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Nikolai Pisarev

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Nikolai Pisarev
In the distant now 1989 Nikolai Pisarev like a magnet drawn abroad, where the way at the time for players younger than 28 years has been closed. Left bison - Zavarov, Aleinikov, Dasaev, Belanov, who were given the opportunity to finish his career in the best European clubs, and earn. But who among the young never dreamed then play in Europe, . where even in unimportant teams paid obscene mnogoN To circumvent the ban, . 20-year Pisarev, . were then for <Torpedo>, . had to resort to cunning, . which knows, . I think, . Soviet History, . maybe, . and world football,
Head torpedovskoy team Yuri Zolotov asked him to write a letter to the President of the Football Federation of the USSR Vyacheslav Koloskov. In it the player reported that he decided to end his career, is going to change his profession and asks to let him out <Torpedo> on all four sides. With the blessing Koloskova was done. It is interesting to recall whether Vyacheslav that pismeN
Pisarev A month later began to collect things. First, the way it was in Italy. But it went wrong, and he moved to Switzerland - in the amateur second division club <Winterthur>. However, according to the most Pisarev, it is absolutely not embarrassed.
- He was fed up with endless confinement at the bases, fees and generally tired of the Soviet mess. I wanted one - ever to go abroad. And what's wrong with Switzerland, the most prosperous country in EvropeN When informed of his decision to parents, my mother became ill with a heart. The parents, who then worked in the Ministry of Defense (my mother is still there, and his father moved to the tax police) tried to dissuade, but it was useless. I have such a nature that if something is designed in a pancake bruised, but I will. Never afraid of change in life. At age 18, married his classmate Nadia. Soon was born the son of Ilya, and a year later a daughter, Dasha. However, with Nadia we parted six years ago, but the children often see. When grown up, perhaps by sending them to study in Europe. Meanwhile, Elijah - 11, playing football at torpedovskoy sport school, and 10-year-old Dasha overlaps into other languages. Children went to me, what pleases. I'm also in the <Torpedo> started and languages are always happy to teach. Not bad I know German, Italian and Spanish. There was a time, even on the basis of Tarasovka often read the Sport-Bild, and La Gazzetta dello sport.
In Switzerland, the couple Pisarevs was not life - raspberry. The head of the family practiced once a day, but if the heat or rain - a training session canceled. Rest of the time playing golf, tennis, swimming in the pool, skiing, and, of course, traveled. By car Pisarev traveled almost half of Europe. It seemed that everything had come true, as Nicholas dreamed, but two years later, he was drawn back.
- Then I was very naive. I thought the main thing from the Union to escape, no matter where, even in the second Swiss league. Nakolochu there heads - and once in <Milan> or <Barcelona>. Only over time realized that not only <Winterthur>, and in general from a country such as Switzerland, a serious club is almost impossible to get, no matter how much slaughtering. And together with my manager Gregory Esaulenko, who had not yet worked in <Spartacus> Vice-President, we concluded that it was time to return. "Moreover, two years a well-fed Switzerland me pretty bored. In 30 years, would not risk their homes to go to pieces, and at 22 why not try schastyaN Just then in Zurich on the mini-soccer tournament came <Spartacus> and we Romantseva hit on his hands.
Live beautifully
B <Spartacus> Pisarev appeared in the summer of 1992, and permanently stuck in the reserves, because he was not ready then to compete with Dmitri Radchenko, Vladimir Beschastnykh. But our hero did not lose heart and a year later confounded those who had put on him the cross.
- The first time it is difficult to get used to loads in <Spartacus>. Sometimes the ball just did not keep up. But when he realized what they want from me, everything fell into place.
In 1993, acknowledged Pisarev's opening season. Vividly, he played in the autumn, my favorite time of year, when the time for the decisive match in the national championship and the Champions League. Goals that Pisarev, who became one of the best strikers <Spartacus>, scored the goal Vladivostok <Ray> and Polish <Lech> <scissors>, many have not forgotten until now.
- Any goals, including the beautiful, slaughter, only if you feel confident. When you know that if probesh in the fall through itself, it will not look ridiculous or comical. Such attacks long practiced in training. Romantsev, incidentally, never for them not praise. Only once, I remember in training, I scored spectacularly <scissors> and he said: <would be bad, Kolya, and in an official match since fall>.
Someone, perhaps, finds the desire for such Pisarev Gholam pizhonstvom, but, in my opinion, it is the desire to do everything beautifully. He always, for example, wears a brand, and, unlike the vast majority of players, it is rarely seen in a sports suit. Many, however, joke. Sometimes, Dobrovolsky or Shalimov see it in a new jacket and begin teasing: <O, the world of high fashion!> Pisarev retorted: <you-it is not available!>
In wit he can not refuse, and I learned five years ago. Once the question what would be three things he took with him on a desert island, Pisarev said: <a Woman, a block of cigarettes and a gun with two bullets: for themselves and for girls - in the case when the cigarettes run out>. However, now Pisarev contends that the gun would take with them will never become.
