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Szabo Jozsef

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Szabo Jozsef
(February 29, 1940, ...)
Honored Master of Sports. Midfielder. He played for the team <Spartacus> (Uzhgorod), <Dynamo> (Kiev), <Dawn> (Luhansk), <Dynamo> (Moscow). USSR Champion 1961, 1966, 1967, 1968., Silver medalist 1960, 1965, 1969. USSR Cup winner 1964, 1966. In the championships of the USSR had 315 games, scored 49 goals. In the lists of 33 best players of the country - five times. In the USSR team had 41 matches and scored 8 goals. Winner of bronze medal in the World Cup 1966. Bronze medalist in 1972. Coached team <Dawn> (Luhansk), SKA (Kyiv), <Dnepr> (Dnepropetrovsk), <Dynamo> (Kiev). Since 1996 - head coach of Ukraine.
After three consecutive victories in the qualifying games there is little doubt that the Ukrainian team, headed by 58-year-old Josef Sabo will be released in the final of European Championship 2000.
Hungarian roots
Jozsef Szabo was born on February 29, 1940 in Uzhgorod. He is one of those old-school football coaches, who firmly believe: to teach something other possible only if the first mastered it myself. Sublime playing career gives him the right to think that way.
- Play I was in the postwar years in Transcarpathia, where love Hungarian football - recalls Szabo. - In 1954, the Hungarian national team shocked everyone with his play at the World Cup. And though we lived in another country, still remained carriers of the football culture. I had a wonderful first coach - Zoltan Derfi. Hungarian we boys called him Zolibachi - Uncle Zoli. Few people are so lucidly, as he explained to youngsters the basics of tactics. But in his mature years, the highest football math, I have learned the Maslov and Beskova, with whom he worked in the end playing career in the Moscow <Dynamo>.
- But not always cool to become a good football coach. When you feel the urge to coaching raboteN
- The exact date, perhaps, I do not remember (smiling), but it happened a long time. Otherwise, having diplomas infizkulta and the School of Journalism, hardly more than twenty years ago would go to Moscow for the courses at the Higher School of Coaches. My first club was <Dawn> true, very briefly, then were SKA Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk <Dnepr>. Then I for several years for family reasons - it was necessary to raise a son and daughter - he returned to Kiev and the first built, and then headed a large sports complex.
- Your son is not with football svyazanN
- No. He was still in Soviet times, the exchange moved to the United States, where he graduated with honors from the University and stayed on the programmer. A few years overseas and left a daughter, who graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Kiev University, but could not find a decent home of their knowledge.
Voluntary burden
In their best years, he served in the Kiev <Dynamo> under the leadership of Viktor Maslov. And that grandfather, as for the eyes Maslow called the players, put his hand to the fact that one of the brightest midfield Soviet football Jozsef Szabo at age 29 left the Ukrainian super clubs.
- A conflict between us, and finally got up the issue squarely: either I, or oil. He seems to have already left, but then suddenly returned - and had to leave me, - says Szabo.
- What are you not with Santa podeliliN
- The essence of the confrontation was that Maslov insisted on my game retraining. As a coach he was with the amazing avant-garde development of intuition (in this sense it is comparable with Lobanovsky, too, incidentally, naterpevshiysya at the time of the Father, and also left the Kiev <Dynamo> ahead of time). Imagine: Maslov first - before the Brazilians! - Applied the 4-4-2 scheme, and used to protect the player - <breakwater> - is a cross between modern stopper and defensive midfielders. And to assign this role to me like. I objected, because the club and national team play right or left midfield, and at any other position themselves not seen. Well, the scythe on the stone. And I almost idolized Maslova, and the more painful was that he could not or would not understand me. Only much later, when he was coaching in the skin, I realized that the requirements of the Maslov were not excessive.
- You came to this idea, leading to the early 90-ies Kiev <Dynamo> as the main treneraN
- In the past, even when worked as head of the team in Anatolia Puzach and Mikhail Fomenko. Watched them as if from outside, but, of course, guessed what a heavy burden - to lead a team that is doomed to the attention of others.
- Why did you decide that you are ready to take on this noshuN
- Probably, he felt that has accumulated enough experience. I'm a lifetime studying - at Maslow, y Beskova, y Lobanovskiy. With the last established good relations ever since the time when we went out together on the field in the Dynamo shirts. When they are with Oleg Bazylevych in the seventies created their superkomandu, I went and watched how they work. To tell the truth: not everyone was understood and accepted. Especially troubled tough-programmed training process, which introduce scientific group Anatolia Zelentsova. He Lobanovsky were minded. One was a program, the other embodied in her life, introducing its own corrections.
I.o. coach
In autumn 1994, Sabo for the first time appeared at the helm of the Ukrainian team. Happened in the fire order - after the unexpected defeat of Ukrainians in Kiev from the Lithuanian team in the opening match qualifying round UEFA-96. He then insisted on the status of acting, making it clear that the head coach of the Kiev <Dynamo> and no team worries abound.
