were preparing. OtmenitN fine then I would have been in front of them ... But what dalsheN lived, had suffered - then left, then returned. Then everything collapsed completely.
- On the third attempt not dumaeteN
- If a person meets. I have already met. True, she married.
- Again, it means a dead end.
- Why Wait tupikN need, where fate will lead. I hope for happiness.
- Naive question. And what schasteN
- At different times - in different ways. When I played in <Spartacus>, happiness was a victory. When my wife understands you - also, perhaps, happiness. Children. I have the same great kids!
- And the money it estN
- For the second wife - was. I have nothing more. Once a girl walking along the Arbat in the morning. Suddenly, I was catching up with some guy: <Sorry, you, by chance, not LovchevN>. <Lovchev!>. <Then I want to say thank you for playing in your <Spartacus>. I look at him: a young boy at all, just over twenty. And my game he was alive, therefore, not seen. So, tell someone.
- It turns out you're already a living legend, Eugene SerafimovichN
- It appears so.
- For complete goodness, maybe there is a great reason to coaching vernutsyaN
- Deleted. Otbolel I have something to prove.
- Because, probably <Minkas> and does not pull - only ninth place last season.
- I have it worse than a knife to sleep at night does not. But these failures - temporary. Must pass. We above.
- A "Dinah> eat - as, for zubamN
- <Dean> N yet to cope with it, of course, difficult. Five or six orders of magnitude that we share with fluff, of course, not defeat. But the fight will be.
- A GosdumaN ArtistyN
- Well, it's a little different. For soul. I appreciate the friendship with Malezhik, vines, Boyarsky ... Was, I remember the moment: I was ill. I was lying alone in the house, the temperature under forty. Then call Yura Loza: <Zhenya, that you have a voice, do not understand! Bad tebeN Now, leave, wait>. A case has to midnight. He brought something tasty, different pills, Borjomi. The next day the good doctor brought. Here it is valuable. This is life, when there are a number of people who need you

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    Lovchev Eugene Serafimovich., photo, biography
    Lovchev Eugene Serafimovich., photo, biography Lovchev Eugene Serafimovich.  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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