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Biography Net Igor
photo Net Igor
(9.01.1930 - 30.03.1999)
Igor Netto on the top step of the podium of the Olympic tournament in 1956 in Melbourne, Igor Netto with the European Cup in 1960 in the hands ... These scenes are all aware. Two top Soviet football, which led the USSR national team captain of the player, who became legendary during his lifetime
.01.1930 - 30.03.1999. Midfielder. Honored Master of Sports. He started playing in Moscow in the team stadium "Young Pioneers", in favor of "Spartak" (Moscow) - 1949 - 1966. 367 matches, 37 goals in the championships of the USSR. USSR Champion 1952,1953,1956,1958,1962. 2 nd medalist 1954,1955,1963. 3rd prize-winner 1957, 1961. USSR Cup 1950.1958, 1963. The long-term captain of Spartak. In the "Top 33" - 10 times (N б? 1 - 8). In the USSR national team 54 matches, 4 goals (1952 - 1965), the years the Captain. Member OI-52 OI-56 (1 place), FM-58 (1 Match), FM-62 (4 games), KE-60 (1 place). Entered in the symbolic team of the USSR for 50 years. Since the autumn of 1966 - on the trainer work. Senior coach Omonia (Nicosia, . Cyprus) - 1967, . "Shinnik (Yaroslavl) - 1968, . Head hockey team "Spartak" (Moscow) - 1960 - 1970, . coach of Iran - 1970 - 1971, . "Panionisa" (Athens, . Greece) - 1976 - 1977, . coach of Spartak (Moscow) - 1973 - 1975, . Head Coach "Neftchi" (Baku) - 1979, . SDUSHOR "Spartacus" to 1990,
. Awarded the Order of Lenin and the Order of Friendship.
Fair play Igor Netto
Igor Netto on the top step of the podium of the Olympic tournament in 1956 in Melbourne, Igor Netto with the European Cup in 1960 in the hands ... These scenes are all aware. Two top Soviet football, which led the USSR national team captain of the player, who became legendary during his lifetime. Now he's no longer with us.
In the history of world football, he entered, however, not only an outstanding player. At the World Championships in 1962 Net did something never before or since did one. During the match of group tournament with the team when the score was 1:1 Uruguay striker USSR Igor Chislenko effort on goal rivals. We leave on the floor himself Net: "The ball rises to the grid in the upper right corner. All of us, who was away from the scene, happily throw back their hands - a goal! But goalkeeper Coca and a few players of the Uruguayan national team rush to judge, arguing that the goal was not, and the ball went sideways through the hole in the grid. The judge remained unmoved, pointing to the center. Uruguayan soccer players shouting, waving his arms, trying to prove their case. The situation in the field of acute. Personally, I also thought that the ball hit the goal from the side. Running to Chislenko: "Igor was golN" - ask him. "No" - responds Chislenko without hesitation. Then I, as captain, went to the Italian referee, and as he could, gestures, explained to him: "No goal was". He thanked me and the goal lifted. Well, I honestly felt relieved. We played in an honest football ". That match USSR team still won: one minute before the end of the winning goal scored, Valentin Ivanov.
In those days there was no prize "Fair play", but a noble gesture captain USSR evaluated all. How times have changed! After 24, Captain team Argentina Maradona scored his hand at the World Cup ball into the goal England, but has not filed the form that violated the rules, and joyfully celebrated a goal, the good judge did not notice the hand game. Maradona and never thought that in this case it was possible to do otherwise. What kinds of people, what different captains!
Nikolai Starostin on the Net, wrote this: "Exercise and mode Net can be a model for each. All the memorable years of a brilliant career, he was and remained a patriot mother club "Spartak". This command, he spent eight times for a victory lap after five victories in the national championship and three Cup wins. His demands for himself allowed him to set up a record sporting longevity ...
Igor preferred to play in minor ringing, termed as fast and accurate transmission. But if that was not enough for victory, . I felt I could hit and a large assembly bell, . alone with the roar to break into someone else's defense, and the message of his calligraphic skills to bond not only an original signature, . but the official stamp of the decisive goal ... "Beautifully said, . not true liN,
. Today about Igor Netto remember us his comrades, partners in "Spartacus" and the USSR national team
Valentin Nikolaev
Honored Master of Sports
- In 1952 at the Olympic tournament in Finland, the USSR national team, as is known, held its first official match. In all three meetings on the spot midfielder then played a 22-year-old Igor Netto. Especially memorable were two of our games with the Yugoslavs - 5:5 and 1:3. In these matches played and I, and the net among us was the youngest. In the team he was invited primarily because he was a highly technical player. Quiet, humble and intelligent guy at once blended into the team. I think that in those two games only to the line midfield USSR national team, which accounted for Petrov and net, it was impossible to bring claims. Already at that time Igor attracted the attention of his skilful handling of the ball and Raman gift. It is not just tied the game, making a good partner to pass, but immediately, as we say, open, leaving a free space, creating options for the development of an acute attack. Net is constantly perfecting their skills and not by mere chance that later became one of the most prominent players in the history of Soviet soccer.
