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Nepomnyashchii Valery

( Athlete, football)

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Valery Nepomnyashchii - personality we both known and unknown. Many in the memory-90 World Cup in Italy, which brought him knockout. Cameroonian "indomitable lions, led by the Soviet specialist, majestically, like the king of beasts, jumped in the quarter-finals. This "jump" to this day has failed any one African team. Although already passed two of the World Cup, and talk about that shortly zolotishko mundialya wash the black continent, were unchanged.
After Cameroon's name was on the ear. But every year it seemed - forget it. Knowing about him only that works there, then coached such a team. Remembered Nepomnyashchii and one frequently recurring situations: when the team of Russia remained without a coach and began to look for a new helmsman. And the number of potential healers of our football illness and disease, and called his name. True, there came the same everywhere: "Why Nepomnyashchii working abroad. It is far from our football as the Decembrists from the people ... "At this soliciting Valery Kuzmich to this post ended. Before long history of making another turn of the spiral, is not repeated ...
Here in November 1998, Valery Nepomnyashchii returned to Russia from Korea. It would seem, why leave prosperous country, where football invest no less force than pepper in a fiery Korean carrots. Russian coach said goodbye to the Koreans to the airport staged a violent. The fans chanted: "No-pom-nya-Officer-No-pom-nya-Officer," not stihnuv even when he disappeared in the customs control zone.
Around the same way his farewell from Cameroon in November 90 th. Ambassador of the then Soviet Union again when departing coach victor said: "You have your work done more than all of us here together!"
. - Valery Kuzmich, can remember how uezzhaliN Cameroon was the only variantomN
. - I shall be in Algeria, Tunisia, Suriname
. In the first two proposed lead club teams. In Suriname, - youth team, Cameroon - the National, which became the 88 th under the leadership of Claude Leroy champion of Africa. Leroy, if you remember, led them to the World Cup in France. Cameroonians, I still remembered the Spanish primacy, when they played all three matches in a draw. With great pleasure agreed to go there.
- Not afraid to lose something like trenerN
- No. First, do not leave cars with cement to unload, and engage in professional business. Secondly, you recognize the other football, other people, their psychology, comparing to the case. It was important to enrich themselves, and consider myself a rich man in the professional plan.
- And how they were saved from sharks Karakul, gorillas and more evil krokodilovN
- Cameroon - this is not Kenya, where a lot of dangerous animals. More dangerous snakes. At home they are, fortunately, not crawling, but the yard - often. Once, when we assembled guests, the following happened. Zapolzshaya yard snake zaglotila frog. And then to help the frog with a machete in the hands of our keeper Ludo runs and cuts off the snake's head. Then saved galloped. And somehow I had the opportunity, carrying garbage, kill the snake.
But worse than the snake - "bad good" Cameroonian climate. There is never the heat, temperatures of 19-26 degrees. But the rainy season, the pressure drops severely beaten on the body. Many died after Cameroon. Or malaria cases. Malaria hurt the weakest bodies. Fortunately, double perebolev, the effects I had. But the wife after malaria had problems with heart.
- And what are the Cameroonians as lyudiN
- The African people are sloppy, they essentially lack discipline. (In China, for example, when I worked with the youth team, players came to training systems and to report that their studies they are ready.) Once was scheduled meeting with the president of soccer federation. Agreed on the morning. Cameroon lives with six in the morning until six in the evening. I plain enough: a six-lifting, breakfast. O'clock to eight, it means that people will approach. In the end, I waited for him to half of the first. I asked: "Why so late prishliN" The answer discouraged: "We're agreed on the morning ..."
To match the national championship started on time - never. Mandatory delay of half an hour. We conducted our final game of the championship of Central African countries. Getting it in four days. We prepare the players, 80-thousand packed to overflowing. How much do you think started igraN
- Well, after a half hour ...
- At seven in the evening! At the same time, met the presidents of these countries. While there they discussed all things, had lunch, players had to sleep on the benches. And the whole stadium waited for their appearance ...
- Due to the negligence players, perhaps problems with the national team was at least otbavlyayN
- I experienced some situations so that he lost eight kilograms in weight. There I flew on November 2. Start collecting the Sixth National Team. 5 th of, after the championship game, the evening news on television and radio to announce the list of players invited to the gathering. Total 25. The next day - six, nine in the morning, central stadium. We sit in the office of coach. Begin to approach the players, say hello, "Salut, coach". At ten in the morning instead of the 25 people ... four. Interestingly, from any point in the Cameroonian capital can be reached within half an hour. I ask assistant: "Where ostalnyeN" Answer: "Soon will be ..." By the evening training session brought together 12 players, the next morning - 20. Five did not come at all - the scouts took them to France to sign contracts with local clubs. And only six months later I was able to teach all gather at the right time in the right place ...
- In this country, yet everyone thinks himself coach of the national team ...
