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VALLEY Larissa

( Singer)

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Biography VALLEY Larissa
photo VALLEY Larissa
Larisa Dolina was born September 10, 1950 in Baku, but two years later with his parents moved to Odessa. Her father worked all his life glazier in construction, mother was a typist.

Larisa Dolina recalls: 'We lived in a damp cellar. In the most terrible of those that I just happened to see. And it was not a separate apartment, and communal, where, apart from us, lived with 20 other people. And in one tiny room, we huddled together with the gravely ill grandmother - my mother's mother. Until now, I can not forget the horrible smell of leeches, which put her at night to alleviate the suffering. Three years it lasted.

In the same basement I have a very hard earned infected with whooping cough and chronic bronchitis. He still reminds me of the times. My mother was very fond of my grandmother. And when she died, my mother was completely unbearable to stay in this room - there is too much associated with her. We used the first bomb landed option to move out. But this again was a room in a communal, but this tiny (17 feet, it was extended in length, for which we called her trolley) that had no place to put a cot. And ten years of sleeping on a camp bed, I earned himself another and curvature of the spine. The apartment had three gas stoves for 25 people, one crane, one toilet and bath for two blocks from home. That's what neveselenkim was my childhood: seven families in one apartment, meager income parents. I am familiar night sound of a typewriter - my mother took a job at home to earn a little overtime to hang on to the next salary ...

Mama I domineering woman and has always been the absolute head of the family. Papa was a good man. And when I was a child are ill, I came to him and not to my mother. And I'm afraid of my mother. Once broken "parade" my mother's nylon stockings. Our family was middle class, and the luxury of nylon stockings, my mother could afford every few months. In horror, imagining what would happen when she learns about tainted stockings, I ran to a neighbor hiding. In such cases, my mother carefully otshlepyvala and threatened to give to the orphanage. Holy believing in it, I was on my knees and begged her not to do! ...

I am a Jew by birth and never hid. At school I was sometimes teased Jewess. Sometimes, I even fought because of this. Then read in the dictionary, that the 'Jew' - Polish Jew, and ceased to be offended.

Unfortunately, I do not know Yiddish, as in the family is not accepted to speak on it. However, when parents do not want me to hear their secrets, they turned to Yiddish ...

Mom wanted very much to all our terrors are in the past that I received a good education (they have since he was not). So she took me to a music school in the cello class. But this is quite enough not to touch more to the cello rest of my life. So special musical education I never received. But always loved to sing. Yes, in general, and the song just helped me to endure all hardships ... '

'First teacher Larisa Dolina on singing was her friend - Tanya Boyeva. It was over at Larisa's five years at the time of their acquaintance was singing in a restaurant. Valley then turned 14, and Tanya was her great prestige in the arts. Her house was a tape - reel 'timbre' (a great luxury in those days), and they listened to hours of recordings - mostly foreign artists.

In the same age vocal Larisa Dolina attracted the attention of professionals. Once an ensemble of musicians who played in the restaurant (they knew Larissa joint appearances at amateur art), they offered her a soloist. Offer them was very tempting, but Larissa was afraid that the parents do not allow her to act in pubs. So at first and it came. Mom categorically opposed, but the father managed to persuade her - too much money the family would not mix (for one statement Larissa received 5 rubles). Besides, it was decided to establish strict control over his daughter. In a restaurant my parents brought. Then I 'passed' in the hands of musicians, my senior mentors, and was under their watchful care of all two hours of work. In between performances I were taken to a dressing room and do not let. By the end of the work I have waited for mum and dad '.

'In the 10-th grade, a friend of the Valley, who also dreamed of becoming a singer, invited her for the company to pass the competition in the Odessa Philharmonic. Larissa agreed. And the unexpected happened: Larisa accepted, and her friend - no. So Larisa Dolina became a member of the Odessa vocal sextet 'wave' at a pop orchestra 'We - Odessans'. It should be noted that the pedagogical staff of the school where she studied Larissa, took this event to their bayonets, and the girl had to deal with this issue through the Commission on Juvenile Odessa Regional Executive Committee. Larissa helped that the director of the school finally agreed to let his pupil in 'free floating' and signed the relevant documents. As a result, the 10 th and 11 th grades Larissa finishing in absentia in another school '.