Honored Master of Sports
- In 1949, in "Spartacus" was a change of generation of players. Just as to us and invited the 19-year-old Igor Netto, who spoke before the stadium for the team "Young Pioneers", he almost immediately began among us with, primarily because, like no one else approached for Spartak style. Our team has always been a cult Paz, and the net was the player who loved this game, and most importantly - able to make accurate, timely transfer, especially the short and medium. They placed him on the left midfield position, was given a T-shirt under the б? 6, and he spent his football life spent in this position, and under this number.
Igor played well in ice hockey. He, of course, immediately invited to Spartak hockey team, and in winter he was to speak for her in the USSR Championship. Then coached us very well-known specialist - Abram Hristoforovich Dangulov that in every way opposed to the fact that the Net was still playing in hockey, although at the time such a practice existed among the players and. Dangulov attended hockey games and very jealously watched the game Igor, fearing that he was injured, which for a long time will bring it down. Once someone from rivals applied against Igor very rough reception, and he hardly hobbled to the bench. And then Dangulov did something unusual. He came down from the platform, knelt in front of a hockey coach of Spartak Igumnovs and began to literally beg: "Do not ruin Net, is the brightest football talent, but you can cripple it, and then good-bye, football". Igumnov heed pleas Dangulova, and Igor walked away from hockey.
. I was five years older than Igor, and I was amazed that this young player without any prodding and hints from after each workout remained on the field and very hard work on improving
. Juggled the ball, hit the gate, trying to raise the starting rate ... This ongoing work has helped him become one of the best players of the country.
At that time, all played no tactical system "double-ve", in which each player has a constant position, and he has worked mostly with a certain range of partners. Y Net, as a left midfielder, was a direct link to the field with the left extreme Ilyin, with the left welterweight Dementiev, and then with the stuffing, with a center forward Simonyan. They were all great masters, but the soul of this ligament was net to hold all the threads of the conspiracy in their hands. He was a staunch supporter of the fact that every ball should be played, as we say, to the faithful, that is, before the release of any of the attackers at the perfect position to strike. And when any of them suddenly inflicted seemed Net, unprepared attack, he immediately flashed: "What, he wanted the newspaper popastN!", Suspecting that the partner had hoped to score a random goal. Generally, he was severely criticized on the field, nobody was sorry, how do wings in vain for any errors, but ended the game, and Igor is evil at no one had. However, when it comes to football, for him there was no authority. He and the coaches could have a fever say that they are de nothing in football do not understand, and even Nikolai Petrovich Starostin, who only smiled in response, knowing that Igor just went into a rage. Credibility among the players at the net was large, and not by chance that his rather young age elected by secret ballot, the captain of "Spartacus," while among the applicants were listed and more experienced and venerable football. Master was, of course, outstanding: the ball approached, like a juggler, and the passing game gave the ideal partner. No coincidence that during his captaincy of the USSR national team has achieved its most notable success: became and Olympic champion and holder of the European Cup.
. Nikita Simonyan
. Honored Master of Sports
. - From Net I met when he was 19 years old, and immediately felt that this would be a great player
. He had, so to speak, all the qualities needed footballer, especially high technology.
On his insistence to himself and others was legendary. At the end of the USSR Cup in 1958 we played with the Moscow "Torpedo". At one point I was unable to score, it would seem a sure goal. During the break, he hit me with criticism, they say, how can such balls do not clog. I just replied: "Well, not on purpose, I did not score". Net in response blurted out: "Not enough yet, so you did it on purpose!" In extra time both times I managed to score a goal, and we won 1:0. I say Net: "And what do you clamored, we won". He remained true to himself: "30 extra minutes of agony, but you still rejoice". Net liked that the game was the clarity and focus. While tactics were such that every footballer has played strictly in its place. In "Spartacus" at that time we had two midfielders: right - Maslenkino, left - Net. Once we come out on the next game, and suddenly I see that the Net boots draw a line that divides the field in half along the course, while sentences Maslenkino: "For this line on my side not to be crossed, act on their part". It turns out that in past matches Maslenkino several times shifted to the left and, according to Net, mixing up his game. Net, incidentally, was a supporter of the game sound. Once Sergey Salnikov, . perfectly who owned equipment, . showed some rare tricks with the ball and immediately ran into the observation of the Net: "The cooks play, . daN "Salnikov offended, . approached me and asked: "Nikita, . it from me that we hochetN, . worse it igraemN .. "I answered him:" Why do you ask me, . you ask him the most ", . as Salnikov: "I want to ask you and, . a gesture, . stepped aside,
The fact that Igor Netto has been for ten years, captain of the Soviet Union, speaks for itself. In "Spartacus" as alternate captain chooses him, then me. I confess that I, as the captain was several orders of magnitude lower than it. Igor could not tolerate indifference, laxity, breaches of discipline and a game during the match did not spare harsh words, putting things in order in the team. I'm by nature so demanding to talk with the players could not.
