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Gennady Logofet

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Gennady Logofet
- Gennady O., and me something interesting: those already legendary sixties and seventies all the players were paid odinakovoN
. - In "Spartacus" and the rates of all were the same, and premiums - even for someone who five minutes before the end of the game to replace the left
. 80 rubles - the bonuses for winning. At a rate of 160. Then it increased to 180. When finished, the rates once again raised. Wage-and 250 (a team player - generally up to 300). The victory was worth 150. In his hands, after taxes, 135 received.
- Daily, I read, then the team had $ 3 ...
- True. In the 70-m us after the World Cup just more than $ 3 for 40 days accrued. In sum - 120. Not for victory or for a way out of the group did not give a penny ... Not satisfied: show the result is not worse than in the previous championship (at least fourth place to take). Uruguay lost - 0:1. Now, if passed, paid and then used for the victory at the championship, and even for friendlies. So everything - the cashier sports committee in income to the state ...
- How much promised something for polufinalN
- So, so, so, how much is already gone - almost 30 years ... I remember that on-ry much.
- MnogoN!
- In those days - a lot. It seems that two thousand dollars - imagine what it is then byloN That is approximately the sum of us and shining ... However, it is all about "The old woman" - we, then, not only for the money were cut, but also for prestige! If a team, say, hit-you already know: on your position better than you do in a country no one is. Hence, or first number in the Soviet Union, or the second.
- And the team with a thicker wallet can it lure not pytalisN
- I was very actively invited to Donetsk, where the coach in "Spartacus" was Gulyaev. In the 66-m. I played five years in "Spartacus", but after the season, said: "I have this trainer will not work. In any team will go, if he will remain ". By the way, like this, not saying a word, nine people from the main body of written statements. Well, heard about it and Shakhtar Donetsk. Every evening I phoned. "Well kakN OpredelilsyaN" says: "I'll just say this: if the coach of this shoot - remain in" Spartacus "..." I out of the tube: "Are you crazy! Mad soshelN, we'll make thee mine, at a salary of Hero of Socialist Labor. And you want - at the two mines at once, at best. And you'll only go there to come in to sign statements. (But then that many miners were receiving.) Flats thee Ministry of Coal Industry will give a luxury. Moscow! Only let in "Shakhtar" transition ... "I answer:" I do not need the money. Not that they do not care about me - but it is not the point ... I still Spartacist! Take away a coach - then I'm not going to you ". And do not go ...
- Despite the fact that in Moscow to pay less.
- In three to four times less. Especially when compared with cities such as Baku, Tashkent, Yerevan, Tbilisi ... Kiev - there is nothing at all to talk. Or Dnipro same. There terrible amount received! But they abroad once a year were selected, and "Spartacus" - five or six. And if you're still in the team are taking - are you already get more than they. True, this had to be there to buy something, and here and then sell. Well, like the current shuttle ...
- Now it is - a legitimate business. And before all of these cases could run into trouble in pretty.
- I remember one of our players somewhere near the Red Gate agreed to with someone two mohair scarf pass. And at that moment he grabbed. Things could not have brought, of course. So, yes scolded released. But the very fact of detention - unpleasant.
- And there were instances when players customs popadalisN
- Yes, 71-m was a classic case. When coming from France ... It came out as: We settled in the same hotel with the dancers-moiseevtsami. And the hotel was chic in the city center. We went to the gym around 11 am. And they are this time around - at the rehearsal. They stand Simonian and Moses. And such a pattern: they say, say - and then suddenly as rashohochutsya. Comes in. Our coach in the bus. We ask: "Nikita Palych, tell us how he'll rassmeshilN" He said: "Yes, you know, I said to him:" Igor, what you artists! As they Skill whet! And my own ... Nothing they have for the most part does not work. Sometimes nedorabatyvayut. Sometimes a net ... "And in response:" What are you, Nikita Palych! I just put your players in the example. I say, they are here in this weather (and there was November or December) will now train, mess around in the mud in the mud. And look how they fight! How to work! Not what you are - pregnant cows in the room can not perform two movements ... "
Well. They are there at the time of our arrival, had lived for two months. We quickly made friends with our kids. And they say: we found a factory from which mohair is released - by Franc skein. Mother dear! So, consider: the dollar - five skeins. Here this mohair - for fifteen rubles worth. Hence, for every dollar spent turns seventy-five rubles! Rockefeller would be crazy from a profit ...
