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Valery Porkuyan

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Valery Porkuyan
photo Valery Porkuyan
(1944 - ...)
. Tell, . Who else in the list of achievements in games for the USSR national team appear modest 4 goals, . but they are all crammed in the final stage of the championship miraN And not just, . and the most successful in the history of Soviet football - in England-66N, however, ends with the magic for Porkuyan Championship, . and it inevitably ceases to appear not only in the team, . but his club - Dynamo,
. You do not like it much more fresh, but no less sad story of Oleg SalenkoN
Striker. Born in 1944. Master of Sports. He started playing in 1957 in Kirovograd in the youth team. He played for the team:
. "Zvezda" (Kirovograd) - 1962-1964, "Chernomorets (Odessa) - 1965," Dynamo "(Kiev) - 1966-1969," Chernomorets (Odessa) - 1970-1971, "Dnepr" (Dnepropetrovsk) - 1972 -1975 years
. In the USSR championships in the premier league had 208 matches and scored 43 goals
. TEN SEASONS in the premier league! USSR Champion 1966, 1967, 1968. USSR Cup in 1966. Once included in the list of "Top 33" - 1966. under the б╘: For the USSR national team spent 8 matches and scored 4 goals (1966-1970). Bronze medalist-66 World Championship in England (3 games, 4 goals). Was in the USSR team at the World Cup-70, and Mexico.
We are unaware whether Salenko, as once Porkuyan, four years to "rise from the ashes and again be in the national team for World Cup. And then, in Mexico, 70 th, "fartovy Porkusha," as everyone called him, once again played a major role ... But first things first ...
- Valery Semenovich, you have Armenian name, but the entire adult life you have lived in the Ukraine. Where rodilisN
- In Kirovograd. And my grandfather was born in Ukraine, and the father. Nobody could explain where our family has Armenian roots. Through the mother, by the way, I am a Ukrainian - her name Sokurenko.
- With regard to your origin, I remember, even some anecdote invented.
- It was the case. Issue of the Armenian radio: "What you need to" Ararat "to win the championship SSSRN" Answer: "Muntean, Porkuyan and nine Kiev".
- When you have decided to link their lives with futbolomN
- In high school I ran the fastest and farthest jump. Logically, the name was in athletics, but without the ball, I could not live. Days and nights chasing in the yard. In 12 years, when we learned that some five kilometers from Kirovograd is beautiful green fields, began to go regularly go and see - those who walk, who is on a bicycle. And with a friend we have decided to run cross - there and, despite my fatigue, after playing back. Maybe that's why I then ran cross country was strong and, no matter what team or played, never ran a second.
- International sports some zanimalisN
- There was a Coach, and I patsanenkom still there called, but I went twice and returned to the yard - it was not interested. The school gave out these boots, but my football there was some sort of artificial. Pulled into the street where I captaincy.
- What are you igraliN
- Almost always barefoot. A couple of times my father worked as a loader, gave away shoes, I quickly broke them - and got on the first number. And he waved his hand - hence, not the fate of shoes play. Father, thank God, is alive - well, living with his mother in Kirovograd. Another has two brothers. One was playing a little club "Chernomorets", now a driver in Kirovograd, second - work.
- When you are involved in organized futbolN
- In 58-th School opens Kirovohrad "Stars" and we all rushed there gang. Coach held dvustoronku and first put me in midfield. But I ran out of habit in the attack and scored one goal, the second. That all questions have been removed.
- At what level do you then dreamed igratN
- I thought that from such remote places particularly difficult to fly high, so wanted to try their hand at least in the class "B". But circumstances intervened. In the 64-m, my "Star" has Vinnytsia "Locomotive", which is coached Matthew Cherkasky. I was with another guy fired for replacement when the score -0:1, and we both made a game and won - 2:1. Soon Cherkassky moved to Odessa "Chernomorets" and began to regularly come to me in Kirovograd. I doubt - at home all the same calm, measured life, and in another place would have the entire way of life change. But once Cherkasky said straight to my parents and convinced them. Especially "Chernomorets" in the 64-m just won the right to play in the big leagues.
- How you met in OdesseN
- I never expected anything like. After the season was a team incentive trip to Bulgaria, where they took me. From there, apparently, someone from the "Chernomorets" Odessa phoned and said that he found a promising striker. And the fans, you know yourself, learn everything at once. And when we on the boat swim up to Odessa, me, an unknown boy Kirovograd, under the hand pick up the fans and say: "Come with us, the city will show you, tell you everything". I could not understand what is happening. I settled down in Odessa quickly. Constantly going out on a second round. At the same time I noticed the Olympic team coaches and Kachalin Goryansky, were constantly the. At the end of the season we went on tour to Cuba and Algeria, in one of the matches won -1:0, and I scored a beautiful goal.