'In Yerevan I did not expect milk and milk and honey. I did not know anyone in town, feared lost. I had no money even for food. Besides, I scurried around the huge number of men who, in whatever was wanted to seduce plump blonde. I had to close all the locks in the hotel and not leave the room. But one day I was almost raped. I was literally saved by a miracle: '

'In 1983, the Valley again played in the movie black woman - the Cuban singer Clementina Fernandez in the movie Karen Shakhnazarov' We of jazz '. And she was shot, while the fifth month of pregnancy (married Larisa Dolina came shortly before for a colleague - a musician from an ensemble Kroll).

Daughter of Angelina gave birth to the Valley in the 23 th Moscow hospital. Deliveries were heavy. 'The thing is that I have Rh-conflict due to the negative Rh factor in blood: and his daughter was born very weak, the doctors did not give much hope. So imagine her birthday I declare that she is seriously ill, dying, and nothing to me saying, take away my child to another hospital. I went a whole day all over Moscow was looking for her. In the end it turned out that the child in hospital Morozovska: Thank God, everything turned out and Lina grew up with us is healthy: '

'But Larisa Dolina was a completely different person. 'Women are more vulnerable than men. There are those who shut their eyes to their honor, dignity, and go with absolutely everything. That is put under everybody. It is necessary to know for whom to go, from whom help would come. When I was very young, a friend of the singer told me how all this happens. I was just a shock: we must sleep with everyone, and if one will, it's good. I never did not pass through it - too conservative people. And thank God! I though to myself remained honest and pure. Although, if decided on this, maybe it was easier to live: '

'At these wages, they lived. But then the family life went wrong. Husband Valley began drinking more than before, which could not affect their relationship. In the end, after seven years of marriage, it came to divorce.

Larisa Dolina recalls: 'We parted not only from the fact that my first husband is fond of' libations'. It is still a consequence. Because we simply do not understand each other. And when, after long closures of the case, I went, I was horrified to find that instead of being my support, I envied people. It's terrible. Terrible, when in a creative family born of envy, this is the end, she eats, like corrosion. That's. First there was jealousy, and then the obvious envy: As a result of divorce and division of property I have formed a 12-meter room of: '

'And in mid-80's Larisa Dolina divorced her husband and moved to Ulyanovsk, the ensemble of' Range '. During the year she appeared in it as a soloist, and then create your own team - 'Ekskort' (in Lenkontserte penetrate such an idea she had never been). Bass player in this team was a young musician Victor Mityazov, with which the valley soon began an office romance. Flowed beautifully. Victor went after her literally on his heels, gave heaps of tea roses and relentlessly vowed his love. And my heart trembled Larissa. Soon they were married, and Mityazov became not only the husband of Larisa Dolina, and hoisted on their shoulders all the administrative work '.

The night of 17 th January 1992 hijacked "Lada" 7-th model singer Larisa Dolina.

': 1992 First began to Larisa Dolina in trouble - she stole a car. This, the first in his life, own a car ( 'Lada' seventh model), she was able to buy last summer, after playing six free concerts at the WHA in Togliatti. But steer her actress long. In the night of 16 to 17 January the car was stolen from the parking lot near the house? 15 Sapernoe Lane (Perovskii District). Despite the fact that the theft was discovered which some 15 minutes later, the police have not been able to find her in hot pursuit.

