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Machaidze Manuchar (Mano)

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Machaidze Manuchar (Mano)
photo Machaidze Manuchar (Mano)
In the minds of some fans, he remained manager, . brilliant technologist, . which in some inimitable rack - on bent legs - could circle the two, . three, . Four contenders, . this embodiment of Tbilisi "Dinamo" 70-ies, . of my memories of others, he was finished as a maverick in the field, . and outside, . man, . did not want to subordinate personal ambitions of command problems, . and therefore early retired from football - in thirty years.,
. Manuchar (to close just Mano) Machaidze, perhaps, one of the most brilliant and controversial figures in the history of Tbilisi "Dinamo"
. There have been matches where semidesyatitysyachnik crowded at the top of light chanted: "Dee-na-mo" "Ma-no!", And at the slightest failure Dynamo most curses poured it on the captain's head Machaidze
. In the minds of some fans, he remained manager, . brilliant technologist, . which in some inimitable rack - on bent legs - could circle the two, . three, . Four contenders, . this embodiment of Tbilisi "Dinamo" 70-ies, . of my memories of others, he was finished as a maverick in the field, . and outside, . man, . did not want to subordinate personal ambitions of command problems, . and therefore early retired from football - in thirty years,
. Unlike many of his team-mates Manuchar Machaidze dropped out of sight, occasionally it can be seen on the training field stadium
Dynamo. And quite suddenly became news that Mano was elected to the Parliament of Georgia.
- In 1980 you have completed a career football. Since that time you almost nothing had been heard, and suddenly you again for all to see, only in a very unexpected - the deputy of the Georgian parliament the second convocation.
- Finished with sports, I began working on his specialty - in the city's various construction organizations: chief of construction administration, then deputy director of building trust Transcaucasian Railway. In recent years, was, indeed, and is now director of the Tbilisi plant ZBV. This year the opportunity to run for parliament. I thought - why netN and won the election.
- The famous striker Tbilisi "Dinamo" b0-s Vladimir Barkaya, in your tenure is a candidate, said that the Georgian parliament will not be worse, if it will Manuchar Machaidze. But some people want to see it was not worse, but better. What goals have Machaidze-deputataN
- All my life I was a perfectionist, and they remain. Tasks for the new parliament of the country very much. And they all require rapid solutions. Now Georgia, in fact, split. People impoverished. The economy has collapsed, there is no industrial production, agriculture swamped.
Enumerate the problems in our society can be a long time ... My goal - at least contribute to positive developments in these areas. If you feel that I have something does not work in his new position, I assure, immediately go out of parliament - let my will take place more worthy.
- Once you've gone ... And your departure was not accompanied by any grandiose farewell match. All the same - what happened to the team in the late seventies, when you - Captain Dynamo, obviously not finish, left, and, apparently, not because you so wanted uytiN
. - Can you name famous players, retired from football without konfliktovN Gerd Muller went scandal
. Cruyff quarreled with everyone with whom you can. Pele, come to grief when he left for America, had quarreled with the leadership of the Brazilian federation, and Maradona - all walking scandal. Apparently, there's some common cause ... Just imagine that in a few days you will not be doing things you love, so what gave many years of life, strength, health. Hence the conflict before the end of speeches.
- But what specifically expressed your conflict with komandoyN
- Rather, they did not with the team and its leadership. I did not want to play at the football, which was imposed Nodar Akhalkatsi. Style of the game "Dinamo" - the so-called "southern". In a similar play football in Italy, Spain, South America. Akhalkatsi he began to vaccinate Dinamo management features northern football, based primarily on athleticism. I'm not saying that, say, German or Danish football worse than the Argentine or Spanish. It is different, of course, having its own advantages, but alien to the Georgian. I thought, and hold my conviction that rationalism, management implemented at the time coach Dynamo detrimental effect on our football. And under the circumstances I decided to leave the team.
- And in this confrontation between the coach - the captain you support your brother Gocha.
- Not exactly. My position was shared by many. But someone has decided not to go against Akhalkatsi, someone already in the course of the festering conflict has changed its position ... Dunno how sincerely. But in fact, really looked like that the brothers Machaidze not get along with the main and left.
- In 1981 - already without you - "Dinamo" has achieved its greatest success, becoming the owner of the Cup Winners' Cup. It turns out, is not so wrong was AhalkatsiN
- In my opinion, is the external side. Well, before 1981 there was a "Dynamo" outstanding pobedN alone "Sukhachev" 3:0 with Liverpool worth something! Yes, in 1981, already without me, the team has achieved a European triumph. But it was the swan song of the Georgian football. In my last season in Dynamo team lost all three games. Year later, the same total number of defeats for the season has reached catastrophic for classroom team numbers - sixteen. Dynamo acted with each year getting worse and worse. And the root cause of the fall I see is that the team began to play not to his football. Well, the Georgians can not because of their temperament, natural qualities of athletic play hard football!