Well, our guys pounced on mohair. Scored full program. One was a record-breaker - twelve or thirteen pounds picked. Someone else - nine. In five or six were taken ... And some were allowed to carry - only two. And at customs we (I, however, nothing was carrying, we Kiselev and none about mohair and not said) were checked. First time in my life.
- By navodkeN
- Well, of course. Later, when we met with the guys-moiseevtsami, they said: we have a de only official informers were five - representatives of the KGB. And how many hidden (note, there is 120 or 140 people in the ensemble). How many sympathizers ... Simply Accounting can not be! Of course, you stukanuli that you have typed so much.
- And that rezultateN
- For two kilos each left - the rest were confiscated. But some on the road was already dreaming: buy furniture, maybe even on the car will remain ... " Then, of course, was a Komsomol meeting ...
. - And you, the case is not jealous of today's players, who have time for a good career penny put him - and without any chelnochenyaN
. - No, I do not envy
. On the contrary, I am glad for them. Just because I was brought up: if a person earns decent money - be happy for him. May God, let them earn more ... So long ago should have been. You can write, you can not, but I have my friends say: "Soviet power us, players of the time, just robbed". Because they used our youth, our skills, our health - and not pay for it as all over the world.
Personally, I was already wanted to be a professional - no one, true, and never thought to go abroad to play ... There was even a situation. In the 63-m me takes team Beskov. And just a game with Italy, we. That famous - 2:0. Here in Moscow, won ... Before the match comes at the base of the then Chairman of the sports committee of the Machines Yuri D.. Duty pump ... (That's him, though, even the day before the game came. Most liked straight day games descend on the installation sit. And he even realized that before you come.) "Well, guys, let's!" - Ordinary words. In good all in good ... And then he says: "Questions estN" sit Yashin, Ivanov, Monday, Voronin - they have no issues. I train the young, I'm all for fig ... I said: "I have a question. Tomorrow, we'll go on the field against the best professionals. And when we have a professional futbolN "He was so severely at me:" While I was Chairman of the sports committee, about this and even forget to think ". Well, all - forgotten.
- These pumping at least somehow pomogaliN
- He is helping. We win - he report to his top: "You see, what it means - I went to the command. Lost - "Well, I was with them, I said, it is they are bad ..."
- What, no good at all of them byloN
- From life example. Playing with Dynamo. 65 th, it seems, the year. And Rheingold flat no. They promise everything, dragging: "Yes, yes, now ..." And we were visited by the chairman "Spartacus" Gorkov. We have him a question directly about the apartment. He answered: "That's Dynamo fleece - apartment will be". Plays with. The day after the bath-house approach: "Well, Victor AleksandrovichN" - "Everything!" I said - so there will be. Go Train. Tomorrow will decide everything ". The next day to practice, came to him. And please - inspection warrant. Here's how, and helped such nakachkiN.. Another thing - the first, then viewing all the same gave the devil horns on. Clearly refuse. And the second - wait for more. But do not deceive, no, sooner or later give ...