. It is worth emphasizing that the entire first half of the year was marked by a series of carjackings, donated by pop stars of Russia's pop it in Togliatti
. Then the vehicles lost Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Yuri Aizenshpis Alexei Gala, Dmitriy Malikov, Irina Allegrova. The latter, incidentally, the first officially noticed a strange coincidence. According to her, . 'may, . these hijackings handiwork of the same gang, . as virtually all the artists merchandised machines through the same office - a plant in Togliatti - and, . usually, . through the same people, . and who owned all the information, . and means - can give a tip-off ',

March 9, 1998 singer Larisa Dolina left her second husband Victor Mityazova to your group's bassist Elijah Spitsyn

'For example, the Valley began to enjoy great popularity among young men. Indeed, this would be nothing to be ashamed of, if not one 'but' - among the new fans to the singer suddenly announced maniac.

The nightmare began in spring 1997 with an ordinary telephone call. Larisa Dolina lifted the receiver and heard a pleasant male voice, who introduced himself as an ardent admirer singer. Valley reacted to this recognition is quite easy, because for many years on the stage has already managed to get used to the increased attention to the person. But then began the unimaginable. The stranger began to call the Valley regularly, and when she once broke down and asked him what he wanted, replied: 'I want to have sex with you'. Valley, in turn,. Said the stranger, that she was married and in their adventures on the side does not need. And hung up. But the maniac is not reassured. He called the next day and go threw all decency. He said that if the singer does not agree to have sex with him voluntarily, he would take her by force somewhere in a dark alley. Then listen to the story of the valley itself:

'Permanent night phone calls made my life a nightmare. He just drove me up the wall, I was nervous, shaking from one type of phone. And finally could not stand, said the police. However, the maniac was so cunning that it could not calculate - all the time he called from different places of automata. Yet three months after he was seized. Imagine my surprise when I was led perfectly normal, nice guy, without any on the face of mental defects. I asked him why he did all this? It turned out that love. And I acted on my nerves because they hoped for reciprocity. First I wanted to send him to jail (he faces 3 years for assault), but then I felt sorry for him. We had almost an oath to him in the presence of the police to take, that he would no longer. He's still the end so plaintively asked me: 'And you can even come to your concerts? " But I did not authorize. What next! After all that horror, yet at his concerts to behold! "

Young maniac was not the last man, fell in love with 'new' Valley. The warm feeling began to feel for her one of the musicians of the ensemble - 28-year-old bass guitarist, Ilya Spitsyn. During the year, while working in the Valley, she totally did not notice, absorbed lots of their own problems. But once in rehearsal Larissa suddenly caught himself on his gaze, and this view is literally slashed at her heart. She suddenly realized that care about this man that he feels for her more affection than is customary among colleagues. And subsequent events have confirmed her hunch. At every opportunity, Ilya tried to show his admiration for the Valley, not too shy to tell her compliments in the presence of colleagues (in the ensemble of the Valley are working 24 persons). And once during the regular tour, Ilya suddenly volunteered to her room and said: give her a massage. And so she did not doubt his abilities, brought with him a diploma massage.

In August 1997, Larisa Dolina first time in the past five years, arranges a full vacation. Together with her husband Victor Mityazovym it for 10 days flies to Nice. Returned thence Inspired by new impressions, even more beautiful and inspired. In the same month she is serving with his team in Sochi on the regular tour. It was there, according to witnesses, between her and Ilia and begin to tie ratio, which in a few months gradually peretekut a passionate romance. And those relationships they do not consider it necessary to conceal from prying eyes, even though both are constrained by family ties: Ilya 7 years was married to a little-known singer, had a son eighteen months.

According Mityazova, on the novel by his wife with a bass guitarist, he learned from well-wishers in the early 98-th. At first he did not attach any significance to this fact, having carried this message to the machinations of envious. In February, the Valley was awarded the title People's Artist of Russia, and they with her husband and colleagues noted this event in a Sofia restaurant. None of those present, looking at the rejoicing of the spouses, could not afford to imagine that this family was already half destroyed.

