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Tatiana Tarasova

( sportswoman, figure skating)

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Biography Tatiana Tarasova
Today it is almost as famous as her father, a hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov. Like him, Tatiana Tarasova is called a man obsessed profession. She raised eleven Olympic champions, her students won a total of thirty-four gold medals at the competitions of the highest class. Among them, Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, Irina Moiseeva and Andrei Minenkov, Natalia Bestemianova and Andrei Bukin, Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko, Pasha Grishuk and Evgeny Platov, Ilia Kulik, Alexei Yagudin ...
. - Your skaters call "tarasyatami"
. Among them are the champions, and those who have not achieved great victories, but who were very fond of the audience. Who "Taras" you more than all and pochemuN
- I have students all over the world, and I love them all. All of them - part of my life. There are parents who gave you life, and there are teachers who give you profession. This is, in general, almost equivalent. I generally like the talent and love my profession. My job - to see the talent and "submit" his. When I took a very talented Natasha Bestemianova and saw Jutta Mц?ller (famous German figure skating coach), she was horrified: "You're crazy! It's so terrible!" I thought her beautiful and clever. And a couple of years is recognized and Jutta, and all the rest.
- What are the victory of your students were the most difficult, most nezabyvaemymiN
- All were heavy. And at one point seemed to be the most expensive. I went to victory a long time, but I knew that they were not random. The two Olympiads alone Rodnina prepare - is twenty years old, torn out of life. All the victories my students, I think pure and beautiful: they won because they were head and shoulders above rivals. Particularly difficult because of joy was the victory in singles skating. There is nothing impossible to schedule, there is no weak, any half-error solve it. And when you see that your student has won himself - as a skater should just win yourself first - you experience an unusual feeling.
Himself had to overcome in life and she herself. Sports she loved since childhood, went to his father's training, and when his students won at the world hockey championship, rushing to the screen and all peretselovyvala. In five years, my father brought her to figure skating: "If we are born a girl, then at least learn to stand on skates". He trained her hard, like a little boy. Skate Nour began with Ludmilla Pakhomova, later known figure skater, winner of every conceivable title in figure skating. They, incidentally, was considered not very capable skater, but the actresses lifted, they always vytvoryayut ice gorblimy. But my father was categorical - actresses in the family was not and never will be. At nineteen years old Tatiana was on the ice of serious injury ... Father advised to become a coach. At his insistence, she went to the Institute of Physical Culture, although the dream to study in GITIS on choreography. And for thirty years, when students Tarasova go on the ice, she took a seat at the rail and off from the outside world. Never look at their faces - only their feet: he says that so between them is established a direct telepathic link. And if her students are falling, she feels the same pain as they are.
- Irina Rodnina and was your life, and a general favorite. Never losing. Never dropped, always fought to the end and has proven throughout his life, that she was the first. What is it - the talent or harakterN
- She did Stanislav Zhuk, to me she had already mature athlete. Beetle has prepared her for the first Olympics, I'm ready to the last two. It was at that time the strongest of all. She could, she could and wanted to win. Not pictured herself the second. If he had, was able to go on the ice and pressed all to board. Love for Rodnina was popular. Remember how she cried after the victory in his last OlimpiadeN These tears showed close-up on television: to raise the flag of the USSR and her tears. They also entered the history of our sport. Then the people lived in sports, on the first channel to broadcast all championships, the skaters were national heroes. Now, unfortunately, is not it.
- You had trained mostly couples, and then switched to singles. PochemuN
- I trained and dancing couples, and sports, and in the very beginning I was a single skater. When I created the theater "All Stars", also worked with singles skater. Put dances such masters as Igor Bobrin, Yuri Ovchinnikov, Leonid CAZENAC, and felt that I could something singles skater to give. As couples, then I now offer a lot to work with them. Coaches of high class - it's all piece-goods. We are known in the world. I had the offer to work with the best pair of America, . I once helped them to do the program, . Now they train Tamara Moskvina (by the way, . Italian pair Barbara Fusar-Polly and Maurizio Maral, . her students, . this year's World Cup win silver),
. I have many times invited to coach the U.S. Junior. But now I'm in love with a skater.
In the pocket of her coat on all competitions is a small leather bug. This is a talisman, which many years ago gave her German coach Johan Lindner. Turtle whole darned-pereshtopana hands her students, because during the competition, excited no less than their students, she nervously picking at her pocket. Twenty years ago, learning of this, some of the journalists started a rumor that Tarasova collects turtles. And now from all over the world send her, bring, send, throw on the ice turtles of all colors and sizes. At home she is now a turtle world.