- And a Dynamo "N
- I do not want to leave the "Chernomorets" in "Dinamo". At some point, Viktor Maslov decided, that whatever the cost to get me, and his aides have even begun to resort to tricks. Playing once "Chernomorets" with Dynamo Moscow, Lev Ivanovich Yashin drags me from the far corner of a dangerous blow. 0:0. I do not have time to catch his breath in the locker room, like bringing a telegram: grandmother in Kirovograd very sick, but rather come. I am 11 pm, sit down on the train at 8.30 am at home. I walked - my grandmother was alive - healthy, but sits and smiles representative Dynamo. They're way talks organized. They wanted me to immediately pick up, but I refused - said that both cases are not made. That finish before the end of the season, but we'll see. In Odessa, I was in the hold, and in Kiev, some celebrities are - what do I get to ehatN pants on the bench protiratN
- But after the season you still ulomaliN
- No I did not sell on. Summoned to the federation, I refused. Began to scare, but I replied: "You'll frighten, I'm going in" Spartacus ". It was not just an empty threat: I liked Sergei Sergeevich Salnikov in the match stand-ins "Spartacus" and "Chernomorets", and he also started wooing me. After a couple of days after this visit to Kiev with the above dialogue from the waiting room Shcherbitsky rang the first secretary of the Odessa Oblast Party Committee: ordered to Porkuyan was Dynamo. Then the conversation was simple. I remember that I went to the station to accompany me and instruct then played in "Chernomorets" Lobanovsky, with whom we are in the 65-m very good friends. Even then I saw that he would be a great coach.
- Debut in Kiev came out brilliant - Gol Zenit.
- Yes, and a goal that turned out beautiful. Biba's corner at the far post gave Turianchyk, he shot along the gate - and I swallow flew together with the ball at the gate. Fans immediately recognized. Perhaps another reason that I never was scared, did not leave the struggle, stuck in the thick.
- And the team as prinyaliN
- At first, wonderfully. When I arrived at the first gathering in Gagra, Grandpa saw me and patted on the shoulder: "Well, boy, what did not want to namN" I honestly replied: "I'm afraid". He reassured me. Actually apparently it may seem harsh, but really very fond of people, was simple and good man.
- In the team you were before the championship miraN
- Literally at the last moment. In general, the season started without Kievites collections, being prepared as part of the national team - Sabo, Bannikov, Serebryannikova, Biby and Khmelnytsky. Then the last two uncoupled. Meanwhile, I played through and with four goals led the list of scorers in the championship. I remember my game made an impression in Minsk, where we won a very strong -4:0 Dynamo. I then scored two, and two more - my best friends in "Dinamo" Vladimir Munteanu and Toll Byshovets. Before his departure had been identified 20 players from 22, while two others discussed the coaching advice. Kachalin proposed my candidacy, and her adopted. You can imagine my surprise when, in Baku, where we spent the match calendar, a telegram arrives: urgently to Moscow in team. From there we went to Sweden, to prepare.
- You've come to the national team 21-m, therefore, considered to be deep dubleromN
- By and large, and I myself felt himself to be, at least in Sweden in the control matches and scored 4 goals. But I had no international experience - in fact before that I did not play at all no match for the first team. Anyway, I would not have gone at all on this championship, not win our first two games - a combined DPRK and Italy.
- In smysleN
- In the sense that the third match in the group - the Chileans - have already decided nothing, and Morozov decided to try a few stand-ins. And then it came my time. First Valery Voronin breast threw me the ball, and I, being the left of the gate, with the first contact thrust ball in the "nine". In the second half leveled by opponents. And then four minutes before the end of Anzor Kavazashvili with his feet badly knocked the ball into the box. I just in case shifted to the left of center - and then received a gift. Defender, who had gone to intercept a mistake, the ball skipped through it, and when he spun on the wet lawn, I ran one on one. Goalkeeper jumped out of the frame, I prebrosil the ball over him into the goal - 2:1. So the match and ended.
