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Chislenko Igor

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Biography Chislenko Igor
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In our television show "Age of Football", which identifies the best player of the century, a couple of nominees Grigory Fedotov Igor Chislenko. What caused grumbling even among the professionals: how it can be! Grigory Ivanovich and Number ... However, to honor professionals: they figured out - and calmed down quite quickly. Remembered made Chislenko in football. Of course, the number (or, as it is dubbed, Osa) is a myth with great - due to the peculiarities of his character and way of life - than the classics of the forties, creaking. However, someone other than the wasps, compared with the incomparable TrofimovymN
. The sixtieth anniversary - red numbers - and we were quite right, Igor L. paying his due, put it in exactly the same frame as Vasily Dmitrievich and Valeriy
. But, . met on the eve of the anniversary with friends Chislenko - Dinamo, . famous masters of football and hockey (and he's playing great hockey, . practicing at Trofimova), . heard plenty of stories about him memorial, . a living and sinful, . did not want to deprive these cheerful and sad strokes as admirers of rare talent forward, . among the ten best in Europe, . and those, . who did not find him ..,
Gennadi Gusarov. In the team he broke. Attracted him to the sixty-first. But sitting in reserve, almost did not play. And now - the World Championship in Chile, the first game with Yugoslavia - consisting Metreveli ... Play hard - Slava hit in the eye, swollen eye, sees only one side. In the next game with Colombia Slavka play can not. And the number of first time put a team. And he gives this game! They Ivanov Valley for the first fifteen minutes, divide the whole Columbia - 3:0 were. Before the game with Uruguay has not stood the question - who put "Igor started to play in the first team ever. Mucha (Metreveli) moved to the second role. When in 1963 played with Italy at the European Cup. Beskov Chislenko placed in the middle of the field - the fifth attacker. All that football should be on the field do, Igor was able to do. Well, just maybe, his head could not compete because of small stature, as well: great speed, great blow to both feet, the vision of the field, stroking well I said: all. He winger, but he could play in center field. And most importantly - when you come out to play with him, you feel mentally calm, confident that, if you will you give him the ball, you're sure to get. When you come out to play with Ivanov, Chislenko, Voronin, you feel calm, you know - these guys are playing better than you, and they always help you.
Eduard Mudrik. When we were abroad, he bought ten cloaks bolonevyh, then-fashionable. Well, as an honest man arrived, surrendered to the pawnshop - and waiting for them to sell. The newspaper wrote: he is a speculator. Speculators from the selling floor, and he officially handed over to the pawnshop, and it feuilleton.
Vyacheslav Solovyov. He long torn between playing hockey and football. After every South America he is come, and only had a window some appeared, came and played in hockey - until 1959, continuously. Played in the fifty-ninth semi-final with the Sverdlovsk. Number - a man who loves the risk. This is his element - a lot of rivals to beat. Once played for the veterans in Dimitrovgrad. Composition strong - Igor was not very in shape, had to put in reserve. He stood outside the gate. Suddenly, we attack, beat, beats goalkeeper ball. And the ball lies, no one near. Igor yelling: "Nightingale, let me, this is my favorite bounces!" And in life he liked to emergencies. When the installer worked, I had to get up to 40 meters, they were all afraid, and Igor said: "I'll climb". He feared nothing. And all his antics - when he was in a car crash has gone, - all that is associated with the risk of liking him.
E.M. He was a perfectionist in life. Why, then, that married to Olga, which cared for the Net. Voronin ... But Igor has set a goal - to win them, and won, although I do not know, found or lost. What I liked him - he was always critical of his attitude. Igor's always been a frustration - that's scored three, and remembers that he could score more. This differs from the current players. In 1966, after the World Cup came to boys, his friends, well, sat. I raise a toast: to your success, for the bronze and the number of all wrinkled. In its submission to the fourth place - is not a "bronze". After all, we were before this "second" in Europe and the World Cup we beat all three European teams: "Hurray", but for him it was unacceptable that could play worse than, say Portuguese. 3asedaet Party Committee, criticized: see you in the "Soviet". And Igor: "Well, to me, close the closet door and drink from sebyaN" He said: "I live in Gorky - better time to drink some pure blood than the weight of time to eat carrion".
