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Shustikov Victor

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Shustikov Victor
(28.01.1939 years)
In the history of Moscow's "Torpedo" Viktor Mikhailovich - is an epoch. He had for his native team of 427 matches and 253 games are played in succession without replacement! Before his eyes was more than one generation Avtozavodtsev. And he played and played.
Born 28/01/1939. Defender. Honored Master of Sports.
The second (after Blokhin on the number of matches played (253 of them without omissions and substitutions) in the USSR championships.
427 matches in the championships of the USSR. Played for:
. "Torpedo" (Moscow) - 1958 - 1973.
. USSR Champion - 1960 and 1965;
. 2 nd prize-winner - 1961 and 1964;
. 3rd winner - 1968
. USSR Cup - 1960, 1968 and 1972.
. Captain "Torpedo" - 1968 - 1972.
. In the USSR national team (8 games) - 1963 - 1964.
. In the USSR Olympic team - 1 match of 1964.
. 2 nd medalist KE-64 - (3 matches).
. In the "Top 33" (6 times) - (N 1-2).
. Author of the book - "Football for a lifetime."
. Now the honorary president - "Torpedo"-ZIL.
. In the history of Moscow's "Torpedo" Viktor Mikhailovich - is an epoch
. He had for his native team of 427 matches and 253 games are played in succession without replacement! Before his eyes was more than one generation Avtozavodtsev. And he played and played.
His authority in torpedovskoy history hitherto inviolable. He remains, I would say, conscience "Torpedo", so what is equal, with which to compare their thoughts. And probably no accident that the great national soccer player of his team-mate Eduard Streltsov almost every letter from the mother colony asked to convey greetings "Vitka Shustikovu". Only him alone in person!
We met with Victor M. shortly after his 60 th anniversary. But before I introduce you to excerpts of our conversation, I want to warn that those who set about reading with the idea to learn something about the Shustikove will be somewhat disappointed. About me, he does not like to say, certainly inserting a word-justification - "inconvenient fact". However, I would like to see: nothing is better not characterize the man, than how and what he says about others.
Well, EDICOM ....
- Victor M., if not mistaken, the "Torpedo" you came in 1957 goduN
- That's right, although they called me then the other two teams in Moscow - "Spartak" and "Dinamo". And it was so. I studied football in the FSM Konstantin Ivanovich Beskova. And in 1957 we, outlet group, Beskov drove in the final tournament championship among Coach. Oh, and forgot, in which city. Played well when we emerged as winners, and when they returned to Moscow, I, Oleg Chinenova and Valerie Korolenkova called the "Dynamo. I arrived, . remember, . at Dynamo Stadium, . about me there on all the cabinets and places, . which, . apparently, . had reason to, . but ultimately the question is not decided, . as the team itself, led by its coach Michael Iosifovich Yakushin at that time in Moscow was,
- So I went home with nothing, but soon descended to me by the representatives of "Torpedo" led by Pavel Petrovich Solomatin, coach youth team "Torpedo". At that time I was quite young, but because they no longer negotiate with their parents were - was told that as a yes. Then I visited the factory in the team, and even with Victor A. Maslov met. It was after this I wrote a statement and was torpedovtsem. And as it turned out, for all his life.
- Using, among other things, Council Nikolai Petrovich Starostin. Once, this was before the invitation to the Dynamo, he approached me after one game the FSM, and turning on "you", he asked: "Young man, you would not want to play for Moscow's" Spartak "N Do not rush to give reply. Team, a young man must choose one for life, for his soul. Football does not tolerate unfaithfulness ". Could not explain why, but the words of Andrei Petrovitch sank into my mind firmly, as if I knew them from birth. And maybe the way it is in fact. I sometimes think that players are born into the world not only with the ability to play this game, but with his moral attitude toward it.
. - And you once trusted place Basically sostaveN
. - What you! In the following, in 1958, I spent a few matches, and only in 1959, began to play constantly
. In May 1958 the same happened is a remarkable event - at a major international tournament in Belgium went Football team "Torpedo", or rather, the USSR team. Fact, . it was the first departure of our boys overseas, . therefore sports leadership, . one hand, . fearing defeat, . Packaged team of the best players, . the other, . since the tournament was for club teams, . feared officially call it a team,

. - From "Torpedo" was really a lot of players (Gusarov, . Sergeev, . Denisov, . Voronin, . i, . but apart from us there played Dynamo Chislenko, . Mudrik, . Korshunov, . Korolenko, . goalkeeper bit (from the "Lokomotiv"), . Nosov (from Shakhtar Donetsk), . Shikunov (from Rostov), . Leo Burchalkin (of Leningrad) ..,
. Well, we did not hit in the face of the dirt, won the tournament. What is most zapomnilosN magnificent ball, scored by Oleg Sergeyev in the match with the Italians. This goal is so struck by the Italian coach, that after the meeting he approached Oleg, shook his hand and took off with a tie, gave a souvenir.