Larisa Dolina: 'Ilya I have foretold gypsy. Once, in the late 80's, in Dnipropetrovsk, in a room with crosses and Bibles, she predicted: 'Your father will die from a serious illness, my mother would hurt leg. You will be married twice. Bear a child, other than that which already. The second half of life you have changed dramatically '. Almost all of her predictions have come true: '

At the beginning of that year, Ilya left the family and some time wandering through the familiar. Brewing clarify relationships and family Valley. They say, and they have not been without swearing, without attempting to speak with Ilia Victor 'like men'. But to keep the family did not succeed - March 9, Valley gathered their belongings and went to rent an apartment in the area of Prospect Mira. They joined her and Ilia.

Larisa Dolina: 'We are firmly tied with Victor job, but: when it suddenly appeared on the horizon, Ilya, I felt how much I lacked in life. As a woman.

I probably would not have decided on such a radical change in life, if the slightest doubt in themselves or in Ilya. Enough time has passed and the meetings that we realized: this is not a novel and not infatuation. Lie and lead a double life - not for me. I felt that this is the strongest love that may be, it happens only once in his life:

I pokrivlyu soul, if I say that recklessly went to Ilya. He, too, is suffering terribly and is going through because of his family. We are definitely going to help his son. I hope that when he grows up, his father understand. Yes, when leaving, I was afraid, because it is one thing to meet, and another - living together. Here is a little love, we must also respect the other person to tolerate his habits and whims. I am happy that our love has passed this test of strength: '

Larisa Dolina was a soloist of the most famous musical collectives of domestic. Such, . variety as the State Orchestra of Armenia under the leadership of Constantine Orbelian, . Combo of Azerbaijan under the leadership of Polad Bul Bul oglu, . Orchestra Moscow Contemporary led by Honored Artist of Russia Anatoly Kroll,

During his creative life Larisa Dolina has participated in many of the most prestigious All-Union and international competitions, which has won many prizes and awards.

1978 - Second prize and the title winner at the 11th All-Russia contest of the Soviet song "Sochi-78".
1979 - Special Prize at the Contest of Popular Music in Tallinn.
1981 - Grand Prix and the prize for best performance Czech songs at the festival in the city Gottwald (Czechoslovakia).
1991 - Larisa Dolina was awarded the title of "Best Singer of the country" on the All-Union Competition "Profi".
1993, June - singer gets the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia".
1994 gave Larisa Dolina "Crystal dolphin" (the prize at the All-Russia contest in the city of Yalta). In the same year, the singer became the owner of the National Musical Prize "Ovation" in the category "Best Rock singer".
1996 - Singer again received the Ovation as the best soloist of the year (in the category "Pop Music").
1997 - Larisa Dolina was the people's artist of Russia. And another "Ovation" for best album of the year - "Weather in the house".

In recent years, Larisa Dolina was a member of the jury almost all prestigious vocal competitions. Among them - "Yalta - Moscow - Transit" (repeatedly), "Morning Star" (TV competition of young pop artists), All-Russia competition of vocalists music education (Krasnodar, 1994) and others.

. Program Larisa Dolina.
. In 1981, the orchestra A
. Kroll was placed a unique program "The Anthology of jazz vocals, with which the orchestra, Larisa Dolina and Weiland Rodd spoke with sold out in many of our former Soviet republics.
. In 1984, she received an invitation to perform a major role in the famous work of Alfred Schnittke - cantata "The History of Doctor Faustus", with which it has done
. Schnittke called the Valley of the best performer of this role.
. In 1990, the concert hall "Russia" the premiere rock opera "Jordan" (music by Laura Quint), in which the main male role played Valery Leontiev, and leading lady - Larisa Dolina
. The performance was a success, both in Moscow and Leningrad. Valley has played in it three roles, and her work was highlighted in the press.

. In 1991, the Russian-French contract Larisa Dolina performed before the 20 thousandth audience in the city of La Rochelle in France with French musicians at the festival, Radio - Prestige
. The valley was the first singer of Russia and in general a foreigner, who was invited as guest of honor at this festival.

