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Tatiana Ovechkin

( Athlete, basketball player)

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Biography Tatiana Ovechkin
photo Tatiana Ovechkin
(March 19, 1950 - ...)
In the history of the world basketball only five athletes have the title of the double Olympic champion. Tatiana Ovechkin is also the title of world champion and six-time European champion. Repeatedly she was found the best player on the most high-class tournaments. For nearly fifteen years, she has proved its right to be a better basketball defender in the world. Her pasam might envy outstanding managers in the men's basketball - Spaniard Kaobahal, Moscow armeets Stanislav Eremin and others.
Ovechkin Tatiana was born March 19, 1950 in Moscow. Father - Kabaev Nikolai Mikhailovich (1925 g.rozhd.). Mother - Kabaeva Evdokia Yegorovna (1924 g.rozhd.). Husband - Michael V. Ovechkin, the head women's basketball team "Dinamo" (Moscow). Children: Ovechkin, Mikhail Mikhailovich (1972 g.rozhd.) Alexander Ovechkin (1985 g.rozhd.).
Family Kabaeva - Mordovian working-class family - lived in poverty, in the barracks. My father was a chauffeur, mother worked in a factory. 50 rooms on the first floor of the hut was a kitchen and toilet, but no one ever complained. All of each other's well-known and respected. Probably, the main cult, even the incentive of life for the residents was sport. They built a volleyball, basketball, football grounds, which were constantly racing battles - the barracks at the hut, the yard the yard. Around the instigators was the father of Tatiana, at the time a very experienced athlete. He played for the national team soccer team vehicle maintenance.
Tanya, along with other children along with adults participated in all competitions. Once there was a misfortune. Tanya went to the first class. Just a few days later came under machine. Then there were long eight months of hospital. There was a single operation, moreover, failed, then another. The seriousness of the issue of the amputation of his leg. However, the leg was saved. Nevertheless, for life, despite years of professional sports, the right leg is still noticeably different from the left.
During treatment, the girl really worried that the entire sports life of the court passed without. After discharge from the hospital throughout the spring and summer, it was held in the boots, as parents are very worried that her daughter did not catch a cold leg. Some of the barracks was a basketball court, and when the parents were at work, Tanya took the ball and threw it into the ring.
A year later Tatyana again went to the first class. It is clear that the lessons of physical culture and rhythms of her were released: all ran around, jumped, danced, and she sat on a bench, barely holding back tears. One teacher rhythm to be invited to dance Tatiana. At her exclamation: "I could not do that, I'm sick, I'm valenkahN!". He replied: "Nothing, we quietly." The dance turned out, and Tatiana became a secret from my mother to take her to school in slippers, and once a week to go to school.

. After some time, was to be held medical commission, which was to decide whether the girl to physical
. Before the commission mother said her daughter, that the question we must answer the leg that the foot still hurts. Doctors Tatiana and said. Then she asked an unexpected question: "Can you petN" Tanya said, which could. A tantsevatN "-" May ", and danced. Thereafter, the Commission issued a verdict: "Engage in physical exercise can". A serious leg injury brought a lot of trouble in sports games, which carried away Tatiana: in volleyball and basketball. But the desire to engage in sports was so palpable that the mere physical discomfort did not stop Tatyana. She became involved in basketball, has a semi-professional athlete in school "Junior" Dinamo ".
Soon, in addition to perseverance became apparent undoubted gift sports, and "baby" Tatyana included in the first for her team - team in Moscow. And she spoke for the team of girls, whose age is several years beyond the age of Tatiana. It was the recognition of class. At the regular school sports day, she had already performed as part of its peers and won the prize of the best players.
More career Tatiana Ovechkin became increasingly successful, and the path to higher heights of sporting skills all the more stable. She plays in the junior national team, in the starting lineup and became European champion. In the two years prior to the release of children's sports school 16-year-old Tatiana was invited to the team masters Dynamo (Moscow).
It appeared their problems. We had to prove its place in the sun among adults, the prevailing athletes to prove the game. And once again to Tatiana with success. All threads of the game, whatever it may be difficult, turned out in her hands. Her credibility as a point guard and attacking defender becomes more significant.
Followed by successful performance in the European championship among juniors already in the rank of captain and the prize of the best playmaker of the tournament.