- Your current pupil Lesha Yagudin two consecutive years, becoming world champion. Tell us about it.

- He is from Leningrad, was trained by Alexei Mishin. It seems to me very jealous of Alexis to the other inmates and suddenly decided that he was unloved. It was such a sibling rivalry boy who grew up without a father. Lesch loves Alexis, I know that, but he called me and invited him to train. I agreed, although again tried to dissuade friends: "Who do you vzyalaN thou, in general, in my mind!" He absolutely neartistichen, it is not your direction, techie, and all. What are you going with him delatN "But we have found that do. And the hall now stands, when he kataets
- In the mid-eighties, you and Elena Tchaikovsky created the ice theater "All Star". Then the theater went to England, a lot of traveling the world. Where is the All-Stars "N

- Theater lasted fourteen years, and disappeared. I was there absolutely happy. There I stood, and coach, and choreographer, and director, there was a highly skilled company: every artist - pure diamond. If anyone of them wanted to return to the sport, he would have won: they held the highest skill. Here Lesch Tikhonov returned and became the champion of Europe and the world in pairs, contender for gold at future Olympics. Or pair Elena Leonova and Andrei Khvalko - won the professional championship. Four years we have worked in the best halls of Western Europe with a sold-out, the British have very fond. And then the impresario offered to sell me a troupe. Naturally, I refused. And then they sold out the troupe one. All the ice show "Disney on Ice" is now kept in my artists. Compose a new troupe of yet I have no strength. I am a responsible person and, while not held for us with Aleksei Yagudin Olympics, I can not think of anything else.

. - Which of your former students, you are talking to, they say, not protokoluN

. - On my birthday, come all
. When in America, I turned fifty, all congratulated me. All except the native Federation of figure skating, where I worked at that time thirty years.

- It's a shame. Often you encounter nespravedlivostyuN know how to forgive obidyN

- I do not keep resentment at anyone, I have no inherent. I know exactly one thing: my students to be better than all. Neither support nor mercy nor of the Sports Committee, nor from the Olympic Committee, nor from his own Figure Skating Federation I will not. No sense, I supported his crusade will not, if my students will not win. And to me, by the way, no one's respect and do not need. I - a person self-sufficient. I do what I can do better than. For me the most important thing - to live in harmony with itself.

- You are a strong man like your father.

- Probably. Both my mother - a strong man. Irresponsibility, lack of discipline - this is for her a terrible flaw. Our whole family in front of her quivering. Her word for me and my sister has always been the law. In the house no one has ever lied, and all love each other. Mom and dad had lived fifty-six years of soul in. She worked on the house and was his mainstay, although in his case never interfered and never enjoyed the opportunity to travel abroad with him. And my dad always instilled in that case it serves, must be central in the life. Not understand how you can walk late at night, when morning exercise. Believed that the work should go, even if you die. Once he came to my workout, but seeing that I went out on the ice without skates, went off without saying goodbye. Coach, and without the skates, not next to the students - for him it was a manifestation of lack of professionalism. Then he kept talking with me.

- Easy to Be silnoyN

- It is difficult. Might is not very fond of. Because really strong no one can help. They like the weak. They help, and love them because they help. But I'm not complaining. I am a happy man. I have a profession, reputation in figure skating. I have a mother, a husband who loves me and whom I love, sister, friend.

- Who are your podrugiN

- Of course, first and foremost Marina Neyolova. But the greatest friend - a sister. Galya thirty-six years has worked as a schoolteacher literature.

- Your husband - a famous pianist Vladimir Krainov. Why, of all your fans you have chosen egoN

- That he chose me. And introduced us to our friend Eugene, a daughter of composer Mark Fradkin. We both were friends with the family. And just a "nine days a year" dating, we started to live together. Since then has passed twenty-two years.

- Your parents once it prinyaliN

- Course. We were already adults, held. My mum adores him. Dad liked it, too, immediately began calling Vovka. When my father died, Vova was, it seems, in Japan, just arrived. And we immediately stopped worrying for the mother - it is her right as it is so like a man caught. We thought my mother with him easily.

- Do you remember your first lyubovN

- Of course, were boyfriend, were even married. Vova my third husband, and I am his second wife. It was, but I do not like about this recall. It remained in another life.

