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Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna

( sportswoman, gymnastics)

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Biography Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna
photo Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna
(January 27, 1937 - ... )
Much of that sport gives the impression of a beautiful, elegant, graceful and yet courageous, true to the gym. This kind of sport - a symbol of strength, beauty and youth rights. One of the brightest representatives of the magnificent national team in gymnastics (mid-50's - mid 60-ies), not unparalleled in the world, is Lydia Ivanova (Kalinin).
Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna was born January 27, 1937 in Moscow. Mother - Kalinina Anna Ivanovna (1906-1974). Spouse - Valentin Ivanov Kozmich (1934g.rozhd.), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored coach of Russia, Olympic champion (1956), winner of the European Cup (1960). Son - Ivanov, Valentin V. (1961g.rozhd.) Candidate of pedagogical sciences, master of sports of football, International Judge. Daughter - Ivanov (Starikova) Olga (1964g.rozhd.), Soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet. Grandchildren, Anastasia, a student at the University of Peoples' Friendship, Anton and Catherine - twins, students of secondary school, in sports.

. Much of that sport gives the impression of a beautiful, elegant, graceful and yet courageous, true to the gym
. This kind of sport - a symbol of strength, beauty and youth rights. One of the brightest representatives of the magnificent national team in gymnastics (mid-50's - mid 60-ies), not unparalleled in the world, is Lydia Ivanova (Kalinina).

. The first acquaintance with gymnastics happened at school parties, . where Lida, . pupil of grade 4, . first saw the statement beginner gymnast Larissa semiklassnitsy Yeryomina, . which Lidia Kalinina lived in Moscow on the same street Osipenko and studied at the same school.,

. Speech Larissa shocked girl
. A passionate desire to become a real gymnast led her to a sports school of the Kirov region, . where already dealt with and Larissa Eremina (Zakoninnkova), . future master of sports of international class, . Honored coach of Russia, . champion of the USSR on vault,

"You can be the best, you can - often repeated to her coach Boris E. Dankevich, if you will work hard ..."

The desire was great, but the physical forces sometimes not enough. Times were difficult. Her mother took on any job, to somehow feed her son and daughter. Passion daughter in gymnastics at first regarded as a minor one.

Her first coach, Boris E., and tried to support his pupil: the pharmacy to buy askorbinku, fish oil, on the market - Fruit. But most importantly, he helped her to believe in our strength, in his talent.

In the process of training the will and character were formed of young gymnasts.

In 14 years, Lida met the standard of master of sports. She becomes a champion of Moscow among peers., Then shows her best result at the championship of Russia in Leningrad.

. In 1955, it said deserved coach of the USSR Alexey Alexandrov and invited to train at a sports club Dynamo
. In the same year it was included in the national team of the Soviet Union.

Melbourne, where it was decided to hold the next Olympic Games, called the young forces of the world of sports. After the phenomenal success of the Soviet national team in gymnastics at the Olympics in Helsinki, was taken a course on youth. The rate of youth for two years before the charge was correct and match-win. Even at that time in the Soviet team were gymnasts over 23 let.Po those days age for this sport was very young.

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. 1956 - finest hour sports fate of Lydia, when after a workout Alexandrov announced the decision to send her in the national team to the Olympics in Australia
. Joy, anxiety, doubts - all mixed up in my soul. How is she, Lidia Kalinina (this name is still unknown in the sports world), will act for the honor of the country along with the already recognized gymnasts, such as Sofia Muratova, Larysa Latynina, Polina Astakhov, Nina BocharovaN tremendous responsibility. Preparing for her first Olympic Games held in Tashkent. Training to exhaustion, injury, failure, constant overcoming of doubt: "But I can, liN"

And then the first performance at the Olympics: "Lidia Kalinina. The Soviet Union "...

