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Oscar De La Hoya

( Athlete, Boxer)

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Biography Oscar De La Hoya
photo Oscar De La Hoya
De La Hoya FOUND A NEW WAY OF BOXER - not gorillas in gloves, and DiCaprio IN THE RING. I love him all America
When in 1992 in Barcelona, came to the U.S. Olympic team, all unwittingly drew attention to the tall, thin, handsome boy with sad eyes. It was impossible not to notice on the background of other boxers with a hard look at all. He was very shy, and when spoken to, suddenly smiled in response to the most sincere and radiant smile. And his companion with difficulty repressed a desire to say something like: "Poor boy, why are you here priehalN you again in the first round will kill any mordovorot! So you want me to get in the ring instead of tebyaN"

. Two weeks later, the boy saved the U.S. team from the ignominy, having won their only gold medal - in the lightweight
. Barely finished the last battle, in which the opponent had no chance, the boy sent to the sky kiss the deceased mother (all already knew that she had recently died of cancer). Very touching (and which at the same time he had his eyes! Operator showed it in full screen).

The whole world at once remembered the sonorous name - Oscar De La Hoya, those eyes and that charming smile. But it was she who raised doubts among the leading promoters of professional boxing: her chudilas slack. Promoters echoed sports columnists: Oscar does not look like a fighter, though, and has all the makings of an outstanding boxer. However, he decided to give a chance.
Popularity of Oscar after Barcelona was such that, for his first fight in professional boxing, he received $ 200 thousand - almost as much as getting a world champion in his weight. But then no one but boxers are not paid attention to it. The man who drew the thought that the boy with a difficult life must be given to make. After all, the champion would still not be. And besides, I think he said he wanted to become an architect. He became the hero of various talk shows He was invited everywhere, and he, smiling, talking about everything, but not about the box. People hurry to buy a new issue of Ring and Boxing Illustrated, interested him less than the total. Oscar took more than those who read Sports Illustrated (which is almost half of America), as well as Playboy, Economist, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and some others who do not have any relation to sport.

. The fact that De La Hoya has decided not to bet on boxing parties, and "go to the people," was the most important and most intelligent decision in his life
. Non-standard behavior for a boxer, he drew the attention of people far removed from boxing, and they began to watch Pay TV, which broadcast the fights De La Hoya. Money flowed the river and the most Oscars, and all who worked with him. Golden Boy, as he was nicknamed after Barcelona, began to show something unexpected for his appearance and age of business acumen. Nickname, in which initially did not invest any money sense, resound anew.

The crowd poured on De La Hoya shaft. The fighting, which went on cable television, gathered an audience, as if they were broadcast on free channel. Yes, and the initial skepticism of experts to the new American idol was replaced by enthusiasm, even somewhat exaggerated enthusiasm. His popularity reached such heights that criticize De La Hoya would mean for a journalist quickly lose the reader or viewer.
. Fair to say that calling an Oscar one of the best boxers of our time, experts are not too sinned against the truth
. De La Hoya from those who could ring at all. The fact that he knew everything and outside the ring, it does not hurt. For his third fight in a professional arena Oscar held in Las Vegas - others it takes years.
He joined the audience of women, especially young. They did not hesitate to express their feelings, when Oscar was raised in the ring (not all admire Van Damme - the more so in real life handsome Jean-Claude managed to beat only his own wife). Oscar was lucky in the fact that the public has become tired of Tyson. She needed a new hero - a true American good guy, not gorillopodobny monster with apparent mental shifts. De La Hoya is understood and became Anti-Tyson - a man who envy other men, that is strong, brave, beautiful and rich. That is, for some women want to marry. Not meet once or twice, namely, to marry and find eternal happiness. De La Hoya embodied я?п?п©п°пІ created DiCaprio in "Titanic", long before Leonardo. And not in the movie, but in life. He looks like anyone - the young intellectual, a student at the good-natured guy from next door - but not a boxer. His face kind, open person. He has an incredible talent to communicate with the audience - so that each person creates a feeling that De La Hoya is talking with him.
. Recently in Moscow came Ruben Martinez, vice president of WBC, people quite hard and devoid of sentiment
. His expression did not change until we talked about various things, but as soon as it came to De La Hoya, he beamed: "Oh, Oscar ... The great boxer and a wonderful person ". He paused and, still smiling, added: "Simply wonderful". Perhaps that is true, but to be a good guy and know how they feel - it's like different things.

Hardly many people know what De La Hoya in fact, but it the embodiment of goodness knows how. And good with his fists in a very real and in the figurative sense also. Not our favorite of the helpless good, which can only whine, weep, suffer humiliation and praise yourself for what all this suffering, and good American who can stand up for himself and will win a place of evil under the sun.

. People always want to see how good triumphs over evil
. The fact that in life they tend to face the opposite, only reinforces that desire, which has long and well-parasite Hollywood. Oscar managed to make him worthy competition. On his side, moreover, the authenticity of what is happening. Looking at the screen, an adult man never forgets that this is only a game. What he sees in the ring, it is truly. In the performance of Hollywood stars toothy goodness, kills 20 people per minute, often becomes a little distinguishable from evil. And De La Hoya always fights with only one person, and yet never one of his opponent failed to appear at least a tenth of the same positive, as Oscar.