They offered him a job in the SAI: let's say, give the car that accompanies government limousines in Sheremetyevo. Day, in a form to accompany, and rested for three days. To preserve his experience - he was then already 17 years. And after 20 can retire Major. Disagreed: "I and you will sum". I went to work at the coating plant. And I was approached by football fans, handed the money in an envelope for him, meet him once in the transition jacket on him a kind of homely. I say "Here you guys have collected". - What are the guys "" The fans, our workers'. Not taken. "Bonds of my Top Ten"
They gathered their team - a whip-round to pay, sit. The number of morning comes - will remove all cigarette butts, to be neatly ... Went up empty handed the bottle, a bottle of vodka brought. The morning the workers come to think that we ought to go - buy. A number said: "I have already taken".
Gusarov. Igor's mother worked at the academy, his father - in the organization of Foreign Trade, the brother of 21 years defended his Ph.D.. Intelligent family. He is someone: "Well, you're a chegoN" He laughed and said: "The family has its black sheep".
BC. That's what he did not like - it is pretentious, beautiful conversations. Sitting in some company, someone begins to speak beautifully, he listens, listens, then rises and says: "When you went there, I went back". Generally, he was a player at heart. Born was to play all the time. In hockey, soccer, all.
E.M. On Sakhalin, in the evening playing cards. Number of buys six bottles of champagne. In the morning waking up, and he checks the account - and caesarean: "I like you a further 42 kopecks to". And about six bottles of champagne, brought to the company, and remember: it igrotskoe. We sit again, for maps. And on the eve of "Spartacus" met. He suddenly said: "Yes, the Net in order". It turns out, symbol: "Six". (Net under six numbers played.)
He could not live without igrotskoy cunning. We are coming to Sandunov, and then turn to the cashier in the whole staircase. Number of removes his coat and hand fits in a suit. Queue silent - undressed, then went somewhere.
Once we arrive in the queue of a five. I say: "stand up - long". He said: "No, no". And while undressing, no queue is not, but he was so interesting ...
I.i. The day had started with a nagging. I - it - smile. He said: "The mood is not". But he only "take" a little bit, right - the laughter, all plants, the staff goes on the ears. In the company - is irreplaceable. What anecdote or tell you, he already knew his.
When he was in the order, the coaches he did not say anything. But as soon failed him once: "Here, Chislenko where your wine glasses ..." And he himself was never in conflict can not climb.
In winter, the 65 th Chislenko was the best. But Beskov no longer wanted to take him to Australia - and placed it cross. Before check-ups, I told him: "Number, you can not drink today, tomorrow - please". He: "Okay, but you can eat breakfast ..." We are coming to "Soviet", eight in the morning did not have time to look back: at the table had two bottles of champagne. Anyway, we kept his day, but by evening he was "refreshed", of course. On physical examination - a woman doctor, who did not know him, asked: "Long peteN" He: "From Childhood". And for him it was important - to go to Australia, was everywhere, and there was not.
Valery Korolgnkov. Bozvpaschalis from South America, flew via Paris. He bought a five or six suits. Come, called, we met with him. We sit in the "Soviet". It is a night five times changed costumes.
E.M. He loved to dress beautifully, was a trendsetter in the team.
There is no doubt that the pro player with talent less grandiose, with a name less loud pals would not risk in the jubilee year, nothing like. But Igor Chislenko considered to be a humiliating any makeup, any distortion of his record in the direction of embellishment. He wanted to appear before the world only in the form in what was actually. And certainly glad to openness friends, seeing it as something like the Mozart of football, or simply Mozart. Without any reservations.

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