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Sergei Juran

( cportsmen, footballer, goalkeeper)

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Biography Sergei Juran
(June 11, 1969 - ...)
Sergei Juran was born June 11, 1969 in Voroshilovgrad. Height - 184 cm, weight - 83 kg. He played in Dynamo, then in Portuguese, English and German clubs. Current season continued at the Moscow "Spartak", for speaking in 1995. Married son Artem year and a half. Favorite singer - Alex Gala. Favorite movie - "Peculiarities of National Hunting". Favorite food - Ukrainian borscht. Hobbies - hunting and fishing. The dream - to become a football coach. Nicknames - Barsik and Russian Tank.

By the standards of 1991, when the most popular feeling in the country was a feeling of uncertainty, the departure of Sergei Yurana from Dynamo in the Portuguese Benfica meant crazy luck. The warm country, plenty of sun and fruit, his own house, next to his wife and bosom friend, Spartacist Vasya Kulkov, - what more does a person need for happiness?
However, the idyll did not last long. At first, followed by a divorce from his wife, then move to FC Porto, and after that stupid road accident. Yurana acquitted and the case was closed soon ...

For 8 years, which in total Sergei Juran spent abroad, he changed the five clubs, including FC Spartak Moskva. Return of the Prodigal "Spartak Moscow waited. And not for nothing. During the Commonwealth Cup on a request Yurana was scored the winning goal in the gate Dynamo.

Portugal and England
- Luda, that's interesting, but where players get acquainted with future wives?
Ludmilla: I do not know who is where. We met in Portugal. I was there with his ensemble "Theater of Folk Dance" on tour, and Sergei came to the concert. I can not say that from my side it was love at first sight, because at that time I was not interested in football. Around whispering: "Yuran! Juran", but for me the name was nothing to say. After the concert, Sergei to come back in to us backstage, introduced himself and invited the entire ensemble of champagne. Is in his spirit, he is a kind soul - backslapper. At the party, someone said that we do not live in very good conditions, and then Sergei invited all the dancers go to visit him. He then played in Benfica in Portugal, he had his house. So and start our acquaintance. However, we soon dispersed, and only then found each other.

- How?
Ludmila: First redial. And when I lived in London (where we played with the ensemble), Sergei began to arrive on the weekend. It because of this, even had some trouble in the club, because the Portuguese thought that he would fly to England to sign a contract. Our "affair on wheels" lasted about a year. Sergey courted very nice. Always show up with flowers, and I love them very much. And I was told that the flowers from Yurana not wait for, but it was not true. In London, he ordered for us the best rooms in the most luxurious hotels. He turns our visits to these holidays. And in one of these evenings made me an offer. Frankly, it was somewhat premature, because I was, and he was not mentally prepared for this. Once Sergei came and said that he did not want to go anywhere. He decided to stay in England and soon signed a contract with the club.

- So what accounts for less successful performance in "Milluole". It turns out that love's to blame?
Sergey: England I have so far been associated with the word "happiness". I really went there because of Ludmila. And the truth is that in football there, I almost did not play. By the way, that's why I had not met with Romantsev. It is feared that he would be able to convince me to join the "Spartacus". And at that moment I wanted one - a family and a dip in marital happiness.

- A wedding, then you played?
Ludmila: This wedding celebration, as we used to see - the bride in a white dress with a veil - we did not. Everything happened modestly, we signed documents at the embassy. In addition to us with Sergey it was the second marriage in a row (the first wife was Yurana Ilona Chubarova - the daughter of an administrator Dynamo; family split up in 1991, when Sergei was already playing in Portugal. - OE), and we decided not to make this some kind of special celebration. Although everything was very solemn

. Ukraine
. - Sergei, but you do not recall the most vivid impression of childhood - a time when you were absolutely happy?
. Sergey: We lived very poorly: Dad worked as a driver, mother - a cook at the school, and even the two parents could not pay us with his brother to buy sometimes the most necessary
. One day I was given rubber boots. As I remember, little black. I was waiting for these boots two years, that day was rain, I put them on and ran into the street. Smeared, and then washed them for a long time in a pool. Houses wiped with a cloth, put and stared at them - admired. Then, at that moment, I was the happiest man on earth. After all, my brother and his childhood took place with wooden toys.

Incidentally, older brother and set me in football. In the yard for days I drove the ball. In the school because of this, even the problem began - mooch. For my mother it was a tragedy, and she always said that I grew up Balbes and not put in the Institute. But I still played, and probably a good idea, because after the 6 th grade I was invited to go to sportinternat. When I told the house about it, my father took a neutral position, and my mother could not calm down: "Where have you seen a child with living parents hanging around the boarding!" No, only over my dead body ". Then the brother secretly took away my papers from school and took me to the athletes. Parents, we have put before the fact. And they themselves then calmed down when they arrived and made sure that I'm learning, and train.

- Now parents are proud of synomN After all, they still live in Lugansk, and you probably breadwinner in the family?
Sergey: About the pride I do not know. Perhaps proud. And that helps parents, so it is natural.
- And you were a child in such an emotional player?
Sergey: I used to be given to each game time. Soccer for me - a passion. Plus courage. I think that a soccer player, who loves his job, without courage on the field has nothing to do. Moreover, maybe I would not order Juran, it is today. If there were no emotions on the field, there would be no football Yurana.

