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Alexei Mikhailichenko

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Alexei Mikhailichenko
Football has taught me to play Byshovets, in a big football - Lobanovsky - says Alexei Mikhailichenko, the champion of the USSR, Italy, Scotland, champion of Seoul-88, vice-champion of Europe-88, the most titled football player in the history of Soviet soccer
. Champion of the three countries
. Sign of the Soviet quality
. At the gate built a blockhouse
. Coach Enzo Bearzot.
. Ringing medals Cup call
. before anyone heard Zoff.
. Eder, Zico with depressed --
. Gentile did not pass.
. Brighter stars on the horizon
. the fields shines Conti.
. Well, that, for example, I
. write about BlohineN
. This - the magazine of the rhyme "Krokodil" in 1982
. Then, after the Spanish world championship, which the USSR national team has not passed a quarter of group tournament, Oleg Blokhin and his partners criticized. Today, such a performance in Russia would probably satisfied. But 16 years ago to be judged by different standards, and although never, not counting the 1966 USSR team success in the world championships is not sought, it was compared only with the best - the Brazilians, Germans, Italians. Over the years, and the primacy of the USSR to us in many ways it seems the standard, . and the title of champion of the country - a sign of quality at all times, . 80's left us with memories of the final of the Euro-88 and the generation of prominent Soviet Ukrainian players - Blokhin, . Protasov, . Belanove, . Zavarove, . Bessonova - not enumerate all,
. But even among them Alexei Mikhailichenko - the figure, perhaps the most vivid. In any case, no one has a number of league titles, as he. Two years ago, Mikhailichenko finished performances in a large football, and last season became the assistant to Valery Lobanovsky in Dynamo. Happy and prosperous chelovekN
- Not very pleased with how there was my destiny - with these unexpected for me, the words began our conversation.
- Are you renowned and much seeing is what sozhaletN
- Of course, to complain - sin. I played in teams that always had big goals. But revealed a 60 per cent, not more. - Even in 1988-MN - This year - the best in my career. Gold Olympics in Seoul, silver European Championship. And imagine, not a bit tired! Everything went on smoothly, many received. In April 1988 Mikhailichenko recognized soccer player of the month, and one of the contenders for the title was Alexander Borodyuk. Yes, the same striker Moscow Dynamo, who still plays, though. already in the capital "Locomotive". It is interesting to remember that when thinking about his future Mikhailichenko. "As a footballer I am still growing. I do not think that has already reached the summits of Excellence. Recently learned that the national team of the USSR and was very happy ". - He said in an interview for "Soviet Sport. At that time, from Kiev to Austria left Oleg Blokhin, and from the "Dnepr" received reinforcements, Oleg Protasov and Gennady Litovchenko. Partners Mihajlichenko and Baltacha had Bessonov, Oleg Kuznetsov and Demyanenko, Rats and Belanov. What are the names! - I think in 1988 I finally opened - continues Mikhailichenko .- Although it seems to me it had to happen sooner. - And why not sluchilosN - a long time sitting in the take, - in the Dynamo's always been a crazy competition.
Italy, Scotland
- Do not hurt it that holds you in Lobanovsky zapaseN
- No. To understand why, we must plunge into the atmosphere of the time. Then it was thought that the stars - abroad, and we have fans. And we ourselves thought so. Ratio of all was more or less the same. If someone has found himself in reserve, in newspapers or on television passions flared. When he moved to Italy, excitement stunned. Not tired from football - from the media, which always had to be very careful. I'm used to not so quickly as we would like. For example, I did not care whose name light up on the scoreboard, main result and the Italians ... - Waited golovN-Yes. I was told that it would be nice if I had scored seven or eight balls. Although the restrictions are not placed - create, invent. Thank Lobanovskyy. He taught to love the dirty work - to select balls. I enjoyed when interrupted the attack and helped the defenders. After the end of the season came in the Rangers because in Scotland, offered a lucrative contract. However, four years. Thought, and agreed - in Italy, where he became a champion, there is no longer kept.
- But Scotland is probably not a country where you can yourself proyavitN
- I can not agree. Of course, the championship there, as a rule, devoid of intrigue, but all the same in every game is a struggle. What else should professionaluN believed that football in Britain meager tactical. Wrong. In recent years it has changed. When I arrived in Scotland, I thought: ah, straightforward play. But then I realized that the simplicity is deceptive British football. In Scotland, such as more technical and intelligent players, as in the leading football countries. Just their technique is more rational. At the same dedication to British players do not equal.