- After that, you feel that you have become full-fledged player in the main sostavaN
- What is there! Just was glad that was featured in one match and was able to show themselves. Even when Morozov said: "Get ready to Hungary" - I did not take his words seriously. After the replacement of then were prohibited, and to participate in the match from the team could only eleven. Night before the game each of the eleven gave reassuring pill, and after dinner when I came in the room and saw on his bedside table is the pill - not believe my eyes. Then withdrew Morozov, said: "VyderzhishN" I replied: "Why netN" I slept well - was young, strong nerves. But those 40 minutes, we traveled by bus to the place of the game - in Sunderland - I was a little shaken. At the very beginning of the game being played Malofeeva corner. I give him, he pulled on a defender - I. Nanoshu stinger. Goalkeeper Gels, standing at attention, parries, but it is incident Igor Chislenko -1:0. And immediately after the break had already scored myself. Since the penalty was shed, and I prepared to beat his head, had even nodded, but the ball went sharply down, and I barely had time to set the pace. Many fans and I now say - cool head when you scored! And then I scored a leg.
- Magnificent Magyars led by Florian Albert managed to play only one ball.
- And in the last 15 minutes we thoroughly gagged. I ran just under the left flank, near which a bench headed by Morozov. He shouted: "Valera, forward!" I did not listen, he decided to act on the situation and ran to defend. And then the attack of the Hungarians. First strike Yashin counters, . I am running for him, . and the second blow, . walking through the gate, . accounts directly into my chest! I did that there is a knock out as much power for a coach seat and have time to even scream Morozov: "Well, . forward or nazadN "He waved his hand: the game, . how decide,
. After the game, my guys on the hands are held in the locker room.
- Semi-final with the Germans could have ended in inomuN
- Oh, I Zabey at the end of the game ...
- So you scored the same - to 87-th, otkvitav one of two heads held Haller Beckenbauer.
- Yes, at that time Malofeev struggled with the defender and the goalkeeper, I climbed into the bustle, and the ball straight to me and jumped. But then he had another great chance! Malofeev slipped on the left flank, made a hinged feed. Goalkeeper remaining at near-rod, no longer managed. I jumped ... And the thought was that this goal. And I had not thought a nod for sure, down. A ball ... the ball went above the gate. After the game, Morozov nobody cursed, just thanked him for the game. After polmatcha we played did not even ten together, and vdevyaterom - removed Chislenko, and Szabo torn ankle ligament, and he helplessly stood by the edge - to replace something it can not be. So the whole second half I played midfield in his place - against Haller. And it is being havom, scored a goal and had a time
. - Traditional political orgvyvodov - stydoba, they say, the Germans lost! - Not posledovaloN
. - No, at the championship party people do not disturb us to do their work - maybe because we played well, but remember that the letters and telegrams - sort things out with the Germans! - Came before the match weight
. But we orgvyvodov afraid, we were terribly sorry that I lost - I think that that our team could easily become a world champion. Of course, it was unfair that, when they returned, all dogs were hanged for their defeat at the remote Chislenko and even gave him the title of Honored Master of Sports. But it was in the tradition of our system.
- The match for third place against Portugal you vyshliN
- Morozov decided that we should give the play and other children. Yes, and you also know perfectly well that the match for third place after losing the semi-final one does not attach much importance to.
- I would like to learn about the atmosphere around the team championship. For shopping, for example, our glorious state security organs freely gave hoditN
- It. I have all sorts of souvenirs-all bought up all the relatives and friends. The money, incidentally, at that time we were on our ideas, Sea -1200 dollars.
- Where stolkoN
- Most of us have money for advertising boots Adidas.
- What-GN! The Soviet athletes received money for reklamuNNN
- After one of the training came up to me, the representative of Adidas, train, by the way, with us, and took out $ 300. I was young, frightened, and was standing next Jozsef Szabo and says: "Come on, take it, do not be shy". Management of this kind would not know. While the devil knows ...
- In nefutbolnoy situation with foreign stars obschalisN
- After the championship banquet held. All superstars - Eusebio, Beckenbauer, Charlton and others - were simple and friendly folks. Through gestures, we perfectly understand each other. At some point, I was approached Kachalin: "Valera, go take autographs of the stars" - and offered a nice notebook. I went to Beckenbauer, Seeler, Eusebio and others and took two autograph - for Kachalina for themselves. Until now stored.
A T-shirts after the match is not obmenivalisN
- We, it seems, is strictly prohibited. In principle, and Adidas, and Puma offered to play us in their shirts, but our leadership has taken a patriotic decision - to play only in the domestic. And they were so small that they are not subject to the exchange.
- And now with the World Cup returned to his hero Porkuyan. And soon cease to fall into the core of the Dynamo ...
