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Martina Hingis

( sportswoman, tennis racket First World)

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Biography Martina Hingis
photo Martina Hingis
- Let me remind you how incredibly Serena filed today, and that she had not been a single miss in the second filing. How do you rate this matchN

Well, I think that she would not give way at this time, if it does not appear sufficient confidence, and until it is satisfied that it can. She put me in a critical situation. But I think I had chances in the first set, even a few. Twice I took her filing that - it shows that I could to beat it. I do not know. Simply, it was quite difficult. In the beginning we had some long rally. She finished all of their gains. So I am somewhat depressed, I said to myself:

"What should I delatN Beating her blow spravaN I would not want to do". On the backhand, she almost never wrong. She played very well.

- It looked like last year, when you played with Venus in the semifinals, they beat you deep in the center, not sending the ball into the corner. Have you tried this today. What was your strategiyaN At what point did you feel that it is on the rise, it is - it denN

Yes, I tried to play center at times when I had a chance. She really did not give me many opportunities. I do not know. It was difficult. I had to somehow win a point, to return to the game itself.

- She never made a mistake on the first serve in the second set. With this influence: the speed, angle podachiN What was particularly difficult for you when you receive podachiN

Select location. I mean, that I could neither read nor predict its filing. I did not know whether she was going to play a stroke on the left or right. She beat on the line and the corners. It was difficult even to get its filing. And even when I managed to get the ball, I could do nothing with him.

- Normally you the upper hand over opponents fairly quickly. You do not bother you, the player number 1, went to court and won only 33 points during matchaN

Well, I do not think glasses. No, in this drawing, I felt that she played really well. From time to time, mentally I was too passive, and in some sense, I tried at first to see what happens. In fact, she did the same thing. She never married, and do not start eating like crazy. You know, she did the same thing and I. And I think that we both were nervous. It could achieve even more, because it provided me a greater amount of pressure. She really played well. She played smartly. Was waiting for his chance. Impact winner. Yes, and I was in the depths of Defense.
- How confident were you in matchN

In fact, I felt pretty good. In exactly the same as I said when I started, when he entered the game in this tournament because I did not know how long the hold on my leg, and then I felt some pain and it's all. Today I definitely feel better. But as it turned out - not good enough.

- You are biding their time, or are you so mentally and counting - to let her nemnogoN

Yes, in some moments. I mean what I thought that maybe my strategy would bring me as many balls as I need. But Serena was not mistaken. She waited. Today she played with the mind.

- This is her best game of those that she ever held against VasN

Well, it is difficult to compare with the match in Australia. I think, you know, I came into the game and not mistaken. I played very well. It is also possible and, although I do not know, but today was hard, it was difficult to get into the game. Although I was far above it, because it won over the top in Sydney, but mentally, I felt in a very awkward situation. I do not know. She has won Toronto, she won two days ago, Lindsay, so it just felt more confident, I think. But not at the beginning. I think that we were on an equal footing, it is because I won it at the top for the last time we played. Only today it all came together better. And this - all.

- You have already talked with your mamoyN

She went to the locker room quickly enough. But we'll see you later. What do you want to talk about this match segodnyaN (smiles) I know everything is fine itself. Now the whole thing for the future. What accounts

. - Tells whether this loss you think about, . you have to do something radical, . to go to the next level, . to be able to compete as possible luchsheN What do you say to yourself: "This is just one day, . one match, . and I'm moving on "N,

. This is not a single day, and not one match
. This - US Open semifinal. In the end, you should take it as is, because if you want to continue playing and continue to play at the highest level, you have to do. This is all that is required. You know, I do not want to abandon it just because of losing. Shall see. I mean what I have already outlined the following tournaments. But moving on can be found stimulus and feel the thirst of victory, and it's.

- If there was something that you could have done differently, or if you had any asset that could help your position during the game, what would you vybraliN

You must stay in the game with his serving, it is - all. I saw the other matches, when Serena played with Henin and Lindsay. One need only try to win all their feed and try to take its supply at a critical moment, even if it takes place on a tiebreaker. But ... To do and something else, something more than to build game to feed, because you can not calculate whether it makes a double mistake or something else.
- How your nogaN you still need lecheniiN

Usually, in fact I only Gray of it, but it is - not an indication, no.

- Usually, when you are playing with Serena, the period of calm in her game. But today it did not. Were you surprised that she continued to provide to you davlenieN

Well, I do not know. Perhaps in those critical moments, I acted too hastily or I'm not influenced her game. I do not know. I really have no special feelings from this match, so I do not know. Ability to view the video, I'll see how I could do better. But this time, I do not know ... But it is precisely in order to stay in the game from the outset should just try to catch it

. - Given what you've seen today on the court and that the manner in which to play Serena, do you think if she had everything needed and set whether she thought the game against his sister, when Venus will win in another polufinaleN

. I do not know
. Specifically, it has its own game. You know, she deserves to participate in the final. But I do not know anything about how they feel when playing against each other. I - not Serena.

- Is there anything that would make you at least look, just watch this matchN say that it is very difficult to play against the Williams sisters. So is it to see how they play against each other, will not zahvatyvayuschimN

In fact, I do not think so. Be even more upset than I already have, there. In the end, I should feel the positive side of the tournament. I could retire from the game in the third round, but I did it in the semi -. I do not know. As the first bat, you always want to reach the top. But, what I can do it better in the future.
- Slightly more than 200 weeks as you are on the first line. An incredible amount of time. Painfully Do you perceive the loss of this nishiN
Well, in that case, when you - number 1 for so long, could not help wonder about whether you can stay here. I think that will solve all the ranking. I felt that I deserved it. I am proud that. But if someone else deserves it more recently, for example, if Jennifer won today and would have won the whole tournament, I think that because it was the most consistent player all year - she definitely deserves it. But I think that I will be thirsty again, to restore things, because when you see Jennifer, it gives you an incentive. Be the first - a kind of pressure. Everything looks as if you just go and play in tournaments, but everyone expects you to win. Let's see whether someone else to bear this burden.

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Martina Hingis, photo, biography
Martina Hingis, photo, biography Martina Hingis  sportswoman, tennis racket First World, photo, biography
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