- Interesting, and you are in life is?
Sergey: Emotional. When I see old people on the street who ask for alms, a lump in my throat rolls. "And where are your children?" - I think. Pity it does not help, all you. Or here recently broadcast on television was that the lost boy - the same age as our Artem. I even tears came, I drop everything, run, help ...

Ludmila: Sergei always took to heart the pain of others. He's one of those about whom they say, that last shirt would withdraw and give. Serge, of course, very short-tempered, but temper quickly subsides.
- Pets under the hot hand gets?
Ludmila: Well, imagine as if I were - a judge on the field.
Sergey: Naturally, when something goes wrong at work, it affects the family. After all, we are always their own troubles and resentments throws in the closest. While I realize that they have nothing to do with it, but my wife is a beautiful woman. All understood.

- Serge, they say, you were present during childbirth wife. In faint not bust?
Sergey: I was just shocked. Holding her hand, saw how she suffers, and the worst thing he did not know how to help her. Before fainting case had not gone, but I felt no better way.
Ludmila: True, the most crucial moment, my husband missed. Ask your doctor how many I face, he replied that after an hour or two or three. Sergei was away for some 15 minutes and came back and saw Artem.
Sergey: Luda my fellow - resistant. The very birth without anesthetic injections. I have seen for a long time after he could not come to.
Ludmilla: I was told that the next day Sergei ran through the store and bought toys and sliders in large quantities. His hard dragged from shelves, said that many do not, children are growing fast, but he never listened.
Sergey: It is. I showed all sellers photograph of his son. In hospital Artem immediately photographed, the Germans have such a tradition. (Luda gave birth in Dц+sseldorf. - OE) I would buy them the best, because it was such a joy - words can not convey.

- Artem on anyone like?
Ludmila: All say the pope is one person.
Sergey: If he likes to play football, it will be just fine. My experience plus football life - in a word, I have something to send her son to warn him of reckless mistakes. If by Artem get football, I'll be in seventh heaven.

- Sergei, but where you have such a nickname - Barsik?
Sergei: It Andriy Bal I thought when we played in <Dynamo> So from that time and went.
- Have you ever regretted that you were a footballer?
Sergey: Yes, I can not imagine myself without football, and I even thought never occurred that I could become someone else. I have all the forces will try to delay the moment. when I have to hang on a nail boots. How would I convince myself either, and neither ready for this, this moment for me would be a tragedy. I remember when I was about 19 - 20. Kiev accompanied by Oleg Blokhin. Then I felt a terrible shock.

- Let's not think about the bad advance. It is better to look at the past. In one interview you said that abroad you always had to play a role and you are tired of being an artist.
Sergey: One of my interview and was called: "A stranger is a stranger". And that says it all. I have many friends among the Portuguese and not only. I am fluent in Portuguese, but ... Abroad, the most depressing, that you constantly every moment have to prove that you are the same as all of them. Slaughter - well. This is the merit of the club. Plays team - blame Legionnaires. Vantage. Hardest abroad to find his groove and get into it. Here, for example, Dmitri Alenichev - great player but did not get back on track. And now the most plow the land will be oh how difficult.

- Sergei, your move from England to Germany via Russia is understandable, but what caused your departure from the German "Bochum"?
Sergey: Reason one: I was not allowed to play for.
Ludmila: It was probably the most difficult period in our lives. We expected that Sergei will play in Germany for four years, but things changed so suddenly. I remember when Sergei returned after the conversation with the leadership of the club, it shall not be. said only two words: "I was fired". Later, the lawyer explained to us that the seemingly "Bochum" had no right to do so. Dismissed player without explaining what, why. And then another blow. Sergei is expected that Byshovets would cause it to team, but this did not happen. Sergei behaved as he could, though that was going on in his soul, known only Juran. One day he mentioned that does not know how to play and not so good runs crosses. I am very afraid that he will suffer from complexes, but Sergei is very strong. In recent months, he trained alone, because the team he no longer allowed. In general, it was a difficult time for us.

- Sergei, and why you decided to return to Moscow "Spartak" Romantsev, but not in the Dynamo Kiev to Lobanovskyy?
Sergey: Statement Romantseva I signed back in the 90 th year. I wanted to go to the "Spartacus". But in Kiev regional party was explained to me: "It is better for you, man, this case does not deal. You got parents in the Ukraine, and I did not go. He returned briefly in the 95-m. and now.
- For how long?
Sergey: On contract for three years. The only thing that can stop these plans - family circumstances. I mean what happened with the child Oleg Veretennikova (scoundrels threw the girl in the face of sulfuric acid. - OE). If there is a hint or even the urge to do so, we will immediately go away. I really like the "Spartacus", his style of play. Here I feel at ease, although if you noticed, at the stadium in the "Olympic" in the CIS Cup final here and there were visible signs of the Kiev fans: "Juran traitor". But I have three persons - Portuguese, Ukrainian and Russia. Russia, too, my Motherland. And the game in "Spartacus" I get tremendous pleasure.

- Sergei, and you have found a common language with Romantseva?
Sergey: If Oleg invited me, he had an idea of Juran. And when I walked in "Spartacus", knew Romantseva. We know what a football Juran and that may require him to coach Romantsev. Now I is not ready yet for a hundred per cent, did not get the required shape. But if I go out on the field, that Oleg can be sure that I used to work in mud and blood, and do everything to win. Because I love to play football and because I hate to lose.

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Sergei Juran, photo, biography
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