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Pedemonte Alberto

( Athlete, Formula One racer)

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Biography Pedemonte Alberto
photo Pedemonte Alberto
(August 14, 1974 - ...)
He in <Formula-3 for the third consecutive year, the Italian Alberto Pedemonte - the most notable racer national championship. The repeated champion of Russia.
Alberto Pedemonte came to motor racing in 1990, when he had turned 16 years. Begins, as most other athletes, with karting, in the first year participated in many national competitions. The next year was stated in international racing, and a year later won the World Cup karting in Japan at Suzuka track.
. In 1993, Alberto moved to the Formula 3 race car, took part in the Italian championship and in the international F3 races in Monaco and Zandvoort
. In 1994, due to problems with the budget, in Italian F3 Championship became only the eleventh. 1995 - performances in the Italian Superformule, second place in the Championship. In 1996, never played.
1997 - performances in the Cup car Lotus Elise. At the end of the season was selected to the team Lukoil F3, and from that moment began performing on Rossiyskom ring. Alberto won in Russia, all series with his participation, though is to acknowledge that his opponents do not always have at their disposal a competitive technique
. Alberta, as it turned out that you came in avtosportN
. - From childhood I was engaged in various sports: judo, swimming, racing on the maps and downhill skiing
. In the late 80's even won the bronze medalist Italy in the giant slalom, but then I had to choose - or skis, or motor racing. Chose the latter. Thus, in 1990, I started my path in racing and two years later won his first title: became world champion in karts in the class "Karting class International" (Formula A). A year later moved into a real race car in the Formula-3
- How does your family reacted to this uvlecheniyuN
- My family - these are ordinary people, not some athletes, so their reaction was natural. First, my father said: "Forget about it!". But I did not change his decision and continued to work, and seeing my progress, parents have accepted. Now, when I travel to different countries in the competition, the family - father, mother, sister - often accompanied me, supported. This is a positive effect on mood as well as on the results.
- Do you remember your first "real" startN
- Yes, it's unforgettable. His very first race in karting, I won. It happened by itself. But first start in the class "Formula-3" was a bad. I really wanted to get the best possible way and faster, which eventually led to the accident: in the first round, I lost control and smashed cars
. - How dangerous do avtogonkamiN
. - Of course, motor sport is very dangerous, but when you ride year after year, you begin to understand what really is a danger and where there is a risk, and where it is necessary to restrain their emotions
. Most importantly, when uchastvuesh in the race, you need a cool head to sober thinking and make only reasonable behavior. And if the risk everywhere, it can break

- Have you travmyN
- No, I rarely get into accidents, one or two per season, and it is not very serious. Therefore, no injuries had not received. However, once it so happened that I was completely smashed his car's left of him only monocoque (where sits racer). There were no wheels, no spoiler, I just sat in the monocoque and walked out of the accident, as they say, without a scratch.
- Queen of racing is considered the "Formula 1". What determines the participation of riders in this klasseN
- In the "Formula 1" really focus the most interesting automotive manufacturers, the best pilots, and hence the race with their participation of the most exciting. Any racer, came in motor racing, always seeks to get into the "Formula 1", but in order to do this, you need to enlist the support of sponsor. While I would not succeed, but I think that is still ahead.

- Alberto, in Russia there is an expression which, perhaps you've heard. The first guy in the village - the so-called good-by outstanding men, significantly evolved from the crowd. Before coming to Russia, who in Italy was tyN
- The phrase in the Russian language among the many I like. What was I in ItaliiN Judge for yourself. In 15 years became the champion of the country on the kart. Two years later, in Japan won the World Cup in the discipline. The next year, I was then 18 years old, was declared the best newcomer in Italy <Formula 3>. And then on the race in Monaco, I was given the title of the first European newcomer. In 1995 the Italian championship I won 2 nd place only because it drove one race less than the winner. Record-kart track in the Suzuki, still belongs to me, and so far none of the riders failed to beat the absolute record of my route in the Italian Varano among all classes of vehicles.

. - Well, if things at home it so great, then why do we need Russia's championship, where the long run you win, as we say, in one kalitkuN
. - Italian <Formula 3> recently began to lose sponsors
. If in the early 90-ies in the national championship chase 50 cars, now at the start, at best, go ten pilots. I finally lost faith that I can find sponsors in Italy to participate in races <Formula 3000>. I was elected in Russia of the 20 best Italian pilots
- In addition to the good name, you are left at home is something or someone nibudN
- Oh yes! I very much miss their parents, they live in Genoa. My father - known enough in the city builder. When I was a little boy sat in the cards, mom and dad a few scared. But later, seeing that I was I became interested in racing, reacted calmly to my selection. And, of course, that parents initially invested the money in my motor racing, for which I am very grateful.

- In Russia, men's conversation, not affecting the charms of women, almost impossible. Perhaps your only enemy and compatriot in Russia's championship Fabio Babin (favored team <Pilot Engineering> and won the championship-99 2 nd place. - Notes. com.) two years ago at the height of the season got married and <dragged> charming bride on one of the races. Courting couples strolled along the <ring> on the Sparrow Hills, not noticing anyone around and kept kissing. For 25-year-old Italian, you're more than comfortable with the numerous capital <gadgets> around you, trying to attract attention. Perhaps the reason for the indifference - some senorita on luxury yacht where you once had seen the paparazzi in the Mediterranean moreN

- In Russia, of course, a lot of cool girls, though, you're right, and <stuff> many of them are. But I have a girl, we can say that she - my fiancee. As to the yacht, had to admit, never expected such an awareness of Russia's journalists. The situation is almost as you say. True, the last three summers, we meet with the bride in a short period between my races. She was very worried when I start in Russia <ring>. So whenever possible, I call-back to her on the phone. As Babin and his wife, then you have made a good idea. The next year, if our wedding, I will bring his young wife of one of the races in Moscow or St. Petersburg. I think that you have then lost opportunity to notice that I am indifferent to the fair sex.

- Are not you afraid that your obviously not poor and not of proletarian origin of the bride, faced with the realities of Russia's life, simply ispugaetsyaN
- No. In fact, about all sorts of nonsense (like not locking the doors in homes, vykruchennyh bulbs in doorways or loss of water in the tub, soaped himself when) I tell her, and we were laughing merrily. Besides, she, like many in Italy, I read your wonderful book about Ostap Bender. Or just recently, one after another with me were two funny cases associated with taxi drivers. My apartment is a ten minute walk from the office of our team. Taxi driver, . deciding, . that before him was an alien from the African savannah, . drove me around the city an hour and forty minutes! Another time, . I was driving with your luggage, . driver all the way trying to weigh the suitcase, . to separate me from the U.S. demand for his weight! The bride is ready for such cases.,

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Pedemonte Alberto, photo, biography
Pedemonte Alberto, photo, biography Pedemonte Alberto  Athlete, Formula One racer, photo, biography
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