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Comments for Lina KRASNORUTSKAYA
In three years, she said she would be a world champion tennis. In six seriously undertook to implement conceived under the guidance of their parents. At 15 became a champion U.S. Open Championships. Now in their 17 Lina Krasnorutskaya - one of the most promising tennis players in the world. How she did it, what obstacles were in her way that she thinks about life and tennis - this conversation with her by our correspondent.
- Lina, some journalists dubbed you the future sex symbol of world tennis. No sooner liN
- While I did not think about it, but believe it will not come ...
- How do you remember detstvoN For the world tennis was primarily limited to courts, locker rooms ...
- On his childhood has not spared, and is unlikely to be sorry in the future. And I was born in Kerch, near the Black Sea. Since childhood racket was my favorite toy, and then the main weapon on the court. All this thanks to parents. My mother's first level tennis. My father was a doctor in the past, but then so in love with tennis, which gave up medical practice and retrained on the tennis coach. I was six years old when my mother was invited to work in Obninsk, near Moscow.

- In the world of tennis is not uncommon for someone from the parents coached their child, but to try both ...

- My star sign Taurus, and the people of this sign is stubbornness, efficacy, and the slowness. Someone one of the parents is unlikely to be able to break my stubbornness, but together they have the upper hand over me, and I am very grateful for this. Up to 12 more years I coached my father, and then come to grips with mom. With it, I was even easier because we both feminine!
- Lessons not propuskalaN general, how evolved your relationship with shkoloyN
- OK. I went along and allowed to engage in a convenient time for me. Of the items I like most about the Russian language and literature. Algebra let's difficult, and once even had a triple on the subject in a quarter. But the study and practice I was always in ohotku. Understood that without the knowledge of sports and live simply uninteresting.
- At the gym I suppose all obgonyalaN

- From fizry my time freed. In training I was so exhausting that the PE teacher I pity, because in my childhood I was very thin. And if they went and there and there, from me to remain "horns and hoofs".

- The teachers are not vlyublyalasN

- And in our school almost all teachers - women! Only a physicist and athlete - male, but they are far from a young age. So what about school lava-story is nothing interesting I can not tell.

- Do you have any idols in sporteN

- I like Steffi Graf, but she finished playing. Of the men Andre Agassi. In the future, would like to play with him mixed. Do not believe it, but with the first racket of the world Martina Hingis I have already managed to somehow play cards. Introduced us to a young Georgian Irakli Labadze Junior. He knows of Swiss tennis academy in America.

- Lina, on your account dozens of tournaments. And his first victory pomnishN

- I remember. In seven years, won her first tournament in Saratov. Then in the final trumped Nastya Bukin. At nine, almost cried when won in Paris in the age category up to ten years. And have just sobbed when sorted out with the girls in the US Open.
- Modern tennis is continuous patrols. Not utomitelnoN
- And I love to travel. In which countries are not only able to visit! Like in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. But most of all I like in Russia. Happiest days are those when I am home.
- Tell me honestly, would like to Moscow zhitN
- In the capital, I like it, especially the city center with its architecture, but to live in a mega-city would not want to. I prefer small towns, such as Obninsk. Incidentally, the name he received in honor of the landowners Obninsk, who are giving their land for the construction of the railway.
- Who do you like in a pair to play more vsegoN
- From my same age Galey Fokina. Galya - this tournament fighter on the court, and we understand each other at once and even with poluvzglyada.
- And you could, for example, advertise clothing, as does Anna KurnikovaN
- And why not! After all, they pay considerable fees, and I need to help parents.
- If one of the guys overseas to invite you to a restaurant, poydeshN
- Probably, if a good man. But if I'm with someone I'll go for dinner - it does not mean anything. I think you know what I mean.

LINA KRASNORUTSKAYA. She slept in an embrace with the racket

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Lina KRASNORUTSKAYA, photo, biography
Lina KRASNORUTSKAYA, photo, biography Lina KRASNORUTSKAYA  sportswoman, tennis, photo, biography
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