- At the time I sincerely believed that the team should be managed from work in a club coach. However, life is made to change this point of view. Explain why. Due to the fact that the number of prestigious club competition increases and at the same time they are becoming more and sports, and - perhaps more importantly - the commercial value, the owners of clubs are not very willing to let their players once again in the team. In such a situation, some tournaments and friendlies in many ways to lose her sense. But this can be avoided if it is formed on the basis of the strongest club and coach combines the two posts.
- But you have not been able to insist that returned to Kiev <Dynamo> Lobanovsky and became a head coach. PochemuN
- Lobanovsky returned to the December 96 th, when we have already started World Cup qualifying campaign-98, with a good idea: beat Northern Ireland on the road, at home - Portugal. In the end decided not to change anything: Lobanovsky trains <Dynamo>, and we work together as a team the same, just change the color shirt - with white and blue to yellow-п╠п╩п╟п╨п╦я┌п╫я▀п╣.
- Hence, the formation of a lead team of the club, in your opinion, variant optimalnyyN
- Given the lack of high-profile players - yes. I think the fate of team Russia tournament would have been different if, in its composition dominated by players <Spartacus>, which would complement the players <Lokomotiv> and CSKA.
- Let's take Russia back to the team later. In the meantime, imagine a situation with the Dynamo is to say, the Ukrainian team: already left for Turkey Yuri Kalitvivtsev, . in Portugal - Oleg Luzhnyy, . not far off that day, . when he went to Italy Andriy Shevchenko, . louder talk of a possible departure to the English club Sergei Rebrov,
. And you have to, as does most of the coach, is also assembling a team around the world. You are not trevozhitN
- Of course, in this situation for some reason, still unknown to us. But I assure you, in Kiev <Dynamo> things are so that the holy place is never empty. We Lobanovskiy constantly emerging young players who are not today or tomorrow might wake up famous. I did remember how just a few years ago he entered into the main part of young Vashchuk, Shovkovskyy, Kosovo, Dmitrulin, Rebrov, Shevchenko. And now they are all stars! Remember, . as the autumn of 1994 the first French journalists refused to believe, . that in the Champions League against <PSG> stadium <Parc des Princes> on the position of libero, we played 19-year-old soccer player - Vlad Vashchuk, . and stood at the gate of his own age (they were even born in one day) - Sasha Shovkovsky,
. And among the reserve was declared the match 17-year-old Andrei Shevchenko.
Command = command Lobanovskiy Szabo
Even before the return of Kuwaiti Lobanovskiy Kiev <Dynamo> Sabo led three became the champion of Ukraine, won the Cup of the country, came out twice in the Champions League. In the national team, where Lobanovsky became a consultant, have all shared with the coach-Maitre half: and the glory and blame. No wonder the same team of Ukraine newspapermen call a team Szabo, the team Lobanovskiy.
- Disagreements with Lobanovsky you byvayutN
- Course. However, they are not of a fundamental nature. There may be slight differences, for example, the composition of a specific match. This is quite normal.
- And who has the final slovoN
- For head coach. In the national team - for me, in <Dynamo> - for Lobanovsky. He and the club would discuss with all the coaches before they take a final decision.
- It is true that Lobanovsky objected to the appearance in the starting lineup the Ukrainian team for the match with Russia in Moscow striker <Torpedo "Sergei Skachenko, who opened the account in the igreN
- True. But at the same Valeriy said: <This is my personal opinion. And you do as necessary sochtesh>. Any pressure on his part excluded.
A invitation to your entire team nekievlyan prerogativaN
- I would say, is the fruit of a collective search, which are all professionals related to team. - Bazylevych and Oleg and Vladimir Veremeev, and Leonid Buriak, and Victor Koloton.
Incidentally, perhaps the most difficult and our work. The problem of players from provincial clubs in that they train their teams are not as intensively as in Kiev <Dynamo>, and are not accustomed to strict discipline of the game.
- Nevertheless, players from non-capital clubs are increasingly squeezed meant the team. You are raduetN
- Of course, the coach can not but rejoice competition for a place in the. I always give preference to a footballer, who currently is in better physical shape, but as his name - it does not matter
. Pyrrhic victory Leonenko
. For the current coach of Ukraine in the minds of many, . who was watching him from the, . reputation as a hard, . sometimes cruel trainer, . not giving lowering their wards for the slightest deviation from the norms of behavior, . which holds itself Szabo,
- You are the coach-despotN
- Even if this were so, would not hesitate to such characteristics. But actually I am not a despot. Rather pedant - is a more accurate word. When we go to Uzhgorod on the graves of parents, each time mentally thank them not only for having given me life, but also for having learned to be disciplined in all. All my life I watched him, always knew that you can and what can not be. Of course, I'm not an angel, and not always acted in the scriptures, but the strongest feature of my character has always been a discipline that I required from players in the game, both within and outside the field.