. Since 1985, since then, as Larisa Dolina working independently, supplied several concert programs, with whom the singer has traveled virtually the entire Union.
. 1985 - the "free fall"
. 1987 - Program "Contrasts"
. 1989 - Program "Ldinka" concert hall "Russia"
. 1990 - the "little woman"
. 1992 - the "K 20 - anniversary of creative activity" Estrada Theater
. 1992 - the "What I want, I sing"
. 1995 - the "I do not like myself"
. It was shown in almost all cities of the Urals, Siberia, Far East, as well as neighboring countries.

23 and 24 December 1996 in the concert hall "Russia" premiered Jubilee solo program Larisa Dolina "Weather in the house". This musical performance was presented a new album, created by the singer in collaboration with the composer Ruslan Gorobtsov and poet Mikhail Tanichev.
1997 - the "I want to be loved". It is difficult to call Russia's city in which they would not this show Larisa Dolina.

. In December 1997, at the Great Hall of the Conservatory presented the premiere of the unique program "Hits of the past century", . in which Larisa Dolina, together with one of the best Russian orchestras under the baton of Evgeny Svetlanov masterfully performed famous hits of the century "Cabaret", . New York, . New York "and" Barcelona. ",
. To the anniversary of Moscow, Larisa has made the city a real gift - a show at the foot of the Kremlin "I give you to Moscow" - free solo live concert, which performed the songs from the album "Weather in the house" and new hits
. Broadcast of this concert on ORT was the best gift for the singer on her birthday - September 10.

In March 1998, Larisa Dolina was the winner of the Prize MIA Russia. This award singer completely transferred to charity.
March 5, 1998 in the Kremlin, President Boris Yeltsin of Russia congratulated Larisa Dolina with an honorary title of "Woman of the Year".

March 12, 1998 Larisa Dolina was the People's Artist of Russia. With this honor, and long-deserved title of singer congratulated Russia's President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin.
In July 1998, at the opening of the World Youth Games Larisa Dolina performed the national anthem, written by composer David Tukhmanov. By the opening of the Games in the Column Hall of the world premier of the classic "Ode to Olympic", which singer sang along with the brilliant Radio and Television Orchestra of Russia under the control of Igor Golovchin.
. 1998 - premiere of "The singer and musician."

. During this year the show saw not only Russia but also Ukraine, Baltic States, and Israel
. Especially to the Israeli tour Larisa Dolina has brought in his new show national color: a program enriched with Jewish songs and all your favorite hit - and those foreign, . whom the singer has won a leading place in the musical Olympus.,

. 1999 - live concert singer and musician, saw Moscow
. Five banner-headlines in the concert hall "Russia".

In June 1999, Larisa Dolina first revealed the program "The singer and musician in the U.S.. Superstar from Russia applauded the best concert halls of Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

. Musical role.

. In 1997, Larisa Dolina co-starred in the musical TV series "The latest adventures of Pinocchio" in the Canary Islands.
. None of the "Old songs about the main" not without the participation of popular singers
. In the first "old songs" Larisa Dolina performed a duet with Irene Otiev many favorite song "Girls". A year later, on New Year's night Larisa Dolina gave second wind song the 60's that "ten girls on statistics of nine children".

In "Song of the main-3" Valley played Anne of Austria (with the song "Always be a number of people can not" from the movie "31 June") and ... itself (a duet with Gloria Gainer, the song "I Will Survive"). In addition, the "New Opera NTV Larisa Dolina brilliantly sang an aria from the opera" Carmen ". New Year's Eve at ORT from 1998 to 1999 Larisa Dolina revived the popular hit "Waia Con Dios" "Nay-Na-Na-Na".


Weather in the house "- movie director Dmitry Fix has become a truly popular. Larisa Dolina and her partner on a clip of the popular actor Alexis Buldakova "Komsomolskaya Pravda" called a couple of years.