Heart sank. I got ready as she could. The speech was successful. The command team of the Union victory was stunning. Played an important role in the cohesion and support team in difficult times. Eight years of intensive training required Lida, to become Olympic champion in the team competition. Per team floor exercise with the subject she was also awarded a bronze medal

. Olympics back in Melbourne she remembers not only the first global recognition, . but the 20-day return on the ship "Georgia", . where two young, . happy, . Flushed with victory athlete - Lidiya Kalinina and Valentin Ivanov, . became the Olympic champion in football, . felt happy because, . that they met and became friends,
. They dreamed of new achievements and victories.
In the meantime, come 1958, the All-Union Championship in Moscow gymnasts. It was held on the eve of world championship gymnastics, which was held in the summer of that year. The participants spoke on the program of world championship. And among those already illustrious list of champions in the victorious among the young gymnasts were awarded and Lidia Kalinina. She - absolute champion of the Union
In the same year at the world championships in gymnastics (Moscow) Kalinin received a gold medal in the team event and silver medal in jumping. After a mandatory program L. Kalinin joined six best gymnasts of the world. In the floor exercise it has been characterized by surprising lightness and flexibility of movement.
In 1959, Lidia Kalinina and Valentin Ivanov have become husband and wife.
In 1960 at the Olympic Games in Rome, she has already performed under the name Ivanova. Once again, our national team in gymnastics shows a high level of skill: they are the best in the world! Again L. Ivanova - Olympic champion in the team competition. Newspapers in Rome celebrate its plasticity and grace in the floor exercise.:
In 1961, the couple have a son, Valentin Ivanov. But L. Ivanov did not leave the big sport. His life, it is not without gymnastics. Again, training - in fact need to get into shape, catch up. After 7 months after the birth of his son, in 1962, in the national team, she received a gold medal at the world championships in Prague.

. In 1964, at training camps in Germany L. Ivanova gets serious knee injury, which failed to affect the future results
. She decides to leave the sport as a gymnast.
In the same year, Ivanov born daughter Olga
Meanwhile, Lydia Ivanova opens a new page of life in the gym. She tries his hand at coaching career in children's sports school in the Leninsky district. Then ten years (1970-1980) L. Ivanova works in the Sports Committee of the USSR senior coach youth teams of the country. Questions to be addressed, there were numerous, but the main thing - is the search for promising young gymnasts. In 1970, intercontinental courses she receives a certificate of the international category judge. The first start as a judge - the world championship in Ljubljana, which culminated in victory for L. Tourischeva.

Lidia Ivanova - one of the most respected referees in the world gymnastics. As a representative of the USSR, . with only, . She has judged the most crucial events: the Olympic Games in Munich (1972), . Montreal (1976), . Moscow (1980), . Los Angeles (1984), . Seoul (1988), . Barcelona (1992), . World Championships in Ljubljana, . Amsterdam, . Indianapolis, . Paris, . London, . Madrid, . all European Championships and World Cup, . for which she was awarded a gold badge of the International Gymnastics Federation.,
. In 1972 he graduated from the State Central Institute of Physical Culture
. From 1982 to 1993 - State Coach L. Ivanov has been recruiting gymnasts in the team of the USSR, is developing a methodology for athletes.
. Currently Lydia Ivanova often commented on television broadcasts of competitions in gymnastics at the highest level (NTV, Eurovision).
. Lidia Ivanova - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1960), . Honored trainer of the USSR (1979), . Honored coach of the RSFSR (1977). She was awarded two Orders of Honor "(1960, . 1980), . medals "For Labor Valor" (1985), . "Veteran of Labor" (1985), . Honorary Badge of Merit in the development of physical culture and sport "(1987), . recorded in the Book of Honor of the Central Committee of Komsomol (1960).,
. Sport helped Lydia Gavrilovna find friends for life
. She is still friends with her friends and rivals on Sport T. Mannino and L. Latynina.
Its main lesson today - family, education of grandchildren, caring for her husband.
He is fond of the theater and ballet.
Lives in Moscow.

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  • Ludmila for Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna
  • A familmya our coach Boris Tamm - Stankiewicz. I am also involved in gymnastics in the sports school of the Kirov district and Leroux Eremin remember, and Rita, too. I - Lebedeva Lusia. Norma master of sports, I met later, when the continued occupation of Boris Tamm in society Spartacus. There, but another coach, Galina worked Shamra (Rudko).
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    Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna, photo, biography
    Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna, photo, biography Ivanova Lidia Gavrilovna  sportswoman, gymnastics, photo, biography
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