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Vladimir Myshkin

( Athlete, ice hockey)

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Biography Vladimir Myshkin
Born in 1955 in Kirov-Chepetsk. Goalkeeper. Clubs: "Olympia" (Kirov-Chepetsk), "Wings of the Soviets" (Moscow), "Crystal" (Saratov), "Dinamo" (Moscow), Lukko (Finland). In the championships of the USSR played a 481 game. World champion (1979, 1981-1983 and 1989), European champion (1979, 1981-1983, 1985 and 1989), winner of the Canada Cup (1981). Graduated act at age 36. Since 1994 worked as a coach in Switzerland "Davos", recently the coach to prepare Goalkeeper Moscow Dynamo. Wife Tatiana. Two daughters - Irene, 22, and Anastasia, age 8.
He was destined to be the second. Not because of lack of talent and abilities, but because of circumstances. Then on the horizon rose hockey star Tretiak, and they became closely together - assertive, confident, Wladyslaw and soft, flexible Vladimir Myshkin. It is possible that any other, it does appear a second goalkeeper, just would have left in the shade. But Myshkin has not withdrawn, showing in the first place to himself that he is capable of much. After a sports career of ex-Dynamo, devoid of opportunities in Russia to fulfill coaching career, five years out of sight. Nobody knew where he was and what happened to him. It was rumored even that Myshkin is generally given up hockey. And he worked in Switzerland, was responsible for training goalkeepers in the "Davos". Recently, Vladimir Semenovich returned with his family in Moscow.

- Vladimir Semenovich, while many of our athletes are trying to find work abroad, you have returned to his native Dynamo. PochemuN

- The reason is simple: the Swiss have not offered me a new contract after the club (and I was invited to work in the "Davos") has left President. Replaced his men turned in HK stock company and, having counted the cost, decided not to shell out for training goalkeepers. When I recently traveled with Dynamo in Switzerland and met with colleagues in the "Davos", they said they were very sorry about my forced resignation. But the views from the coaches enough that depends. All meet the new owners, have the means.

- And how you were in ShveytsariiN really knowledgeable no place domaN

- House work was. In 1993, two years after I finished my hockey career, I was invited to work with the Dynamo goalies. But so happened that around the same time I received a call from the Swiss ice hockey Zhenya Papihin (he also finished the act) and asked if I could come for a month in Davos, Swiss and fresh up goalies. I agreed. He came to month, and stayed for five years. By the way, in Switzerland, I was the first coach who worked with the goalies is. It is now not all, but many wealthy Swiss ice hockey teams are in the staffing of this unit.

- Swiss pupils can pohvastatN

- In hockey, to make the boys classroom goalkeeper takes years. In the "Davos" I worked with all comers, ranging from six years of bambinis and ending masters "Davos". My boys are only now disclosed. One was in the youth team of Switzerland, the other - in the youth.

- Differs whether our training and Swiss hokkeistovN

- Course. With our coaches worked hard, and especially not on the Swiss press.

. - Well, what about talk that hockey coaches - fathers relatives to sportsmenovN

. - But do not you remember the times, what byliN life makes our coaches to be demanding, to work on the result
. And in that sense in Russia until now little has changed. And in Switzerland, but hockey has many other attractions here and personnel "turnover". Comes, for example, a talented boy, said: "I want to be a goalkeeper. You begin to work with him - a year or two, after which he declares: "I am disappointed in this ice hockey. Best skiers going ". And do not argue - his right. Especially in Switzerland, alpine skiing - a sport number one.
- Vladimir Semenovich, sports century - the brief, even though you continued to play up to 36 years. Remind, please, for the uninitiated to begin your hockey kareraN

- I was born in Kirov-Chepetsk, but this city was synonymous with the word "hockey". In the Kirov-Chepetsk born Alexander Maltsev, and following his example, all the boys dreamed of becoming hockey players. Want to tell a curious case, as Maltsev helped me become vrataremN

- Of course.

- We started playing together with his younger brother, Sergei Maltsev. He was also a goalkeeper. I remember once during a match Serega missed light puck, and that meeting tried Alexander. He immediately called over goalkeeper failure and said: "Get out of the gate. From tomorrow, your place in the field ". And earrings listened to his brother. Passed goalkeeper shape, freeing the gate place for me.

- Tell the truth, that you saw coach Vladislav TretyakaN

- I was very lucky in life with the coaches. The first was Alexander D. Kulyabin, and to teach goalie Vitaly G. Erfilov. He really was the coach Vladik Tretyak. And indeed for some time worked at the "Olympia". Then hockey stars were born of amateur teams, thanks to the tournament "Golden Puck". In the 70 th year and our team was the winner of these competitions. Later in life I have had many victories, but it is remembered as the happiest event of childhood.

Two years later, when Boris Kulagin Erfilova invited to work in Moscow, the coach took me with him. I can not say that my way hockey was easy. Anyway, but the most difficult period in his life began in 1975, when Kulagin sent me to Saratov. What happened was that in the "Wings of the Soviets" from the "Crystal" was called experienced Alexandra Kulikova, and I was the third goalie. "You're young - told me Kulagin, - you need a practice game. Want to live - vyplyvesh. Not be able to - so in Saratov and stay. "

- Hard.

- But honestly. All my life then I followed this rule.