. - And yet, at the time of your departure, many experts, . Fans, . Paying tribute to your dedication to the field, . tremendous individual technique, . thought, . that Machaidze not take the role of team manager, . sin inaccurate transmissions, . often perederzhivaet ball ..,
- It can speak only incompetent people. I do not know now, but in my time in each match was determined by the coefficient of marriage and the efficiency. And I was the only soccer player in the Soviet Union who have marriage on the basis of the coefficient of the season was less than ten percent. And for efficiency, I always belonged in the top ten, never dropping below 60 percent.
- Why, in this case, you played for the national team of the Union not more than five matcheyN
- This should be asking coaches first team. I am often attracted to the Olympic team, second team. As regards the first, I did not fit "in the construction of tactical trainers. Strange, . sure, . but the fact - all over the world are valued players, . who can trace the opponent, . They are fabulously expensive, . they hunt for the richest clubs, . I, , . in the team concept did not fit! Then the team played in the Union "Bay Run", . but I could not and did not want to play in this football, . devoid of the aesthetic principle,
. And it's not just in aesthetics, this style did not bring great results. Let us turn to the World Cup. Brazilians have won four times, three Italians, two times in Argentina and Uruguay. From the "power" is three victories from the Germans and the British one, incidentally, in the year of his World Cup championship played no special way technical mastery - Bobby Charlton polkomandy opponents encircles.
- Probably that geek Machaidze were invited by the leading clubs and players who appreciate a stroke.
- Called the Italian "Inter" and "Napoli", a number of Spanish clubs, Benfica, English Manchester City and Arsenal. His name, but what's the point! If I stayed there with me as soon as we made the label a traitor to the Motherland. And frankly, the thought was not playing in Georgia. Now, of course, a little bit sorry that was not able to play, say, in the same Italian championship.
- How much you got in "Dinamo" N
- Do not believe me, every month on the force came out two hundred. In those days it was not the most miserable money, but compared to income of foreign colleagues are ridiculously low. Nevertheless, we did not consider material welfare of the principal. Sport aspect was with us, Dynamo 70, in the first place, but still - crazy love our fans. In general, incidentally, pay in Tbilisi "Dinamo" were lower than in other Soviet teams.
- Well-informed opponents of federal primacy, I suppose, trying to use this offering contractual matchiN
- Generally in Tbilisi "Dinamo" wanted to win everything. We have a special stimulus. I remember only one case in Donetsk when we were offered money for a draw. We refused and lost - 1:3. And since the treaty was a lot of matches. And you know, these games often contract hit on us is very sensitive. If conducted a clean fight, then success at Dynamo in the union competition would be far more.
- For example, Ukraine was represented at the championship five or even six teams. Moscow - Four. In acute struggle, say, in the first place or just a prize-winning same or Dynamo Kiev Shakhtar could count on "loyalty" fellow. At us such concessions were. So it turns out that another team had "guaranteed" 7.8 points. And sometimes decide the outcome of the championship 1.2 points. We have to succeed it was necessary, as they say, outdo.
- We have a problem with Dinamo like no. How do you like the Georgian national chempionatN
- It's not like. Watch no matter what, no one. Footballers are not trained, with gaps in technology, with gaps in the understanding of the game. Sometimes I watch the actions of a team and I thought: what if she had a trenerN And if there, . then what he refers to futboluN What is there to say, . If matches sometimes end with hockey rezultatamiN! And the most annoying - not seen talented players, . can become real stars of tomorrow,
- A KinkladzeN TshadadzeN Brothers ArveladzeN
- They are certainly capable of guys. Perhaps the performances in foreign clubs will help them in becoming. In the current circumstances, only this I see the salvation of the Georgian football - capable young players should only play abroad. Then, maybe something worthwhile with the time and get.
- Do you have an ideal futbolistaN
- I am not inclined to judge others by the same yardstick. There were great defenders, great midfielders, great forwards. Well who is better: Beckenbauer or KroyfN One was a brilliant defender, the other - forward. And so, like many. This Pele, and Overath, and Eusebio ...
- You spent a lot of matches at different levels, with different teams. Does this collection special matchN
- All my life - to inflame, nervous tension - remember the victory for us the final match of the USSR Cup in 1979. In general, I liked to play against foreign teams. In these games has always been something special. Unforgatable steel fixtures club, with Liverpool and Hamburg, where we played on equal terms with leading European clubs. Memorable got a tour of South America, especially the match against Boca Juniors - while the club champion. Unbelievable was the game content. All we have won the match - 1:0, and only at the last minute Argentines razed by.
- You have accumulated invaluable experience, so necessary to the current generation of Georgian soccer. On coaching activities not dumaliN
- A few years ago I would have laughed if I had predicted deputy chair ... I do not like to guess in advance.

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Machaidze Manuchar (Mano), photo, biography
Machaidze Manuchar (Mano), photo, biography Machaidze Manuchar (Mano)  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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