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Igor Larionov

( Athlete, ice hockey)

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Biography Igor Larionov
photo Igor Larionov
Once a humble boy from the Moscow suburb of Voskresensk reached in hockey and life, . seems, . total: became an Olympic champion (twice), . multiple champion, . then conquered the National Hockey League (NHL), . becoming one of the most authoritative of his players,
. In his 40 years, he continues to amaze fans perennial skill, but do not forget about the family, where there are two girls and a boy who is trying on skates ...
Igor Larionov: "Our family is strictly ...
- Igor, as possible in 40 years to act on such urovneN
- The secret of a simple. Careful attention to themselves, proper nutrition.
- Diet you special someone razrabatyvaetN
- No. I just know when and what to eat. In a sense. I know how to prepare your body.
- What are some recipes podelitesN Or is it for each individualnoN
- I think for each individual. If I say, let's say that two Fougeres drink wine every day and because I play well - it is not quite correct. I eat vegetables, fruits, fish, rice, chicken, pasta ...
- A myasoN
- Almost never eat. Well, maybe once or twice a month when I play.
- Prepare themselves or zhenaN
- Wife.
- Wishes or no vremeniN
- No. Just in the morning before my breakfast cornflakes with milk, banana, raisins ...
- Banana themselves chistiteN
- (Laughs) Of course, he. Purged, cut and all that might add - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries ...
- Wife in America are not forgotten how to gotovitN Because there semi-solid ...

- No, we have all natural. We both did not consume. We get that every day we eat together. When children come home from school, at four o'clock, we have a joint poluobed, poluuzhin. After seven hours I had not eaten. By the way, and girls too. We are accustom to since childhood they had the right approach to life, to food. To eat fewer sweets, chocolates. For the same fruit can be eaten at least at night, they do not carry any fat.

- How is the relationship with my grandfather and babushkoyN

- Come, visits. But the children have grown up in America, and the conditions here in the country, quite different. First, they used to take twice a day to shower - morning and evening. In the country that no toilet on the street. Then, they are bored sitting in one place. Day two talked after they want something interesting: go to museums, theater ... So now they are three times a week, here in Moscow, take dance lessons. There is an active vacation, let's say.

- They are engaged in dancing professionalnoN

- Yes. But first, they are singing, taking piano lessons. And already in order to hold well on stage, dancing.

- Children are taught in American schools. And their mother tongue, Russian, not zabyliN

- No, our family strictly. From 8 am till four in the school they. They communicate in English. Return home and speak only in Russian. This is doubly appropriate, because we have a little son and he needs a good foundation of the Russian language. Therefore, the first three or four years of a child, we already have experience teaches Russian language, and then there is a gradual "infusion" in school. For six years of children enroll in first grade.

- Do not get confused, not sbivayutsyaN

- No. The elder came when she was two years (now 14), already the youngest was born there (s 10), so each visit to Moscow allows them to polish the language. Of course, the English their first, but in Russian they say good.

- Do you think that a quality education there dayutN

- I think yes. Ancient Rome studying the history, algebra, mathematics. Two tests per year - New Year and at the end of the school year. Under his eldest daughter, everyone has a computer, laptop. If I came home from school and brought the diary, which were written lessons for tomorrow, here everything is going through a computer. She comes home, connected to the school network, part of the site you want and from there get homework. For me it's just mind boggles ...

- Therefore, my father learned not check ... Or shall we say: enough time for a semyuN

- Time is very little. Girls usually get up at 6.50, breakfast, then take them to school. Sam - to train. From the house to the rink half an hour away by car. He graduated, returned home - lunch. From two to four - the dream. Wake up - the children have come home from school. He put on his tie, put on his jacket, shook hands with them a second time. Somewhere in the thirty-four sit in the car and going to the game. I return at midnight - they were already asleep. This is where home game. When I played in CSKA, wanted to avoid being torn from their families for extended charges. For me, family - is the main.
- Wife and daughter go for you boletN
- Rarely.
- Not fanatyN
- Not that no fans. They know for which club I'm playing, are interested. But the game later. But on the day on Saturday or Sunday, come. But it is not so interesting to girls. But the boy - another thing. He is three years, but he already had an interest in hockey. I was already put on skates.
- Not ranoN
- Sam asked. However, while walking on the carpet at home, keeps the balance gets used, in general. In the videos he put in the room - quietly rolls. Soon we pass on a fast surface.
- Igor, and how you came to hokkeyN
- The older brother Zhenya led when I was almost seven years. I myself am from Voskresensk, so that started training at the local "chemist". But then everything went on the rise.
- Led to the streets of ottaschitN
- No, there was no such problems, as now - crime, drugs ...
- Street on the street did not go dratsyaN
- No, no, football playing, fighting, no ...
- A school kakN
- Parents demanded that all was well - study, home and learned that the estimates were good.
- And if dvoykiN
- It has not been.
- KakN For 10 years no one dvoykiN
- Maybe it was some kind of behavior. But later, when the trip is already gone, when he became involved in the youth team ...
- You set a goal - to become a professional hokkeistomN
- At the beginning not to think about. Interest appears in 12 years, when you begin to understand the game. For example, when the "chemist" or played with CSKA against Spartak, we were given passes to sports school at the matches, held a man at a hundred boys, who were engaged in hockey. When I saw Petrov, Kharlamov, wanted to be like them, to play, as they.
- Who was your kumiromN
- Shadrin.
- We would like to continue your son stezyuN
- He would choose for myself. I would like him to play football. I like football.
- I like football, but I play hockey ...
- Ice Hockey - my job, I love this job, and football - this is for the soul. I am the way, and women's football watching with pleasure. Because it is open, without any schemes. The result - a beautiful game.

Igor Larionov: "Our family is strictly ... '

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Igor Larionov, photo, biography
Igor Larionov, photo, biography Igor Larionov  Athlete, ice hockey, photo, biography
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