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Stanislav Zhuk

( Athlete, coach of figure skating)

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Biography Stanislav Zhuk
photo Stanislav Zhuk
(25.01.1935 - 1.11.1998)
Stanislav Zhuk was born in 1935. In 50-ies came to figure skating, and four became the champion of the USSR in pairs (1957-1959, 1961). However, in international competition he was not lucky. In 1957, speaking at the European Championships, he and his wife, Nina showed elements that the judge refused to recognize the legitimate. They considered them risky for the health of athletes (which cost the support of one hand, to which Zuk nobody did). Therefore, on the championship Beetle and his wife received silver medals. But within a year of "dangerous elements" were found aerobatics among skaters and each athlete is honored to repeat them on the ice. As P. Beetle, it is after the ill-fated championship twice more, became the champion of the continent, and in the Olympics-60 took 5 th place.
In the early 60's Beetle went to coaching. In 1965 he was awarded the title of Honored trainer of the USSR.
In 60-ies established favorites in figure skating is a pair Lyudmila Belousova - Oleg Protopopov. Beetle had to create a counterweight to them, a couple who could have to press them on a pedestal. And he created a pair. Small stocky Irina Rodnina and Alexei Ulanov tall handsome man in the world championships in Colorado Springs became champions, performing incendiary "Kalinka". Second were Tamara Moskvina and Alexei Mishin, the third - Belousova and Protopopov.

For two decades coaching in the Champions Beetle brought many skaters. How to write to journalists later, fame, produced for the country of his students, more than enough would not for one - two, three, four coaching career. From under his wing out: Tatiana Zhuk and Alexander Gorelik, Irina Rodnina and Alexei Ulanov and later Aleksandr Zaytsev, Marina Cherkasova & Sergei Shakhrai, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov, Elena Vodorezova, Alexander Fadeev, and many others. Over twenty years of coaching disciples Beetle won almost 140 medals.
At the same time. Beetle was a man with a difficult character. Apparently, so many of his students eventually left him to other coaches, often with scandals. Here's how to remember about the famous coach who knew his people.

Nina Zhuk: "People who write bad about Stanislav Alekseevich, simply did not know him like I knew him. Though we are with him and divorced, but lived together for twenty years, yes, took place at his quarrel with his disciples, and with other coaches. But my husband was an extraordinary personality, characterized by a very strong character and always tried to defend their opinions. If he was different, I could not have achieved such success. And then, they were likely not even quarrels and disputes, and the evil Stanislav at no one had. At heart, he loved all. And at home he rarely raised his voice. Good was very, responsive. It was not so difficult to maintain after a divorce with Stanislav good relationship. We remained friends, often call up ... "
In the mid-80's C. Beetle went to Japan - to work with there the skaters. However, work far from home, he soon got bored, and he returned. He was appointed coach of Russia figure skating. In addition, beetle closely engaged in the development of the system of coefficients of the elements of figure skating. He wanted to reduce the proportion of subjectivity in the subjective world of sport. In 1998, the system C. Beetle was introduced in our country (in particular, its "run" on the Cup of the country). However, the beetle itself to full implementation of its system did not survive.
He remembers the coach's daughter, Marina: "the Pope was only sixty-three, and he was healthy, energetic person. Just Saturday night we sat in the kitchen, my father was in good spirits, discussing the plans, which he has always had many.
On Sunday morning everybody was going on as usual. Pope prepared to go for, cheerfully said goodbye and left the house, and at the entrance to the subway suddenly lost consciousness. He picked up two unknown men who identified themselves as doctors, and within fifteen minutes trying to save him until he comes "ER". But nothing could be done ... "
Funeral with. Juca held on November 4 Vagankovskoye cemetery.

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    Stanislav Zhuk, photo, biography
    Stanislav Zhuk, photo, biography Stanislav Zhuk  Athlete, coach of figure skating, photo, biography
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