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Mikhail Mikhailov

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Mikhail Mikhailov
Throughout the world, fans almost idolized football stars - for the joy and anguish, which they bring their brilliant play on the green lawn. In turn, the stars - nature, as a rule, versatile - often seek to prove themselves and outside the football field. Some people manage to do is not just funny, but really interesting and skillfully. Our fans with the experience, of course, remember the famous goalkeeper Dynamo 80-ies Mikhail Mikhailov.
Our fans with the experience, of course, remember the famous goalkeeper Dynamo 80-ies Mikhail Mikhailov. Once in the television show "Football Review", he appeared as a pop singer: he was shown video of his song "Yesterday". At the All-Union television, such things happened only once, but on the Ukrainian TV songs performed by Mikhailova sounded quite often.
There was this pop star, even released her own record. And in the 89-m, when in Kiev held a farewell match Oleg Blokhin, Mikhailov wrote for this occasion a song and he himself had performed it. It sounded on the 100-seat stadiums at a time when participants honored the great football match.
Underground Hit
Magnificent Dutchman Ruud Gullitom on the football field admired everything. In his youth, Gullit was playing the guitar and even at one time led the rock band - though not the most popular, and this is his passion did not last too long.
However, this is quite different. In 1988. Ruud with one another and the same star of the Dutch national team Frank Rijkaard rested after winning the European Championships in Germany. Gullit decided to go on a visit to one of those of his old friend, with whom he once went on stage and who never went to go solo, but not earned her much success. As usual, remember former, from the soul pobrenchali - and went.
Ruud and could not imagine that all this is recorded on tape. Cocaine friend immediately realized what profit can be extracted from the record, and soon released a record of not representing any musical value of musical Exercise. The calculation was accurate: the plate, which are sung at the zenith of football glory Gullit and Rijkaard, sold to the cheers, and an enterprising publisher literally get rich. Although the great Dutch players have not received their share, they have shown magnanimity and claims did not show.
Unfulfilled dream
Parents of future rock star Rod Stewart Scot moved to London shortly before his birth. And in my childhood Rod, like thousands of boys, the capital, drove the ball all the free time and dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. The ability of the young striker drew the attention of agents of the club "Brentford" from the second division. Stewart predicted glory scorer if not the level of the great Jimmy Greaves, then at least the famous Scottish striker Liverpool's Ian St John.
However, in the life of the race changed on Jan. 10, 1959, when he was 14 years old: the parents on this occasion gave the guitar kid. Stuart serious interests in music and, although continued playing football, not only gave the game itself. In 17 years, Rod left "Brentford", and went traveling around Europe, laboring in the way a musician in restaurants and bars.
Hard to say, have been able to really implement a Scot himself on the football field, but his career in show business was a success for the glory. Over the years, produced dozens of albums, and lyrical composition Sailing has become one of the most popular hits of the mid 70. An even greater delight of the audience later called Hit in the style of new wave Do You Think I'm Sexy.
In a recent interview with a famous musician confessed that he has reached in life very much, but one of his cherished dreams was never implemented. Guess what kind of dream stayed with Stewart, is not difficult: once to go to the football field in a dark blue shirt Scotland, for which he continues to passionately sick today.

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Mikhail Mikhailov, photo, biography
Mikhail Mikhailov, photo, biography Mikhail Mikhailov  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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