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Maslachenko Vladimir Nikitovich

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Maslachenko Vladimir Nikitovich
photo Maslachenko Vladimir Nikitovich
(March 5, 1936 - ...)
New Vladimir Maslachenko met with sports in the yard football team, in which he unsuccessfully served and goalkeeper and striker. He is actively involved in other sports - the end of high school has served on the school team to Krivoy Rog: football, volleyball, basketball, athletics and table tennis, which I had a bit.
Vladimir Maslachenko was born March 5, 1936, Mr.. in s.Vasilkovka Vassilkovsky region Dnipropetrovsk region. Father - Maslachenko Nikita Danilovich, a lifetime spent veterinarian. Mother - Maslachenko Alexander Prokhorovna, housewife. Wife - Maslachenko Olga, a leading specialist in the field of patents. Son - Valery Vladimirovich, graduated from the Moscow Regional Institute of Physical Education, was a coach for tennis. Granddaughters - Julia and Alice.
New Vladimir Maslachenko met with sports in the yard football team, in which he unsuccessfully served and goalkeeper and striker. He is actively involved in other sports - the end of high school has served on the school team to Krivoy Rog: football, volleyball, basketball, athletics and table tennis, which I had the discharge.
. However, preference was given to all the same football
. In 1951, Mr.. He was admitted to the youth team "Builder", then moved in "Spartacus" (Krivoy Rog). After winning the regional sports meeting, . V. Maslachenko took part in republican competitions, . where in the Dnipropetrovsk region team took second place and was named the best goalkeeper of the tournament and the best team in the school of Ukraine.,
. In 1953, was invited to Dnipropetrovsk football team master class "B" Metallurg "
. In this regard, Vladimir had to refuse to participate in the All-Union competitions. In 1954, Mr.. team "Metallurg" came out in the semi-finals of the Cup of the USSR. The group consists of B. Maslachenko played all the games of the USSR Cup, starting with 1 / 128 to 1 / 4 finals, and championship of the USSR. During his stay in Dnepropetrovsk finished 3 rd year medical school.
In 1956, Mr.. He was invited to Moscow "Locomotive" and in 1957. the first time won the USSR Cup. In 1962. Vladimir Maslachenko joined Spartak (Moscow), which included playing until 1969, and in 1966. was team captain.
Vladimir Maslachenko - one of the best Soviet goalkeeper late 50's - the first half of the 60-ies. Jumpy, bold, confident, he is fast response, good goalie equipment and acrobatic training. Correctly picking a place in the gate, clearly oriented in the complex game situations, ably led by defenders, often on the outputs of the ball beat his fist. At times, he loved to play spectacularly, delighting the audience with beautiful falls and some pictures poses.
During the years of speeches V. Maslachenko spent 315 games in the championship of the USSR, including the 196 - in the Moscow "Spartak". Won the title of champion of the USSR (1962), three times became silver medalist (1959, 1963, 1968)., Three times - the Cup of the USSR (1957, 1963, 1965)..
In 1957. was incorporated into the USSR national team and became captain of the national youth team of the USSR. Held 8 formal and more than two dozen friendlies under the flag of the USSR national team and club team. He took part in the matches at the world championships in 1958, in the qualifying rounds of the world championship in 1962, as well as in the European Cup 1960. Spent 4 matches in the Cup Winners' Cup.
. Vladimir Maslachenko repeatedly included in the list of 33 best players of the USSR: four held the second position (1959, . 1960, . 1961, . 1962.) And one third (1957), . is a member of the Club of Lev Yashin, . combining the goalkeepers, . played "on zero" over 100 matches,
. In 1961. magazine Ogonyok was named the best goalkeeper of the country. In 1969. received the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.
In 1970. V. Maslachenko graduated from the State Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (GTSOLIFK). After finishing his playing career has started a television career of Vladimir Maslachenko. As a commentator on radio and the All-Union Central Television, he worked with a short break from 1970 to 1991. (in 1972-1973. worked under contract as a coach-coordinator of the National Team and several football clubs in the Republic of Chad). From 1973 to 1990. was a sports commentator for the program "Time", lit up with reports of many large-Union and international competitions. From 1992 to 1994. was head of the studio "Sport + Sport" and the author of the program on channel IV "Ostankino".
At the present time - the leading program "Football Club" television channel NTV. One of the most active participants in the satellite channel NTV + Sport "and specialized" Football Channel. Self-judgment, uninhibited, Artistic Vladimir Maslachenko is now one of the most prominent and popular figures in Russia's sports television. In addition to football, he led coverage of the competitions on a variety of sports. He stood at the origins of Russian-language channel "Eurosport".
Awarded the Order of Honor, the Medal of the Order of Merit for Motherland of II degree, the Medal "For Labor". Lives and works in Moscow.
V. Maslachenko is a staunch supporter and promoter of sport in general and of individual species in particular. He did much to popularize in this country of interest in such sports as skiing, Freestyle skiing, kickboxing, karate, sailing. He was Chairman of the Federation freestyle (in 1994. Russia athletes have won prizes at the Olympics in Lillehammer). He actively supported the establishment of futsal team "Dina" (Moscow). In May 1992, Mr.. was appointed deputy chairman, but soon disbanded, the Committee to promote the Olympic Movement under the RF Government.
. To make long trips on yachts, . was chairman of the organizing committee "Vivat, . Russia "on Russia's participation in the yacht's Copa America, . organizer of the first professional team of yachtsmen Russia "Russian Team" for the preparation and participation in the round the world sailing,
. At competitions in the set-off the World Cup team took 3 rd place, received a personal thanks of President of Russia. Sam VN Maslachenko also participated in several races. Owns and is actively engaged in mining and water skiing, wind surfing, I captain a yacht class.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Maslachenko Vladimir Nikitovich, photo, biography
Maslachenko Vladimir Nikitovich, photo, biography Maslachenko Vladimir Nikitovich  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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