- With his physique, you could become king of the air ...
- I thought that I was very fun to play head. When arrived in Scotland to understand: in this case I have a baby. In Kiev, the team turned out to hammer head. In Scotland for 5 years - never. We substitute the head, and then wrestle, play smart and hard.
- It looks like Scotland you ocharovalaN
- Has become a second home. On the years he spent there, I do not regret. And in England, where my house, too, like. I regret also that have not played at the World Cup. Was a chance to go to Italy in 1990. But three weeks before the opening I broke his shoulder in a friendly match with Israel, and I stayed out of work for six weeks.
Munich Silver, gold, Seoul
- Let's go back to the 1988-th. What match do you think was the most yarkimN
- With the Italians at the European Championships. It can be studied as a textbook. The team acted as a single mechanism. There were no errors, but the trembling of the knees did not feel. Then said that the teams Lobanovskiy players - cogs. Nonsense! Yes, each doing some work, but how much was improvisation, beautiful moments! And in 1988 we had a really strong team that could and should have won the European Championship. We are in no way inferior to the Dutch. Before the matches of some unusual words are not uttered Lobanovsky. Wearing a T-shirt with the inscription: "USSR", we already knew that we will watch the entire country.
- Second place - also excellent result. You feel then triumfatoramiN
- We felt that we have done a great job.
- Before the 1988 European Championship in Germany, the USSR national team did not consider to Favorites. Moreover, she got the group to the Dutch with Gullitom, van Basten, Kumans and the British. The victory over the Dutch - 1:0 - has been hailed as a sensation, and could beat, and with a larger account: "The urgent Mikhailichenko attack from the left flank ended with the transfer of the center, and Protasov almost scored the second goal". In a match with the British team has achieved unconditional victory of the USSR - 3:1, . the second, . a very important ball scored Mikhailichenko: "At the 26 th minute was followed by an excellent combination Mihajlichenko - Rat - Mikhailichenko, . and blow the last head of the center area of the gate was accurate,
. Goal in the English style. "
- Before the semi-final encounter with Italy Lobanovsky conducted a survey of players: if they agree pressingovat entire match and prepared for this. All 20 people answered yes. And the head coach and the players believed that another tactic is unlikely to bring success in the game with the Italians, who were called the main contenders for gold. But in the end - 2:0 in favor of the USSR national team. "Very pleased Zavarov - he is a great player, great Mikhailichenko and Protasov. Today, we have seen is the European champion, "- said well-known former Italian footballer Sandro Mazzola. But he was mistaken - the champions were the Dutch, which our team lost in the finals with a score of 0:2. Were in the game and Penalty Missed Belanova, and incredible goal van Basten at the gate Dasaeva. USSR team was not enough, perhaps, lucky to become the best in Europe. Mikhailichenko same up to the tournament came in the symbolic team version of the influential newspaper Bild. where his partners were Dasaev, Koeman, Kuznetsov, Rijkaard, Gullit, Houghton, Matthaus, Protasov, van Basten and Vialli.
- In the year you have participated in the Seoul Olympics. Her gold is not as valuable to you, as a European serebroN
- Why zheN tournament has turned out very heavy. The Brazilians have brought the future stars - Taffarel, Romario, Jorginho, Careca, Bebeto, Ademir, who had already produced a vivid impression. Romario has scored more than anyone, including us in the finals. Miracle we won. But not only expensive gold Seoul. For example, I have three times won the medal for the backup of the "Dinamo" - and they to me no less significant. In young men became the champion of the Union - is also the memory.
- In the finals of the Olympic tournament in Seoul, one of the goals was credited Mikhailichenko, who was shot down when the score was 0:1 in the penalty (penalty realized Dobrovol'skii). "I would put in one row Mikhailichenko with the stars of world football - Romario, Careca and Klinsman. This is a player who can play at the highest level in any area of operation and in any phase of the game "- so spoke of him coach the Olympic team of the USSR Byshovets.
. Student Byshovtsa and Lobanovskiy
. - In the qualification round European Championship-2000 teams of Ukraine and Russia were in one group
. And it may happen that a third more than would be frantsuzyN
- I do not like predictions. But a group of unusual, this is exactly. Byshovets proved in his time, that can work with national teams. It is interesting to see how the competition will Byshovtsa and Lobanovskiy. While direct confrontation not work - after all the senior coach of Ukraine Jozsef Szabo.