- It was and is. We are preparing for the third game qualifying for the World Cup - against Gabon. The situation in the group where there were still Nigerians sangoltsami - stress. Two games, one point. Therefore, the outcome of this meeting much depended. Playing Sunday. According to my plans for departure on Thursday. But ... On the same Thursday after a workout comes up to me a group of individuals in national attire, stretch a piece of paper. It contained the names of eight players. They say: "These players need to go to the match!" If I did not put, I was sacked as coach. They said think about until tomorrow morning. But from this list, only three could be put on the game, which I did ...
- A rival of the subgroup at the World Cup team was the Soviet Union ...
- In Cameroon, said that before the World Cup coach to replace. In France and Cameroon have begun serious discussions on this subject. The siege, however, not withstanding, I, as Minister of Sport. He said: "The horses in midstream is not me!"
- Tell me, then you have given our two ochkaN
- Before the game with the Union of Cameroon called me and advised me to put up the strongest part. Absurd. For us, this meeting did not decide. To me, logically, wanted to give the leaders a break, not to put players with yellow cards. But I was told that the world community not understand us, if we put reservists. In the end, put all the strongest. We rested for about fifteen minutes, and then, after a missed ball, the players no desire to fight and break as well and everything was clear. The second aspect - the coach. He is a professional. And I, on the contrary, it was important to win at Union. But if this was the first or second game ... Then there are few that was solved.
- In Italy-90 flashed Roger Milla, edakii tridtsativosmiletny old-mushroom. They said the character he has not sugar.
- I will say that all people on earth the same, no matter what color they were and wherever they lived. Roger Milla man with a high opinion of himself, but really the complex nature. But he has a right to be so. And so he star. For him there is in football authorities, but himself. He believes that in football, he understands better than anyone else. First, I imposed on him, I refused, but seeing him in the case, agreed to take in the team.
- A kooky with his hand not byloN
- There is one Running exercise, when the player has to run ten yards to go, then fifteen meters to go, and so few series. The pulse rises to 190 - 200 beats. When Milla ran for the first time about a hundred yards, he came up to me and says: "Co-uch, this exercise I do not do it. I'm going to die here ". Invite him to run the same distance, but in a different mode. At one of the workouts I was not, and I have not had time to warn the assistant. And Roger tells him, they say, I was told to do so. And the second coach, he simply sent, so much so, that was a terrible scream. Or after the match with Romania. Recovery run. This is all knew. Roger stayed in the locker room. Assistant on my own initiative went to push him. He him: "You jerk, you'll be my point, you are my socks and underwear washed (they are together as a team played) and indicates. You must carry my bag! "To resort to my assistant, all white, although black. White blush, black whiten. Explains everything, I'm in the locker room to Roger and asked him: "You chegoN He's assistant". In response: "Yes, what he coach. Spat Mill, then went out and ran a half hour instead of 40 minutes ...
- Occur in Cameroon you after the Italian triumph with songs and plyaskamiN
- In Yaounde motorcade drove cars. We drove all over town, everywhere were crowds of people, children. Players pulled out of the cars, everyone thought that he owed to us dokosnutsya on my torn jacket. Such unity of the country have never been in Cameroon. But even before the World Cup quarterfinal team also never reached! The thrill.
- A personal voznagrazhdeniyaN
- One street called my name - "Monsieur Valц?ry". Just became known as cafes, restaurants. Got the order, forgot the name, a knight of something. This is the highest award for foreigners. Milla and N'Kono awarded "Purple Star" - also the highest award. But I still got a number of "untouchable" people, that is, in my territory, such as houses, Cameroonian law does not apply. The money I received no bonus, because the contract is not supposed. And with the money again unpleasant history occurred: the president of the country arrested the funds received from FIFA for participation. The President even promised an audience, though, and I did not wait for it. Maybe it would be rewarded with something from his master's back ...
- And at least some benefits had popolzovatsyaN
- I'll say this: coach very significant figure in Cameroon. Something on the level of Minister. One day, taking advantage of their position, I had struck a telephone at the villa, he lived in Cameroon, and no phone. And then come to the Minister on the request for assistance. It settles me without asking me anything about the problems starts talking about football, about the team. And a half hours talking. Then he asked why, they say, I have come ... So this is what appeared in my phone ...
- Valery Kuzmich, this stellar moment in your career, but he was nine years ago. Do not hurt liN
- I do not attach great importance to this. Even if this championship. For me it was a stage, which ended. Life goes. I worked then in China, Turkey, Korea, and when I go, everywhere I've been told, if it need work, we take pleasure, just call. What could be luchsheN And now, to get the moral satisfaction, I have to work here. Either I lose some reputation, or go out to a new level. Because it is not normal if I did not work a day in Russia!

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    Nepomnyashchii Valery, photo, biography
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