- But conflicts with the coaches - well, as with Gulyaev you often byvaliN
- I have a principle in life: better to lose with a wise, than a fool to find. Until now, stick to it ... When was Nikita Simonyan Palych on my 55 anniversary, he said: Gesh how we'll know how much you played with me - you remember what the conflict-nibudN "-" No ". - "So I can not". No, he told me, of course, interjected, required ... But it is clear. He is the coach: "That is wrong. That does not make. But it do ... "
And I finished in 74 th due Gulyaeva. It took me all the same - when then came a further three years ... Imagine, in 30 years - in stock planted. Even the train with basic composition not given. Month not trained. And play with Dynamo - April 30 at Luzhniki. 0:0. And so I "Spartacus" was sorry ... After the match going, but I knew the guys name is: "Three days of the holiday, you're finished - come with us. Home Esenina. Barbecue, beer ... "And I'm in the locker room:" Nikolai Petrovich, everything, I will proceed to training. Twenty days later, I can be considered. Well check, of course, at first ... "And the number of 25-th I was playing. As a result, the second place in the season took. I went into the "Top 33". But ... Begins a new season - again the same. Without a word - in stock. Well, how can the second person in the country at their position so zadvigatN you at least come over say: "You played her, man. Still, the 33rd year went. Thank you ... "or - on the contrary:" keep fit. Five or six games to play, if that's such a loop will be ... "No - he molchok. And then I decided to leave.
- Why should you comrade Gulyaev so nevzlyubilN
- Ha, now I can tell you one episode. In 66 th year, yet we lost the Cup Winners' Cup "Rapid". In Moscow - 0:0 played there - 0:1 ... And the moment we have - the darkness! One Zabey, and all - arrived! And at the last minute pop up one by one - then I played half back. Yikes - a ball struck on the bar and went above the gate ... Since the summer, though, beat - not just a blow. But before the frame of seven meters left, I thought: everything is now put ... And so we go on the train home. Commentator Vladislav Semenov asked me: "Well, Yankin three did not score - not such a great master. Well - that ... But you-how from such a position promahnulsyaN "And I jokingly:" Here, let's say, I scored - we go further. So, the coach, we still. And so now it will withdraw - we have not completed the task ... "And he suddenly begins to wink at me: a door to the compartment open. And in the corridor, Gulyaev is. PredstavlyaeshN!
That's when I was just at Shakhtar met. His cause of the holiday: "How takN What do you have for komandaN Nine people have applied, . not saying a word ... "And no group activity, we really did not smell - and I ring up one of those, . who was going to go, . only with Red (Reinhold), . him in Odessa, too crazy grandmother offered,
. And our coach, then answers: "A chtoN want - let them go. We shall find no other. These interfere with me (we took the fourth place). And if they are removed - in the top three will be, I'll guarantee you ". At that the Head of Spartak him and says: "In my opinion, better than a coach to change than nine players from the main staff".
- You yourself have become a coach in the 78-m. Worked first with the second team of the Union. Success byliN
- I do not want to brag. Just name those who I have played: Dasaev, Sulakvelidze, Chivadze, Shauli, Romantsev, Cherenkov, Gazzaev, Tarkhanov, Yakubik ...
- Sulakvelidze with Chivadze, I heard you the first with postaviliN
- Yes, and Simonyan, who was then with the first team worked, they tried to recommend. He was playing Pryhoda and rogues. And he consulted with his assistants - and he answers: "No, they are still young, fragile psyche ..."