- You are highly appreciate Lobanovskiy. And what do you think, force ByshovtsaN
- It is a subtle psychologist. He knows how to configure command. I trained with him from 10 to 17 years and thank him for what he made of me player. Byshovets taught me to play football, but Lobanovsky - in a big football. He remembers the current head coach of Russia Byshovets: "The story resembles the situation with Mihajlichenko ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan. As a child in its physical qualities of speed and he did not stand out among their peers. However, even then Alexei different way of thinking, cunning game. Later, our paths crossed several times. At the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and at the European Championships in 1992. In Seoul, he almost immediately became a leader. In the Dynamo had a lot of outstanding players, from which he took all the best, and this is manifested in the team. In 1992 Mikhailichenko came in with a great team experience. I was not just a player and assistant, and even something advisor coach. Surely it was not easy for me, I did not discount the other hand, treated more demanding, because it had placed great hopes on it. Alexei - a sociable person with a sense of humor, and it also helped him to become a soccer player with a capital ".
- Who you LobanovskiyN
- Teacher. Over the years of joint work, I imbued with his ideas. Lobanovsky - world value.
- What's in the Soviet era was far from obvious to everyone!
- I think the value Lobanovskiy understand all. His confrontation with Beskova moved forward our football. Fixtures Dynamo Kiev - Spartak could become an adornment of any European championship.
- Style "Spartacus" you imponirovalN
- I was respectful to his manner. But different people enjoy different components of football. Some - from the struggle, others from juggling. I - a supporter of athletics. Let the game is over with the score 0:0, but the entire match spectators will witness the struggle in each section of the field.
- Lobanovsky was a tough coach. This is not caused protestaN
- No. Of course, tired from lack of exercise, from supraliminal stress. Sometimes, muttered to himself, but never doubted the correctness of the decision the coach, because they brought the result.
- And what he thinks about Lobanovsky MihaylichenkoN "Alex is a decent man and an outstanding football. He set a goal and it was a long time to. At one time he could not get into the main part. He received a proposal from another club, but he refused. because I wanted to play only in the Dynamo. He became who was due to the enormous capacity for work and talent. Not everyone can reach the highest world level. Mikhailichenko have. Not whether he outlasted zapaseN I am not a supporter of coaching football at the expense of incremental connections had reached a certain level of football, has not lost faith in itself - it can produce on the field. And Alexei subsequently proved that deserves to be called a star ". He added that few even of the greatest players can boast such a rich collection of awards, as "medal" Mikhailichenko.
In 1988 Mikhailichenko said. that his family grows another footballer - son Alex, too, loved to mess with the ball. But the player from his son did not work. Mikhailichenko. True, this does not regret.
- When you met his future zhenoyN
- Thirteen years. We grew up in the same house.
- So, you were more fortunate than many of your partners, which, due to persistent charges were deprived of personal zhizniN
- Do not submit players hermits. All successful and to meet and fall in love and marry. When you are young and full of energy, you have enough money for all. We Inna married when I was 19 years old. - No ranovatoN - No. In different periods Inna helped me survive the difficult moments. We have 15 years together.
- You are a sentimental people
- Probably. I like to recollect successful matches, goals, seasons. When a nostalgic mood, turn on the VCR with your favorite cassettes.
- What imennoN
- European Championship. Olympic. Under the specific mood - some matches. Calming effect. However, neither of whom do not share my feelings. So, for myself sometimes dig into the past. - How do you become treneromN - Once I met in Kiev with Lobanovsky, spoke at length. He was interested in my plans, and eventually invited to work in Dynamo. I was glad. First, always wanted to work only in football. Coaching business - a special case, but it's interesting for me. But still do not consider myself a coach. While only studying. Lobanovsky was first my teacher as a player and now as a coach.
- Two years ago, you struck the final blow on the ball in the big football. I think any player then has to feel a sense of emptiness.
- At the point reached. It was strange to feel complete freedom - when there is no hurry, nothing to prepare. Yes, and demanded the body loads. Today we have grown used to the idea that my time as a player has passed and that nostalgia - not the best assistant in the new profession. But however many years have passed, will still feel like a footballer. Football - a life in miniature, in which there is birth, and adolescence, and maturity, and old age. In football, there is no death, only. Something I would like to change, but the past does not return and did not correct. And thank Bo

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