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Robson Luis

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Robson Luis
September 21, 1999 at 82 th minute of the match "Spartacus" with the Prague Sparta Luiz Pereira da Silva, Robson was sent off after the eternal penalty box, Yuri Kovtun. Brazilians on that day was 25 years old. The stadium exploded disapproving footfall, and Robson, who was so anxious to score on that day, sadly went to the locker room. So celebrate! But fans who had met Louis after the game near the Spartak bus, quickly raised the legionnaire from South America, the mood, after covering him with gifts. Still, like our young Brazilians! So can love only in Russia, because this game striker is not always obtained.
Robson was born in the small town of Volta Redonda, State of Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, pending call man full name, which he be named at birth: Robson Luiz Pereira da Silva - try rebuke! Future of football in the family is simply called Robson. It is now accepted in "Spartacus". Incidentally, my sisters soccer Rosanna and Rachel have been specially selected names on the letter "P".
He did not even remember exactly how many years, first entered the field with the ball. It seems that he played football always. Like the young Pele, Robson learned the basics of football in the street. First he played for amateur teams, then for the command area, where he was spotted by professional coaches. Before you settle in "Spartacus", our hero managed to change a few clubs. In 1996, the football agent negotiated a contract with the Tula Arsenal. For some reason the deal did not materialize, and Robson went to play in Portugal. And in August 1997 the first football player came to Russia to get acquainted not with Arsenal, but with himself "Spartacus". He knew that Oleg Romantsev had already looked at some cassettes of his matches. The contract was concluded quickly.
After a few games, held over double, Robson went to Slovakia, together with the basic composition of Spartacus at the sad memory of Champions League match with "KE". The really popular and well known in his hometown of Brazilians began after the fall of 1998 in Volta Redonda show broadcast matches "Spartacus" with Inter and Real Madrid. "
. - When in Brazil, comes to Russia, almost all of the word associated with the word "war", and my family is very worried
. But I have a particular fear and anxiety was not, - says Robson about his first impressions of Russia. - By the time I was accustomed to live apart from family. Much more I worry about Russia's cold. But it was very funny, when I arrived in August in Moscow, but there was a terrible heat
It is hard to find in "Spartacus" is more controversial players than Robson. About anyone else so do not argue enthusiastically coaches and journalists. And how many times journalistic pack off his fame from Russia! Like, do not understand this flittering over the field all the subtleties of Brazilian Spartakovskaya game feels partners. Finally, does the main thing that simply must do forward: no scores. And how many times the observers agreed on the common opinion: "Why Romantsev holds this Brazilian in komandeN No sense of it, nor much good". I heard that Robson did not "play" guy. There is such a thing in sports. And as if he was good on a treadmill or jumping in a high
With regard to the physical form of Spartacus, that with it he never had no problems. Perhaps, for ease of movement and some called Brazilian butterfly. But others believe: "Robson is afraid of the ball and as soon as receiving the transfer, though losing control over their movements". There is also a completely different view on the ability of a young football player. Followed by those who oversee them are not from time to time in official matches, and every day, in training. In Robson's team considered the workhorse, and it was difficult not to agree. But how much time must still pass, that he finally showed a stable game, not only in training and dvustoronkah Spartak "Square", but also on the public, responsible matchahN While this is very rare. The last such incident recorded on December 2 last year in the match against Leeds, when Robson scored a goal.
Sam Robson admits that he must psychologically very difficult. He understands that it is necessary to hammer. But, once given the opportunity, he, by his own admission, terribly worried.
. Nevertheless, after several successful the games "Spartacus" he once inadvertently compared with Rivaldo, who also initially filed a hope and not very distinguished, but in the end won the "Golden Ball".
. Robson very high opinion of his Moscow club.
. - When I was in "Spartacus", I was very well received - and the guys, and team management
. And now, it happens, I was thinking about something, and I have already asked: "Robson, something sluchilosN" So home I always say that I'm good.
. Last summer, giving in to temptation and persuasion of his agent Juliano, forward went to the bride to the Spanish club Rayo Vallecano "
. However, the venture did not work, and the Brazilian soon returned
Of course, it is not easy to get used to Russia's football. Interferes, in particular, the language barrier. Robson is trying to overcome with the help of his interpreter, and a good friend of George. With a great and powerful "is not so: the Brazilian knows perfectly until just a few immortal folk expressions.
Robson from the very beginning to realize that to him in the team is treated with high demanding. However, as in "Spartacus" check all newcomers.
- I was most attracted to the team a serious approach to training - he says. - In Brazil, all a little differently. If, for example, a game in a week, then the football starts practice at low pressure. Also in Brazil, everyone considers himself an expert in football, and sometimes players just do not want to learn something new. And here the whole team works, regardless of whether it is the young players or professionals. I am very grateful to our coaches for ter
One correspondent, "My Football" came in Tarasovka to pedal Spartak fan letters, the next issue "MF" and to film a training session. The guys just went down the hall after the rest hour, and dressed before going out on the field.
- What is takoeN - said through an interpreter Robson saw the questionnaire "20 Questions". Spartacus, who heard our conversation, could not miss another chance to make fun of the Brazilians.
. - Robson, the questionnaire asked which girl you like, - barely restrain his laughter, said Andrei Smetanin.
. - DevushkiN - At this point Robson decided to respond without assistance
. - I'm not interested in girls, - he answered proudly, and the guys just what I had: love in "Spartacus" all sorts of fun. Laughter did not stop for five minutes. Robson realized that you said something wrong, and corrected himself: "I am Russian girls are not interested."
. Lives Brazilian has one, but it's not forever.
. - We are waiting for the right moment to our relationship moved into a new phase - ingeniously narrates Robson's intention to marry his fiancee Alzenir
. His girlfriend loves football and is a fan of the famous club Sao Paulo and, of course, for the Moscow "Spartak".
. Meanwhile, the Brazilian himself prepares the meat with beans and rice, and with great reluctance removes the apartment.
. What to say, in the game a lot legionnaire recessions
. At some point in Robeson came a psychological lift: he realized that the coaches and colleagues in "Spartacus" he always trusted. Brazilians are tired of being all the time over and sit on the bench. In this mood, he enters a new season-2000. Ahead of the Commonwealth Cup game and another championship of Russia, where, hopefully, a Brazilian butterfly yet be apparent.
- My philosophy of life - not too ahead of ourselves and not go back, - argues Robson. - Of course, there is no football player who does not dream to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. Today I am in "Spartacus" and this is one of the best clubs in Europe. But I want to go further. As for my dreams, that much has been realized. Tell me who else from the Brazilians playing in Russia for the Champions stranyN
PS: Robson was born on September 21, 1974. Height 183 cm, weight 79 kg. He played for Sao Paulo "," Mogi Merimee and Corinthians (Brazil). In "Spartak" (Moscow) from August 1997-On. The contract was signed for four years and ends in 2001. Meanwhile, at the Commonwealth Cup in the first match of his club Robson scored two goals.

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Robson Luis, photo, biography
Robson Luis, photo, biography Robson Luis  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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