- What do you want in a husband as much - its human or professional kachestvaN

- Professional quality, I can not appreciate - he is an outstanding pianist and absolutely crazy teacher. Educated man, a rare talent. Now teaches at Hanover, he has a competition in Kharkov. Everyone helps his students find their feet. So did all the large, real teachers. Vova all love. I most appreciate it organic - it is very organic and very clever. And kind immensely, loves his family, his mother. About his relationship with her can make a film! It was war, brought him a. Volodya told me how his mother as a child tied to a chair - he was a terrible fidget, - that he embarked. Until now, his mother helps us to keep house, and she is eighty-one year. She knew not only his business but also the cases of all his students. She knows who does what lives. Vova - people nezanoschivy, without arrogance, living hard, of course, because I never close - no to the heavy, nor in the joyful moments.
. - It helps you in selecting music for your uchenikovN It would be logical.

. - Once upon a time helped
. Even wrote me a plan of my productions for ten years ahead - at Vova sweep. And I, in general, virtually the entire plan completed.

- A husband cares for vamiN

- Vova - very attentive. If I arrive in Hanover, or we meet in Moscow, he always buys flowers. Them himself always chooses. It likes to give roses. Likes to be beautiful. He knows that and I love it. And if we all - myself, my mom, my sister Galya, his mother - come to Hanover, it is necessary to buy a bouquet of four so that each were flowers in the room.
- How do you otdyhaeteN
- We seldom go far, very tired - and I, and he. We have a rest quietly. Last year, the rest fine - were treated at Barvikha. Tried to "patched" themselves to the new season. Age is such that we must take care of themselves. We do not like any crazy resorts. We do not want to go anywhere, we are a year on short visits. A couple of times were on the islands, but there is very hot - I did not stand. Leave us rather short. I'm for that holiday in Sochi or here, near Moscow. We have a certain circle of friends, without whom we miss. And the circle that does not expand, the same company.

- I know that you love to cook.

- And Vova loves when I cook. He has a terrific mom, but I try not to lag. We and Dad prepared and tasty. Unusual, I do not invent, just follow the advice of friends: "What you put, then get". Therefore I do not regret anything put, and always turns out delicious.

- In the theater, a concert, you feel like an ordinary spectator or still professionalomN

- All my theatrical, musical impressions immediately go into the mouth of the profession. All of what I think, is refracted in the case of this can not avoid. I am not free. And thank God.

- Do you believe in God, go there in tserkovN
- Mom and dad were party people, but from childhood remained faithful, baptized. When I was growing up, was no longer taken to baptize children, and Galya grandmother as a child took her to church. We have a church nearby, we are in the same house lived all their lives. Once I asked my parents permission baptized, but I have no permission is given. Then, as an adult, I still baptized. A Galya was baptized a long time. But those feelings do not parade. Faith - cause internal. As those who believe - do not need anyone to know it for themselves. But I can say that when I go to competitions, the icon always take with you.
- What are the years you more vsegoN When you get on interesneeN
- It is always interesting to live. Of course, I can not compare that life with a KGB agent with life today. Do not even want to compare, because today - this is life, and then was just a camera, and we were all in it as well. Now we are free men, wherever we can live and work. But always - then and now - I feel his job as his private business, my and my students. And in this sense, for me, nothing has changed - I have always loved my job and doing it honestly. And now I'm living a full life, I travel a lot. In the season of figure skating - literally every week. Previously, though, it seemed that the whole life ahead, and now this feeling is not. Maybe because after fifty seems to be a big part of life lived. Although, I think, lived not in vain. I am pleased. I made so many people happy

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  • Ekaterinburg-2006 for Tatiana Tarasova
  • Tatiana, You were very unfair with Ekaterina Guseva and Roman Kostomarov, putting his assessment of 5.5 and thus sending them into the nomination (the program aired 18/11/2006). Catherine with Roman fingerprints perfectly, without a single blot. You judged them with passion, and the arbitrator must be impartial. During the program, aired 11/11/2006, you have admitted that he often went to dance rock and roll drunk. You are a man of sport and are waiting for you to promote a healthy lifestyle, not booze. Russia is not all drank themselves. Ekaterinburg-2006
  • Anonymous for Tatiana Tarasova
  • Dora for Tatiana Tarasova
  • Yes, every effort should involve children in sport. Must seek out sponsors and build rinks and sports center not only in Moscow and Moscow region. Katkov in Moscow and Moscow region is clearly not enough as the serious trainers. And I want to say I drive my 6 year old daughter of Mr. rink in textile workers from the Moscow region. There, everything is normal, one minus the coaches are often rude and tactless, and I sometimes becomes clear that for them is more important than the money that I pay, then the growth of the child and any child's success.. And in general skating rink is full, there is no convenient time for training. Offer, saying if I want my child to what could and learned, to carry it to 7 am three times a week.. ... and I live in Moscow, for us it is simply impossible. A sweet girl and very hard, that's a shame.
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