Igor Netto was a real leader, leader. Very fond of reading, . almost always it can be seen with a book, . fan of American jazz, . knew all the jazz singers and musicians, . had, . naturally, . records and records with their performances, . excellent player, . inveterate theatergoer, . his wife has long been a famous actress Olga Yakovleva ..,
Crystal-clear people and a great player. So he will remain in our memories.
Valentin Bubukin
Honored Master of Sports
- To play bad next to the Net was simply impossible, so infected it all with his passion and dedication. Leaving him on the field in the USSR team, I noticed that he always strove for whatever was to win the first duel with a rival, to set the tone, and his game, and play team. Net, incidentally, was a specialist selection of the ball and always fought for him, not sparing himself.
And what is interesting. In football, he would not let anyone descent, but in everyday life was, by its nature, we can say the man helpless, almost child.
What is his greatness as igrokaN Net was highly technical soccer. Engineering Technology, however, discord. There are jugglers who are in their work with the ball impressing unsophisticated spectator. I consider that highly technical player who can come out of any emergency situation on the field, through careful management of the ball - whether through stroke, or by giving timely transfer of a partner, or making clever feint ... Net is just a sample of the football. He was, as I call it, spontaneous stroke. He did not prepare it in advance, and improvised, depending on the circumstances, and could freely around the opponent, leaving both left and right. And that he almost always managed. And the transfer of partners, mainly short and medium-sized Net did almost perfectly.
Igor was a cultured man who knew the English language, read a lot, well playing chess ... I dressed was always spick and span. Despite the stern, had a sense of humor and was very smeshliv. I remember during a very long trip to China, the USSR team with us often carried political studies. It is, of course, tedious. I usually throw some kind of joke or telling anecdote sitting near Vladimir Caesar, he did not restrain himself, he began to laugh out loud. Net also - and I knew - once heard a kind of laughter caesarean just burst into laughter, and Simonian, in turn, just like always responded to laughter Net. Imagine the picture: that no political studies - three people laugh in his voice, and I'm sitting with a straight face, as if nothing had happened. This phenomenon became interested in the coach, Mikhail I. Yakushin and during the occupation was to watch us at the door and eventually found that I am the main culprit for all that is happening, chastised me, and we shut her room laughing ...
Net was a principled and rigorous, not only to others but to myself. On the field he knew everything, that's just never made long passes, even when he saw that the partner is closed. I think because he was afraid to make mistakes, such as himself, he could not afford ...
Valentin Ivanov
Honored Master of Sports
- Without a doubt, Igor Netto was a great football player. He has played for several years, Moscow's Spartacus when I first began to advocate for metropolitan "Torpedo" in 1953. More detail, we met with him two years later. Then the head coach of the USSR Gavriil Kachalin invited me to his team. We went, I remember gathering in India. In the team had a lot of players, probably about four dozen - actually created a new team. Her cementing the nucleus were experienced players - Yashin, Simonyan, and, of course, Net. First round of the soccer team was formed, which was to later win the Olympics and win the European Cup. Igor was older than us for a few years. And we, the young shoots - Streltsov, I Tatushin and others, he carefully soaked up the victorious spirit that prevailed in the team. Net us rustled in training, in games: he would not and could not play and, as captain, a true professional, and demanded from the other players of the same attitude to the.
On the Net I had a great influence. After I had a "Torpedo" on the bridge was replaced by Agustin Gomez, had, like Igor, to use his captain's credentials. Some resented me, Slava Metreveli in particular, for the fact that I yelled at him. But he later admitted that due to Ivanov was a footballer with the character. I think this is easy to find the mutual relationship of increased demands, which came from my older comrade Igor Netto.
In 1963, the national team, he handed me the baton as captain. When I think of this remarkable man, the memory always pops up a fact characterizes Igor Aleksandrovich as a man of great civil courage. At the World Cup in Chile, in the game with Uruguay, during one attack, the ball hit the gates of South Americans through the hole in the grid, and the judge then credited this goal. Then Igor ran up to the judge and explained that the goal was not. Could, perhaps, and silent, as did many. But he did not do. He could not act against their conscience.

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