. When you try to analyze the career of De La Hoya, you know, that he considered all
. For example, its Mexican origin. In multi-cultural America should not be Ivan, oblivious of his kinship. But you can not be simply a Mexican, not representative of the most popular national minority. And then the light appears on the gown, in which the Oscar goes to the ring, made out of two flags - American and Mexican. Even the post-match interview, he makes sure the two languages, first in Spanish then in English. All right, even the sequence.

No special vertices De La Hoya has achieved in building his own boxing career. Here Oscar is highly pragmatic. Everything is based on a single principle: the maximum profit at minimum risk. He did not invent anything new, but with incredible skill uses all the old tricks.

The first of them - forcing up the price of De La Hoya knows how to skillfully kept waiting for his next move. From the rising rate expectations. He goes into the ring only when the public is about to rebel, but is willing to pay for the spectacle of the maximum price. His personal record - $ 10 million. for battle. Most receive only Tyson and Holyfield. But they are heavyweights.

The second trick is purely boxing. Oscar, as nobody knows how to catch the moment when a strong fighter begins to take positions. Competitor for several years knocking on the door to the De La Hoye, but he fights only with whipping boys, and a real competitor meets the wall of silence. But as soon as it battles recession is indicated, immediately arises Oscar - looking as though he had long dreamed of is to meet with the boxer, but it interfered with a very strange coincidence. So it was, for example, with Mexican boxer Julio Chavez and American Pirnellom Whitaker.

Third trick again purely boxing. De La Hoya has masterfully own weight and always fights not in their category. His height - 180 cm, and his broad shoulders. With such a solid "frame" it in turn was the champion in the lightweight (up to 61,2 kg), the first welterweight (up to 63,5 kg) and welterweight (up to 66,7 kg) weight. The trick is that the weighting is made on the eve of battle, and the next day in the ring, De La Hoya climbs another even visually - he already weighs 3-4 kg more than yesterday. In principle, so do everything, but manages to Oscar and here is the first among equals. In so doing, it really helps unusually healthy organism, so these games with the weight it does not weaken.

Finally, the fourth trick - the ability to say exactly what awaits the audience. For example, to pay tribute to the enemy or in response to a rude reply radiant smile, and then settle with your opponent in the ring (as De La Hoya did, for example, a very popular Puerto Rican boxer Camacho or Chavez). And most importantly - to smile, whatever you say: people are likely to remember the smile, than words. Smiling, Oscar refused to previous commitments to fighting with many boxers. And he is forgiven. Smiling, he drove from his team's excellent trainer Emanuel Steward, showing himself with a rare goon. I did not notice. Smiling, the winner of De La Hoya refused to hold a rematch with Whitaker, but his victory did not last role played by judges. And it is quickly forgotten. Oscar smiled and did what he wanted.

And in the end become a phenomenon not so much a sport as popular culture. And one of the brightest, which, incidentally, confirms the rating of the most famous Americans, compiled by Forbes Magazine, based on the frequency of mentions in the press for 1998. In this ranking, De La Hoya is supposedly not very high, 68-th. Note, however, that Lewis only 87 th, and Roy Jones - 95 th. More than any boxer in the rating no.

But just last year were made first for De La Hoya's warning signals. Many boxing experts as a sudden chorus of talking about that, although the Oscar for six years, earned about $ 100 million, he never met with any fighter who would represent him to the risk. Demonstrating a talent-wire, De La Hoya was, maneuvering between powerful rivals, and never seriously ventured. And after all these feats of his more dubious proclaimed the best boxer in all scales! First, these observations ignored, but then - it's painful, they often repeated - still noticed. Where the wind blows, the first he knew Oscar: Well, that time can not fool all the time, for the next $ 10 million. I am ready to meet with very strong even Ike Kvorteem from Ghana
. The battle took place in February at his beloved arena De La Hoya in Las Vegase.privykshy fight with people his size Oscar frankly afraid of the opponent, but uncommon skill enabled him to fight on equal
. Almost equal. The whole fight Quartey was still stronger, but vchistuyu lost the latest round. As said then, in Hollywood, the winner always gets the "Oscar", and in Las Vegas, Oscar always gets a victory. Barely getting off the ring, De La Hoya gave the interview in which he smiled and said that the match was not very interesting and again to meet with Kvorteem he will not. Many if not without malice thought that the Golden Boy has finally made a mistake and said something that he does not forgive. CBS TV on the Internet held a poll on the topic: "Do you think Oscar De La Hoya the best boxer of all vesahN". After a battle with Kvorteem itself to the question seemed pointless, but seeing the results, the experts were taken aback: more than half of the respondents answered this question affirmatively. PochemuN Because the Oscars, as always, knew what he said. Re-matches like boxing parties, whose support of De La Hoya refused for a long time. Ordinary spectators were absolutely satisfied. Their golden boy came against a strong opponent and defeated him. So said Judge. Hence, it is so. And. Period.
And after 13 March, the situation has changed altogether. To understand that experience after a fight with Lewis, Holyfield Americans, try to imagine that suddenly disappeared to nowhere "Spartacus" and has been a mishmash called "Leather Ball. In such a situation hunters expose Oscar with his lovkachestvom shortly clearly diminished. They demand comfort: let the strongest boxer now is not ours, but the most charming, most beautiful and the best is still ours! Here he is! Smile, Oscar! Please. And the Oscar smile.

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Oscar De La Hoya, photo, biography
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