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Gomel Evgeni

( Athlete, basketball)

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Biography Gomel Evgeni
photo Gomel Evgeni
(December 26, 1938 - ...)
If Alexander Yakovlevich is considered Maitre men's basketball, then Yevgeniy called coach б╘ 1 national women's basketball. Under his leadership, women's teams of the USSR, the CIS and Russia won an impressive collection of awards and titles. Chief among them - the gold medal at the Olympics 1992. Barcelona Born on December 26, 1938. in St. Petersburg. Father - Gomel Yakov S. (1898 g.rozhd.). Mother - Gomel Faina (1904 g.rozhd.). Wife - Gomel Tatyana (rod.6.10.1945 g.). Children: Gomel Olga (rod.4.03.1965), the Gomel Dmitry (rod.30.09.1976 g.rozhd.).

Choosing a profession basketball coach was obviously predetermined by the fact of birth Evgeni. He was born 11 years after the birth of one of the most famous coaches in our country - his older brother, Alexander Yakovlevich Gomel. Almost before joining the Institute, he remained for Eugene's father rather than brother. Since 7 years old Eugene did not miss a single game with the participation of Alexander, first as a player and then coach. The first coach of the Eugene became the mother-in-law of Alexander - Nina Yakovlevna Zhuravleva, man is infinitely good and loving their students.

. Curious detail - Nina Zhuravleva played in the team, which came out on the platform with her daughter, Olga, future wife of Alexander.

. After graduating from high school, given the difficult financial situation of the family, Alexander took Eugene to himself in Riga, where the elder brother got on the distribution of the coach of the club SKA Riga, graduated from the Leningrad Military Institute of Physical Education
. In Riga, Yevgeny Gomelsky graduated from the Latvian State Institute of Physical Culture (1957-1961 gg.) Specialty coaches.

. No doubt a great school for the future of the USSR Honored coach Evgeni Gomel was a visit to training and matches of the team SKA (Riga) - repeated champion of the USSR and the European Champions Cup, . ongoing future Honored trainer of the USSR Alexander Ya Gomel, . discussion at home all the nuances of coaching activities in the home environment.,

. After graduation, guided by the desire to own, without the help of his brother to try his hand at coaching work, Evgeni decided to leave Riga, despite the fact that he offered to stay at the Department of Sport Games
. Individual coaching career began in Volgograd, in children's sport N2, where Yevgeny Gomelsky for two years worked with a small basketball coach junior teams (1961-1963).. In 1963, Mr.. He became coach of men's team "Dynamo" (Volgograd), which is trained for five years. During these years, they raised a number of outstanding students - the future champions of the USSR, the USSR national team players, world champions and Olympic Games. Among them: A. Arzamaskov, A. Blick, A. Boloshev, V. Zhigily, A. Sidyakin.

In 1968. E. Gomel transferred to coaching at the club "Dynamo" (Moscow). The club, which has great tradition and in the men's and women's basketball tradition, which multiplied Yevgeny Gomelsky, coaching, first male and then female team "Dinamo". Under his leadership, the team Dynamo Basketball repeatedly been the silver and bronze medals of the USSR and Russia. Amateurs and professionals of basketball for many years with interest the struggle of two brothers, Gomel, who led the opposing teams Dynamo and CSKA. Their sharpest struggle attracted to gyms thousands of spectators.

In 1985, Mr.. E. Gomel appointed head coach of the basketball of the Central Council of "Dynamo" (Moscow) and working in that capacity until 1992. From 1992 to 1994. working under contract in Israel. After returning to his homeland once again led the men's team "Dynamo" (Moscow, 1994-1995).. In 1995. went to Spain where he coached women's team "Dorn" (g.Valensiya, 1995-1996.). In 1996-1998. - Chief specialist of the Moscow City physical training and sports associations. Since 1998. present time - head coach of women's national team of Russia.
Despite the enormous influence of his elder brother, the candidate of pedagogical sciences Yevgeny Gomelsky developed his own coaching style and methods of preparation of teams for the race. Perhaps because of differences in the characters, he no longer listens to the opinions of his assistants, skilled players, colleagues.
If Alexander Yakovlevich is considered Maitre men's basketball, the coach Yevgeniy called the N1 national women's basketball. Under his leadership, women's teams of the USSR, the CIS and Russia won an impressive collection of awards and titles. Chief among them - the gold medal at the Olympics 1992. Barcelona (Spain). The combined team of the CIS, led by E. Gomel, speaking without a flag and anthem, in bitter struggle with the basketball in the New World - the U.S. team, and excellent athletes from Europe, Asia, becoming the first team of the world. This victory was one of the main sensations of games and, of course, entered the history of the game, in the biography of the Soviet, Russia and the world of basketball.
. Until this victory, the Soviet Union women's team, . headed by Eugene Gomel, . repeatedly reaffirmed the highest authority of the national basketball, . became world championship silver medalist in Moscow (1986), . winner of the European championships in Cadiz (Spain, . 1987), . Varna (South Korea), . won the silver medal at the Goodwill Games in Seattle (United States, . 1990),
. Team Russia, who, after a break, again chaired by E. Tape, won silver at the World Cup in Berlin (Germany, 1998). This performance was a special event in the life of Russia Yevgeny Gomelsky and women's basketball. She won in a dispute with the professionals from the United States, other countries, where women's basketball became a powerful sports industry, which invested heavily. This victory was the reason for the Federation of Sport Journalists of Russia, who named Yevgeny Gomelsky the best coach in the country in 1998
. E. Ya Gomel honorary title of "Honored coach of the RSFSR" (1967, for the preparation of European Junior Champion A. Blick, A. Bolosheva, V. Nikitin, and A. Sidyakina) and "Honored coach of the USSR" (1977 , for the preparation of the Olympic Champion 1972
. A. Bolosheva, Olympic Champion 1976. T. Daupene, T. Ovechkin, the world champions V. Zhigiliya, L. Kuznetsova, A. Harchenkova).
A characteristic feature of E. Gomel - a coach is that he wants to speak with the player in one language, as in direct and in figurative sense. Thus, working under contract in Israel and Spain, he quickly mastered Hebrew and Spanish, which enabled him to communicate directly with the athletes.
His main hobby considers the holding of training. Leisure conducts home with his wife and children. She likes to read books from the series of great people, listen to songs of the Great Patriotic War. Among the favorite movies - "Two Soldiers," "Ballad of a Soldier," "The Godfather", "Jolly Fellows". Favorite actors - Oleg Basilashvili, Valentin Gaft, Yevgeny Leonov, Evgeni Evstigneev, Natalya Gundareva, Jack Nicholson, Danny De Vito. Especially love to communicate with witty and exceptional personalities who appreciates humor, kindness. Cherishes its greatest asset - the family.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Gomel Evgeni, photo, biography
Gomel Evgeni, photo, biography Gomel Evgeni  Athlete, basketball, photo, biography
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