- Frankly, I did not like to remember this. Well okay. Even though I made good in England, still remained young - 22 years. And some of the older guys seem to feel envy and resentment harbored. In person it does not manifest - I was too sociable to some quarrels. But the undercurrents were, and I felt constantly. It turned out that in the 65-m above Maslov threatened with dismissal. High leadership said: bring with departure in Kuibyshev and Minsk is less than two points - the coach leaves. The children of Santa did not disappoint - they brought all four. And then some have to make decisions - coaching advice and all that jazz. He comforted me, in me from this is not getting easier. I leave the team, but could not - was an officer and let me nobody was going. So I flew into the tube for three years. And only when interposed Scherbitsky, I began to put.
- And how it came to ScherbitskogoN
- I was friends with his son, Valerii. We met once at a restaurant. He called home, play billiards, good friends. His parents valued me for what I tried to wean him from harmful habits, which he pick up on some of their buddies. And in conversation, he felt like I was nervous that I can not fully play football. When released - scored as if nothing had happened. But more often not allowed.
- After the 69-second, despite the support of the first Party secretary of the republic, you have decided to return to "Chernomorets":
- A few times for me personally to come to Kiev from Odessa coach Sergei I. Shaposhnikov. And I decided, no matter what has to go - to the throat was fed Kiev hassle. I tried to call back to Kiev as an officer almost accused of desertion, but then behaved decently Maslov, asking me not to touch. In "Chernomorets" I have a load from the shoulders dropped. Became a regular hammer, and Kachalin again invited to the national team - at the World Cup. When I arrived in Moscow for a fee, I had a long and cordial conversation with Shcherbitsky - a man without equal for the love of football among the Soviet political figures were.
- What razgovorN
- He called his son, when I just went to see Valere fetch some things for the world championship. I learned that I had and the next day I come to Moscow, and asked to go. We met in the hotel "Moscow", even remember the number - 316. Maybe he wanted to speak, but that day I heard a lot of interesting things - such as Khrushchev sent him from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk, alleging that he engaged in sports, rather than agriculture. And more. And in the end he asked: "Maybe ago verneshsyaN" I politely declined, and Vladimir I realized.
- So, with the blessing Shcherbitsky, you went to the World Cup-70. But on the field in Mexico, so never and did not come. PochemuN
- Trainers felt that people were stronger. Once I had the chance to enter the field - at the last minute sadly memorable quarter - finals with Uruguay. I was prepared to participate in the draw, which would occur in the case of a tie - the series there was no penalty. But while preparing our missed that ridiculous goal.
- But a few days before, not playing, you will once again become a hero team, pulled by a draw seemed to be weak Uruguay, but not the mighty Italy. How proishodiloN
- In the group we Mexicans scored five points, having played each other in a draw and beating Belgium and El Salvador. And the draw was supposed to decide who will take first place in the group. This team remained in Mexico City and took on the "Aztecs" Uruguay, and the losers went to Guadalajara to meet with the Italians. Boys suggested that drove "fartovy Porkusha - even with the last World Cup I have so called. How else would you call if you got a team at the last moment, went out on the field only because the team won the first two games - and suddenly started to score in every match. Kachalin in principle, was a man nesuevernym, but then he agreed to - let Porkuyan rides. The team was a day of rest, and she went with the management of the forest to barbecues, eagerly waiting for the result. We're with Granatkina Starostin and Andrei went to Mexico City in the Hilton Hotel. First Granatkina pulled us right of first refusal. Before me stood a bucket of champagne, covered with a white napkin. Inside were two rolled-up ball with the numbers "1" and "2". Zhelannaya a unit. When I approached, immediately decided: what the ball first hit upon that and take. I pulled out a "unit" on the huge scoreboard - 0:0 to 1:0 has been replaced. Among the huge crowd gathered sigh of disappointment swept.
- Mexican newspaper then wrote that Porkuyan - the most expensive player the world championship, because he has damaged the organizers of the amount of two million pesos.
- So it. Stadium in Guadalajara, much less "Aztecs", and gathering from the match involving the hosts turned out to be much less. Also, remember me when the papers called "Why Sir," because my name in Spanish is consonant with the word.
- The team met you as geroyaN
- You bet! The guys from afar, I noticed, and I motioned for them - all supposedly in order. And when I approached them, they began to throw me as a coach, winning the championship or cup.
- But the match with Uruguayans have not been played!
- That's been the whole problem. Guys feel semifinalists. And paid dearly. And I did not have literally two minutes, to once again test their vezuchest ...