Fall 1997 first appeared the so-called "second series" of this series - a video for the song "offend" (directed by Dmitry Fiks).
And after the New Year and the third video Larisa Dolina with Alexei Buldakova Sergei Kastorsky for the song "You love another woman" (directed by Dmitry Fiks)

. The same director plans to shoot a good star tandem Valley-Buldakov in full-length feature melodrama in the spirit of Russia's most popular films "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!".

. In June 1998, in St. Petersburg were shooting video Larisa Dolina's song "The singer and musician"
. This was the first work of the Valley with the director Oleg Gusev. Videoclip "Singer and musician opened viewers a completely new star: the change in the image and added to the repertoire of the regiment of admirers young singers - from 16 and older. The next joint work with Larisa Dolina video music maker Oleg Gusev was a stylish video for the song "Three Roses" ( "Black-white destiny").

In 1999 Larisa Dolina two new videos for the songs "I Love You" (duet with Soso Pavliashvili) and "I Will Survive". The director of these videos was the husband of the singer and producer Ilya Spitsin.


In 1997 Larisa Dolina has given more than two hundred concerts in concert halls and palaces of Sports of Russia. The singer was among the first guest performers of the country. 1998-th and this year confirmed this status. In June 1999 he made a great Larisa Dolina on tour in the cities of America. The program "Singer and musician Valley was made in the best halls of Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, New York. Many thousands Madison Square Garden was filled with "full up": the Russian-speaking audience, and Americans standing ovation superstar from Russia.

2000 - The premiere of a new solo program 'While you're with me' has appeal to all students singer. After a triumphant five-banner-headlines in the concert hall 'Russia', in the past 29, 30 November, 1, 2 and 3 December 2000, this concert saw almost the whole world: from America and Europe to Australia.

During the Australian tour, Larisa Dolina met the famous boxer Kostya Tsu, who was a fan of the hot singer. And in the fall, he invited her to perform proprietary song 'Something worth fighting for', is a hymn to Constantine. Premiered on November 3, 2001 in the MGM casino in Las Vegas before the fight for confirmation of title absolute world boxing champion Kostya Tsu, who met in the ring with Zabom Judah (Zab Judah).

In autumn 2001 concert film goes 'for a new life', including a video version of the concert 'While you're with me' and exclusive footage from the family video archive Larisa Dolina. Director Videos Ilya Spitsin and longtime friend of Larissa and Elijah - Igor Korobeinikov and.

2001, 15 and November 16 - to 30-year anniversary concert hall "Russia" held recitals Larisa Dolina, which sounded the best hits of the singer.

2002, 27 and 28 April - Prime Minister of the first jazz program over the past 17 years. Larisa Dolina, together with the orchestra Igor Butman arranged in 'Russia' jazz evenings. Concerts 'Jazz Carnival' was an event of the year in the domestic show-business, . and Larisa Dolina confirmed its status as the best jazz singer in the country and the best voice of Russia, . performing the most famous jazz compositions: from 'Hello, . Dolly 'to' My funny Valentine ',
. In late December 2002 came the double Live-album 'Carnival of Jazz', which has no analogues on the clearance in Russia. With this unique program was successful singer on tour to cities in Russia, as well as in cities near and far abroad.

February 6, 2003 Larisa Dolina made a report on the status of a domestic platform at a meeting of the Council on Culture and Arts under the RF President. People's Artist of Russia has criticized the performance of phonogram and the giant runs 'pirated' products in Russia. The report is a true sensation.

February 10, 2003 in the Concert Hall 'RUSSIA', a grand International Festival 'Triumph of Jazz'. It was attended by the legendary vocal group 'TAKE 6', a trio of Joy Defranchesko, Valery Ponomarev (USA), Sergey Zhilin and orchestra of the musical 'CHICAGO'. Larisa Dolina and Big Band Igor Butman closed the festival program.

