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Ian Thorpe (THORPE Ian)

( Athlete, swimming)

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Biography Ian Thorpe (THORPE Ian)
photo Ian Thorpe (THORPE Ian)
(October 13, 1982 - ...)
Ian James Thorpe was born on October 13, 1982 in Sydney, Australia.

His parents were not associated with sports. My mother - a teacher, father - Gardener. Ian grew up a typical child. He socialized with friends, went on vacation with her parents, watching cartoons, playing cricket, rugby and football. His father wanted Ian worked cricket. But the weakness of the coordination of movements did not produce results in this lesson. And his older sister Cristina swims. Ian became interested in the age of 8 decided to make her company. What is surprising, because Australia is one of the most popular sports.

At first Jena having a hard time, tk. he was found allergic to chlorine and he sailed with grip on the nose. In the end, Ian has overcome this and at the age of 9 years old I won my first medal. In the 14 (!) Years, he has already hit the team of Australia. Up to 15 years, he trained at the club Radstow, which dominated the freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. During this time he improved the lot of records.

In 1997 Ian was selected swimmer representing Australia at the competitions in Fukuoka (Japan) in the Pacific. He was then only 14 years old. He improved his personal time for 6 seconds, showing 3:53:44 swim in the 400 meters. It was his first major achievement in swimming. After this victory, all he could say Ian was: "I am surprised!".

At the World Championship in Perth (May 1998) Ian "of age" in the pool when he won gold in 400 meters. freestyle and 4x200 m relay. team with Michael Klim, GRANT Hackett and Daniel Kowalski. Klim and Thorpe showed equal time in this competition - 1:47:67. It was 3 seconds better than the former best time of Yen. Thus, Ian became the youngest swimmer in history - World Champion. In honor of this event on the Walk of Champions in the Water Center with such names as Kieren Perkins and Susie O'Neill, was laid a memorial plaque with the name of Thorpe.

. In September of that year, Ian once again stunned the world by winning 4 gold medals in the Commonwealth Games
. Here in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for Ian was ill, his friend, a boy named Michael Williams, who treated for cancer. For Yen courage Michael has been the best inspiration in these competitions.
In 1998, Thorpe was named "Australian of the Year" among young. Wrote about him: "He is confident, intelligent, ambitious and extremely precise formulation of their thoughts". Ian became a national hero in Australia. Not bad for a 16-year-old boy who started to swim in order to overcome the boredom!

. In preparation for the Olympics Ian was forced to leave school at the time, where he studied in the tenth grade.
. At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, home town of Jena, he was definitely a favorite
. Olympic Committee authorized the use of special swimming suits. Such a suit for Yen was made of material "Fast Skin", designed specifically for the American Water landing. Many companies have signed a contract with him. Ian advertises such famous brands as "Adidas", "Coca Cola", "Omega". Like many rich people, he translates some of their money to charity. in "Thorpe Fountain for Youth Trust", which helps sick children.

At the Australian Championships in 2001 in Hobart, Ian was the first in all four distances, which has participated - 100, 200, 400 and 800 m. This could only John Konrads back in 1959. At two of the four distances - 200 m and 800 m - Thorpe set new world records - 1.45,35 and 7.41,59. So Ian was on his account for 13 of the highest achievements of the planet.

. The next time the world was shocked by the successes of Thorpe on the World Championships in Aquatics-2001 in Fukuoka, Japan (in this town 4 years ago, Ian is very successful debut at their first international competition)
. He became the first person to receive six gold medals (one-half - for the individual heats: 200, 400, 800 meters, half of the relay) for this kind of championship.

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Ian Thorpe (THORPE Ian), photo, biography
Ian Thorpe (THORPE Ian), photo, biography Ian Thorpe (THORPE Ian)  Athlete, swimming, photo, biography
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