- Going back to your club career. After the season-71 you went from "Chernomorets" in the "Dnepr". What proizoshloN
- In the 70-m Odessans flew from major league. Lobanovsky, on the contrary, with its "Dnepr" She came in and immediately began to invite me. At first I refused, it was uncomfortable in front of Odessa - the team took off, and you run away like rats from a sinking ship. Cause even at the Regional Party Committee, where I gave my word that in that year will not go away. But the legacy of "Chernomorets" unable to return - and I received another invitation Lobanovskiy. I spent the Dnipro "four years - from 72 th to 75 th.
- What kind of impression on you young coach LobanovskiyN
- He knew what he wanted - just as now Buriak. This could be defined not by words but by training. Pressures he already has huge. And it helped to break even the strongest opponents, especially at the start of the season. I remember two years in a row, we met in the first round with CSKA and confidently beat him twice. And Vladimir Fedotov both times come up to me: "Why are you so rushed - raw meat obelisN)" In both games I have, incidentally, scored.
- You came to Dnipro in 28 - no longer a boy. There was hard to endure such nagruzkiN
- I have already said that none Crosse I ran the second. But now sometimes surprised myself. I remember in Sochi we Lobanovsky fled into the mountains to the waterfall. I raced up and down at breakneck speed, five meters from the cliffs jumping. As if the propeller inserted. How is it possible byloN
-In the 74-m Lobanovsky went to Dynamo Kiev. Who came to his smenuN
- Kanevsky. Compared with Lobanovsky - heaven and earth.
- 75 th was the last year of your game kareryN
- Yes. After the season we went to Africa, and when they returned, Kanevsky made it clear that I must go.
- And you like so obediently ushliN
- First, I wanted to go to Shaposhnikov in Simferopol Tavria. But for some reason I was from Moscow did not want to argue and Shaposhnikov offered to help him as a coach. But at the same time learn. There were two such assistants - student: Biba and I. Then Sergei I. sent me in Kerch, which created a completely new team. Of the 40 local kids, I first selected 25, and then, in the course of the season, 18. In the first season we are on the championship teams of physical culture took third place, second came on the first, and then there was a conflict, after which I left.
- What konfliktN
- Played on my team is capable guy Grisha Bibergan - he is now, incidentally, one of the hosts of "Chernomorets". And was there, in Kerch, curator of the team of "Kerch-rybproma, who later worked in Simferopol regional party committee, and now runs somewhere. And he told me about Bibergale absolutely boorish tone: "Get rid of the Jew, that I have not seen the team". I have such a relationship could not tolerate it and the next day laid on the table a letter of resignation. He initially did not want to sign - demanded that I finalized before the end of the season. Then he took a break in incomprehensible week and finally signed. Then I realized why he took this pause.
- Why zheN
- Against me was arranged for that time, traditional campaign. In the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on the filing of this person left a vile article "From the gate, turn temperamental star", where I soldered such accusations, which at the time of the court connect.
- And how obernulosN
- Naturally, with serious consequences. They wanted, for example, to appoint me as head coach of the Odessa SKA, and the general, who handled the team, shook year: you that it is such a "dolly" in the press was!
. - Then what are you zanimalisN
. - First, he worked with boys SKA, then Viktor Prokopenko invited trainer-breeder "Chernomorets"
. I think that I did for those six months, 82-th lot. The team trailed behind, when I caught a "Dnepr" Vladimir Pokoshna. He came and scored many goals, and the team was in top ten. Then I brought back from Czernowitz Victor Pasulko. I went to look out for the attacker, but when I saw this half-back, the gift of speech lost. And I carried it on his transition to the end, for me that Victor is grateful to this day. But then a regional party came available to me to remove. I do not know what it was due - perhaps stretched "tail" of the same stories. In those years, just started to play an active veterans. In this case I do, thereby earning some money. And once we got to play in the Odessa region, the farm "Good". Chairman where he played terrible fan. And he persuaded me to raise rural football. 10 years I worked there after this.
- What happened to return forgotten - but - in an abandoned Porkuyan OdessuN
- Thank beets - it was he remembered me, when you type the command. We once played together in "Chernomorets", he was friends with my shaven, when both were in the take,. I remember he won something for boys and brought me a souvenir - a toy football boots Adidas. Recently, we met occasionally - to 50-anniversary Sosnihina, such. But "Chernomorets" I went regularly, and once Leonid I. approached and invited me to become his assistant. I gladly agreed and now very happy that I work with someone who has both professionally and humanly absolutely trust. There must have been me, "fartovomu Porkushe" when something lucky! ..

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