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Sadyrin Paul

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Sadyrin Paul
photo Sadyrin Paul
The resignation of head coach of CSKA Paul Sadyrin in the air-time long. Immediately after the end of last season, a middle-aged coach fell to the ice-covered stairs in the country and "earned" a severe fracture of the femur. Head coach is unable to prepare the team for next season.
The resignation of head coach of CSKA Paul Sadyrin in the air. Moreover, long-term record. Immediately after the end of last season (the hottest denechki for a coach), a middle-aged coach fell to the ice-covered stairs in the country and "earned" a severe fracture of the femur. Head coach is unable to prepare the team for the new season. Nonsense! Hence, it can not be responsible for the performance of the club in the championship. Oleg Dolmatov, Byshovets, Vladimir Fedotov, Boris Ignatiev - duty set of known and the unemployed (most of the time), the coach leaned all Russian media.
But at this moment the leadership of the army of the club was not until the change of coach. Updated leadership itself. Chechen hosts CSKA Aval Shamkhani and Shahroudi Dadahanov were forced to sell their shares to the mysterious investor who still wishes to remain anonymous.
When complete paralysis of power in the team somehow not up to football. Start CSKA failed, losing the first four games. But even in those unfortunate games, looked like a sadyrinsky handwriting. And soon, the team began to show spectacular, the combination, and, most important soccer victory. CSKA scored quite smiling on the bench, leaning on a stick, head coach. The club joined the leading group. Investor-incognito was generous, and dozayavochnuyu CSKA company bought a dozen football star, according to Russia's scope, level, and the same celestial (according to the same standards) price.
. Throughout his coaching career Sadyrin spent qualitatively different personnel policies
. 17-18 players about the same level of skill - that, in his view, the maximum for which a team does not arise quarrels and squabbles, and can achieve normal working environment.
. Replaced by a "Fyodorych" to 60-years and "orientation" N or initiator bulk purchases was the new owner klubaN incognito Do not ask
. You see, in this case, a generous host, that a team of new players could not create two nedeliN incognito Do not ask. What is the problem, put it in front of the coach, buying acknowledged masters: to immediately join in the title race, it is safe to play softly on the composition of the next sezonN incognito Do not ask. Sadyrin not tell. Not the nature. Picked up a penny ...
CSKA stalled. The club did not lose, but could not win a few months, no one wins. Chances of getting into the UEFA zone acquired a ghostly nature.
In St. Petersburg, and under them was given a thick line.
Retreat first. Sadyrin and St. Petersburg.
Few remember that Paul Sadyrin native of Perm, where he began his career as a football player in the local "Star". Very young lad he arrived in Leningrad Zenith, was the favorite of fans, the club spent over 333 matches in the big leagues, became its captain, entered the list of 33 best players of the country. Tribune unanimously called him affectionately Pasha, Pasha remained frosty mentor for Peter to this day. That's only love Sadyrin-footballer turned into adoration Sadyrin-trainer. Literally. Giant The banner (width in the two sectors) Pasha Sadyrin - football god "years flew over the" Petrovsky ". This city sent the brightest moments biography Sadyrin, and the most tragic. Throughout its long history, "Zenit" only once became the champion of the country. The head coach of this team was Pavel Sadyrin, who gave, in addition, a ticket to the big football life of an entire galaxy of his pupils, whom he transformed from unknown youngsters in bright wizards. That they have achieved a few years after that victory, the resignation of coach. Years passed, and most of them, in private conversations with the author of these lines, bitterly repented of their deed, referring to the youth. Without its Fedorovich more of them, neither together nor individually, nothing serious to achieve in football could not.
. The coach also received CSKA, which is bogged down by that time, in the first league, and led to a higher and won the championship gold army and the USSR Cup
. Later, in Russia remains bogged down in the first league home "Zenit"
. And once again come Sadyrin, and once again bring success, albeit on a smaller scale than in the gold 84-m. There is no prophet in his own country, this time Sadyrin exempt from the duties of club management. Supporters stage a demonstration at the Palace, but the coach does not help.
Second retreat. Zigzags career.
Sadyrin-football player said on the field, most likely, all that could. Hard-working, "Regime" midfielder realize themselves fully, his prized coaches, respectively, and igrotskaya career proceeded without a hitch, without a hitch.
Coach biography Sadyrin - a succession of victories and scandals. Surprising, unique series - scandals are not preceded by the defeat! And scandals have once been - the whole world, as in the early nineties in the team. Testimony: Pavel Fedorovich Sadyrin - decent, friendly people, absolutely not inclined to intrigues and conspiracies. Why his career he was accompanied by conspiracies, scandals, otstavkiN hard to say. Emotions had sometimes overlapped over the edge. However, only in words. Cases him speak for themselves: when he was the player of "Zenith" in Baku, he, along with Lev Belkin, risking themselves, saved a woman from a flooded basement, recently in St. Petersburg - a drowning child from the icy waters of the pond. Pavel Fedorovich sister died and he adopted his child himself by this time become a widow.
And CSKA. After adjusting for age, the last chance on a high note to complete a brilliant coaching career. But it is not in vain because he has such a paradoxical. Footboard is framed coach Peter. Origin Zenit defeated sadyrinsky CSKA 6:1.
By the next match CSKA prepares a recent assistant Sadyrin Alexander Kuznetsov. CSKA president Yevgeny Ginner denied rumors about the resignation of head coach, saying that Pavel Fedorovich simply sick and stayed home in St. Petersburg.
Absolute truth,'s health Sadyrin longstanding discord, too much left scars on the heart. This aggravation - not "diplomatic" nature. Pavel Fedorovich fans can only thank Eugene Ginnera for sensitivity and decency in respect of its employees, not private.
I still suspect that by next season CSKA will prepare a new coach. I would like only to Russia's football experts and fans alike have appreciated the remarkable coach and a good, reliable guy - Pavel Fedorovich Sadyrin. Even if this year will be the last for him in the big football. Football, for which he has done so much, and no matter what, it is hoped that more will. Pull

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Sadyrin Paul, photo, biography
Sadyrin Paul, photo, biography Sadyrin Paul  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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