- Yes, indeed, a curious moment. But back home. In 1960, the "Torpedo" did double - to win a world title and won the Cup. So far, about the team, which you already have a player of basic composition, there are legends. In this regard, I recall years 10 - 15 back to ask the experts about Lev Ivanovich Filatov, a wonderful journalist and a fine connoisseur of football. He, . remember, . for a moment, . wrinkles on his forehead spacious agitated, . When it reaches one another, . like waves on the shore, . and then said: "I can not say, . that the team was stronger, . say, . CDKA or Dynamo postwar period, . but then, . it was the most talented in the history of our football, . my opinion, . doubt ",
. Do you agree with this opinion FilatovaN
- Fully. After all, Viktor Maslov picking players, so to speak, individually, on the little man, for three to four years. As a result, every footballer was a person, a bright personality. And most importantly - Maslov managed from these independent personalities to create a team, team. It is not so easy to work with such bright individuality, as Ivanov, Metreveli, Voronin, Ostrovsky, Medakin, Batanov, Manoshin, Sergeev, Gusarov ... That's the main force consisted of Victor Aleksandrovich, that he was a great psychologist.
- Right now you can often hear that the distinguishing feature of the modern coach - is his ability to adjust the squad for the game, to join their common goal, and so on. So, Maslov understood this and knew how to practice another 39 years ago. For many players it's not called by name, as well as some affectionately as, for example, Slava Metreveli - "Blue". He was interested in personal, family matters players, often at their homes, dined, drank tea with their families.
- He was unique in their ability to predict the further development of football, was a good strategist. And very clear language could convey to us, the players, their ideas. He explained so that everyone could understand not only what he should do on the field, but also what to do if, say, events in the field of change and the game plan goes wrong. He instinctively felt that each of us must - to whom we must add, to whom, on the contrary, to rest, one to say so, another like that.
- Then, he was very cheerful man, he loved to laugh and he readily responded to the joke. Talent of the team was primarily in the independence of each individual football player and in the game, which showed the team as a whole. It is no accident, . probably, . majority of football fans have become our fans just after 1960, . Yes, and subsequently many of those, . who sympathized with us, . relied in their tastes primarily on that team, . despite, . have not seen it, . only heard, . as you said, . legends about her,
. Here in this still is her talent, that people fell in love with for a long time "Torpedo" by the legends about him.
- However long survive the golden team was not destined.
- Alas, and blame, in my opinion, was the resignation of the Maslov. The following year, 1961, we could again make a double, but at the finish of the tournament lost its advantage in glasses and took second place, and then lost the Cup final and. It turned out that Victor Aleksandrovich fired for second place. But no less that contributed to his undiplomatic, inability to maneuver. All that he thought he spoke directly into his eyes, not excluding executives. When it was about the most important in football, he was not agreeable.
- In general, when he was fired from his job, began the gradual disintegration of the team, most of the players which is very respected and liked the Maslov. Moreover, while we were too strong for sports leaders of different ranks, said this: "or you give three players in the army, or the same number - in the team of other cities". And in the end it turned out that the four took to the army (Manoshin, Denisov and Gluhotko - at CSKA, and Gusarov - the "Dynamo"), and two "exit" (Ostrowski at Dynamo Kiev, Metreveli - in Tbilisi). That's after a season in 1962 that as regarded Filatov, "the most talented team was gone.
. - Nevertheless, "Torpedo" managed to get up and already in 1964 only an additional match for the title of national champion has lost to Dinamo Tbilisi in additional time - 1:4
- In the game if the very fate we did not favorably disposed. First, shortly before the injured Valentin Ivanov, and although he went into the starting lineup, playing almost could not. Just defile the field, but nevertheless the two Georgian defender always been close to him. It was feared players in Tbilisi. Then he could not take part in the meeting, our main goalie - Anzor Kavazashvili. Instead, it went Shapovalenko Edward, who only a few matches of the season came out to replace, and he, of course, it was difficult to tune in to such an important match.