February 24, 2003 Larisa Dolina has released a line of the author 'Weather in the house'. Eau de Toilette 'Weather in the house' was created with the direct participation of the singer and produced one of the leading perfume companies of Italy 'Betafarma SpA'. Design of the bottle was considered the best in the European competition perfume 2002. According to Larisa Dolina, rare for its harmony and sonority perfume 'Weather in the house gives the woman some extra oomph, and stresses the solemnity of evening dresses for a romantic meeting. Continue through the author's collection Larisa Dolina - nail polish. On Russia's market is an absolute novelty: more convenient to use nail polish to do this, simply did not exist. Created by perfumer line Larisa Dolina produced specially for the holiday on March 8.

In May 2003, during a tour in Israel, Larisa Dolina lifted material for her new music video for the song 'Summer'. Spot deliver truly summer, the shooting took place in the heat sorokagradusnuyu. The director and the operator of the new video became the producer of the singer Ilya Spitsin together with an Israeli operator Boris Sobolev.


Daughter - Angelina A. Mionchinskaya (genus. 1983) from his first marriage with Anatoly Mionchinskim (genus. 1946), jazz musician, a former second conductor of the orchestra 'Contemporary'.

. Discography

. 1985 free fall
. 1988 Songs of Viktor Reznikov
. 1989 Ldinka
. 1991 Forgive me
. 1993 Ldinka
. 1993 Forgive me
. 1994 Get used to Larisa Dolina
. 1995 Valley of the valley of the passions
. Goodbye 1996 ..
. No, goodbye!
. 1997 Weather in the house
. 1998 Happy share
. 1999 Singer and musician
. 2000 Epigraph
. 2000 to a new way to live
. 2001 New Year
. 2002 Carnaval of Jazz
. 2006 burnt soul
. 2008 Hollywood Mood

. Videography

. 1997 Weather in the house
. 1999 Singer and musician
. 2001 to a new way to live
. 2004 Carnival of Jazz
. 2007 The jubilee concert in the Kremlin

. Filmography

. 1978 Velvet Season
. 1978 31 June - songs from the person Lady Ninth
. 1979 Very Bluebeard (film)
. 1982 Magicians - vocals Ani Pooh
. We are from the 1983 jazz - the role of the black singer
. 1985 Winter Evening in Gagra
. 1987 Island of lost ships
. 1987 Man from the Boulevard des Capucines
. 1997 Old songs about the main (TV movie)

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  • Lada for VALLEY Larissa
  • Larisa Dolina most amazing singer in the world! The most charming, charming and attractive.
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  • I п╬п╠п╟п╤п╟я▌ Larisa. It is the best, most talented;)
  • Irina for VALLEY Larissa
  • Larisa Dolina - the best singer! Her voice penetrates to the heart. The songs that she sings zatragtvayut soul ...
  • August for VALLEY Larissa
  • You and I were familiar, while shooting the movie "Velvet Season". I was only 17 years old, you no. You me then very pomogli.Vy and Larissa Shutava from Leningrad filarmonii.spasibo you. For me you are always the Odessa girl with a good and very responsive harakterom.I reshitelnaya.Spasibo.Mozhet answer. I have so many years looking for an opportunity to say thank you.
  • August for VALLEY Larissa
  • You and I were familiar, while shooting the movie "Velvet Season". I was only 17 years old, you no. You me then very pomogli.Vy and Larissa Shutava from Leningrad filarmonii.spasibo you. For me you are always the Odessa girl with a good and very responsive harakterom.I reshitelnaya.Spasibo.Mozhet answer. I have so many years looking for an opportunity to say thank you.
  • ashapran for VALLEY Larissa
  • But what really modest and educated! I sincerely wish (really talented!) Actress, in the coming year, definitely not to go mad from Teen megalomania!
  • Bella for VALLEY Larissa
  • I don't know who translated this from Russian,may be computer program, but it is so illiterate that it is a shame to have it on the internet. You cannot take last name that also has a different meaning in Russian and translate this name to English. Anyway, I like Larisa Dolina.It's too bad she is not coming to our city this Spring.
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    VALLEY Larissa, photo, biography
    VALLEY Larissa, photo, biography VALLEY Larissa  Singer, photo, biography
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