- Tell baykuN п¦п+п¦п¦я-я- 79-year. We arrived with the second team in America. There was Sulakvelidze - I had even taken from Kutaisi. And give the installation. We stand before the first game - against the Mexican national team. I said: "Guys, still flew across the ocean, 120 U.S. will not interfere vamN" Well, and wished him success, he left ... And the players, usually, then again going. Sami. Contracting is that they have missed the coach: "I'm here so I will act, and I'm here because ..." And then look - Sulakvelidze sits on a chair and bends his fingers. They are to him: "What are you doing, SulaN" - "Well ... $ 120. Us - 26 people. How budetN "They:" What are you, durakN Everyone - 120. Each "And as he climbs but how yelled:" Auh! Mom ... you have! "
- And Beskova something you like then okazalisN
- It so happened. My son was born on December 10. And on January 3 has an 80-year. I went to work in Sport Committee. And I see, is director of high school coaches Varyushin Viacheslav, and with it some guy with a deputy's badge. "It's great-great, Gesh, and we to you ... Meet, the first secretary of the Ivanovo Oblast Party Committee. I'll recommend to the post of coach of ... "-" Slav, well, what there coach! My son thoracic. I'm not going anywhere from Moscow ... "-" Uy, pity, good condition, could raise the ... "-" No, I just can not! "
And sitting on the letters from people responsible. Suddenly polpyatogo call. Grandfather - Starostin. "Gennady, we are here with Konstantin Ivanovich (Konstantin Ivanov, as he said) and I discussed: the Olympic team, then based on" Spartacus "- and you have decided to take an assistant. You kakN "My mood is quite different:" I think there is nothing. I'm yours, Spartacist. So - with pleasure! "-" Machine estN "-" Yes ". - "Sit down, in Novogorsk go ahead. There he collects selection. Talk to him ... "Arrived. Beskov and said: "I know you. As a football player. But as an employee does not know. So I'll take two gathering probation. Not you draw near - I'm sorry ... "
. - "Clearly, Konstantin Ivanovich, what a conversation!" In short, the two data collection took place - and another two and a half years before he was shot, I worked with him, on me is basically the work was - that his head did not ache for it
. Every evening he reported.
- I heard a heavy Beskova in podchineniiN
- Why tyazheloN He's a very demanding (and it should be) a very decent, let alone a specialist - this is to talk about ... For two and a half years, only once swore at me. Again because of Sulakvelidze. There is the very first collection - January 80 th. We sit down with him to sum up. What to do with the extreme zaschitnikamiN Well, not the level of. The weakest position ... "Konstantin, - I say - I have a second team playing one. That you did the first workout will cause you're in love - and it you will ever play ". - "How familiyaN" - "Sulakvelidze". - "What are you doing to me before do not skazalN" - "Well, how can I sovetovatN Great coach! You've dialed the people - and I suddenly, a week after working with you, say:" Who do you nabraliN ". Well, you asked me - I said ". And then he scolded me: "You can not remain silent had - and beat the alarm, tells me!"
And in the end it all and it came. Starting next gathering Sulakvelidze become indispensable in the team. And we have to Konstantin still great relationship ...
- And how you abroad, something zanesloN
- In EmiratyN It was in the 92-th year. Lobanovsky where he worked with the team, and Yuri Morozov - in a club. And he needed an assistant with the British ... So I translated. And in parallel as a second trainer worked.
- And as with the Arabs rabotalosN NesladkoN
- It was hard. First, there lay football. At the training session came from five or six people. A victory from you require. We even wrote letters to the President - have filled up simply: "Obyazhite players go to training! Give address ourselves to take them home!" And impressively, there are people on the result of crazy ... Won: all of these sheikhs hug-kiss, I congratulate you, shake hands. Lost: you stand, and they pass by, muzzle gate. Not a syllable ...
- Then you're in "Tavria" more work. Let's really goodbye to some Crimean bike, Gennady O.!
. - A football player to me as something suitable: "Base give a wedding ..." A season is just beginning - predstavlyaeshN What svadbaN here! I was taken aback: "Come on, when the break will be - then and play"
. He thought thought - agreed ... And the other before training comes the pressure measured. To look like everything is normal, no tillage. A pressure - terrible. Under 180. Day, the second ... Interests: "What toboyN" - "Oh, nothing, everything I normally ..." - "Well, look, if tomorrow will be the same - I seek for you load!" The next day - again, high pressure. "Maybe you peshN" - ask. "No, no, no, no, no!" - And the eyes are honest-honest. Well, I say, all work in the total group, and you are left. Speed-strength as he gave him ... Then I go in the shower - and there peregorodochki, I do not see - and hear, he tells a friend: "Well Olegych gave! Now that I have even drank a gram!" The next day comes - you dumaeshN - normal pressure ...

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