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Ekaterina Gordeeva

( sportswoman, fagurnoe skating)

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Biography Ekaterina Gordeeva
In a luxury hotel room in which there is a light, but only television broadcasts, including children's toys in a simple sweater and slacks is Katya. There is something half-ethereal. Ridiculous, but I initially thought that her four-year daughter Dasha even a little more than her. Blue-eyed little girl suddenly finds herself in the spotlight. She too wants to give interviews. Incidentally, I have no one met such a manner of speaking. Dasha does not just look in his eyes, and looks at you as in a mirror. Maybe it is because Kate is so fond of looking "into it", trying to discern the features of the beloved daughter of Sergei. Dasha's father's eyes, eyelashes and a smile.
Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. Winners of four World Cups, two Olympic. Athletes high-class professionals. Two madly in love with each other's rights. And you say that there is no romantic lyubviN
Behind Katya serene childhood. Secured parents. Father - a dancer in the company of Moses, mother - employee TASS. Huge apartment on the Kalinin Prospekt. And Teen perseverance. In training at CSKA had to get up at five or six in the morning. And she got up and said: "It's my job". Sergei and Katia came to figure skating at the peak of the popularity of this sport. Both jumps were not strong enough for a single skating, so they joined in a couple. She was then eleven, he was - fifteen. In his book "My Sergei", written by Katya with a reporter one of the most prestigious sports magazine Sports Illustrated, meticulously describes the development of relations Katia and Sergei. 's Partner. Friend. Favorite. Here they are playing snowballs, and Katya first notice how grown up and matured her partner. That during the first visit to America at Disneyland Sergei first embraced her, and then to the movies all the time they held hands. First kiss. She was seventeen, he was - twenty-one. They are young and happy. They go to competitions in England, and there they have an opportunity to be alone. Kate does not remember the competition: "I was like, drunk. Thanks to him I suddenly felt much older, I felt like a woman ... I think every girl dreams to have a first experience in sex, in this man. "

At the Goodwill Games the Americans Jay Ogden and Paul Teofanus offered Katya and Sergei to join the IMG - International Management Group. This organization is engaged in "promotion" career professional athletes. Its members include virtually all sports stars. IMG owns the show "Stars on Ice: skaters ride with presentations on various cities of the world. The Americans have promised to athletes that they will earn a hundred thousand dollars a year and more. But Katya and Sergei nothing if not signed: "We had the feeling that we are buying". In addition, by signing the contract and going to the status of professionals, they would lose the right to participate in the Olympics and world and European championships, a competition confined professionals. Later a contract with the IMG yet been signed, but without commitment to the company and clarify any amounts. The contract stated that IMG will represent Katia and Sergei in two years and use their names in preparation for the ideas.