- Over the years, still umneesh. Now he looks more like a question answered. His girlfriend, a good company and a library.
- Did the girl can not be interesting sobesednikomN Or you are not vstrechalisN
- Pester. But is it bad when another entertaining man bolsheN - A book which chitaeteN - All in a row. Here are just a fantasy and detectives do not like. Recently read Nabokov. Liked.
- Judging from what would have refused to take a cigarette, no longer kuriteN
- For two years. And the smoke began after school. Quitting was hard, but now used. Even began to respect myself after this. More recently, and I do not drink anything stronger than beer and wine - has learned to enjoy life without drinking.
In Spanish Tmutarakani
Three seasons in <Spartacus> flying in one breath. Pisarev was twice champion of the country, debuted in the national team. Team prepares for the next Champions League, when in August he left. But where - in the modest Spanish <Merida>! Romantsev on this occasion expressed as follows: <With the arrival of the team and Yurana Shmarov Pisarev afraid of competition and therefore prefer a more peaceful option>. But Nicholas himself with this totally disagree.
- What has konkurentsiyaN! I went to earn money and do not hide the fact that in the first place I was interested in the contract amount. <Merida>, say, not the most appropriate klubN Probably. But you have to realistically assess their strength - it was ridiculous to hope that I will call someone from grants. And then after all, Spain, the top division.
Merida was a small Spanish village in the south. The nearest city - Seville - 300 km. "Tmutarakan, in one word. Pisarev, accustomed to the whirlwind life in Moscow, he felt there is clearly not at ease. Yes, and with the coach did not get along. In general, quickly realized that the departure to Spain was a mistake. Not only that, he almost never played, and because of that six months before the deadline on their own severed the contract with the club, losing some money, so more and undermined the health of. Spanish Aesculapius put inaccurate diagnoses, and began to stuff Pisarev antibiotics. Became ache a little liver, intestinal dysbiosis started. Ironically, Pisarev told about it without indignation: they say, people make mistakes, and doctors, alas, no exception.
- In principle, nothing wrong with dysbacteriosis no. In Russia, with its low quality of life, probably half of them sick. But dysbacteriosis long treated, and this time the athlete contraindicated big load. That is why my return to the field so tedious. If not for the disease in <Spartacus> back to last summer.
Not be ballasted
As in his first coming in <Spartacus> six months it took to adapt. Romantsev said at the beginning of the season that Pisarev arrived disassembled, but the contract with him all the same sign, saying that a few years ago, Nick helped <Spartacus> and that now the club's turn to repay the loan.
- Of course, I was touched by the attitude. Although Romantsev had never once cursed and with training he gave me, it happened, chased, and in 1994 because of conflict with him, I almost left <Spartacus>. Recall of the stories, however, does not want. And now, if he felt that I could not dial the form ballast for <Spartacus> would never. Conscience is not allowed to receive a salary, not playing.
Fortunately, before this deal is not reached, and Pisarev succeeded a second time to enter the river Spartacus. Two of his goals in Bulgaria <Litex> largely predetermined the outcome of the match and allowed <Spartacus> back in the Champions League, where his rivals - Italian Inter> Spanish <Real>, and the Austrian <Storm>.
- Upon learning the results of the draw, could imagine a huge stadium in which to play, - <San Siro> <Santiago Bernabeu> and the great players from <Inter> and <Real> - Ronaldo, Baggio, Shuker, Raul. Insanely interesting to them at once! If it got any Finns or French, can we, and it would be easier to beat them, but with the rise of these matches, I would not expect.
The current Champions League for Pisarev - third. B <Spartacus> only Ilya Tsymbalar played in this tournament more often - four times. Memory Pisareva to the smallest detail has kept events of previous games in the league, first and foremost, of course, those that managed to score - <Monaco> <Bavaria> and Kiev <Dynamo>.
November 23, two days before the return match with <Sturm>, Pisarev banging 30. Age of football standards solid. Time seems to be thinking about the future. Ten years ago, he dreamed of living abroad. A segodnyaN
- To leave no problem. In the south of Spain in one of the resort towns in my apartment. South sea, the sun 300 days a year - that still need to schastyaN But a month later depression and idleness so jammed that even though a wall climb. Live and work should, where like and where you need more. Ie in Russia and in <Spartacus>. Best place I have not found yet.

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