- These two things eventually and become a critical. Twenty minutes before the end of the game, and we were at that time - 1:0, coach Victor Maryenko changes Ivanov and compare the expense of Tbilisi. Striker Dynamo Ilya Datunashvili thrice handed corner, and the third time Shapovalenko came out of the gate, played improvident. The ball past his hands fluttered directly into the gate. And in extra time advantage of Georgia's players were already noticeable. And they won deservedly, they have a wonderful time was a team.
- Actually that was formed in 1964 for you to fail. In the USSR team, you have participated in the final match of the European Cup and lost masters - the Spaniards - 1:2. In the game (and we have fielded five central defenders - you, gears, Anichkin, Mudrik and Korneev) you played for yourself unusual place - the right edge. Why proizoshloN
- Until the final match, everything was normal. We beat Italy, Sweden, Denmark and the final went to the hosts of the tournament - Spain squad. Apparently, . for heads of our delegation, . in which there were representatives of the Party Central Committee, . was unexpected that, . that our opponent in the finals will be the Spaniards, . but otherwise, . probably, . could not be, . because they were playing at home and in the semi-confidently defeated the Hungarians,
. And since our country at that time were strained relations with Spain, . where the rules of Franco, . then these same leaders have hinted Konstantin, . that defeat in this game ruled, . and asked him to play a strictly defensive option,
- And tactically, the game turned torn. Between the lines of defense, midfield and attack, in fact, there was no communication - only one Voronin, as a lion in a cage, rushing between defense and attack and, of course, alone could not do anything. Then the excitement around this game was terrible. I remember we were finishing their workout, when the stadium went a solid buzz and all the spectators stood. What, we think myN turned out that this Franco himself appeared in the government box, and all the spectators standing welcomed his.
- Of course, I on the right side was uncomfortable. Yes, actually, and the second goal because I scored. It happened six minutes before the end of the meeting. On the right flank Pereda beat Anichkin and struck along the gate. I was near to the ball, but played a bit awkward and failed to intercept it. And for me, was Mar-awn, who calmly jumped out and sent the ball head in the gate.
- What are some negative conclusions about the football players were sdelanyN
- Virtually no. We simply nobody met at the airport. No niogo! So we sat quietly for a taxi and went home. But Konstantin Ivanovich took off from work. The second place! Now we are on this success can only dream.
- But in the next year, good luck once again returned to you. As part of "Torpedo" for the second time you become the champion of the country. Tell the team of the sample 1960 and 1965 - raznyeN
- Yes. In 1960, we had more individuals, more skill. And in 1965 we won mainly due to the diligence and dedication. And our coach Viktor S. Maryenko give more preference Athletics. He taught his players tough, uncompromising struggle. Maslov was fond of football soft, technically. This difference is very significant.
- Victor M., 427 matches in the championship and 253 games in a row without a replacement - a unique achievement. Due to what you have managed this dobitsyaN
- And you know, my answer may surprise you a few. Previously, most of our players in the winter is not rested, and switch from football to hockey, the Canadian who is who in Russian. And, say, Valeri Maslov Vyacheslav Solovyov generally played in the Russian hockey summit. I played in the Canadian hockey championship of the plant, along with Edicom Streltsov we were even for the 1 st and 2 nd Men's team "Torpedo" championship of Moscow. I think that that's diversity, not only psychological but also physical (when playing hockey because the muscles are working completely different than in football), helps to relieve fatigue. That is to say, and feel better, and injuries, among others, less.
- Okay, now I would like to ask you, perhaps, the most important question. The fate of many torpedovskih players of your generation has developed tragically. To cite the names Streltsov, Voronina, Medakina. You have been a close friend of them all, but to Streltsov many times went to the colony. You've seen them on the side, which, perhaps, few of their videlN
- Yes, it is not a simple question. In the Kirov camp once a month to Streltsov rode our second coach Boris Pavlovich Khrenov. Then, when Edik moved closer to Moscow, in Elektrostal, then visit him were even fans. Learning of this, the authorities immediately transferred him for 250 kilometers to the village of Don, that under the city of Tula region Novomoskovsk. Streltsov worked there in the mine for the extraction of quartz. This was already closed zone, and access to it was strictly forbidden.