... Soon Sergei got a small apartment. He did not offer Kate, said simply: "I would like you to live here with me" - and later gave her a ring with diamonds. They are registered with the registry office, and then married in the church. At the wedding, when it's time to dance the waltz, they did not know how to dance on an ordinary floor - because they are accustomed to the ice. And then, as Katya, was God's gift: "I'm pregnant". This news brought her joy ... and the fear of losing form Katya decides to give birth in the United States, as well as in Moscow had to do the caesarean section. "They put me in a room in which I was very ill at ease: in the next room screaming woman. The doctor gave me a shot in the shoulder, and I fell asleep. Once the bout began, the pain became stronger and stronger. They asked me if I want to get a shot in the spine, so as not to feel pain. I do not know about it, and the doctor began to explain to me. Finally I agreed: "Make me a shot. Right now ". But I was given a pile of papers, which I had first read and then sign. "Crazy - I thought. - Sign kontraktN What kontraktN Make me an injection ". But no, I must read and sign. And, of course, all in English. And I can not think in English now. I just realized that if I signed the paper, then the pain will disappear. And I said: "Inject". Ran for Sergei, who was waiting in the car, because at birth should be present someone who speaks in Russian. "He was happy to be with me. And all the time he kissed my hand. The doctor began to show Sergei equipment, measures the strength of contractions. After three or four jerks, I felt only that Daria left. And all my body below the neck, too, ". My daughter was born healthy, but she cried all night because Dashi no hair on his head. "I blamed myself all. I do not eat right, too long riding ... I was a funny little mother away from home.
And then it was back on the ice. The brilliant victory at the European Championships in Copenhagen and the Olympics in Lilehammere. Once at a regular workouts in preparation for the tour of 50 cities in the USA in Lake Placid Sergei suddenly became ill. Kate thought it was because of back pain, which troubled him in recent. He was taken to the hospital, and while Katya asked about whether there have been Sergei's earlier problems with the heart, to Kate approached a female doctor and said that they had done their utmost, but could not save Sergei. Artery through which flowed the blood to the heart was blocked. It turns out that genes Sergei laid predisposition to heart disease. So it fell to Katina great test - to live without him. But Kate is not one. Sergei left her Dasha. Once Dasha, waking up, not rushed, as usual, play, and sat in meditation. And then suddenly asked, when she will be able to see the pope Katia said: "He will come to you when he wants to see you. He's like a little angel. You will be able to see him in a dream. But he will never return ". Katya has loving parents. And real friends who have left her in a difficult moment Christine Yamaguchi, Katarina Witt, Oksana Baiul, Viktor Petrenko, Scott Hamilton decided to devote the memory of Sergei is one of the representations of "Stars on Ice". Kate was invited to attend the presentation. And then this fragile woman takes a bold decision. She will dance. One. Without Sergei, but Sergei. The choreographer and friend Marina Zueva said only: "Trust Sergei, he'll help.
"The music began, and I went to the dark arena. All the pain suddenly went. Turned on the light, people started to applaud, and I ... began to worry that they would lose at the rink, I was so small that nobody would see me. But my legs continued to move. I listened to your feet. I listened to Sergei. I felt the dual energy. I know that will never be able to dance so again. "
Now Kate is dancing on the ice one. She participates in professional competitions and dancing in the show "Stars on Ice". People magazine named Katia in the top fifty most beautiful people in the world.
"Before, my life consisted of training, skating on the ice, wins, move to America and life with someone you love. Everything came easily. The difficulties I encountered were minor. The language barrier, buying plane tickets, raznashivanie new skates, training. Trifles. I realized that life is more difficult than I thought before. I now know thyself. But life goes on. "
You live in SSHAN
Yes, I live in the town of Simsbury, in Connecticut.
Why did you choose this gorodN
In fact, we did not choose. An American coach told us that there are going to build a sports complex with two wheels and to attract people who want the names. He was invited there Oksana Baiul, Viktor Petrenko and we. So we're there and settled. This is a very small town, almost a village. Americans are very proud of this rink, and it is really very good. Now I have many links with the place - different associations and memories. When I was away, the parents come to me, mainly in the season when I have to skate, act. In the summer we will all go to his dacha outside Moscow.
Dasha, and where you more nravitsyaN in Simsbury or dacheN
Da-a-Ache. (The next day in the studio ELLE, where pictures of her and her mother, Dasha said frankly that she still like most of America, because Moscow will not sell her favorite candy.)
. Figure skating in the United States is second only to the popularity of American football
. This is a huge business with its cruel laws. During the Olympics competing not neglect any means. Kristi Yamaguchi - one of America's "stars" - said that she never left his skates unattended. And you and Sergey had such situatsiiN
Frankly, we have not felt the odium. Of course, we never left unattended their skates. We drank water only from bottles, brought with them. But we Sergei nobody did anything wrong. While in life, just in case there are.
In his book you write that sports life taken away from you, many teenagers joy. Now the situation izmenilasN
Yes, "Stars on Ice" - Katarina Witt, Scott Hamilton, Christine Yamaguchi and others - is one big family. There are times when all tense. After a round of every day - a new city. And then I call parents and say: "Vezite Dasha". It drains us all. Just did the daughter of the regiment.
We Katarina Witt bed littered with toys-charms. One of its charms - mouse, which the maid accidentally washed with linen, and he was "bald". Do you have talismanyN
Yes, I will never part with an emerald ring, which gave me Serge. And wear our wedding ring on a chain.
Do you have "star" Coaches: Vladimir Zakharov, Shevalovskaya Nadezhda, Tatiana Tarasova. But, as you know, a special place in your career takes Marina Zueva.
Yes, of course. Her own original technique. She brought pictures, from which we backed up the pose. She never said: "Do so," and asked: "Show of birds, flowers, love, sun. She put the number in memory of Sergei.
With the development of your relationship with Sergei tone of your programs changed ...
Yes, Marina Zueva put us different programs. There were those when we were supposed to speak to the audience, smile at the judges, show them themselves, and were such when she said: "In order that all happened, you have to dance only for Sergei. To this was sensual.
When Marina realized that we love each other, she invited us to dance "Romeo and Juliet". We have a fresh feel, dance allow us even kiss each other. A number under the "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven - is actually the history of our love.
Tell us about the fund, created in memory of Sergei. Whether to send people to him dengiN
Yes. Many send money. They will go to Dashenkino education. We can not use these funds to its age.

