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Reztsova Anfisa

( Athlete, biathlon)

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Biography Reztsova Anfisa

(p. December 16, 1964)
Born Anfisa Reztsova in the Vladimir region. Weight - 54kg. Engage in sport began in 1979. First coach - L. Cutters. In team team since 1990. Olympics-88 in Calgary - I place in the ski relay race; II place - in the race at 20km. Olympics-92 in Albertville - I place in the race at 7.5 miles, III-e - in the relay. Olympics-94 in Lillehammer - I place in the team race. Trainer - LA Cutters. Lives in Moscow. Husband Leonid Cutters, coach Championships.
After several sharp turns in his career, three times Olympic champion Anfisa Reztsova announced the departure of a large sport.
Now she and her husband, former coach and biathletes, develops new business - trading of sports goods.
By the middle of last winter season, her name disappeared from the records of competitions for ski racing. It might give the impression that she conceived another "escape" in the biathlon, because it is already happened. But the reason for her latest disappearance is explained trite - she contracted a severe form of hepatitis.
. Cope with the disease in the spring of 2000, Anfisa with her husband decided that for the time remaining before the Olympics in 2002, to recover and reach a new peak fitness unrealistic
. And if so, then why in 36 years to push a team when there without competition be healthy. Moreover, two girls - twelve-Daria and Christina, which today is the fifth year - in need of breast Training seminar. And the house where the hostess in eternal traveling, does not look very. In short, the couple decided Reztsova - Bastia
- Who first had the idea to do trade, you or LeoniduN
- Actually store present in our plans for one of the last places. Initially, the husband wanted to open a club Anfisa Reztsova that, as he says, my name is not sunk into oblivion. The first thing we wanted to recruit kids to teach them to ski runs. Authorities Khimki near Moscow, where we live, treat us with great sympathy and identified on the Left Bank premises for the club and gym and a plot of land under the ski. But it so happened that I fell ill, and her husband at that time parted with coaching job. I had to start from shop. While on the ground floor of a house we rented a 90 square meters and restore even the bottom of the room.
- Do you have any skills in the trade delahN
- No, absolutely no. We can say that for us to trade - the race "on Virgin Soil. Leonid directorship of a small team, and I called him on all matters substitute. So far - knock-knock on wood, touch wood - things are going bad. Leonid overanxious. It begins when a business, make sure you bring it to the end. And I reach for him. Now that's learning to computer.
- It is known that two gold Olympic medal in biathlon, you have won, having trained under the leadership of Leonid.
- In my opinion, it is - the best or one of the best specialists in domestic shooting training Biathlon. When I began to train in his group in 1991, his mind knew it, but to cope with their ambitions for the Olympic champion ski racing failed. If I had not boasted that in a race preparation, I have no equal, then the athletic fate of our family probably would have been different.

. - In addition to three Olympic gold medals, in your collection has accumulated many awards in various denominations
. Which one you went to heavier vsegoN

- Frankly, I do not remember anyone I "gave" some of the awards. But most suffered, if you want, tears washed, was a gold medal Lillehammer. How I then gnoili in the team! In addition to her husband and sports administrators region (refers to the chairman of regional Dynamo Alexander Rusanov and chairman Mosoblsportkomiteta Vladimir Panteleev), in me absolutely no one believed. This is very few people know, but on the eve of the relay in Lillehammer, I was not even invited to a meeting of team. Like, not quoted. And suddenly, late in the evening it turns out that one of the four biatlonistok refused to start, and I so carelessly, among other things, stated: "Okay, Reztsova, God be with you. Give you another chance ". A calculation was simple. If the team collapsed, blame the failure on me, running the last. And when Louise Noskova the third stage bypassed leader - a young German woman, . embedded in biathlon, . as I, . of ski, . but only recently - and brought me a minute reserve, . then, . Forgive me, Lord, . These goats jumping on my distance and not persuaded to run fast,
. But I still proved to be the truth, and finished first for three minutes before the German team.
- And the most embarrassing episode in his sporting life can vspomnitN

- Course. Alas, he also connected with a gold award the Games-94. I was filled with insane joy of victory in the relay 4h7, 5 km. At my initiative, we took the girls a bottle of Swedish vodka Absolut, and sat her drink on a bit of German, "accomplice" of our victory. But they are suddenly called to a reception, and we went to the hockey match Russia-Sweden. Seats in the stands was not, and our company was in the bed where he was president of the Olympic committee of Russia Vitaly Smirnov. He did not like how we are actively rooting for our guys, and we were there, despite my protest, put. And then, Smirnov did not like what we have come to sympathize with our locker room, when they lost. We put again. Again I gave a voice, and Smirnov ordered me not to pay the prize for "gold" - 15 thousand dollars. In the plane he was flying to Moscow, unanimously urged me to confess to the President. But when I asked for advice from famous Raisa Smetanina, she replied that she could ask for forgiveness, if you feel its wrong. And what was to blame yaN The fact that equal allowed herself to talk with the Russia's chief Olympian. After some time, in Moscow, Vitaly G. called me and that I liked, talked with me privately, asking the coach out the door of his cabinet. A man should act exactly. We talked well, both recognizing where they were wrong, he even called me a girl. Winning, of course, I returned. Then there was a reception at Yeltsin, and apparently thought that the clouds over my head dissipated. But I finally pulled the plug. If it were not for my character, further developments would otherwise. But you know what happened, happened. I'm not tearing their hair out because of the case, and Leonid never reproached me. There is no evil without good. Then I left the team to give birth again, and was born Christine.

- With leaders of the Federation you parted horoshoN

- Yes, after all, neither good nor bad. They are the same, too, can understand. They exist in order to ensure maximum results. And since the Soviet era is known that essential in our country there. Today Reztsova ceased to show the result, we find another - the logic of the iron. Only now president Biathlon Union Alexander Tikhonov, Russia - I tell it not because that day he was in a bad story - for me behaved unworthily. When I returned after the birth of second daughter, he said that he knows what I am a fighter, and believes in me, and then under pressure or coaches, or even someone's started to play up. And largely because of his leniency, I was forced to part with the biathlon.
. - What kind of future for their daughters you and your husband mechtaeteN you would like to become big sportsmenkamiN

. - We would like to see the girls are worthy people
. While Dasha was not in school to learn to deal with the five and skiing. She trains on the planar, Valentina Romanova. Honestly say that I am not happy with her enthusiasm. But this choice has made herself. All the children's contests, she will finish in the top three. If you see that skiing - its fate will do everything to Dasha spared my mistakes. As she matured physically, learning to tolerate and work in the ski track, but on running technique can only dream. Christina grows more mobile and versatile than the older sister. And the pope is considering that at first tennis would be good for her business. If she chooses another occupation, we will not object. Life success in any sphere of activity is largely determined by the support of family.
- Do you have a traditional pozhelanieN
- Yes. Our country has such a fate, I'm all - myself, my family, my friends and all my fellow countrymen - want only one thing - patience.

. interview family


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Reztsova Anfisa, photo, biography
Reztsova Anfisa, photo, biography Reztsova Anfisa  Athlete, biathlon, photo, biography
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