- But the administrator of our team George Kamensky, retired Major, were friends in the Interior. Main one was there, Major-General. He wrote out a pass and permission to visit the Zone. Went I got there sometimes two or three times a month, and always with his mom. We sat in my "Moskvich", bought in 1960, and early in the morning they journeyed. What we talked with nimN First, he asked about the team: what's new, what players have come, what went. Several times he asked to bring him torpedovskuyu T-shirt and ball Sometimes it udavalo there to play football.
- I remember we once drove straight to the gate area, and they are at this moment opened, this car drove. I saw Edik with a group of prisoners on the highway chasing the ball. I would bring him food. This is our team was such a bargain. All the guys from their award set aside some money. We divided them in half. One part of my mother gave Streltsov, and the second to buy products. Here I drove them. In general, we talk with him a bit, then he and his mother retreated to the side, sat on a bench and quietly about something talked. So we met with him and. Because of this relationship with the team he did not lose and, when released in 1964, was able to quickly start playing and the next year became the champion of the country.
- But, you think, and went to meet him when he osvobodilsyaN
- Yes, we went three - his mother, Jora Kamensky and I. Car, "Volga", singled out the then party organizer plant Arkady Ivanovich Volsky. We arrived very early hours of 7 am. Two hours later, perhaps, opened the gate and went Streltsov. We Zhora jumped out of the car and shouting: "Edka!" ran to meet him. My mother was left to sit in the car, from the excitement I had no strength to rise. Have set we had in the car, opened a bottle of brandy. He sipped a little, and when the car moved off, he suddenly asked the driver to stop. He opened the door and went out, took off his jacket zek and threw it into the nearest snowbank. "Now all. Let's go "- he said, sitting in the car, slammed the door.
- The first time Streltsov was again played for the "Torpedo" in the national championship, his achievements are often silenced. How it to this otnosilsyaN
- A way. He was ever such a nature that a lot in life, he simply did not pay attention. He knew the important thing: that once again playing that he had obtained, and it was for him the only important. He realized that he was not much time allotted, so hurry to play, and not only play, but also generously share their talent with young players. How much of his time he has done and for David Pais, and for Vladimir Shcherbakov, and Misha Hershkowitz. How often, completely forgetting himself, he played on them. Believe me, this is a very rare quality in football, and ruled it was just a great player.
- Of course, Edik finished early. I certainly know he could play more, but (that's what it means fate) and then pushed him, hinted that, they say, it's time to finish. And, not to interfere, do not become a stumbling block for someone without a murmur went. Quietly, quietly, quietly. He never let anyone condemn, anyone not holding evil. He was kind and courteous to people and could talk about football for hours. That's only about her past history of detention, he said, never. Only sometimes I noticed his emotional loneliness. Apparently, in these moments, he thought about his human fate and football. Why is it all so slozhilosN And how could it emerge inacheN
- And Valery VoroninN
- ValerkaN He's in football has reached primarily through hard work. At each workout it to any exercise must invent something of their own. In addition, he was physically very strong man (great swimming, excellent cross-country skiing), but because the field to carry out, as they say, a large amount of work. And very often the club and national team coaches, in my opinion, use it, shall we say, not on purpose. For example, at the World Cup in 1966 our national team coach Nikolai Morozov simply squandered it on the leaders of other teams.
Voronin instructed to personally take care Mazzola Alberto, Seeler, Eusebio. And with all he had mastered, none of them could not in games against the USSR national team getting the ball. Yes, Eusebio scored, but the penalty spot, where Valerka already, as you know, could not do anything. But he possessed an outstanding dispatch data: well field saw, had a precise their flock, and not so strong as accurate blow. Yes, that car crash, in which he got in 1968, was fatal to his life. Moreover, after that he never could again start playing football (although he returned to it, but it's not always able to do so), but neither did he implement his dream of another.
The fact is that in the mid-60's our team made friends with a group APN. Guys there often came to our base, is very telling for those times interesting things. And Voronin made friends with them especially closely. He wanted to become the future international journalists. For several years he was almost perfectly mastered the English language. I remember him oilcloth notebook, which he put in his bag on top sporting form. I remember how he always gently stroked her and said: "It's my English, Vitek".
One day we went to Scotland and do not even have an interpreter. His responsibilities assumed Voronin and coped well with. Well, after a severe head injury he received in a car accident, a career international journalist had to forget. So he was out of work. Why, even children's coach he was not allowed to work - reinsure, afraid, as if something happens. He was listed in our physical education instructor at the factory. That is his tragedy - be capable of much, but because of subjective reasons are not able to achieve this. Sasha Medakin! Clever, well read person, sociable, a great storyteller. And also, when I finished playing, I could not find themselves in out-of-football life.