In 1970. Tatiana called under the banner of the USSR national team, within which it becomes European champion. After this tournament, she marries, is preparing to become a mother. It so happened that while her maternity leave from the team went three key players. When the son was a month, coach Dynamo VE Kolpakov Tatiana persuaded to participate in the next round of the national championship, to help the team.

My husband at that time he served in the Army. Tatyana's mother rushed in tears: "Where do you go to the 30-degree cold with a child. Chill baby, chill the breast, the milk will disappear! "However, the family council decided: it is necessary - means necessary! Rated stroller, diapers, vests, warm clothing, sport clothing - and to train. We arrived at the hotel with her mother and her son. Jokes, laughter. Teammates helped to wash diapers, mom walking with her son, and Tatiana played, and in between feeding her first child. Do I have to talk about her husband's reaction when he learned about these "exploits"!
Within three months the young mother Tatiana Ovechkin became European champion. Then followed a series of outstanding achievements, which in women's basketball almost no analogues. USSR squad won the World Festival in Peru (1973), . European Championships in Italy (1974), . World Championships in Colombia (1975), . Universiade in Bulgaria (1977), . European Championship in Poland (1978), . where Tatiana has been recognized as the best point guard,
. Key same two victories T. Ovechkin - two gold medals at the Olympic Games in Montreal (1976) and Moscow (1980).
In the history of the world basketball only five athletes have the title of the double Olympic champion. Tatiana Ovechkin is also the title of world champion and six-time European champion. Repeatedly she was found the best player on the most high-class tournaments. For nearly fifteen years, she has proved its right to be a better basketball defender in the world. Her pasam might envy outstanding managers in the men's basketball - Spaniard Kaobahal, Moscow armeets Stanislav Eremin and other. Famous coach of the Leningrad "Spartacus" and the men's team won the Soviet Union Vladimir Kondrashin, . When Peter came in the women's team Moscow Dynamo, . headed by Eugene Gomel, . consistently told his ward: "Guys, . evening workout will,
. Come watch Ovechkin play and Voronin ... "
In 1978. Tatiana Ovechkin graduated from the State Central Institute of Physical Culture, with the qualification of coaches. Many outstanding masters, ending a career, trying to stay as they say, "top" and become coaches masters teams, functionaries. But not all business for the new arena is going well. Tatiana has not sought to catch the birds in the sky, and began his coaching climb in 1984. from work in children's sports school. In 1990. She took the place most experienced mentor, his former coach Yevgeny Gomelsky, who decided to resign as head coach of women's basketball team "Dinamo" (Moscow).
. As head of Dynamo in the most difficult period of its existence, Tatiana Ovechkin was determined to save the team, in which she grew up, which it brought
. Together with her husband, they solved the problems of material security team, conducted an in-depth breeding work. As a result, "Dynamo" was filled with many promising and talented basketball. Some of them have joined the national team and won a number of higher titles. The first sign was Elena Shvaybovich, now Olympic champion in Barcelona-92. Then came Julia Osprey - a unique young player, who soon became the team leader, Irina Rutkovskaya, Elena Minaeva.
By the beginning of Tatiana Ovechkin Dynamo constantly growing: at the All are0e in 1998. the first time they managed to become the champion of the country. This was indeed a revolution in the domestic women's basketball, since before six consecutive seasons reigned supreme athlete CSKA. This success was confirmed in 1999. Home collection of sports awards TN Ovechkin joined by two gold medals of the championship of Russia.
. Tatiana Ovechkin - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1974), . Honored coach of Russia (1998), . Chevalier Orders of Honor "(1976, . for victory at the Olympic Games in Montreal), . "Friendship of Peoples" (1980, . for the gold medal at the Olympics-80), . Order of Friendship (1998, . in honor of 75 anniversary of "Dynamo"),
. Likes Russian folk and lyrical songs.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Tatiana Ovechkin, photo, biography
    Tatiana Ovechkin, photo, biography Tatiana Ovechkin  Athlete, basketball player, photo, biography
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