- Especially competing with TretyakomN

- The rivalry, of course, was. But to hate each other ... We Vladik been and remain friends, and in the national team between us have never encountered friction. Maybe if we are playing in a club, it was some kind of jealousy - they say, put it, not me. In the same team all the way. There, the main thing - team success. There will be a team, come and personal, and the glory of the glory as some were numbered.

- Why did you decide to become just vrataremN

- Do not know. As far as I remember, stood on skates - and immediately the gate. I always thought that the goalkeeper, the most important actor in ice hockey. In any case, in the field I've never tried to play.

- In your opinion, the most important Goalkeeper kachestvoN

- Psychological resistance. Technique, tactics - it can be learned. But all the skills will be dead, if the head is empty and there is no self-confidence.

- How can you describe the style goalie MyshkinaN

- I think. The goalkeeper must read the game, and not just stand at the gate.

. - Which of the modern goalkeeper, you would vydeliliN

. - I would have nobody was allocated.

. - And Dominik Hasek, naprimerN Is it, as he plays, can kazhdyyN
. - Hasek - a special talk
. Can imitate him, copy his style, too, but this no one will not work. What makes Hasek - from God. Dominica nobody that did not teach. V has such incredible movement, which can not predict or calculate.
- How do you think that Europe will cease to be a supplier of talent for the National Hockey ligiN
- Never. Swirling in the NHL a lot of money to be made in and around hockey hockey. Reklamuoti like a business project in Europe - extremely complex and practically impossible.
. - Is Europe less like hokkeyN
. - Not less, but in North America is the national sport.
. - And nasN Remember how dying street when the matches were shown on television with our kanadtsamiN
. - If in Russia hockey was a national sport, it would not have brought to this state.
. - It's true
. Tell me when you're famous hockey player, were in the "Davos", you learn to ulitsahN
- What do you. This is Europe, but there are proud of their own athletes, mostly. Now if I played in Switzerland, it certainly was a god, an idol, even if that outside of his native canton of me, no one knew.
Incidentally, when I arrived in Switzerland, there was only beginning hockey boom. Five years have passed, and the results are obvious. Look: Now the Swiss clubs, oddly enough, set the tone in Europe. "Amber-Piotta" won the Continental Cup, "Lugano" reached the final of the Euroleague this year, the national team rose to the class A and two years ago, if you remember, beat the World Cup team Russia. I am pleased that in some degree, I also involved in the take-off of the Swiss Ice Hockey. But I perceived it as a specialist. In contrast, probably from North America, which would certainly have learned in the face.
- Have you ever wanted to try his hand at NHLN
- Time was another. It is now possible to go to any club, if you're called. And then everything was not easy. Last season I played in Europe, in Finnish "Lukko". Also in Finland, 91 th year, we came up with Nastia. And soon after I finished act. Tired. But not even physically, but psychologically.
- Vladimir Semenovich, let us digress from the topic of industrial and talk about your family.
- I have a wonderful wife, who always and in all supported my endeavors and that was with me in the best and worst of times. We met on holiday in Yalta. Two years later, married. We have two daughters. Senior - Ira - married. Lives in Davos.
- How do you think about the decision to marry the daughter inostrantsaN
- Surprise. We had the impression that Ira was too early decided to start a family.
Tatiana MYSHKIN:
- Volodya were simply shocked by news of her daughter. Ira was acquainted with a young man just nine months, and suddenly - married. We decided that this girl's whim. Daughter had been taken on holiday with. Thought, time will heal. But Mark always called Ira, and displacement of only fueled feelings of young. On Valentine's Day they come together with a bunch of flowers for me, and Mark asked us Irina hands. In addition, as Irina's eyes glowed as she beamed with happiness, we realized that no right to interfere with kids. Mark's parents took Ira very well, although in Switzerland to the Russian are different.
- NaprimerN
- It's no secret what Russia's image in the eyes of foreigners: criminal power, where ordinary people live unsweetened. Hence all sorts of rumors, contrived. It is possible that much of what they say about us, exaggerated. But say. And even some of our compatriots, pozhivshie abroad for many years, begin to think and cool change. They have, as has happened before, so just do not come to visit without an invitation.
- But you do not izmenilisN
- We were and remain Russian. And our house was always open to guests. Irina husband is very pleased. Perhaps he felt some kind of Russian openness and simplicity in a good sense of the word.

Something like that I noticed in the relations between children. Children are generally more tolerant. For them, it does not matter what country you come and how much you have in your pocket, the main thing - it's interesting to you or not. Our youngest daughter, Anastasia, and in kindergarten and in school, despite the fact that at first she did not know a word of German, very quickly found a common language with all. She was always waiting, and when we crossed the threshold of kindergarten kids joyfully ran to meet him.

In Switzerland, Anastasia became involved skating. Train it from Lipetsk skater Irina Cheluhina. Now her daughter is engaged in the Dynamo have a student Viktor Kudryavtsev Kira Ivanova. However, recently Naste operated leg. Rubbed on training corn, thought to be held, but it was much more serious. I do not know whether you have received from Nastia sportsmenkaN Volodya does not want it, knows what a great sport. But once her daughter like it, tries. In any case, while from figure skating, she gets great pleasure.

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Vladimir Myshkin, photo, biography
Vladimir Myshkin, photo, biography Vladimir Myshkin  Athlete, ice hockey, photo, biography
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