- At one time football Ukraine had followed with interest your education <duel> with Viktor Leonenko, with the majority of sympathy, I think, was then on the side of the player.
- This is natural: Leonenko was a superstar, he prayed for, but few people knew what really happened.
- And what proishodiloN
- He really was an extraordinarily talented, but to dispose of what generously endowed him with Mother Nature, alas, failed. I have five years of life spent in the fight against his whims, his overweight, who had <beer> origin, but - alas ... He gave me <win>, although this victory, as you know, for it was a Pyrrhic.
- Why did he act as velN Perhaps the reason was in your mutual antipatiyahN
- What do you mean sympathy or antipatiiN I had to constantly work to look after themselves, and to his self-discipline, no one had taught. Eventually, the pair took to Rebrov, Shevchenko and Leonenko was over. Besides direct result of his outrageous attitude to his injury became. I once said to him: <The time will come when you want to play in a real football, but you can not, because you have squandered their talent. In time you're really sorry, but it will be too late>. I'm afraid it's time for him has already come.
- With the current generation of players you do not have such problems, as with LeonenkoN
- Thank God, no. I see how these guys are gritting his teeth, but work out in training to and from. They want to play in the team and are well aware that a team can pave its way into European clubs. This is a strong incentive.
Russia destroys chaos
Slap start the Ukrainian team in the qualification round World Cup 2000 is especially impressive against the backdrop of frank failure of team Russia, which failed in three matches to take a single point.
- What do you think about the fall fiasco Russia sbornoyN
- The main reason for what happened, I think, in the confusion that prevails around the team Russia. It is impossible that everyone was pulling the blanket over. For that ridiculed in the press Boris Ignatiev, having achieved in the end it otstavkiN
- Probably for the fact that his team got into objectively easy qualifying group, are not advanced to the final world championship
. Then explain, . which depended on Ignatieff in the ill-fated game against Bulgaria, . in which Russia <alloys> sudyaN Or - that depended on Sabo in the play-off match against the Croats in Kiev, . where the final word, too, left for the unscrupulous arbitromN In my, . are rhetorical questions,
- Do you think retired Ignatieva oshibkoyN
- It's hard to judge. But I'm the opposite: very sad for the team of Russia lies in the fact that disrupted the continuity in the leadership team. Came a new head and somehow too defiantly declared: everything that was done to me, sure, let's start from scratch. But that does not happen! Ignatiev bad there, well there, but led the team knew its players to gain experience working with them and not take advantage of this experience is just silly
. - So, you like to deprive Anatolia Byshovtsa right to have their own game concept, under which he needed very different igrokiN
. - It seems to me the trouble Byshovtsa not in the game concept and the choice of artists under her, and that he had no contact with the coaches of the leading Russian clubs, without a football team that can not manage
. This is a very important point. Led team Byshovtsa set higher (and not just football, as far as I know) leadership than the willingly or unwillingly, as it were contrasted his club coaches, including many who knew his worth Specialists. Byshovets not feel their support, and without it is impossible to work.
- Interestingly, when you put the head of team, consulted with spetsialistamiN
- I think so. Anyway, I saw the questionnaire questionnaires that were sent to the Federation of Football Club coach. I assure you: if he felt hostility from our leading experts, would leave his post.
- Imagine a fantastic situation: the September before last year's match Ukraine - Russia head coach of Russia's team in the fire procedure appointed Jozsef Szabo. Your deystviyaN
- Would make a bet on players <Spartacus> <Lokomotiv> and CSKA. And the coaches of these clubs would be placed on a bench next to me, because their advice would be extremely important. Until Russia's leading coaches will not say that in the interests of team need to work together, is of no significance.
2000-th - year Szabo
Winter intermission in Ukrainian and Russia's football - good time to reflect traveled and try to look into the future.
- Please rate standings in our qualifying group.
- After three rounds, when there is still seven too early to draw any conclusions. We can still grind each other so that will not find it! Even players of team Russia, in my opinion, sooner sprinkle their heads.
- His favorite race team not schitaeteN
- No, because the most crucial games still to come. And perhaps the key - 27 March with a team of France in Paris. Time to hand our rivals. Championship leading football countries in which the French are <Collections>, this time in full swing, we're only going to depart from hibernation.
- You could formulate your basic coaching printsipyN
- Try. The first principle - professionalism. The second - the desire and willingness to improve in their profession, to keep pace with ever-evolving game. Third - the ability to build relationships with players so that they trust you, and you could rely on them.
- You were born in a leap year on Feb. 29. This is reflected in your zhizniN
- Of course! Birthday gifts I get every four years and I just can not grow old (laughs). Incidentally, the following <I> year - 2000-th. Can you guess at what a chic gift for yourself namekayuN

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Szabo Jozsef, photo, biography
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