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Gomel Alexander Yakovlevich

( Athlete, basketball)

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Biography Gomel Alexander Yakovlevich
photo Gomel Alexander Yakovlevich
(January 18, 1928 - ...)
In the history of the development of physical culture and sports of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania last decade, is considered the most fruitful and effective. And in this great merit Soslan Andiev. In the sphere of his attention and care, almost all spheres of activity - from mass health physical education to high achievement sports. As a result, summary measures of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic came in and remained stable in the Top Ten in Russia. One example of this - successful presentation team of North Ossetia-Alania in Russia I Spartakiada workers, . all sports games of the North Caucasian, . brilliant performances at the world championships, . Europe and Russia freestyle wrestlers, . judoka, . athletes, . football, . horsemen, . Rifles, . volleyball, . billiards players, . armrestlerov, . thekvandistov and other athletes.,
. Born Alexander Yakovlevich January 18, 1928 in g
. Kronstadt. Mother - Gomel V. L. 1898. Father - Gomel YA.S. 1888.g. Children - Gomel, Vladimir (1953 g.rozhd.), Gomel Alexander (1956 g.rozhd.) Gomel Cyril (1975 g.rozhd.), Gomel Vitali (1997 g.rozhd.).
. He graduated from the High School coaches in Lesgafta Institute in Leningrad, where he studied from 1945 to 1948. And the Military Institute of Physical Education (1949-1952gg.), After which he specialized in the coach - a teacher of sports games.
. First post of coach masters held in LGS "Spartak Leningrad from 1949 to 1952
. Since 1953 and 1966. Alexander Gomelsky was a senior coach - the chief command SKA Riga (Latvia). Under his leadership, the team five times, became the champion of the USSR, three times - the holder of the European Cup (1957, 1958, 1959.).
In his role as head coach of the armed forces and CSKA worked from 1966 to 1988. During his team CSKA more than 10 times won the championship of the Soviet Union and has repeatedly been the holder of the European Cup. He headed the team of the USSR in basketball from 1962 to 1988. Downtime 1970 - 1976 he. Coached basketball teams of Spain, France, USA. In 1991 - 1992, A. Ya Gomel was chairman of Basketball Federation of Russia, in 1992 - the Olympic attache at the Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain). In December 1997, became president of basketball club CSKA.
The name of Alexander Yakovlevich Gomel linked flourishing Soviet basketball. Under his command national team became European champion eight times, the world champion in Uruguay in 1967 and in Colombia in 1982, the Olympic champion in Seoul in 1988.
. Alexander Yakovlevich Gomel discovered a galaxy of talented players who have become famous in our country and around the world
. Among them: Armenak Alachachyan, . Vladimir Andreyev, . Sergei Belov, . Alexander Belostennny, . Alexander Boloshev, . Maygonis Valdmanis, . Alexander Volkov, . Gennady Volnov, . Valery Goborov, . Ivan Edeshko, . Stanislav Eremin, . Zubkov, . Sergey Kovalenko, . Yuri Korneev, . Janis Krumins, . Rimas Kurtinaitis, . Jaak Lips, . Sarunas Marд-iulionis, . Valery Miloserdov, . Valdis Muiznieks, . Anatoly Myshkin, . Victor Pankrashin, . Modestas Paulauskas, . Arvydas Sabonis, . Sergey Tarakanov, . Valery Tikhonenko, . Vladimir Tkachenko, . Alexander Travin, . Voldemaras Homichus and other,
. Total Gratsiansky trained more than fifty distinguished masters of sport. Alexander Yakovlevich represented in the Museum of the Basketball of Fame All-Star (r. Springfield, sht.Masachusets, USA) - the most prestigious and elite world museum dedicated to basketball. This is where you can see the most famous figures of basketball, players, coaches ever, more than a century of the sport.
Alexander Gomelsky - the creator of a sports dynasty. His brother, Eugene, Honored trainer of the USSR and the RSFSR, for many years led the team Dynamo Moscow, the foreign clubs and women's team of the country. As the head coach of women's national team of the Commonwealth of Independent States was Olympic champion in Barcelona in 1992. Son of Alexander Yakovlevich Vladimir - master of sports of basketball, the producer of sports programs ORT. Two of his other sons are also involved in sports: Alexander - Water Polo. Kirill - swimming (champion g. San Diego, USA).
Alexander Yakovlevich Gomel - a popular sports newscaster. He has videos on basketball championship matches Russia, European cup, National Basketball Association.
Book great trainer - this anthology Basketball. They contain a unique material on the tactics of the game, photographs, memoirs. They were published: "With the ball across countries" (1960), . "Everyday basketball" (1964), . Management team in basketball "(1976), . "Vodenje ekipe u kosarci" (Belgrade, . Yugoslavia, . 1977), . "Eternal exam" (1978), . "Basketball is gaining Planet" (1980), . Management team in basketball "(1985), . "Pivot" (1988), . "Baloncesto la direcion del Equipo" (Barcelona, . Spain, . 1990), . "Tactics and Technology (Greece, . 1990), . "The Bible basketball" (1994), . "Basketball,
. Secrets of the Master "(1997) and others.
Alexander Yakovlevich Gomel has the rank of colonel. He - Professor, . Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, . Honored coach of the USSR (1956), . Honored coach of Lithuania (1982), . Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia (1993), . International Judge, . four times (1967, . 1977, . 1982, . 1988) was recognized as the best coach in the country,
. For merits in development of sports and basketball Army awarded the Labor Red Banner, Red Star, Friendship of Nations, two orders of Honor ", with many medals.
. January 16, 1998 for outstanding sports achievements Alexander Yakovlevich was awarded the Olympic Order of Glory, which he handed over the International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch.
. Alexander Gomelsky free time to his hobby: literature and music
. Among the favorite of the Russian classics - Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, S. Dovlatov. Prefers music by Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninov. He considers himself an avid mushroom pickers. With great pleasure drives a car and works in the garden.

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Gomel Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Gomel Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography Gomel Alexander Yakovlevich  Athlete, basketball, photo, biography
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