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Irina Belikova

( Athlete, fencing)

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Biography Irina Belikova
300 years ago, in September 1701, Peter the Great ordered his decree "rapirnuyu science teaching, so that each officer could not defend himself, Fatherland and, of course, the lady of the heart. But even he could not imagine that the lady herself would pick up and begin to foil "the men lay in stacks". Because of its irresistibility ... Irina Belikova just such a lady. But it is not only is fenced and coached accurate injections others, but judging fights, including men and. And such "tough" women in the world only five.
- Ira, agree to a young woman, also have the spectacular appearance, judged fencing battles, and especially men - are a bit strange ...
- It was an accident. In 95 th year with their wards, I was in Milan in the European Cup. Our country was not an arbitrator, which is a kind of violation of the rules. And the head coach of Russia in women's foil, Vladimir Ivanov, told me that, well, it is necessary to rescue the country, nobody else. I like the fog, came to the track and, although I trembled hamstring and I did not know a word of French, successfully sued the battle. From this and went ... By the way, I accidentally hit in fencing. In 11 years, went with her class to record the section of the voyage, and while we were waiting for their turn, a man approached us and asked to practice fencing, good room was in the same room as the pool. I immediately liked and rapier, and ammunition, and the coach - Vladimir Zhilkin. Since then serve fencing more than a quarter century. First, as the athlete - was part of the national team, then - as a coach, now - as an international arbitrator.
- At home, you find ponimanieN your relatives shared this selfless love for fehtovaniyuN
- In general, yes. Her husband, I know from school. We learned in one class and lived in the same porch. He was accustomed from childhood to my frequent departure for fees and competition. My mother, she a teacher in the past, endlessly and selflessly helping me at home and in everyday life, the more that my 13-year-old daughter, Masha, too busy with sports. But deep down, I think, my mother agrees with her father, who never complained about my hobby. When I became involved fencing, he was rector of the Aviation Institute in Kuibyshev, now Samara, and wanted his only daughter took up science. In part, this came here, in Moscow, where I now live. Not without the participation of the Pope (Vladimir Pavlovich Shorin - academician, author of the law "On Science" - note. ES), working at the International Center for Research in systems science and higher education and the problems of the introduction of new computer technologies in education. I have plans to combine its specialty and refereeing. So soon realized his father's dream.
Tips from Irina Belikova, master of sports of international class, coach, judge of the international category
If a child wants to succeed in sport, in every way it should be encouraged. But if he did not see myself as a professional athlete, then make it three times a week to go to the section, to adjust it or read it senseless moralizing. In addition to the harm these efforts came to nothing lead. But in order that the child has grown, at least, healthy and coordinated, effort and words, parents should not feel sorry. By tempering and basic daily physical exercises to teach the child.
Fencing - a chess at high speed. Nothing, in my opinion, so do not develop the thought process, how bout Musketeers. Therefore, I strongly recommend that all young people to engage in precisely this kind of sport. Especially girls. By the way, all without exception, young lady, whom I met in a quarter century, successfully staged his personal life.

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