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Valery Babanov

( Athlete, mountaineer)

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Biography Valery Babanov
"When people ask me why people are so tempting mountain - telling the famous climber Valery Babanov, - I answer that this is some kind of drug. This is not a cliche, it really. Those who once felt dizzy from lack of oxygen in the freezing cold and searing wind, ozone, will want to try it again and again. I am not aware, . how other stupefying tools, . but know, . that most of those killed in mountain climbers lost their lives with a smile of happiness on the face, . because under the influence of the natural in the nature of the drug did not understand, . what happens to them, . Why and where are they "fly "...",
. Not long ago, U.S. researchers have identified and isolated a special gene that in the cells of the brain regulates the adrenal dependence
. Scientists have identified it as D4 DR, it is this gene provokes people to risk, encourages and pushes the search for thrills. Togo, who D4 DR is not strictly square, and rather long, you will certainly meet all extreme sports which are presently in the West, and we have rapid popularity.

All alternative forms of sport, by definition, risky. Some of them ekstremalschiki teetering on the brink of life and death, often crossing the brink. Mortality in their ranks high, but looking to compare. Maybe adrenaline dependence constantly pushes the same climbers on EverestN Someone is looking at the top of the world fame, someone - an opportunity to test themselves. And in that whatever the cost and not stopping at nothing: already more than half the hundreds of climbers found there his grave.

Nevertheless, the popularity of ultra-modern sports abroad can be judged from the fact that over the course of regularly conducted by the Extreme Games on television watching 200 million people from more than 170 countries. For our public the names of extreme sports for the most part are so unusual that they and the Russian-it is not always immediately perevedesh. Most, perhaps, dangerous - B. A. S. E. jumping and Skysurfing.
Incidentally, both "exorbitant" types especially excelled our compatriot Valery Rozov. Last year he and a group of the same desperate Russians went to the south-east of Venezuela. There rises plateau Auyan Tepui, which means Mountain of the devil, with them falls down the famous Angel Falls - the dream of every beysera (from the English B. A. S. E. jamp - parachute jump from a stationary object, in this case - with a steep mountain). Here in this place that infernal "well" Pink and two other Russian athletes made several parachute jumps. When Valeria then asked about experience a sense, he replied:
- Flying a hundred meters from the Falls, all in a spray. It seems that all this is not on planet Earth, and in some sleep ...

Ironically zapredelschikov
Pink - world champion and extreme games on Skysurfing - aerial acrobatics on the board. The competition on this "sverhekstremalnomu" mind lasts less than a minute. In the team two: skayserfer and air operator. They jump out of the plane at the four-altitude and without disclosing parachute within 50 seconds, with furious speed rush to the ground. Skayserfer, which is attached to the feet of a special board, maneuvering among the streams of air, demonstrating spectacular somersaults, pirouettes and rotation. The operator, who has a helmet mounted miniature camera, to take all this to referees in the world could appreciate the work of the duo.

Several years ago my brother to death Rozova crashed during landing. However, this did not stop Valeria: "Skysurfing - the most powerful feeling that I experienced in my life, - he explained. - The sport like acrobatics, but only superficially. After all, an acrobat is the fulcrum, and here - only the air. In performing pirouettes because of congestion on the hands can burst capillaries, so many to jump zamatyvayut brush elastic bandage ".

Injured skayserferov occur most frequently from mid-air collisions when developing new exercises. What is the consequence of their, as beyserov, unsuccessful landing, self-explanatory. Apparently, it is no accident athletes themselves, ironically called weird ...
In the eagle's talons
Said that in France for paragliding fly more than 100 thousand people. We do three thousand with a small, but real professionals with licenses altogether Only a handful.

Paragliding - a parachute with a soft gliding wing. Fun, in general, accessible to all: $ 200 (cost of the cheapest model) you get an aircraft weighing 15 kilograms, stands on the hill to wait for the wind dupe a rectangular parachute canopy, revolting - and ...

The Spanish Sierra Nevada, where this summer hosted the World Air Games, the hills were. But the dangers in the form of rocks and the vagaries of weather, it was rife. Paragliders compete in the duration of the flight, flying many kilometers of trails, compete in a climb. Gathering this very high, during a training flight collided Rossiyanka Natalia Petrova and American Mark Mulholland. As a result, both collapsed down. Before the land Natalia managed to open the parachute and escaped with "only" severe bruises and abrasions. The American broke his pelvic bones, ribs, punctured lung. He was sent to hospital, and Petrova in different languages all congratulated: a shirt, they say, was born.

Even then, having recovered from the shock, she told about some of the nuances of his hobbies. Usually experienced paragliders fly to the lower edge of cloud formation above dangerous. Get into a thundercloud - where air flows from which no escape. Can push to a height of 12-13 thousand. meters, where the end of one - will freeze to death. It killed several people in Italy on Lake Como. Chance to save a minimum - detach and fall from paraglider. But the parachute in athletes is small, falling from such height does not hamper. One escaped, but remained a cripple for life.

There are quite unforeseen circumstances and. Grated paragliders tell - is not a legend! - The attacks eagles. Amazing daring bird: it paraglider canopy it must be presented with something huge and terrible. But no, flew "stranger" in his zone, and the eagle grabs in the dome and tear it to shreds claws ...

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Valery Babanov, photo, biography
Valery Babanov, photo, biography Valery Babanov  Athlete, mountaineer, photo, biography
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