- You, too, was such a difficult moment, when we finished igratN
- Of course, the first time, the place itself is not found. Yes, and where to go, when, except to play football, nothing else do not umeeshN Well, then Dynamo supported me - offered to study in pouch. I agreed, but later dropped out, could not without football. I went to Coach, and a year later began working as the second coach Ivanov. Well, my wife, Alexandra Nikolaevna, I was very supported here. However, why then, she always supported me. The wife of a football player - that too, you know, the profession! Previously we did at CAMPS month and a half or two left. Come, happened, "on leave", and the children have already grown.
- That's how my Seryozhka unnoticed by me grew. And long afterwards, staring at him, I did open. For example, watching his games at school and for a double, I wondered: where did it this organizational darN I have one-hundredth of what he has not been. Of course, a pity that he could not yet reveal himself until the end. And all these idle things to blame, nor were they in the team uncles, mentors, both in my time. Each other equal. And maybe the most earrings that on there torpedovskaya sudbaN However, let's see, I think, his last words he had not said.
- Victor Mikhailovich, we somehow forgot to you about Valentine Kozmich IvanoveN
- Oh, Kozma then played a major role in the team. He was the captain, his all respect and all that he did say - in the game whether at home - it was for all law. And how he played, sorry, the majority of current players never dreamed. Here I was a central defender. My task - to select a ball from an opponent and give his partner. So, in 99 cases out of 100, when I took away the ball and raised his head, the first one I saw free, was always Ivanov. Exciting and he had a flair - he was always ready to open for the partner, always waiting for the transfer, and while there was a struggle, he has already tallied options, how and where to see them freed from custody. And not by chance the whole game "Torpedo" in those years went through it.
- Well, Victor M., and last question. Now you are the honorary president of the "Torpedo"-ZIL. Why do you stay in this team, but perhaps not in the luzhnikovskom "Torpedo" N
- Well, how could it be otherwise, this is our factory team. My whole life is connected with the club and the plant. I remember how we, players "Torpedo", was a shame not to lose, no, but play poorly. PochemuN Yes because you come to the factory to the workers, and they will tell you: "How is it that ViktorN" I understand that now, these words may cause many people smile. But this was so, and this is my story, my life. Did you forget such an episode, . in 1968, . when we won the USSR Cup and brought him to his base in Myachkovo, . then plant manager Pavel Borodin filled his first champagne, . and then some things hard and, . taking a ladle, . pouring out of each player in a mug.,
. - By the way, the history of its appearance as director of the plant is very curious
. Before that, he ran one now in the Odessa region, and its football team won the championship on the field first. And when in 1963 the Ministry of Machinery has been decided on the name of the Director, this fact in all other things being equal the quality of applicants has played a crucial role. Indeed, Borodin very concerned about the team, footballers, and he himself was a great athlete.
"And how did much for football Arkady Ivanovich Volsky! I remember the team long gone legend about how Voronin for a few days before one of the matches suddenly disappeared. Then, one day before the game started. It turned out he met a girl so beautiful, that he immediately invited her to fly for one day at sea. They did. Naturally, when he returned, he summoned Arkady Ivanovich and asked sternly: "Valera, how is it, do you sum up command". A Voronin answered him: "Arkady Ivanovich, all right, sorry. But you're a man and should understand me. You've ever fallen in love like this - with the first vzglyadaN "
- They say, Volsky understood him and smiled and added: "Go, Valera, in command, but in the match for the three to work out". That's what legends are torpedovskie. Maybe time-barred years, I have something and forgotten, but the gist seems to be told the true. And it was no forgiveness, no, and the ability to understand a person, especially a personality as Voronin. And Arkady Ivanovich had this rare gift of understanding people. And above all, because he was a person.
- And then, we must not forget that the "Torpedo" watched over only one ZIL unlike, say, from many other clubs, who worked on the whole republic or allied agencies. The plant is in the best of their care, and guided his team. And how it can zabytN! No, my place here ...
When I went to Victor Mikhailovich on the street, he stopped on the porch, took a deep breath and said: "In the spring of smell. This means that football will start soon - and then added: - I always go to the games "Torpedo"-ZIL through the main entrance. And when going through a gate on which is written "Stadium" Torpedo "name Streltsov, something about themselves often say:" Well, Edik, go to football, our team plays with you. "

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Shustikov Victor, photo, biography
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