The Internet is advertising the film "Kate". This is a film about VasN

(Indignant) That the Internet ... There is written. No film "Kate" no. I recently learned that the questions that I asked people on the Internet, answered one of my friend. She never wrote: "I'm good ..." When I asked, . what she is doing, . She told me: "But you're also really good ..." Well it all obyasnitN at my house, . by the way, . do not have a computer and simply do not have time to do it all,
. All have to do most: to deal with accounts, pay taxes.

Question Dashenka. Your mom started dancing when she was, like you, four years. And you more, my mother likes to skate or rebyatamiN

With mum. (Shows you how to make "torches": it is necessary to pass so that toys were between his legs.)

Another teach you to stop. "Green light, green light. And then the red ". (Dasha carefully jumping. On the "red" stop, legs wide apart.) Or maybe you want to gymnastics zanimatsyaN What you more or hudozhestvennayaN nravitsyaN Sports

Dasha: Sports.

Kate: I want her to be involved in sports. She was so pleased when I swim. Dancing. Then choose what is best obtained.

You write in his book that during the visits of skaters in America they all were given envelopes with money. Only Soviet skaters were not allowed to open them. Sportkomitetchiki envelopes were taken, and on the hands you were given a tiny amount. Currently, the material situation izmenilasN

Clearly, the situation has changed dramatically. For example, for the Olympic Games in Lilehammere we have already received 15 thousand dollars for two and one coach for seven and a half thousand. And now comes the World Cup and fifty thousand. For figure skating - it is also a profession. And I'll earn it myself and my child to life. I support my sister, with a great friend.
. Hence, now you dance for dengiN
. Yes, I dance for money.
. And what "fees" taken in "Stars on Ice" N
. Prices, of course, lower than the competition, but there is much more organized various shows
. This year there were about 70. Every day we moved from town to town from late December to late April. I came home only in early May. In each city, we gave one speech. This work, and I think that he should be paid accordingly. However, after these tours want to sit quietly at home, at one place.
Oksana Baiul bought next door to you a huge house. And how do you dispose of dengamiN
As for me, our condominium is our small: we often come to the parents and guests. And Dashko room is small. Perhaps, too, buy a house this summer.
You are friends with OksanoyN
Yes. She is very lonely man. She nobody. She always treated me with affection and Sergei. And call us "Grandma" and "grandpa". She suffered greatly after she was detained for driving a car while drunk. How it all jumped! But from this it does not become worse for me and my family, and we remain good friends
At the Olympics in Calgary, when you were sixteen, you first have perm and pierced ears. At the same time you realize the power of mini-skirts. It is understood that for the clothes not only meet, but also escort. Do you like odevatsyaN
I like to dress. I had a long way to go. And Danka likes to dress. I think the thing to output to be expensive. Meet the level ...
Yes. I love when clothing corresponds to the situation. For example, I will not I for an interview with you to put on ... cocktail dress. (Laughs)
It is known that about the shooting for Vogue magazine you will always remember with obvious displeasure. PochemuN
I was not warned about these shootings. He just said that I had to wear a dress and pantyhose. I had to go in this dress over the entire Olympic Village, but I did not say a word about this. The ability to express their emotions out loud comes with age. Then I was just glad that I was invited to be removed for Vogue. By the way, after this I was never invited to Vogue. And now it's all been turned into one funny memory.
Please tell us about a dinner given by Mikhail Gorbachev in honor of Ronald Reagan. Then you sat at the table next to Raisa Gorbachev. What you govoriliN
Mrs. Gorbachev has supported all the time with me talking, but for some reason, always call me Natasha. In addition, I was awkward one, without Sergei. Strange, but it somehow was not invited.
You observe dietuN
I just try not to have anything fatty. Although very fond of ice cream.
My grandmother taught you well prepared. Do you have a trade blyudoN
I love to make different salads and fantasize with fish.
Your favorite holidays are still Easter and New GodN
Yes, especially the New Year, because that's when we first kissed, Sergei. I remember the skater Sasha Fadeev invited us to look at the newly purchased cottage area. It was built only one sauna. On that day in the sauna was only Sasha. Sergei and I were sitting at a table and talking ... And suddenly he said: "I want you to say something". I saw that he feels uncomfortable, and then he asked: "Why do not we potselovatsyaN" It was not even a question. Sergei saw that I want it. He kissed me, and when he realized that I liked it, he kissed me again. That kiss was interrupted Sasha, who came out of the sauna for a snack. Then, when Sasha went back to the sauna, we kissed a few times. At this time a very long time ...
... I think that Sasha is lost then because of the sauna for five kilograms of ...

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Ekaterina Gordeeva, photo, biography
Ekaterina Gordeeva, photo, biography Ekaterina Gordeeva  sportswoman, fagurnoe skating, photo, biography
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